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By: Devvy
April 28, 2013


World Affairs Brief, April 26, 2013 - Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World. Copyright Joel Skousen. Partial quotations with attribution permitted. Cite source as Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief
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Due to the mass of amateur photos and videos being used in the moments before, during and after the Boston bombing, there has been more private evidence surrounding this supposed “terrorist” event than almost any previous high-profile catastrophe. Although spectators, runners and other outsiders were quickly pushed away from the scene, the massive investigative power of millions of interested people combing through pictures uploaded to social media and picture-sharing websites produced an impressive array of pictures and video that allowed the public to check police statements as they came in.

As the official version of events emerges from contradictory or outright false statements we are told there is more video and photos that provide “clear” and “chilling” proof against the Tsarnaev brothers. However, unlike the circumstantial clips released of the Chechan brothers, the most important videos are held back, forcing us to rely on the government’s word for it all. Given the constantly changing storyline from earlier statements of fact given by official spokespersons to the media this is not reassuring. Here then is a breakdown of what we know relative to what the government is telling us and the contradictions from publicly available evidence.

1) The marathon explosions

The official indictment (available at this website: describes the government’s evidence, but only includes the previously released circumstantial video and photographic evidence of the accused brothers near the bomb sites. The details relative to the criminal accusations in the indictment are supposedly backed up by additional video and photos which are described in detailed but this most important evidence is not included. Here is the central part of the narrative:

At approximately 2:42 p.m. (i.e., approximately seven minutes before the first explosion), Bomber One can be seen detaching himself from the crowd and walking east on Boylston Street towards the Marathon finish line. Approximately 15 seconds later, he can be seen passing directly in front of the Forum Restaurant and continuing in the direction of the location where the first explosion occurred. His knapsack is still on his back.

At approximately 2:45 p.m., Bomber Two can be seen detaching himself from the crowd and walking east on Boylston Street toward the Marathon finishing line. He appears to have the thumb of his right hand hooked under the strap of his knapsack and a cell phone in his left hand. Approximately 15 seconds later, he can be seen stopping directly in front of the Forum Restaurant and standing near the metal [barrier along the race route] among numerous spectators, with his back to the camera, facing the runners, He then can be seen apparently slipping his knapsack onto the ground. A photograph taken from the opposite side of the street shows the knapsack on the ground at Bomber Two's feet.

The Forum Restaurant video shows that Bomber Two remained in the same spot for approximately four minutes, occasionally looking at his cell phone and once appearing to take a picture with it. At some point he appears to look at his phone, which is held at approximately waist level, and may be manipulating the phone. Approximately 30 seconds before the first explosion, he lifts his phone to his ear as if he is speaking on his cell phone, and keeps it there for approximately 18 seconds. A few seconds after he finishes the call, the large crowd of people around him can be seen reacting to the first explosion. Virtually every head turns to the east (towards the finish line) and stares in that direction in apparent bewilderment and alarm. Bomber Two, virtually alone among the individuals in front of the restaurant, appears calm. He glances to the east and then calmly but rapidly begins moving to the west, away from the direction of the finish line. He walks away without his knapsack, having left it on the ground where he had been standing. Approximately 10 seconds later, an explosion occurs in the location where Bomber Two had placed his knapsack.

It seems very suspicious that the FBI would release so many photos and video excerpts (including even partial and grainy shots as if they are presenting everything possible) showing the brothers in the area, but then they fail to produce the most conclusive evidence that matches what the indictment says.

This narrative is so specific that it would be very risky for a federal official to make such detailed reference to video evidence if they did not actually possess it—unless they already had a legal strategy worked out where the claimed evidence would be suppressed under the government’s habitual use of the State Secrets doctrine or via a compliant judge who has agreed in advance to seal the evidence. The suppression of key evidence has been a central part of every major government cover-up including the JFK and Martin Luther King assassinations, Oklahoma City bombing and both WTC attacks.

