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By: Devvy
March 16, 2013

Once again, the Democratic/Communist Party USA, headed up by an impostor playing president, are pushing hard to reward individuals who sneak into OUR house. As we did the last time a few years ago, we MUST stop it from happening.

Ronald Reagan, darling of the GOP, signed a so-called immigration reform bill in 1986 that is the direct cause of the massive invasion of illegal aliens for the past 27 years. If this one goes through, it will be hell for all of us. It will be no different this time around only on a larger scale. Realistic estimates put the number of liars and thieves who smuggled themselves across our borders at around 38 million. The millions who received amnesty, thanks to Ronnie, had children; the numbers simply continued to multiply. Children born of illegal aliens are NOT U.S. citizens:

States must fight legal fiction called 'anchor babies'

Birthright Citizenship and Dual Citizenship: Harbingers of Administrative Tyranny

"In sum, this legacy of feudalism—which we today call birthright citizenship—was decisively rejected as the ground of American citizenship by the Fourteenth Amendment and the Expatriation Act of 1868. It is absurd, then, to believe that the Fourteenth Amendment confers the boon of American citizenship on the children of illegal aliens. Nor does the denial of birthright citizenship visit the sins of the parents on the children, as is often claimed, since the children of illegal aliens born in the U.S. are not being denied anything to which they have a right. Their allegiance should follow that of their parents during their minority. Furthermore, it is difficult to fathom how those who defy American law can derive benefits for their children by their defiance—or that any sovereign nation would allow such a thing."

"He further points out: "But in any case, to say that children of legal aliens are entitled to citizenship is one thing; after all, their parents are in the country with the permission of the U.S. It is entirely different with illegal aliens, who are here without permission. Thus repeal of the current policy of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal aliens would not require a constitutional amendment."

"Prof. Erler hit it out of the ball park: Children born on US soil of an illegal alien parent (or two parents) regardless of country of origin have no "right" to U.S. citizenship.

'Anchor Baby' Constitutional Amendment to Face Scrutiny in Congress - December 26, 2010 (FOX News)

"In a matter of weeks, Congress will go from trying to help young, illegal immigrants become legal to debating whether children born to parents who are in the country illegally should continue to enjoy automatic U.S. citizenship. Such a hardened approach -- and the rhetoric certain to accompany it -- should resonate with the GOP faithful who helped swing the House in Republicans' favor. But it also could further hurt the GOP in its endeavor to grab a large enough share of the growing Latino vote to win the White House and the Senate majority in 2012. Legislation to test interpretations of the 14th Amendment as granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants will emerge early next session."

'Maternity hotel' for Chinese women to give birth to U.S. citizens is 'found in the back of California motel'. Where is ICE? They know they're there.

Illegal aliens, regardless of country of origin, sneak across our borders. They lie and cheat their way into our house. You don't reward criminals, you deport them.

Illegal aliens steal jobs that belong to Americans; 11.5 MILLION jobs are held by individuals who have no right to be on U.S. soil, much less jobs. You don't reward them, you deport them.

Illegal aliens steal the identity of millions of Americans so they can lie and cheat their way to employment and federal and state welfare. They don't care whose lives they destroy:

During this segment on illegals stealing YOUR social security number to gain access to jobs that belong to Americans, this is what one man said during a live interview: "Hector Angel, Relative of Swift Employee: Everybody has to do what they have to do to make a living. I agree with that, that it's wrong. But at the same time, it's not, because, you know, we are human beings." Tell that to the person whose life and credit history was made hell by stealing their identity.

Woman whose entire LIFE was stolen: Illegal immigrant 'used teacher's private details to get a job, a mortgage and medical care for her own two children'. 2012. "Identity theft up from 251,100 reported cases in 2010 to 279,000 instances last year." Will you be the next victim? The odds are not in your favor.

Illegal aliens steal the resources of our states for which they have no legal right. Some of them for decades bankrupting hospitals, clogging up the criminal court system and draining the coffers of public schools - paid for with the sweat off your back in tax dollars. Here in Texas there are about 400,000 illegal aliens enrolled in public schools. Cost to me and other Texans per year: $3.5 BILLION dollars for students in this country illegally.

