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By: Devvy
April 14, 2013

Gun grabbers

Gun owners all over the country - including law enforcement who take their oath of office seriously - are shocked by the level of attack against the Second Amendment since the horrendous tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school last December.

"Gun control" is chanted a hundred times a day by members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and their sycophants. The useful fools in print and electronic media, as well as barkers on the boob tube, make sure Americans get daily mega doses of carefully crafted propaganda. The families of children and teachers killed in Newtown have allowed themselves in their profound grief to be used as tools for tyrants and they're very serious about it:

Newtown families: Victims turn lobbyists

"When a lobbyist for families of Newtown shooting victims called the office of Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) to set up a meeting, the first response was a standard D.C. offer. They could get a meeting with her staff, and Collins would stop by, they were told. The families’ answer: not good enough. According to their lobbyists, the families have a rule against staff-only meetings: They won't do them. They insist on sitting down with the senators themselves. The families wound up getting more than 15 minutes with Collins.

"That rule is just one of the ways that the Newtown families, political novices just a few months ago, are proving to be savvy, effective advocates as they promote the gun legislation that has finally begun to move through the Senate. The families are well-educated, and many are well-off. They have been polished and sharp on TV. They're mostly non-political, but quite accomplished in their own fields. With access to money and media, they're using persistence, visibility — and, most all, their unique moral authority — to help prod Senate action. They also have their own lobbyists — several of them, in fact."

I won't use the over-used "we cannot imagine their pain". We can't. However, those families have no right to demand the Second Amendment be infringed, altered or amended, period.

For those who might not be familiar with the issue of the Seventeenth Amendment and the point I'm making in this column, here's a short refresher:

When the First Continental Congress was convened via a resolution of the Congress of the Confederation, one of the first issues discussed on May 29, 1787, was the balance of power for a newly created General Government.[1]

The delegates were firm: The American people would be represented by a representative voted into office from lawfully created districts according to population. The states were to be represented in the U.S. Senate by individuals elected by each state legislature.

James Madison, known as the Father of the Constitution wrote: "The Senate will be elected absolutely and exclusively by the State legislatures." John Jay, co-author of The Federalist Papers is quoted: "Jay then informed Governor Clinton that, unlike the Senate, where the two-thirds rule was in force for treaties and impeachment, the lower house had nothing to do with treaties; it represented the people whereas the senate represented the states - for the Federalists always a significant distinction."

The U.S. House of Representatives was to be the legislative body for the people. Each district within the states of the Union would elect an individual to Congress (Art. I, Sec. II) who would represent them under Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution. The framers were adamant that the states remain sovereign entities and have equal representation in Congress. Thus, the U.S. Senate would be comprised of two senators from each state. (Art. I, Sec. III)

Those senators would be elected by their state legislature to go to Washington, DC to represent the interests of the state, not the people. If they didn't, the state could recall them, fire them and hire someone new. The Senate confirms federal judges and supreme court justices. The Senate must advise and consent to ratification of treaties that have been negotiated and agreed to by the President -- Art. II, Section II, U.S. Constitution.

The framers of the Constitution wisely understood the absolute necessity of ensuring the people would have the right to vote for our representative in Congress, and at the same time because they all jealously guarded freedom and liberty, the states must also have equal representation. We the people would have the ability to remove - via the ballot box - miscreants and scoundrels, while the state legislatures could recall their U.S. Senators who acted against the best interests of their state. The absolute right of the states to equal representation was wiped out when the Seventeenth Amendment was declared ratified on April 8, 1913. It was not.

The egregious harm done by the U.S. Senate since 1945 could fill several volumes. That body of Congress handles areas that directly affect all of us regardless of political party. During the debate in 2011, for the disaster known as Obamacare, Senator Olympia Snowe [R-ME] stated her constituents wanted Obamacare. Snowe is a progressive socialist. Her vote will have a direct impact on all Texans if our state doesn't nullify, yet Texans could not vote her out of office. Thankfully, Comrade Snowe did not seek re-election in 2012. However, she was replaced by an "independent" who has zero understanding of the Second Amendment, Angus King. His vote will affect my Second Amendment rights and I can't vote him out of office and neither can you unless you live in Maine.