Here are some of the problems with this part of the official scenario:

The backpack used in the bombing is shown here as part of the crime scene evidence along with the pressure cooker parts (scroll through 5 photos)

Notice the black shoulder straps have lighter strips on them and to of the pack has a white square label. In contrast, the packs of the two brothers (visible here) don’t match those markings. The pack of the older brother is dark gray without lighter strips on the straps nor a square white label. The pack of the younger brother is completely different—light colored, with some black trim. Neither backpack appears bulging sufficiently to account for pressure cookers which were at least 10 inches in diameter.

The Pressure Cooker Bomb. Yes, this is a common and necessary way to contain the charge of a relatively slow burning explosive like gunpowder. Without such a container the powder would simply burn rapidly without explosive force. It is a commonly available pressure container and there are numerous terrorists that have used them before. There is nothing unique here, other than to note that although this type of explosive device might be built by amateurs, the triggering mechanism are necessarily quite complex. So this primitive type of explosive may have been just to give the appearance that this was the work of amateurs using internet plans.

Authorities believe the bombs used gunpowder extracted from fireworks. A fireworks shop has confirmed from credit card records that Tamerlan purchased two large fireworks for about $400 in New Hampshire and many more fireworks have been found in their apartment or stashed nearby. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t reloading powder from a gun store—which would probably cause legislators to restrict all black powder purchases even further. As it is they’ll have trouble banning all fireworks to cut off this supply source. Still fireworks are an expensive way to get gunpowder—the $400 purchase didn’t even net a half pound of powder according to ABC News.

The Triggering Mechanism: The government’s story has changed 3 times on this crucial issue. First, investigators told the media that a sophisticated triggering mechanism was involved leading them to suspect they were part of a larger terrorist cell with “up to a dozen members.” How they could report that one day and then claim they acted alone the next, I don’t understand.

Then, the story changed to the use of common “hobby fuses.” These are green in color and used on everything from hobby rocket booster motors to large fire crackers. They must be ignited by a match or other very hot glowing source.

Now government investigators tell Congressmen who are part of the intelligence committee (only reliable yes-men are allowed on this committee) that the triggering mechanism was from a radio controlled remote used for toy cars. Let’s analyze this:

First the boys could not have lit the fuses manually. They would have had to have a fuse sticking out of the pressure cooker vent hole, opened their packs and manually ignited the fuse with a match. That would have been too obvious and even the government doesn’t claim they saw any such action on their exclusive video evidence.

Using a clock timer is the next easiest way to set off a bomb of this type for an amateur. Unlike plastic explosives gunpowder doesn’t need a blasting cap—a hot spark will do just fine. And, it is easier to create a spark with a clock timer and appropriate capacitors than to ignite a fuse, which requires a flame or some other miniature hot igniter. Clock timer bomb triggers usually connect to a type of electronic blasting cap, not a fuse. But, the government has insisted twice now that green colored hobby fuses were present in the bombs—probably deduced from the unexploded bombs they claim they found in the boy’s car. This rules out a clock timer because of the difficulty of coupling it to a fuse ignition source.

Compounding the difficulty with the fuses is the government’s claim that the brothers used radio controlled remote controllers common to motorized toys. Crime scene photos showed plastic pieces and a battery that look like something from a toy car or model airplane. Battery powered controllers are used on a variety of remote controlled toys, however we come up with the same objection to clock timers—the inability, or extreme difficulty, to light the fuse. Besides, the official indictment of the government does not match the radio remote type of trigger. No one observed the boys holding a remote control at the time of the explosions.

What the government accusation does claim is that the boys were holding a cell phone to their ear, 18 seconds in one case, until the bomb goes off. That’s a problem too, because all you have to do to trigger a cell phone activator is call the number. You don’t have to be listening to anything. The government seems reluctant to go for the cell phone trigger argument, because that clearly requires expertise in bomb making, but that’s what they are leaving us with. If they want us to believe that the boys coupled a cell phone call to a cell phone trigger that was, in turn, linked to a radio remote control unit which actually triggered the bomb, they are asking us to believe even more—all of this is could only be done by a real expert.

