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By: Devvy
October 20, 2012

Ohio girl in critical condition after dad kills family, shoots her inside a Cracker Barrel restaurant. "Kevin Allen came into the restaurant in suburban Brooklyn with a shotgun and, witnesses said, "selectively" fired on his family. The shooting created panic and confusion in the restaurant, and a manager helped get people out through a rear door, a witness said." Allen murdered his wife, their 10 year-old daughter and critically wounded the other 10 year-old. Katherina Allen had told her husband two days earlier she was leaving; he was abusive. Kerri Allen died that day; it would have been her 11th birthday. Kayla Allen died a month later from complications.

David “Hooligan” Tyner is charged in the death of Brooke Phillips, who worked at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Phillips was found in a burning home in Oklahoma City on Nov. 9, 2009, along with three other people. All four were shot." Two of the women Tyner, an ex-Marine, murdered were pregnant. It was a 'disagreement' about money.

District Heights man charged in death of pregnant girlfriend. Nathan Cedric Rogers stabbed Jasmine Nichelle Moss to death along with her unborn child. The police found her body stuffed in a car trunk.

Woman frowns and laughs while being charged with stabbing two women to death in Atlantic City. Antoinette Pelzer stabbed an 80-year old woman with a 12-inch butcher knife trying to steal her purse; the 47-year old woman bled out. Pelzer needed money to buy cigarettes. From the looks of her, likely it was also to buy drugs.

Woman who 'killed four on brutal murder spree' won't face death penalty as she has no criminal history. The boyfriend, David Pedersen, also charged, are what the death penalty is for considering the heinous, wanton murder of four human beings.

Gasps of horror as jury is shown photos of woman's body after husband and his parents 'zip tied her hands, strangled her and stuffed her in a church septic tank. Summer Inman, age 25, the victim, leaves behind three small children. The mother-in-law finally cooperated with the police. She is charged with murder, kidnapping, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse. The couple were getting a divorce. Summer moved on into a new relationship, worked at a bank. The soon to be ex and his father are charged with two counts of aggravated murder, tampering with evidence, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse. They face the death penalty. There is no question of guilt. The sooner the better.

Masked gunman jumps in car and shoots five people before pushing driver out and speeding off with victims still inside. "A gunman jumped into a car and opened fire immediately killing two of five victims inside before pushing out the driver's body and taking off with his three surviving passengers still inside. Police in Camden, New Jersey say the masked man armed also with a machete jumped into the parked vehicle late Saturday night sparking a shockingly gruesome attack even for a city consistently ranked as the nation's most dangerous." Jewel Manire, 18, and Khalil Gibson, 20, were both killed at the scene.

- Gunman shoots four dead - including his boss - in Minneapolis office shooting... hours after he was laid off. "Shooter, who was later found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound, identified as 36 year-old Andrew Engeldinger." I guess he knew he would get the death penalty so he spared the families of the victims more hell and executed himself.
- 'Don't do it!': Woman's terrified screams as ex-boyfriend 'executes her and lover in hotel shooting horror'.
- College athlete star arrested for 'beating his girlfriend to death in her dorm room before trying to flee the country'. Why? They had an argument and he felt the 18 year-old was rude to him so he killed her.
- Boyfriend 'drives car into California lake, killing his girlfriend and pet dog'. That animal has been charged with murder.
- Man Stabs Grandmother 111 Times, Slits Her Belly, Removes Her Organs. A 21 year-old male murders grandma.
- Father and son shot dead in broad daylight in family photography store
- Recently-released prisoner kills 2 men, police say
- Professor, 69, 'riddled ex-wife 40 years his junior with bullets and dismembered her body' just a week after divorce. The couple appeared to happy for awhile. Then the murdered wife told friends her husband, a Stanford University graduate, "became upset after his alma mater’s football team lost a game, and things escalated from there." A football game? That is a reason for such evil?
- California Man Pleads Guilty in Grisly Death. "A Northern California mixed-martial artist accused of ripping out his friend's heart and removing his tongue while the two were on hallucinogenic drugs has pleaded guilty to murder and mayhem charges."
- New York Red Bulls soccer coach, 25, murdered in a stabbing so savage his left ear was on sidewalk
- Horrified jurors shown bloody corkscrew male model used to 'castrate 65-year-old gay lover' in sickening hotel slaying
- Chilling last texts of AT&T worker bludgeoned to death with crowbar as he fixed phone lines. - Father of four. Robbery.
- Female Iraq vet, 22, strangled to death by Air Force boyfriend who staged car crash to cover up her murder
- Two boys, 13, 'armed with HATCHET and HAMMER killed one of their great-grandmothers, 78, as they stole jewelry and loose change from her home'
- Mother's agony after boy, 19, found dead with his hands severed and dressed only in boxer shorts in Las Vegas desert
- Texas strip club owner 'hired two Mexicans to assassinate mayor and attorney who forced him to close down his Flashdancer Cabaret joint'
- Police arrest man, 39, who 'fatally shot and dismembered couple he lived with and then dumped their bodies in Detroit River'
- School teacher found dead in a pool of blood
- School bus driver, 65, beaten to death after accidentally knocking off mirror on double-parked car
- 4 Teens Kill Homeless Man For $1
- Doctor 'opens fire during homeowners' meeting in busy church, shooting dead neighbour, 73, and critically wounding another after dispute over a driveway'
- Sisters found dead two days after they vanished were 'slain by friend who had taken METH and was snubbed for sex by one of them’

Life has become very cheap in this country. In 2010, more than 14,000 murders. 2011 was down slightly to around 12,000. Thousands and thousands of human beings killed in this country every year because killing is no longer a sin, it's just another crime statistic. The only consequences are if you get caught. Empty souls bringing such grief and misery on a massive scale.