What we've seen with NYC, Colorado and the State of Connecticut isn't gun control. It's a major step towards amending and eventually nullifying the Second Amendment, which no government, state, local or federal has any legal right to do. You couldn't pay me to go to NYC or the State of Connecticut and spend a dime.

Colorado's major population centers like Denver and Boulder were long ago taken over by socialists and communists who call themselves liberals or progressive liberals. They infest the state capitol and governor's mansion like the vermin they are in their quest to destroy freedom and liberty. My husband and I lived in Colorado from 1989 - 1997. Leaving was the best thing we did as I would not want to live there now nor will I go out of my way to spend any money in that state. I hope hunters and all Second Amendment supporters call the governor's office out there and tell John Hickenlooper: no conventions, no vacations, no hunting, no snow skiing, only gasoline along the highway as you pass through.

Kudo's to the sheriff's in that state have who taken up the fight: 37 of 62 Colorado sheriffs to sue over new gun laws

The Outlaw Congress has NO constitutional authority to amend or nullify the Second Amendment, but many of them intend to do just that - both parties:

16 Republicans Vote To Move Forward on Gun Control (senate)

Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) NRA A rated; Kelly Ayotte (N.H.) NRA A rated; Richard Burr (N.C.) NRA A rated; Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) NRA A rated; Tom Coburn (Okla.) NRA A rated; Susan Collins (Maine) NRA C+ rated; Bob Corker (Tenn.) NRA A rated; Jeff Flake (Ariz.) NRA A rated; Lindsey Graham (S.C.) NRA A rated; Dean Heller (Nev.) NRA A rated; John Hoeven (N.D.) NRA A rated; Johnny Isakson (Ga.) NRA A rated; Mark Kirk (Ill.) NRA F rated; John McCain (Ariz.) NRA B+ rated; Pat Toomey (Pa.) NRA A rated; Roger Wicker (Miss.) NRA A+ rated

Won't surprise me if the NRA endorses those same turn coats next time they unlawfully come up for reelection. Probably throw a few bushels of money their way from your donations and membership dues, just like the NRA does for Harry Reid. That's why I do not belong to the NRA.

16 Senate Republicans: We Have to Pass the Gun Control Bill to Find Out What's In It

Sound familiar? Obamacare Is the Perfect $17 Trillion Trojan Horse: "Nancy Pelosi said “We must pass Obamacare to find out what's in it.”

Since 2005, Dr. Edwin Vieira has been trying to get gun owners educated about revitalizing the constitutional militia in the states of the Union which will stop all of the above. Here in Texas, we tried to get our legislature - you know, the "Don't Mess With Texas" bunch - to introduce and pass a bill. Isn't going to happen. There has been zero support for my efforts from any gun groups or private militia in the State of Texas.

Boehner: I Don't Need GOP to Pass Gun Law

No More Mr. Nice Guy

"GOA has been issuing multiple alerts recently because of the imminent danger that is facing us - as the Senate will soon be taking up gun control legislation. Much of the focus has been on the Senate. But if anyone thinks that the House – and specifically Speaker John Boehner – is our fail-safe to killing gun control in the Congress, they had better think again. Speaking on Meet the Press on March 10, Speaker Boehner said that he has "made clear if the Senate acts on gun control legislation, the House will consider it." Quite simply, that means that House Speaker John Boehner will allow the House to consider votes on gun control legislation."

Gun Owners of America recently sent out this alert: The Battle Will Take Longer than We'd Hoped: "We've been fighting these gun control battles for almost 40 years now. And we almost always win. But it's almost always a nail-biter. And so it is on Obama's gun control agenda", etc.

Gun Owners of America: Why won't you mobilize your millions of members to demonstrate at the state capitols by the thousands and demand the constitutional militia be revitalized? Isn't 40 years of fighting the same battle an indication what you're doing hasn't brought about the solution, only more Band Aids? What? You afraid the useful fools in the media will excoriate you for supporting the Second Amendment? "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Non members like me, and I believe, a great majority of Oath Keepers would join you in our respective states.