Illegal (Aliens) Immigrant Gangs Commit Most U.S. Crime. Wait until they come roaming your community. It's just a matter of time as their numbers grow. And, of course, we have activist judges who dump in our faces with this type of sickening ruling:

Court Says Kidnapping Not Serious Enough to Warrant Deportation

"In what may seem like a bad joke, a U.S. federal appellate court has spared an illegal immigrant convicted of kidnapping from deportation ruling that it's not necessarily a crime of moral turpitude. The decision, issued this week by the famously liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, rambles on for 27 pages and is almost comical. “This undoubtedly appears to be a difficult question at first glance,” it reads. “Kidnapping is a serious crime, and our instincts may be that it would meet the moral turpitude definition. Even for serious offenses, we must look to the specific elements of the statute of conviction and compare them to the definition of crimes involving moral turpitude.”

"The case involves a Mexican man named Javier Castrijon-Garcia who entered the United States illegally in 1989 and incidentally has three American-born anchor babies. He has twice been convicted for driving with a suspended license (yes, California gives illegal aliens driver's licenses) and in 1992 pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping. He received a suspended sentence of 300 days in jail and 36 months of probation. Years after the kidnapping case, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) finally earmarked Castrijon-Garcia for removal. He appealed but an immigration judge found that he was deportable because the kidnapping conviction is a categorical crime of moral turpitude."

Yet, Americans reelected 96% of the same damn incumbents back to the Outlaw Congress in 2012 who allow the death and destruction to continue. The Ninth Silly Circuit again. Those judges should have been impeached. Who will be Castrijon-Garcia's next victim? Pray it's not you or a loved one.

School Dist. Spends $200k to Comply With Obama Amnesty. September 2012. For students who have no legal right to be on U.S. soil. And, you wonder why school districts need to bleed you dry in more taxes?

My daughter will graduate with her undergraduate degree in May. She lives and teaches school in Colorado. She's a natural born citizen, yet there was no tuition break for her, only illegal aliens: "The cheers of immigrant students echoed through the Colorado Capitol on Friday after the House passed a bill allowing students who entered the U.S. illegally to pay lower college tuition, a measure that will soon become law." ICE should have been there, rounded them up and deported all who are determined to be illegally in the U.S. Instead, the lunatics in the Democratic/Communist Party USA that now controls Colorado are rewarding them.

Since illegal students have no right to be in this country, why should you and I be raped in taxes to pay for an education they have no legal right to get in this country while our kids have to pay full tuitiion? The same leftist crap we hear about educating illegals so they can get jobs and do well! Absolute imbiciles. Those illegal students have no right to jobs in this country to begin with, much less educating them by stealing the fruits of our labor.

In 2011, a measly 400,000 liar and thieves were deported: "Of the convicted criminals deported last year, 1,119 were convicted of homicide, 5,848 of sexual offenses, 44,653 of drug-related offenses and 35,927 of driving under the influence, according to the Homeland Security figures." Those are just the ones caught. How many more haven't been caught that have murdered Americans, violence from drugs, drunk drivers and sex crimes against minors and even infants?

Illegal alien charged with sexually assaulting an infant in Pennslyvania - a six month old baby
Illegal alien raped stepdaughter, age 9, in front of 7-year-old in South Dakota
Illegal alien found guilty of horrific child sexual assault - "A violent assault in July 2008 in which Perez used a toy light saber to sodomize a 9-year-old boy and forced another child to sexually assault the victim."
Recent border arrests show problem of child molesters entering from Mexico - "In a little more than a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents working out of the El Centro station in California arrested six illegal alien sex offenders. Five of them are convicted child molesters." Those animals are on the prowl. Will your little one be the next victim?

Illegal aliens steal $1 BILLION dollars a year from natural born citizens and naturalized citizens in the State of Michigan.

Lunatics in state capitols have given driver's licenses to illegal aliens instead of deporting them. Roughly 400,000 of them in Washington State alone. Illinois approves driver's license for illegals.

Laws in SF and LA protect unlicensed drivers who kill people

"On Nov. 16, 2010, an unlicensed driver named Roberto Galo took a left turn at Harrison and 16th streets in San Francisco and hit motorcyclist Drew Rosenberg. After Galo backed over Rosenberg's body, the law-school student died. A jury convicted Galo for manslaughter and driving without a license. After serving 43 days in jail, he was released on home detention.