This is the biggest hole in their claim that these bombs were set off by the boys acting alone. And, if they did use these timers, then they had expert help. Personally, I think it was the latter, and is the first clue that government may have been involved. Despite all this, the government is now heading in the direction of claiming the boys acted alone, that they were radicalized alone and that no one else was involved. That I simple cannot believe.

Did the younger bomber flee with his backpack? I initially thought there was one picture that showed the younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, (who had the white hat on backwards) fleeing with his backpack on. I’ve changed my mind on that:

There is a high resolution iPad photo taken by David Green of Jacksonville Florida showing the boy running from the bombing. The lighting in the shadows is poor but we see his elbow to the rear as he runs, covering where the backpack would normally be. When I first saw this photo, brought to everyone’s attention by an amateur investigator prone to hype, it appeared that the elbow going back and to the rear couldn't be that long and that his backpack might still be visible. However, upon closer examination of an enlargement of the picture, I'm now convinced it only shows the elbow and not the backpack.

Everything from this point on gets murky—filled with contradictory claims between police and federal investigators and eye witnesses to the manhunt and subsequent take-down of the two brothers.

2) Shootout and Apprehension of Suspects

Within hours of the FBI naming two culprits in the Boston bombings while aggressively demanding that no attention be focused on any other potential suspects, the official police narrative said the Tsarnaev brothers robbed a 7-Eleven convenience store, ambushed a police officer on the campus of MIT, carjacked an SUV and then engaged in a high speed chase ending in a deadly shootout with police where Tamerlan and another officer were killed while Dzhokhar escaped and went on the run. A representative from the 7-Eleven chain later contradicted the police and reported that after reviewing all security cameras no robbery took place that night by the bombing suspects—adding to the growing list of contradictions to official statements errors that have never been clarified.

The Watertown police said the suspects set off grenades to try to stop police pursuit and that the stolen vehicle was later found to contain other explosive devices. Much of this information was false and fed to the media by Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau as he did an on-camera interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN.

In the battle the Chief claims the boys throw another explosive device at them and that they had various pipe bombs of “improved explosive devices,” making this seem like an Iraqi style terror event. He claims that the police had a raging gun battle with the well armed youths—who police now admit had only one gun between them—and that after several minutes the older brother Tamerlan stepped out from the SUV and started walking toward them shooting as he advanced. This is hard to believe that anyone would walk into a hail of gunfire from multiple police squad cars and not get hit or stopped.

Then the Chief claims that when Tamerlan was out of ammo, the police tackled and handcuffed him. We are supposed to believe one of the officers ran out into the open to do this rather than shoot him dead, disregarding the other brother who had more bombs to through. As a former combat trained Marine, I find it impossible to believe this version of events.

Finally the Chief makes the dramatic and unlikely claim that the younger Tsarnaev brother drove the SUV toward the tackled brother and ran over him as the police dive out of the way. He supposedly drags his brother under the car, killing him and then escapes. The two sources of evidence that we have of that evening contradicts this entire story.

First: A CNN video shows the police arresting a man who looks just like Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The arrested man is made to take off all his clothes to check for bombs, and then put into a squad car. He is later taken out of the car to be photographed and interrogated by another investigator and then told to put his clothes back on. The next day Dan Dicks of Press for Truth television listeners actually hear the voice of the aunt of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, telling Dicks that she is 100% certain that the man in the video is her nephew Tamerlan.

Second: An eyewitness of the shootout comes forward the next day and tells reporters that a police vehicle ran over Tamerlan and then they shot him afterward many times with multiple weapons. The doctor examining the dead older brother says there was not one part of his body not wounded. When you see the picture of his dead body (caution: very graphic image), you’ll see a huge gaping wound on the side of the chest, that is not explained by gunfire or being hit by a car at fairly slow speeds. One website said that doctors created this opening to help save his life. But others say he was dead long before he got there. I’m not aware of any medical procedure like what is shown, causing a huge jagged hole, cutting across multiple ribs and exposing the whole lung cavity that could possibly have a beneficial medical outcome. This unauthorized picture was taken and circulated by someone in law enforcement gloating over the kill.

