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By: Devvy
April 7, 2013

"But let's bear in mind and never forget that we have seen very serious dropping of our deficit over the past year. We're making progress on that front.” U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison

Yes. The Outlaw Congress is made up of imbeciles and crooks. Ellison's statement is so disingenuous, it would be laughable if the situation weren't so serious. Ellison, like the majority of the Outlaw Congress has zero understanding of the U.S. Constitution or the disabilities of our monetary system. Then, there are useful fools like Paul Krugman, cheerleader of failed Keynesian economics first promoted by British economist, John Maynard Keynes, a sexual deviant among other perversions.

Dropping the deficit? The outrageous, out-of-control spending by the bandits in the Outlaw Congress hasn't stopped. The impostor in the White House continues to approve trillions in unconstitutional spending -- ALL borrowed: 'U.S. Foreign Debt Up 78% Under Obama'. With the unconstitutional Obamacare kicking in, not only are we being raped in more taxes, the monstrous bureaucracy created will cost hundreds of billions for who knows how many years to come - all of which has to be borrowed since the people's purse is overdrawn almost $17 TRILLION dollars. Not to mention skyrocketing health care premiums people aren't going to be able to pay while they're robbed to pay someone else's medical care:

Senate Dems Vote To Provide Obamacare To Illegals
Dump 20-25 MILLION illegals into Obamacare? The numbers will go into outer space:
Sebelius: Yep, ObamaCare is raising insurance costs.
Will soar 62% in CA, 80% in OH, WI!

Who's telling the truth about the economy? The American people:

15% of Americans Receives Food Stamps- roughly 47 MILLION

$4 BILLION to soft drink manufacturers:

"Soda makers, for example, bag an estimated $4 billion a year in taxpayer money through the food stamp program. Efforts to kill the so-called “soda subsidy” have been met with fierce resistance and lobbying by the soda industry. In Florida, State Senator Ronda Storms (R-Valrico) introduced a bill last year that would keep taxpayer-funded SNAP benefits from being spent on non-essential items like sodas, candy, chips, ice cream, and other junk foods. “The biggest opponents I have right now are Coca Cola, the soda companies, the chip companies and the convenience store operators,” said Storms in an interview with Fox News."

In 2012, the thieves in Congress stole the fruits of our labor to pay out $80.4 BILLION BORROWED dollars for food stamps. Unconstitutional. Food stamps to help families who truly need it is a Tenth Amendment right of the states, not the General Government.

Some 90 MILLION eligible workers are no longer in the work force. Many for years who end up going to jail because they can't meet financial obligations:

As economy flails, debtors' prisons thrive: "Ask Jack Dawley, 55, an unemployed man in Ohio who between 2007 and 2012 spent a total of 16 days in jail in a Huron County lock-up for failing to pay roughly $1,500 in legal fines he'd incurred in the 1990s."

Desperate Americans continue demanding the bandits aka the U.S. Congress and the impostor in the White House create more jobs. Wrong, wrong and wrong. That's one of the reasons the deficit and national debt have become unpayable:

Stop with the demand "Congress create jobs" rhetoric

The real reason for the loss of millions and millions of good paying jobs has not been reversed. No need to re-hash here as I've written about it until my fingers are numb:

U.S. Congress, Obama/Soetoro are Anti-American Jobs
Congress Refuses to Bring Home Jobs
Americans Don't Want Good Paying Jobs (Conservatives need to get over their love affair with former U.S. Rep. Allen West)
Neither Romney or the Impostor President Will Create Jobs

And yet, in 2012, the American people voted 96% of the same crooks, thieves and liars back to the Outlaw Congress.

The head of the beast, the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve Banking Act of 1913, is still on the books and it's killing us. In 2007, former Congressman Ron Paul introduced H.R. 2755 (110th): Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act. There were no co-sponsors. Why? Because thieves from both parties are grossly ignorant about fiat currency and what the "Fed" has done to this country for 100 years:

"Otherwise confident and intelligent people including members of Congress - defer to the Fed's wisdom mainly because they do not understand it....The only players who are left out of this conversation are the American people and, to a large extent their elected representatives. Instead, they are provided a frustrating stream of evasive euphemisms and opaque jargon and platitudinous generalities and, sometimes, even downright deception. As more than one Federal Reserve governor confided to me, it would be very difficult - perhaps impossible - for the Fed to have an honest discussion of monetary policy with Congress or the public because the level of ignorance is so profound." William Greider, author of Secrets of the Temple, testimony, House Banking Committee, October 7, 1993

The ones in the Outlaw Congress who do understand haven't served the American people for decades. Their favors are bought and paid for by mega corporations who sold out the American worker the minute the unconstitutional, sovereignty killing NAFTA (No American Factories Taking Applications) was signed into "law" by Marxist Bill Clinton, Dec. 8, 1993. Cheerleaders for that destructive trade treaty: Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi.

There is another bill in Congress to abolish the "Fed": H.R. 73 - Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, introduced by Rep. Paul Broun [R-GA]. While it will never pass (to date there is one co-sponsor, Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY]), both deserve credit for introducing the bill. One of the pieces I read nearly two decades ago you will find of interest explains how the robber barons steal us blind:

Congressman Louis McFadden spoke before Congress in 1933 about the evils of the Federal Reserve System; printed in the Congressional Record. "On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion and treason. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee." Congressman McFadden died on Oct. 1, 1936.

