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By: Devvy
January 27, 2013

Four bills we took to the legislature. Print them out or put on a CD and get them to your state rep and senator either in person or with a cover letter. Then, your group or organization keep following up with phone calls. It's what we are doing here in Texas.

1 - Working Paper - Constitutional Sound Money Bill


Print out Dr. Edwin Vieira's nine page presentation for a bill in Montana and include it with the working paper. That document will show your state representative that other states are at least making some effort. I can tell you that the biggest problem besides ignorance on the part of state legislators is party politics. In all their stupidity, I have watched 'sound money bills' get killed by one party or the other ignoring the consequences of their actions.

Print out the South Carolina bill I included in the Working Paper. While that bill is far from being perfect, it is a start.

This model piece of legislation Dr. Vieira wrote for the states and included in his two volume work, Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution (2002), the most comprehensive study in existence of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective. Print it out for your package.

There are three other documents that need to be put on a CD and included in your package. They are too long to print out, but anyone who reads them (like your state representative) will fully understand the problem, how perilous the situation is and hopefully, move them to get a bill written and introduced.

They are:

Testimony of Edwin Vieira, Jr., with Respect to the Authorization for a Study Commission to Investigate the Need for An Alternative Currency in Virginia, February 2, 2012

An Introductory Primer on The Constitutional Authority of the States to Adopt An Alternative Currency by Edwin Vieira, Jr., 2011

Corportivism in Money and Banking Has Led America to Fascism - Address to the Annual Spring Meeting of the Committee for Monetary Research & Education, Union League Club, New York City, May 17, 2012

2 - Working Paper - Reconstituting the Constitutional Militia


What exhibits do you need to attach for this package? Because there is too much to print for the exhibits below, burn them onto a CD and attach it to the working paper you print out. If you don't know how to burn a CD, ask someone you know or call your local library. I'll bet they have someone on staff who can help you.

Arizona's SB 1083 vetoed by Gov. Brewer

True vs. False Militia and Why the Difference Matters – Part 1
True vs. False Militia and Why the Difference Matters – Part II
True vs. False Militia and Why the Difference Matters – Part III

"Homeland Security" - For What and For Whom?

The False Alternatives Behind "Homeland Security"

Are You Doing Your Constitutional Duty for "Homeland Security"? - Part I
Are You Doing Your Constitutional Duty for "Homeland Security"? - Part II
Are You Doing Your Constitutional Duty for "Homeland Security"? - Part III

3 - Working Paper - Agenda 21


Here is the bill Alabama passed in June. You might want to cut and paste into a word document and get rid of all the extra spaces to cut down on printing. Your state rep and senator will see one state has done this so it's "safe" for them to write a bill. Actually, they can use the exact language in Alabama's bill. How much easier can it get for them?

Tom DeWeese's column: Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson. Use the printer friendly at the bottom and include it in your package.

Put The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide onto a CD and include it in your package. That way your state rep and senator can't use the excuse they don't know anything about it or it's just some conspiracy theory. Ask him/her if they want to live under global government. Remind him/her that they won't be in office forever.

4 - Working Paper - Seventeenth Amendment


1- Here is a bill I wrote for the Texas State Legislature which we are now working through the system.
2- Letter from former Secretary of State in California. I tried to verify this letter by contacting the archivist out in California, but they destroy general correspondence like that one every few years. 3- However, I believe it to be authentic based on my research.

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California has put their old journal records up on the Internet; bless them. I had my web master down load all of them and put on a CD. There is no record of California voting for the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution making it one state short of legal ratification. The reason I had my web master down load the old journals is because we don't want some page popping up later that was "misplaced". You can do the same; here is the direct link. Very important evidence.

All of the documents from the National Archives are here. Ratification was a mess as I explain in the working paper. Click here to visit home page.

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I encourage you to read the entire article, Texans. The political ideology of the Democratic Party is in full lock step with the goals of the Communist International and Communist Party USA.