It is hard to try to piece together everything that happened that night. So far it seems that the older brother was alive and in the custody of police—and somehow was put back on the street and killed by police in this bizarre and conflicting shootout. Worse, when it was all over the police had to admit, that there was only one semi-auto pistol between both suspects and that was wielded by the older brother. –Some raging gun battle!

Many facts also don’t add up with the final apprehension of Dzhokhar the next evening. Video and eyewitness accounts attest to multiple bursts of gunfire along with flash grenade explosions, but since the boy wasn’t armed the fusillade of bullets aimed at the brother holed up in a parked boat was clearly unjustified.

The official story is that the younger brother exits the boat after being surrounded by police and tries to commit suicide by shooting himself in the mouth but only doing damage to his throat—keeping him from being able to speak. The live video feed of his capture, however, shows him emerging from the boat on his own power quite alive, and UNARMED. If he tried to commit suicide, where did he get the gun? Why now instead of in the boat? The whole story doesn't make sense.

3) Why did the FBI claim not to know who the suspects were? After the dramatic killing and capture of the bombing suspects seemed to seal the case against them, the family of the boys cried foul saying the FBI had been tracking Tamerlan for years. Here’s a good synopsis by Activist Post.

Why did the FBI make a spectacle out of releasing the photos of the alleged Boston bombing suspects to the public feigning ignorance on who they were, asking for the public’s help to identify them, when they knew all along who they were? The fact that they were lying proves they have something(s) to hide. Remember the FBI is saying the following:

“These photos should be the only ones the public should view to assist us. Other photos should not be deemed credible. They unnecessarily divert the public’s attention in the wrong direction, and create undue work for vital law enforcement resources.” [This is suspicious in that it appears the FBI wanted to make sure only these two were caught and prosecuted—a sign that this might be a ploy to deter any investigation of others involved].

This entire press conference is now exposed as a lie since we now know the FBI was “monitoring them at every step”, according to their own admission. The FBI originally denied first meeting with the bombing suspect two years ago (lie #2), according to CBS. That was until they were forced to admit their involvement with the suspects.

CBS reported “The FBI admitted Friday they interviewed the now-deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago and failed to find any incriminating information about him.”

The FBI story then changed again when the government claimed that the Russian FSB had contacted the FBI last year when the older suspect Tamerlan Tsaranaev went to Russia, Daghestan and Chechnya. According to the FBI the Russians were concerned about Americans of Chechen descent coming over to Chechnya or Dagestan in order to foment trouble. The FBI claims the Russians were worried about his “radicalization.”

However, this is very one-sided evidence coming only from the FBI, who had every reason to invent an excuse of why they had previous contact with the boys, and why it lead “nowhere” as they claim.

Even the Russian’s claimed concern in this is suspect since the KGB/FSB itself has been responsible for creating false flag terror bombings of their own and blaming them on the Chechens (examples: Moscow apartment and subway bombings, and the Breslin school terror attack)—a storyline dutifully repeated many times by the US mainstream media. The Atlantic’s Tom Balmforth gives the best summary of what went on during Tamerlan’s visit to his relatives in southern Russia:

In an interview that raises as many questions as it answers, Tsarnaev's aunt, Patimat Suleimanova, says her nephew began a six-month stay in Daghestan in March 2012 -- possibly even earlier -- when his mother and father were both in the United States and not, as previously reported, with him. "[Tamerlan] was here without his father for two months. His father came here later, in May, but [Tamerlan] arrived earlier," she says.

Many observers are hoping to find a clue to Tsarnaev's motives and behavior in the time he spent time in the bustling Caspian Sea city of Makhachkala, the capital of a Russian province troubled by a simmering Islamist insurgency.