The "Fed" creates inflation, deflation and depressions. That cabal has been sucking the life blood of this country for a century and will continue to do so until the whole evil system implodes. It's not if, it's when. Money controls our economy and our lives, and still, the masses know nothing about the subject, only begging for more scraps from the King's table. Well, it's all coming home to roost. Almost all the states of the Union continue to turn a blind eye while the financial tsunami is rolling across this country.

Utah passed a watered down version of a sound money bill; a couple of states are working it during this session. Here in Texas, our legislature, despite our efforts to get them to pass a constitutional sound money bill are not going to; down the road they will sorely regret it. Texans -- prepare for the worst. See Working Paper here and Dr. Edwin Vieira's very important speech to the Montana banking committee in 2011, which I sent to every Republican in the Texas State Legislature. They hold the majority in the house and senate.

The Road Not Taken (2011. One can easily make the argument it's now too late.)

The bandits in the Outlaw Congress need more money for all their unconstitutional spending. Besides begging from our enemies like Communist China, where else can they get it? Bernanke printing more worthless confetti. Let me give you an example: If you purchased an item in 1913 for $20.00, today that same item would cost you $469.02. A cumulative rate of 2245.1%. Today I am paying $2.48 for a small bunch of organic spinach; every week some item I purchase at the grocery store on a regular basis goes up, sometimes as much as a "dollar" or more.

The American people by the tens of millions pay no attention to what's going on over in Europe. The masses have no understanding of the trade deficit as they continue buying foreign made cars killing our economy. They simply tune out what they don't understand. Ask 100 people on the street in downtown anywhere USA what they know about derivatives and 100 will give you a blank stare.

Financial Collapse Inevitable As The Derivatives Bubble Grows

"In a previous article entitled “Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers“, I noted a couple of statistics that show why derivatives are such an enormous problem:

"-$212,525,587,000,000 - According to the U.S. government, this is the notional value of the derivatives that are being held by the top 25 banks in the United States. But those banks only have total assets of about 8.9 trillion dollars combined. In other words, the exposure of our largest banks to derivatives outweighs their total assets by a ratio of about 24 to 1.

"-$600,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000,000 - The estimates of the total notional value of all global derivatives generally fall within this range. At the high end of the range, the ratio of derivatives to global GDP is more than 21 to 1. When the derivatives bubble finally bursts, where are we going to get the trillions upon trillions of dollars that will be needed to “fix” things this time?"

There's a lot of splashy headlines everyday on the Internet about the economy crashing "next Tuesday". America's economy is huge. It takes time for the meltdown to surface in a way people understand it at the most basic level: stores closing, losing their job, filling the gas tank and buying food. Because the U.S. Congress refuses to cut off the head of the beast, the "Fed", and most states of the Union are ignoring the problem, there's no way to stop what is already underway.

For a long, long time, I have been reading from the experts and my dear friend of 15 years, Harvey Gordin. As I have mentioned in previous columns, Harvey told me in 2005, the housing market was going to crash. I believed him and told my husband we have to get out of the house we lived in (Sacramento) because I wasn't going to stay in my home state of California once John retired. Shortly after, John was diagnosed with cancer, so we had to put off selling our home in one of the most desirable planned development communities in the U.S.

By Feb. 2006, I could see it coming and told John, it's time to start looking. I bought this house in Texas a few months later while John remained in California taking care of selling the Sacramento house. Long story short, we sold that house in September 2006; John retired because of his medical problems. Had we been able to do it in June 2005, we would have netted an additional $100,000. That's how inflated the prices were back then. We were able to realize a very small profit; believe me, I feel very lucky because millions never saw it coming. By 2007, Natomas Park was drowning in foreclosures. The couple who bought our house will never be able to sell it for what they paid us. Today it is valued $210,000 less than they paid us when the sale was completed.

Americans are loaded up with guns and ammunition, which is absolutely necessary for many reasons. So is getting your money out of 401(k)s and other retirement accounts even if you have to take a hit from the thieves at the IRS. Just my personal opinion, not investment advice. I've seen columns where people write you don't need gold, you need bread and guns. True, but how many folks are going to put $75,000, $100,000 or $250,000 into guns and butter? One has to be practical. We're talking about people's life savings being wiped out.

Do you remember what happened when ENRON folded faster than a punctured balloon? Employees lost their retirement savings; it was absolutely devastating and hard to watch. Do you know where your 401(k) money is being invested and who is doing the investing? Cities are filing for bankruptcy, companies, chain stores - going out of business because the American consumer is telling you the truth about the economy: They're broke and can't find jobs.

Thousands more Americans are losing their homes this year with 1.5 million properties taken by banks - up nine per cent on 2012
Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains All Over America Collapsing?
Record number of Silicon Valley residents fall into poverty as tent cities pop up across the region
16 Things About 2013 That Are Really Going To Stink

When people have nothing left to spend after taxes, they don't spend.

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The items in the links below are to help all of us understand, without the hysterics, how dire the situation is and where things are headed. I also encourage you to call Harvey Gordin at 602.228.8203 and talk to him about liquidating worthless paper assets and buying gold. Don't be fooled by the big companies who sell gold for "lowest commissions". You're just the next one on a conveyor belt to them; too many people are sold the wrong coins by slick dealers. Do business with someone who knows what he's talking about and will take the time to help save what you've worked so hard for and protect your assets. Paper is worthless.

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