Many involve drugs, legal and illegal. Anyone following statistics knows the people of this country are literally drowning in prescription drugs to make them "feel good" like Prozac, Ritalin and other psychotropic cocktails with side effects that are so horrific, why would anyone put those dangerous pills in their body instead of facing life? Drowning in booze because they're all so happy. People have become so weak of character, so spiritually empty, so dependent upon mother government to lead them through the day, they are incapable of handling crisis's life throws at them, so they kill. Without strong role models, a mother and father and a relationship with God, the debris of lost souls out there continues to grow.

People killing innocent people because they have lost their job instead of facing it like a man. Men killing women to avoid paying child support. Jealousy, money, sex, robbery, envy, you name it, any excuse will do. Senseless rage killing. Depraved gang killings. When I was growing up, this was unheard of compared to what it is today. Americans revered life - until Roe v Wade. Suddenly, it was okay to kill a baby. More than 52 million innocent little babies. If you took the entire population of California + 14 million more it would equal the number of precious little babies slaughtered since nine men on the Supreme Court decided life was worth nothing. That the "right to privacy" trumped a beating heart. As life became worthless, look what has happened to our beloved country.

I was raised Roman Catholic. Please save the hate mail. I've had enough of it since I got my first email account to last a life time. Hateful emails telling me the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, it's a cult; you name it, I've heard it all. I think most people in this country know about the sickening rash of pedophile priests, but that does not change the church's doctrine. I've read the writings of prominent Baptist preachers who say the most vile things about Catholics, while I would never denigrate their denomination because I believe in freedom of religion.

I went to church every Sunday until I was 14 when Vatican II was birthed. For some reason at the time, I just did not want to go back to church after I studied the changes as a result of the edict from Rome. Mother and I had words. In the end, I stopped going, but I have never stopped or wavered in my faith nor do I try to shove it down anyone's throat. I feel very fortunate to have good friends who are Jewish, Baptist and Protestant. Wonderful, God fearing ordinary folks.

Let me tell you what church was like for me. There were no bands, guitar strumming, loud singing or hoopla in church. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop in those beautiful churches. One was there to thank God for His blessings and pray for forgiveness for our sins, not entertainment. Out of curiosity, I watched Joel Osteen once on the tube. I watched as he mesmerized thousands of people in that church with his honey laced empty words. All I could think of was Elmer Gantry. It certainly wouldn't be someplace I would go every Sunday to nourish my soul.

Before mass, I went to confession. I ask for God's forgiveness for my transgressions at the ripe age of pre-teen. And I was sorry I called my mom mean because God commands we respect our parents. Didn't have many other sins to confess to since lying and stealing simply wasn't something you did or face the wrath of a spanking. The Lord's name was never taken in vain.

Every Sunday the priest spoke of sin. About how a man was only a man if he loved God and took care of his family. He spoke of the Ten Commandments and that those Commandments were not requests from God, they were his orders to be followed. The priest told parishioners that you didn't kill because God said it is a sin. Life was absolutely to be protected. You do have the right to protect yourself, your family or someone else who is in clear and imminent danger of bodily harm or being killed. Self-defense is not a sin.

Priests didn't talk about flushing innocent babies down the toilet or sucking them out of the womb to be thrown into some medical waste container no matter how poor you were because back then, something so heinous was never even discussed. Every Sunday the priest made sure you understood it is a sin to lie, steal and cheat. You didn't sleep with someone else's spouse because it makes you feel good for the moment or just to get back at the old lady for some petty grievance. Marriage vows were serious.

Every Sunday the priest spoke of God's love, but that God demanded, not requested, our obedience. That there is place called Hell. That we have a soul. That parents had to do their duty by instilling in their children the difference between right and wrong. That we should always treat others as we would like them to treat us. That we should live in a state of grace because one day, God would take us from this earth to be judged. That when we leave this earth, all the money in the world, all the physical possessions one could amass mean nothing. Only your soul and God's judgment. Today, those teachings are old fashioned, "out of step with society" or scorned.

No light stuff every Sunday in the Catholic Church. No political correctness. There is sin and there is licentiousness. There is temptation and there is asking God to help you resist the temptation to rape, steal, murder, lie, cheat, steal. My parents being strict Catholics reinforced the life my four brothers, sisters and I should lead: Treat others the right way. Feel compassion for those less fortunate. Count our blessings everyday. At dinner every night we thanked God for the food on the table before anyone took a single bite. That no matter how tough things got when there was no money, there was our love of God knowing He would comfort and guide us.