That contradicts a statement made by Anzor Tsarnaev [father] in an interview on April 21, in which he vouched for his son and said he was never far from his side during their visit to Daghestan. Anzor Tsarnaev said his son slept in late during the day, prayed, helped renovate the family home, and visited relatives in Makhachkala and twice in neighboring Chechnya.

Suleimanova says Tamerlan Tsarnaev was deeply religious by the time he arrived in Makhachkala. She says he prayed regularly and went to the mosque, although she was unable to specify which mosque.

The aunt and the father told other reporters that Tamerlan always visited with other relatives when he went traveling around, but they always “knew where he was.” There doesn’t appear to have been a lot of opportunity to get involved with terrorist training camps.

Rather than concentrate on Tamerlan representing some foreign Chechen terrorists—who have openly denied having targeted the US—more attention should be addressed to the contact he had in the states. But the FBI shows no interest anymore now that they have announced they acted alone. However, one lead that has surfaced is an Albanian named “Misha.” CNN reported this interview with the uncle:

The evolution of Tamerlan Tsarnaev from aspiring Olympic boxer to apparent radical jihadist may have been influenced by a friend in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "This person just took his brain. He just brainwashed him completely," Tsarnaev's uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, told CNN from his home in Maryland, describing the friend as an Armenian convert to Islam. Tsarni told CNN he was so concerned about someone brainwashing his nephew that he called a family friend in the Cambridge area to investigate.

While Tsarni did not give the friend's name [which I find strange], The Associated Press reported that other members of Tsarnaev's family said the friend goes by the name "Misha." Asked about those reports, Elmirza Khozhgov, a former brother-in-law of Tsarnaev, told CNN Tsarnaev once introduced him to someone by that name who was an Armenian convert. He said he was not told Misha's full name.

"It seemed to me that Misha had influence on Tamerlan," apparently encouraging him to give up boxing because it "is violent," Khozhgov told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "Misha" taught Tsarnaev "things that would make Tamerlan go away from the people and go more into the religion," Khozhgov said, but "I didn't witness him making him radical."

Officials have not responded to requests for comment on someone named "Misha." Lawmakers briefed Tuesday on the investigation told CNN they had not heard of anyone by that name. The Islamic Society of Boston told CNN Wednesday that so far no one in its network reported knowing a "Misha" who fit that description.

The government is strangely not interested in pursuing Misha, just as they refused to pursue any of the suspects referred to as “John Doe #2” during the OKC bombing— one Hussein al Husseini who ended up working for the FBI. Back to the FBI’s prior relationship with the family, the Activist Post continues:

The suspects’ family also state that they were well aware of an ongoing relationship between the FBI and the boys. Family members said they were “monitored” and “counseled” at every step, and the FBI was “controlling” and “following” them for years [the FBI tries to downplay the depth of their involvement with the family, implying it was only last year—which is in itself an indication that they are hiding much of what they were doing].

Their mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, in an interview with RT, said that the FBI had made contact with the family on multiple occasions: “They used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me … they were telling me that he was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him,” Tsarnaeva said

It’s no wonder the Mother feels her sons were “set up.” She said,

“They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites… they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step…and now they say that this is a terrorist act!”

So the FBI, after first denying monitoring them, says yes, we did meet with him (Tamerlan) but “failed to find any incriminating information about him” while telling their mother that “he was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him.” (lie #3)

There are only two possible conclusions to explain the FBI’s blatant lies; either they’re covering up their complete incompetence to stop attacks that they were monitoring, or they’re covering up the fact that they were spurring and handling the bombing plot in the first place, as they’ve done in countless other fake terror plot cases.

Sadly, the latter is the conclusion I have reached. The mistakes they make happen because they can’t control all of the people that are involved in a complex false-flag operation. Much depends on their ability to control the press after the fact and direct the flow of information. In this case they have to steer the media pundits from asking the obvious questions, such as:

4) Why did the suspects not flee? The boys did not leave Boston or act guilty after the event nor did they go into hiding. The FBI never showed up at their home to arrest them even though they knew where they lived. The younger Tsarnaev brother even went to a college party and his friends said he seemed relaxed and totally normal. However, a couple of days after the event, the mother said that the younger brother told her the FBI called them accusing them of the bombing and that they feared for their lives.