"Dan Scott. Barely a week ago I heard you rail for two hours about independence. Mr. Hardwick, how many times have I heard you speak of freedom at my father's table? Half the men in this church, including you father, and you, Reverend, are as ardent patriots as I. Will you now, when you are needed most, stop at only words? Is that the sort of men you are? I ask only that you act upon the beliefs of which you have so strongly spoken and in which you so strongly believe." -- 17 year old Ann, from the movie, The Patriot

Very well meaning folks don't seem to grasp 'private' militias have no legal authority to do anything other than target practice:

Civilian Militia Expands to 38 States To Protect Constitution

"A citizen militia consisting of law enforcement, military and civilians founded by pro-2nd amendment Police Chief Mark Kessler to protect citizens against an over bearing federal government has now expanded to 38 chapters each in a different state. Formally known as the Constitution Security Force Chief Kessler called upon the creation of a Citizen Reserve force to protect Americans from the ever growing plethora of threats to Life, Liberty and Justice Citizens face from the federal government in the draconian post 9/11 dark times we live in. Chief Kessler proposed legislation to his town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania asserting the right to assert 2nd and 10th amendment rights despite in defiance in any orders coming from the Gestapo thugs in Washington, D.C. taking orders from the notorious Obama regime."

I can only in the strongest possible way urge everyone to read True Vs. False Militia & Why the Difference Matters. Pro Second Amendment advocates, including Police Chief Mark Kessler, must understand the difference and why it's so important.

So, how's ignoring the only real solution working out for gun owners?

Rewarding liars, cheats and thieves -- Illegal aliens

The Senate is going to sell us out with another invitation for more millions of illegal aliens to cross the border:

Rubio and Rand Paul's Amnesty Trick Will Lead Conservatives To Their Own Doom!

"America is facing a nation-destroying illegal alien amnesty push from a Congress stocked with high ranking Republicans eager to rubber stamp Obama’s unlawful and unConstitutional amnesty decrees instead of reining the President in from the one party dictatorship he is transitioning America into!

"At the center of this push for Amnesty legislation, some Republicans are acting as a Judas Goat to lead conservatives to their own political doom. Whether you believe their positions are malicious political theater or the result of mistaken beliefs is up to you, but the deadly and destructive results of their actions will be the same if you fall for the Marco Rubio (202-224-3041) and Rand Paul (202-224-4343) amnesty plans. Let me be very clear, Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Amnesty memo is not a law. It is not an Executive Order. It is a memo. America is now under a form of governance by memo.

"So while Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, Speaker John Boehner, and Eric Cantor rush to rubber stamp Obama’s illegal amnesty memo with actual legislation, they are in fact supporting a new form of authoritarian and dictatorial governance for American citizens. How else can we explain the wide ranging amnesty policies currently being implemented coast to coast, including the release of thousands of illegal aliens from detention centers, including those incarcerated for broader crimes against American citizens, which has no backing in legislation, existing laws, or election outcome other than the race for President?

"States like North Carolina and others that are now giving licenses to illegal aliens, which 77% of Americans oppose according to Rasmussen polling, are responding to Obama’s memo. Not a new law and certainly not an official Executive Order! Did we spend all of that money and time to elect a Congress and Senate that works simply to rubber stamp unlawful decrees from the President instead of representing the American majority that has made it clear they reject any form of amnesty and demand immigration and border enforcement instead?"

Rubio is just another lying politician: Rubio in 2010: I'll never support amnesty - Rarely viewed video includes hard-line pledge against immigration plan

Rubio is one of the stupidly named "gang of eight" senators who are going to sell us out to reward liars, thieves and cheaters. The consequences of this new amnesty will absolutely be the giant nail in our coffin. Illegals will continue to kill this economy, our way of life and those 20+ MILLION will register to vote for the Democratic/Communist Party USA. The Republican Party may as well close their doors. "Gang of Eight": Senators Schumer [DC - Democratic/Communist Party USA], McCain [R}, Durbin [DC], Graham [R], Menendez [DC], Rubio [R], Bennet [DC], and Flake [R]

Senate plan: Deport illegals who arrived after 2011
'People need to have been in the country long enough to have put down some roots'

Wrong. It doesn't matter if they've been here five minutes or 50 years, they have no right to be on U.S. soil. You don't reward liars, cheats and thieves just because they've been doing it a long time. And, no they won't get deported. Members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and the impostor camped out in the White House will find some way to make sure they stay.