Look around this country at the misery suffocating our nation. Filthy music and movies, sex used to sell even the most common house hold product delivered into your living room 24/7 on hundreds of channels. Teens giving birth to teens. Teens killing their unborn babies so they won't be - as the impostor president, Barry Soetoro, said of his daughters - he didn't want them to be burdened with a baby should they get pregnant.

For every one of the murders I cited above, there are 10,000 more every year in this country. The latest PEW numbers show:

"More than one-quarter of American adults (28%) have left the faith in which they were raised in favor of another religion - or no religion at all. If change in affiliation from one type of Protestantism to another is included, 44% of adults have either switched religious affiliation, moved from being unaffiliated with any religion to being affiliated with a particular faith, or dropped any connection to a specific religious tradition altogether.

"The survey finds that the number of people who say they are unaffiliated with any particular faith today (16.1%) is more than double the number who say they were not affiliated with any particular religion as children. Among Americans ages 18-29, one-in-four say they are not currently affiliated with any particular religion."

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel all over this country since 1990. I haven't flown commercially since Nov. 9, 2001, and only did so sparingly before that. By driving, I've seen so much in my travels. Cities and towns with more churches than retail. When I went to Shanksville, Pennsylvania to investigate Flight 93, that entire area, so beautiful - no matter how small the burg, there were lovely churches everywhere. Despite all the propaganda by the state dominated "mainstream" media, for centuries the people of this nation went to church in droves every Sunday. They thanked God for whatever they had. For good food, health, a loving family. They paid homage to God and asked Him to forgive their sins. The same thing I did every Sunday in the peace and quiet of church. Getting things right with God is a somber time. Now, people are leaving churches because they find nothing there. For decades, preachers and pastors protect their tax exempt status as they sacrifice the souls who come to them for comfort and spiritual guidance.

For too many years, now all I see is death and destruction. An increasing secular society where there is no right or wrong and killing is now an everyday thing like the sun coming up each morning. Churches across this country have become social houses, not houses of God. What I see in America is a nation of empty souls, starving for the love of God, but not knowing who God really is or the joy of knowing He loves you. For decades Jesus has been nothing more than a swear word, forgotten as the son of God. The Ten Commandments removed from the public square because it offends the debased humans who serve in all levels of government; county, city, state and federal who lie, cheat and steal for their own gain.

I believe, because too many people are spiritually empty, they continue to elect liars, thieves, sexual deviants and adulterers; a reflection of a sick society. Not the America I grew up in nor my parents or grandparents. The Roman Empire collapsed because of the moral rot of the people. We're long down the path. Moral bankruptcy and degeneracy is now the norm for tens of millions of people in this country.

I'm absolutely certain some will read this column and think how corny or how they don't like organized religion. I only know what I've seen now in my 63rd year of life on this earth. What I see is ugly, foul, obscene. What I see is a lost people with false facades to hide the emptiness in their soul trying to find love and peace in all the wrong places. Those who say there is no God, denying that He is the one who created this earth and everything and everyone on it asking for so little in return - your time will come. No one escapes this life alive. As for me, I will continue to do as I do every morning: I pray, I thank God for my family, for my health and ask God to give me the strength to fight one more day against the evil that has so many in its clutches.

People in this country don't seem to get it about evil. They think it's just something you pay to see at a movie theater. Those examples I gave above are evil in real time. Look at the monstrous aftermath of America's killing fields. Explosion of prisons, the judicial system overwhelmed, lives destroyed that will never be the same. America's moral course shattered decades ago. People don't seem to want to turn it around because they look to evil Marxists like Obama/Soetoro for hope instead of God the Father. As America has continued to embrace a secular society, look at what has become of our country.

Mark Cahill's book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, is a wonderful piece of writing about sharing the message of God and salvation. Helping others do the same - if they're not too embarrassed. That's what it really is -- men and women too self-conscious to come out and speak of their love for God. For his son.

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While some may disagree, I believe with all my heart what we're seeing in America is the hand of God punishing a nation who slap Him in the face everyday by endorsing the killing of unborn babies, supporting, advocating and encouraging the filth of sexual deviants and ignoring His commandments. An immoral, debased people who are passing the same wicked, morally bankrupt behavior on to their children by example. The wanton killing of innocent men, women and children while conducting illegal wars of aggression in the Middle East. Where we once had a nation of people who loved God and thanked Him everyday, today we have tens of millions who break every one of his commandments on a daily basis. His name is just one on the menu of swear words. We should be blessed for that?

For those who think getting on your knees asking God to heal our land is just a bunch of hocus pocus, what are the first words out of someone's mouth when disaster strikes, they're in a horrible car accident, diagnosed with cancer or find out a loved one has passed away? "Oh, God." He isn't just a convenience. Without Him, we are nothing.

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Life has become very cheap in this country. In 2010, more than 14,000 murders. 2011 was down slightly to around 12,000.