Predictably the two suspects go on the run after the FBI calls the home and talks to the boys. Why didn’t the FBI just show up and arrest them as they do with all other criminals? Why call the suspect and alert him that you are coming to arrest him unless you are trying to spook them into running?

If these two were involved in a large cell controlled by an FBI informer/agent provocateur, and were the designated patsies to take the entire blame, then it is clearly a benefit to the planners of such a black operation that they be killed and not arrested where they might be able to tell more than would be convenient. Certainly, they would have eventually told of everyone else involved in providing them the knowledge and equipment necessary to pull this off.

The FBI has a secret policy of sending into every Mosque in the US not only informers but agent provocateurs, looking for disgruntled young Muslims that can be enticed into planning terrorist acts. The purpose seems not merely to inform, but to goad, entice, help plan and even supply bomb making technology to help Muslims commit terror—or at least get far enough into entrapment to be arrested.

Shifting the Blame: Government leakers and spokespersons are focusing on the storyline that the two brothers were acting alone. in Atlanta reports that,

The Senate Intelligence Committee panel was briefed by federal law enforcement officials Tuesday as well. Members of the panel said there is "no question" that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was "the dominant force" behind the Boston attacks, and that him and his brother had apparently been radicalized by material on the Internet rather than by contact with militant groups overseas.

This is convenient because it allows the news media to shift the blame for radicalization onto those who they claim may have helped radicalized them—specifically, the Right wing internet websites involved in the 9/11 truth movement, which are particularly energizing to Muslims who feel that the US has unjustly intervened and occupied Muslim countries around the world based upon false-flag provocations like the 9/11 attacks.

It is an interesting fact that many more people outside the United States believe that our government was responsible for setting the explosives in the World Trade Center towers than inside the US. Foreigners aren’t subjected to the same constant drum beat of propaganda against conspiracy or the regular demonization of the few courageous Americans that are not afraid to put the facts before the people.

In the United States there is a literal vendetta against conspiracy, specifically from mainstream or faux conservative talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly who target certain alternative media outlets like Alex Jones and his formidable news organization that is always on the cutting edge ferreting out the truth in government black operations.

Government foreknowledge? Yes, there is even some evidence of foreknowledge. We have finally found out the identity of the private contractors in Khaki pants and dark jackets with backpacks. It turns out these guys are members of the Massachusetts National Guard Civilian Security Team (CST), which is trained to handle Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Explosive bomb analysis.

The uniform they are wearing (khaki pants and boots and Navy Blue shirts or jackets) is a common one used by federal agencies (even the Secret Service) when out in the public. This is confirmation of the reports that a bomb drill was going on during the marathon as I covered last week.

I believe the backpacks contained anti-contamination suits which they could don if their meters indicated hazardous substances from a blast—that's why we see one such individual in a picture with a hand held radiation meter after the explosions. However, I have no explanation for why some of them would have a "Punisher" skull on their shirt and hat since the rest of their outfit was clearly a kind of uniform—other than their link to former military service in the Navy Seals or Special Force who have also used this comic book logo.

But what is important is that their presence does show that the government expected a bomb incident, which is telling of a false flag event. Having a drill or exercise is a convenient cover for bringing in these specialized federal personnel. It is also strange that the government never made any effort to answer the public’s questions about them swirling all over the net. They could have easily done so, but never did. This is additional evidence that they don’t want the public knowing about these special teams—lest people come to a conclusion about prior knowledge.

At least one US Senator knew that some agency had prior knowledge (also reported in the previously cited Atlanta link):

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss told Channel 2 Action News late Tuesday afternoon that a law enforcement agency may have had information in advance of the Boston bombings that wasn't properly shared. [That’s always the conclusion—that it wasn’t shared—no implication about what foreknowledge portends about government involvement in false flag operations]

"There now appears that may have been some evidence that was obtained by one of the law enforcement agencies that did not get shared in a way that it could have been. If that turns out to be the case, then we have to determine whether or not that would have made a difference," Chambliss said.