Sen. Jeff Flake: 'We Don't Need a Sealed Border'

Wrong. The destruction by illegal aliens to this country since Ronald Reagan opened the doors to the mass invasion for decades takes your breath away. I'm sure Flake and one very popular Libertarian former judge would get along just fine:

Fox's Judge Napolitano Delights Jon Stewart By Proclaiming 'I'm in Favor of Open Borders'

I know it's true because I just happened to hit the comedy channel while in my hotel room last November. Perhaps someone should remind Napolitano about the 50,000 + Americans who have been slaughtered by illegal aliens since 9/11. About the babies, children and teens raped and/or murdered by illegals. How the terrorists must love him:

Watch this short video: Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border. This is a mainstream network report with documents to back up what they're saying.

Illegal aliens setting fires - border patrol

There is NO way to do background checks on illegals. Not from communist China, Ireland, Guatemala, Mexico or Middle East countries. I can tell you exactly what will happen: Oh, there's not enough money, blah, blah, blah, so we'll fast track them right in time for the 2014 phony elections. Mark my words it's happened in the past and it will happen again.

Arrested illegals mock TX Border Patrol: 'Obama's gonna let me go'
Stats Show Surge in Illegal Immigrant Border Traffic Despite DHS Claims
Illegals Gets Billions In IRS Loophole Tax Fraud Yearly - Vid
Illegals now flooding U.S. border
Illegal Border Crossings Double, Border Becomes Less Secure as Beltway Gets Close to Deal on Immigration Reform
Illegal Border Crossings Double As DC Talks 'Reform'
Communist Party USA calls for 'street heat' to push amnesty
Dump 20+ MILLION illegals into Obamacare and the numbers will shoot into the stratosphere:
Senate Dems Vote To Provide Obamacare To Illegals
Sex crimes by illegals The ones that haven't been caught are going to be rewarded with amnesty. After one rapes and kills another child, then we'll find out that illegal was here for years.

Tucson Local 2544: ""We will continue to have large groups of illegal aliens chasing Border Patrol agents down so they can be “arrested”, knowing they will be set free and given temporary permission to remain here in the United States (no jail space to keep them locked up until their cases are adjudicated). Once they are set free with a “promise to appear” (wink, wink) 99% of them will disappear and never be heard from again unless they commit some heinous crime. Then, years down the road we will have a new group of politicians and activists screaming about how we need to “bring these people out of the shadows” by giving them amnesty. This is how the merry-go-round works. Proven time and time again over the span of many decades.

"Thank you Secretary Napolitano. Thank you for endangering us. Thank you for cutting our pay 40% to prove a political point. Thank you for making our job even more meaningless. Thank you for releasing thousands of criminal illegal aliens that we risked our lives to arrest and put in jail. Thank you for all your lies about how “secure” the border is so that you can prop up another amnesty program."

Amnesty deal could lead to trillions in new welfare spending

"Senate Budget Committee Republican staff on Thursday released a description of what they claim is a “major flaw” in the immigration reform plan being pushed by the bipartisan “Gang of Eight"--a loophole that will end up being a multi-trillion dollar entitlement spending increase, with the burden falling on American taxpayers. According to what has been publicly reported about the Gang of Eight's forthcoming immigration bill, there appears to be a major flaw that could allow millions of illegal immigrants to access federal welfare benefits and poverty programs,” the GOP Budget Committee staff wrote in a statement to media"

Roughly 11.5 MILLION illegals hold jobs that belong to Americans. 47 MILLION Americans are on food stamps. Good paying construction jobs are being done by illegals for cash under the table while natural born and naturalized Americans in that industry are on food stamps collecting unemployment. Now, we are going to reward those who lie and cheat to steal our jobs?

Rand Paul wants illegals turned into taxpayers. Wrong. You don't reward liars, thieves and cheaters. Rand Paul says we can't deport them. BULL. There is no effort to really crack down on illegals because the shadow government wants seamless borders for the North American Union. The U.S., Canada and Mexico as one region of world government. The major push, Mr. Paul, just in case you missed it, started with NAFTA. Go look at this map. You might also wish to read my column where I explain about the NAU because the traitors are still working it quietly while you're working to put food on the table.