"Don Rosenberg of Westlake Village blames San Francisco politics for his son's death. He also fears that the like-minded Obama administration will shield unlicensed drivers to the detriment of public safety -- and Washington isn't giving him reason to believe otherwise. The sanctuary city has been so eager to protect illegal immigrants who cannot obtain California drivers' licenses that in 2009, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the city no longer would impound the cars of unlicensed drivers automatically. In 2008, the AAA Foundation for Public Safety reported that 29 percent of fatal car crashes in California involved a driver without a valid license. No worries, San Francisco sent a message to folks who haven't even passed a driver's test: You can drive here and get away with it."

Wonder why insurance premiums are so high? Illegals get away with murder while we pay and pay and pay. Think I would drive within 50 miles of San Francisco or LA? When pig's fly:

Mayor Villaraigosa's policy to end seizure of vehicles of unlicensed drivers panned

"Last weekend, an unlicensed driver ran down a 60-year-old woman trying to cross the street in Panorama City, killing her. The death renewed calls Monday to reverse a pending city policy to go easy on unlicensed drivers - many of them illegal immigrants - by not immediately impounding their cars. "The tragic accident in Panorama City shows how the mayor's new policy can result in innocent people being injured or killed," said Paul M. Weber, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, in a statement. "The mayor's directive puts politics above public safety and should be rescinded."

Of course it does. Villaraigosa is Mexican. LA is infested with millions of illegals from Mexico. Villaraigosa supports liars and thieves who smuggle themselves across our border, but he is not immune from the law. He's an enabler and any victim of a crime by an illegal alien should go after him personally.

Those states and others use the excuse illegal aliens need driver's licenses to get to work. Those illegal aliens have absolutely no right to work in this country so they don't need a state driver's license. Instead, mad men and women in those state capitols reward them, screwing Americans out of jobs. Just remember: If you are a victim of an illegal alien, go after the enablers - including lawmakers - because they are not above the law. Work to get any incumbents who voted to reward illegals thrown out of office in 2014:

Illegal aliens: declaring war on the enablers

Today is National Remembrance Day for Americans Killed by Illegal Aliens - "More than 50,000 Americans have been killed by illegal aliens since 9/11." Where is your outrage, America?
Illegal Alien Who Killed Nun Was on Obama’s Supervised Release. "The deadly results of President Obama’s “supervised release” program for illegal immigrants were exposed long ago by a Judicial Watch investigation of a Bolivian national (Carlos Martinelly-Montano) who killed a Virginia nun in a drunk-driving accident."

March 14, 2013: ICE chief acknowledges more than 2,000 illegal immigrants released, including drunken drivers

How many more tears? How many more funerals?

Kudos to Gov. Susana Martinez. She knows what illegal means: New Mexico gov says committed to repeal of illegal aliens license law

Employers across this country continue to knowingly employ illegal aliens:

They Died For "Cheap" Labor
90% of state's dairy workers illegal in Idaho - shame on all of them for contributing to death and lawlessness in this country. ICE should be there rounding them up and deporting as many as they can catch.

Nearly 1 million illegals ignore deportation orders, stay in U.S. Will your family be a victim of robbery or your minor children raped and murdered? The statistics don't lie about violent criminals who are here in this country illegally. Think it can't happen to you? When my daughter lived in California, she was hit twice by illegal aliens. One was an illegal alien attending UCLA paid for with your money. The other was a female driving with phony Michigan plates and driver's license who skipped back across the border. Ten years later, my daughter still lives with debilitating clinical migraines from her injuries. If you think it can't happen to you or your loved ones, think again.

The usurper playing president, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, in cohoots with Butch Napolitano, head of the Department of Fatherland Security, has unleashed more liars, thieves and criminals back onto the streets:

U.S. Releases “Waves” of Illegal Immigrants from Custody
Napolitano resists calls for border security
ICE Scraps 287(g) Program That Allowed Local Police to Enforce Immigration Law
Obama Using Illegal Immigrants As Form of Terrorism Against Americans: "Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's spokesman is accusing the Obama administration of engaging in a form of terroristic threats by unlawfully releasing 10,000 illegal immigrants from detention centers, threatening to facilitate a new mass influx of illegal aliens, while at the same time demanding more money and power and amnesty for illegals."