Some background on government false flag operations: Let’s now look at this attack and compare it to other attacks the US government’s black ops has directed in order to foment and build up this war on terror. Such acts not only justify the continued intervention in other Muslim nations, which has as its ultimate goal prepping the world for a future World War, but to also justify restricting the civil rights and constitutional protections of citizens here at home. Here are the key anomalies I have noticed in the past which point to government induced terror:

First: Terror attacks in the US are always high profile which is not typical for normal acts of terror. Compare this to the regular terror attacks in Israel. There is ample hatred among Palestinians against both the Israeli government and its civilian population which drives consistent kinds of suicide bombings which attack Israeli civilians–at malls, in buses and in crowded shopping areas.

Strangely, in the US we’ve had NO examples of this kind of normal terror, only high profile attacks on such things as the World Trade Centers (twice). Real terror attacks by the Islamist world would send extremists through the porous southern border every week to blow up railroad tracks, electrical pylons or set off car bombs in shopping malls and crowded areas in border towns. We have seen NONE of these, even though thousands of illegals cross the border every day. No one questions why.

But our own government loses no time in using these high profile attacks to justify a curtailment of liberty and essential legal protections against surveillance, indefinite detention and habeas corpus. High profile attacks clearly serve a key globalist agenda of justifying constant warfare and restricting constitutional liberties at home. Ultimately, that agenda is linked to a conspiracy to take down American liberty and force our people, under the exigencies of war and conflict, to accept a global government devoid of real protection of individual rights.

Second: No one claims responsibility for these high profile attacks. That’s a sign they aren’t done by the Islamists the government claims. Normal terrorists have historically claimed responsibility for every hijacking, every attack on the Olympics and every suicide bombing—to show their supporters that they are able to get back at their enemies and destabilize Western nations by making them feel vulnerable. Terror is never done just to kill. It is done to fight for a larger agenda. How is the terrorist’s purpose served if no one claims responsibility? That leaves it to our own government to conveniently place the blame on whomever it will to further its own agenda. Here are three major examples:

No one claimed responsibility for TWA 800. That’s because it was shot down by an errant missile from a US Naval missile exercise going on in the military restricted area (MOA) in the ocean below. A Navy drone was seen flying over Long Island which is proof there was a missile exercise going on at the time. The government decided to engage in a massive cover up rather than admit the mistake, and spent a million dollars with the CIA to create a falsified video blaming the tragic explosion on some mythical spark in a fuel tank.

No one claimed responsibility for the Oklahoma City Bombing. But it was orchestrated specifically to place blame on right wing militias. The patsy, Timothy McVeigh, was lured into black operations after serving in the Army and was set up with various agent provocateurs to assist him with the bomb. Terry Nichols, who did have a Right wing background was brought into the scheme to secure a more believable link to the Right wing militias.

However, the story of a single bomb and the lone bomber began to unravel when evidence of other bombs were discovered, planted inside and around the building, and captured on film by local TV crews. These could not have been placed by McVeigh who was only filmed approaching the building once. It was the government itself that suppressed the evidence of these other accomplices, and bombs. They also suppressed the seismic evidence showing two explosions and the surveillance videos that would have showed the shaking from two explosion. When the feds finally released the videos experts could see they had been edited to cut out the parts showing the second seismic event.

Lastly, no one claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The CIA created a couple of false videos trying to make it look like bin Laden was behind it, but experts say these were clearly fakes using various look-alike persons. The government covered up so many of the details in this attack, one can only wonder what were they trying to hide. Details such as the stand down of interceptor aircraft, refusing to allow any experts to examine the debris of the WTC collapse including the tons of molten steel deep in the basement areas, the silencing of witnesses to the controlled explosion of WTC-7, the suppression of surveillance videos surrounding the Pentagon attack, and the altering, omission or falsifying of testimony before the rigged 9/11 commission.