I urge you to keep calling or faxing your U.S. Senator starting tomorrow: NO on any gun bills. NO on any "pathway to citizenship" slick marketing. It is amnesty. We want illegals deported, period. Call before you go to work if you live on the West coast. Call on your break or lunch hour, but make those calls and if possible, send a fax. No email. All you get are boiler plate canned replies.

We do NOT need any more traps called immigration "reform." We need enforcement and the states to stop giving perks and free education to illlegals. We need the border sealed and guarded. Tragically for our country, not one of the four border states governors or legislatures have the guts to get the job done. That includes Texas where I live.

Prior to 1913, state legislatures elected two senators to go to Washington, DC to represent the interests of their state and citizens. After the fraud of declaring the Seventeenth Amendment ratified, the mobs now "elect" U.S. Senators who go to Washington, DC and vote for special interests who have bought their favors. They steal the fruits of our labor for all their pet welfare agencies and programs and we have no way to vote them out of office. They vote to keep the grotesque, endless wars in the Middle East funded for nothing. NOT for our freedom.

Like Democratic/Communist Party USA king pin, Chuck Schumer, one of the 'gang of eight". Take the poltroon who "represents" me: "Senator": John Cornyn. There isn't a bill to destroy the Bill of Rights he hasn't loved. Voted yes to extend the abomination called the Patriot Act. Voted yes for indefinite detention of Americans without a trial, NDAA. He's another damn war monger. Votes for every "free" trade bill destroying even more jobs for Americans. He voted for the unconstitutional $700 BILLION (borrowed, more debt on our backs) bank bail outs.

The Seventeenth Amendment was NOT ratified by enough states and I have the iron-clad, court proof evidence. In February 2011, I had a long face to face talk with Rep. Bryan Hughes in our state legislature. I told him I have been working on this for over 15 years. The states cannot reclaim their sovereignty without representation in the U.S. Senate. He was very enthusiastic about getting rid of the Seventeenth Amendment! I spent so much time and money getting him documents waiting for this new session in January 2013, as well as a few others in our legislature. I wrote not only the working paper, but a bill for our legislature to challenge the Seventeenth Amendment (Click her, item 4).

Guess what? There will be absolutely nothing done by our legislature this session which ends May 27, 2013. Rep. Hughes appears to no longer have any interest in protecting the rights of the state he serves or we the people of Texas. Our legislature doesn't return until Jan. 2015. In the meantime, Comrades Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid will continue voting for bills that are destroying our lives and we can't vote them out of office. Thank you very much, Rep. Hughes. "Don't Mess With Texas" is a joke in my opinion.

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The U.S. Senate has played a major role in destroying this constitutional republic from confirmation of Supreme Court Justices, federal judges, treaties, Obamacare and now their major push to nullify the Second Amendment and unleash another wave of illegals invading this country. Both parties are guilty.

So, how's the Seventeenth Amendment working out for you?

I guess Texans don't mind Schumer, Reid, Flake, McCain and the rest of those vultures dictating their lives. I guess Americans in the other 49 states don't mind either, because other than a few lonely voices out there, Americans prefer to fight for Band Aids instead of solutions. Of course, there is no money in the cure, only the treatment. Fill up those campaign war chests for the next fake election while we slide down the razor blade of tyranny.


1. The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 by Max Farrand


1- Tiny Georgia town passes law requiring residents to own a gun as many states consider tougher firearm laws
2- Treason Alert: Dems Try to Move Gun Bill Forward Without Allowing Senators to Read It
3- Senate Aide: Gun Law Wouldn't Have Stopped Newtown Massacre
4- Democrats push bill in Congress to require gun insurance under penalty of fine
5- Act surprised: Connecticut Drafts Gun Law in Secret
6- American labor takes an 'amnesty' hit

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"Gun control" is chanted a hundred times a day by members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and their sycophants. The useful fools in print and electronic media, as well as barkers on the boob tube, make sure Americans get daily mega doses of carefully crafted propaganda.