Oh, this one is a gem - do check out the photo: Border crossing operates on honor system, Border Patrol hundreds of miles away. Border security is a farce and we're paying dearly with the blood of our fellow Americans as well as financial rape. How many more Middle Eastern terrorists are going to slip across the border? Feel safe walking into big buildings?

If this amnesty goes through those 11 MILLION will turn into 20 or 30 MILLION. We will all be raped to reward liars and cheats in more taxes under the unconstitutional Obamacare. Drop tens of millions more into Medicare which is already $77 TRILLION in unfunded mandates.

Cost of Illegal Immigration at the State Level

"Wondering how illegal immigration is affecting your pocket book? While the fiscal burden of illegal immigration on the United States taxpayers was estimated at $113 billion in 2010, below you will find links to cost summaries for each separate state so that you can see specifically how this is impacting your state."

Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars for individuals who have no legal right to be on U.S. soil. More debt heaped on our backs at both the state and federal level.

The states of the Union already drowning in debt, primarily because of pension obligations, will get hit hard for Medicaid. We will be raped in more and more state taxes. You think I'm kidding? This is another major disaster orchestrated by the Democratic/Communist Party USA for votes to stay in power.

There is no way to do background checks on 11-30 MILLION liars and cheats. No way to verify if the name they are giving is even their own whether from communist China, Mexico, Guatemala, Ireland or some Middle Eastern Country.

There is no way to verify virtually any information for 11-30 MILLION liars and cheats simply because there isn't enough money. We the people should not be fleeced to reward individuals who break our laws to smuggle themselves into our country by giving them amnesty and and then forced with a gun to our head to pay billions and billions more in borrowed money to try to do background checks. Aren't you tired of getting screwed to reward lawbreakers?

I believe it's safe to say 90% of them will register with the Democratic/Communist Party USA. Republican incumbents should think about that.

Give them amnesty and it could take years to track down information on that individual - as in a criminal record. In the meantime, how many more Americans will die from criminal activities committed by illegals?

Americans who need jobs are denied jobs because 11.5 MILLION liars and cheats have them and the U.S. Congress doesn't care. It's not just the Democrats. The Republicans had control of Congress for almost 12 years; eight under a Republican president. They did NOTHING to shut down our borders and start deporting illegals. We have all paid for it dearly. Scum like Harry Reid fully supports liars and thieves. He didn't use to, but now it's all about votes to stay in power:

On April 5, 2006, Drudge had an interesting flashback from 1993: "Dem. Senate Leader Harry Reid: 'Our Federal Wallet Stretched To Limit By Illegal Aliens Getting Welfare' 'Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally'

Who are the RINOs pushing to further destroy our republic for votes today? The smarmy, slimy Republicans below try to use "compassionate" as justification for rewarding liars and cheats. Do they do the same for bank robbers? Same thing. A thief is a thief.

American Conservative Union Chairman: Legalize Illegal Aliens. A stinking lobbyist and big shot in the Republican Party. Conservative? He's pushing to reward the liars and thieves who have been bankrupting this country for decades.
McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents
Marco Rubio who turns my stomach
Lindsay Graham

The Immigration Factor: If We Do Nothing Individual Consequences. Is this what YOU want for our country?

Have YOU had enough of all of the above?

Believe me, the links above are just a minuscule number I have saved for research and to provide you with the truth.

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Please get this information out on Facebook, to family, friends and anyone else who still cares about this country. Mark your calendar for Monday and start calling your member of Congress, both house and senate. This may be our last chance to stop the destruction to our country, our families and our economy caused by the tens of millions of illegals. Make that call at lunch time, before you go to work if you live on the West coast and keep calling.

Let's melt the phone lines in Washington, DC and your congress critters district offices. Don't let up until we defeat not just Comrade Soetoro and the Democratic/Communist Party USA, but also RINOs like Marco Rubio.


1- How Obama's Deferred Action on Illegal Immigration Violates the Constitution, Rewarding liars, cheats and thieves:
2- More than 10,000 illegal aliens (not immigrants) in Georgia apply for reprieve from deportation
3- 3000 Apply Daily for New Obama Immigration Policy
4- Illegals tab $1 billion in just Oregon
5- Food Stamps for Illegal Immigrants from Mexico: Their Sacred Right
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Illegal aliens steal jobs that belong to Americans; 11.5 MILLION jobs are held by individuals who have no right to be on U.S. soil, much less jobs. You don't reward them, you deport them.