As eager as the mainstream media will be to print and believe whatever government investigators come up with in this latest attack, additional millions of Americans have become permanent skeptics about any official version—having been lied to so many times in virtually all of the former official investigations into conspiracies of the past.

What happened in Boston this week fits the pattern of government black operations in fomenting the fear of terror. It was a high profile event, and no terrorist group has taken credit. There was a bomb detection exercise going on that could have provided cover for the placement of the bombs. No one knows for sure, and like the other very secret conspiracies mentioned, we may never know because the government holds all the secrets and controls the investigative and surveillance process. But we have to consider it a possibility given the government’s history of false flag terror attacks—going back to even Pearl Harbor and the sinking of the Maine.

In Conclusion: Where will this lead? What we saw happen in Boston during the lockdown of the city as they searched for a single suspect on the run was so over-the-top that I’m shocked at how easy it was to pull off with nary a whimper of protest from the over 1 million people ordered to “shelter in place.” This attack also moved forward in a quantum leap the tendency of American’s to yield to any level of militarization of law enforcement and loss of civil rights if the provocation is big enough. We saw the city of Boston and all other suburbs put under lockdown without even declaring martial law—which certainly would not have been necessary for the pursuit of two criminal suspects. High speed and violent pursuits of criminals happen all the time in large cities and the city is never put into lockdown.

Worse, people were ordered out of their homes and told to lay on the ground without probable cause or without warrants—and no one complained. It’s one thing to have to police ask if you will voluntarily allow a search in times of exigency, but to order people around like this was improper and unlawful. Backpacks are now banned at most large gatherings. We will probably see a much high presence of militarized law enforcement enforcing TSA style searches “for our own protection.”

There has also been a push to dump constitutional protections. The younger Tsarnaev brother is a naturalized US citizen. Incredibly, both liberals like Democratic Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and so-called conservative Senator Lindsay Graham recommended dumping constitutional rights and declaring this suspect an enemy combatant.

They may have to revert to that because federal investigators got the wounded Tsarnaev brother to admit to a lot of things before they read him his Miranda rights. Now he isn’t talking. His lawyer is going to have a field day with the fed’s violation of his rights. But, I suspect the courts may take up the call of Bloomberg and Graham and allow it due to this high profile event. Truly these people never let a “good crisis go to waste.”

Even the Canadian government is using the terror attack to accelerate passage of its version of the NDAA authorization of indefinite detention. The Globe and Mail said,

The Harper government is using the Boston Marathon bombing to expedite the passage of a relatively slow-moving bill that would restrict civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. The Conservative have cleared time in their legislative agenda Monday and Tuesday to conduct third-reading debate on S-7, legislation that would authorize police to pre-emptively detain Canadians and hold them for up to three days without charging them.

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Did the Tsarnaev brothers do it? I do believe they were involved in a plot that day, and had some role, but there are many possibilities that need to be probed. Were they part of a larger group and specifically set up to take the entire blame? I’m certain they were. Were there present in this larger group FBI agent provocateurs who directed the planning, and provided sophisticated equipment like the trigger mechanisms? I think that such direction was present.

FBI agent provocateurs (who the Bureau always labels merely as “informants” but who actually actively encourage and direct terrorist acts) have been involved in guiding the activities of every Muslim terrorist prosecuted since 9/11, with the possible exception of the amateurish Times Square bomb that fizzled.

It is amazing that there has not been more blowback (unintended effects of a black operation) from the revelations of this bombing. A real media discussion of this event would cast a negative light on our support of Syria’s Islamist rebels. Instead it looks like the PTB will try to push us over the edge by engaging more directly in the conflict.

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I researched that bombing. Janet (Butch) Reno and Bill Clinton covered up the truth and then spun the new official lie. Not one single person involved in the FBI was ever indicted and tried for facilitating the murder of six people, those injured and all the damage to the building.