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By: Devvy
June 9, 2012

On the evening of June 4, 2012, I checked into my hotel in Sacramento, California. After doing the usual fussing around with luggage, I turned on the computer to check email. One of the first I saw was: Tommy Cryer, R.I.P.

I guess you could say I was literally struck dumb. I kept looking at the screen, but couldn't process what I was reading. I was that shocked. I finally opened the email; read it several times. Just stared at the screen. After sitting there a while, I made a phone call. Tommy did pass away in the early morning hours, Monday, June 4th. Then I sat and cried. Due to travel delays, I was unable to get to Shreveport by Thursday, June 7, 2012, for Tommy's funeral. I still can't bring myself to delete his email address from my email box. It is a small comfort to know he slipped away peacefully in his sleep.

When a loved one or dear friend has a long illness and passes away or reaches the end of a long life, you expect it. It is part of life that we all accept. Not that one doesn't grieve just as much, because we do, but when a loved one or dear friend dies suddenly without warning, you don't get to say good-bye. You wonder if you told your loved one or dear friend how much they meant to you and how you value their friendship. I spoke with Tommy less than a week before he died. Now I will never hear his voice again. But, I know Tommy knew there is one true God and I believe he is now with Our Father in heaven.

For those who didn't know Tommy, he lived a rich and vibrant life. Tommy graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor from LSU Law School in 1973 and was inducted into the Order of The Coif, the world's most prestigious honorary society for legal scholars and practitioners. He served in U.S. Army in the Adjutant General Corps, discharged honorably as a Captain.

He served as a Special Advisor and Draftsman at the Louisiana Constitutional Convention in 1973 and that he has argued cases before the Louisiana Supreme Court. Tommy made new law by winning a number of landmark cases and was inducted into the LSU Law School's Hall of Fame after only 14 years of practice. Tommy had been a trial and appellate lawyer for 36 years.

Tommy and Larry Becraft, in addition to being lawyers with full plates, did their radio show during the week and on Saturdays, bringing their decades of experience to listeners as well as analyzing court decisions and current events.

Tommy was an endless source of history whenever I saw him. Having lived in the south for most of his life, Tommy filled my ears with things I never knew. When we spoke on the phone and even in emails, Tommy told me all about his decades of experience in the madness called politics in America. There was never just a 'quick phone call' with him. Tommy was active most of his adult life in the Republican Party and I know tried to bring his knowledge of the founding of this republic and the proper role of government to the troops at the local level.

I was also blessed by that dear man in that, like Dr. Edwin Vieira and Larry Becraft, just to name two, Tommy gave me so much regarding the law. A major topic of discussion was our judicial system and corruption in the courts. Of course, Tommy would know since the federal mafia indicted him back in 2007 for failing to file tax returns. Thankfully, the jury unanimously acquitted. However, that didn't stop the criminals in the IRS in their persecution of Tommy. He has spent the past few years fighting them because even though he was acquitted, the IRS will go after you in civil court. All that stress was not good for a man who had two very serious heart attacks over the years.

Regular readers of my columns know Tommy was also representing me, my husband and 190 petitioners in our fight against the 'smart' meter out here in Texas. It has been rough going fighting the lies and deception. In late March through most of April, Tommy fought a very bad bout of pneumonia. Bless his heart, he hung in there for our case even though most of the time he was very sick. I am addressing our situation now that Tommy has left us way too soon.

Tommy had a brilliant legal mind. Like a steel trap ready to snap against his opponents. He loved the law. Tommy also loved this country and like tens of millions of us, was sickened by what we've seen go on for the past couple of decades as the rotting corpse of a once great nation struggles to stay alive. Tommy sacrificed a great deal in both time and money with his Truth Attack project that most people don't know. He had several things going at the time of his passing regarding Truth Attack. Tommy also left this nation with a great gift, his Memorandum, which I will address in my next column. There is much work to be done.

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But, more than anything, Tommy Cryer was genuinely a wonderful human being. He represented individuals without charge when he could, simply because he hated injustice. He hated thugs who work for the General Government's alphabet soup agencies who have no regard for the U.S. Constitution, only their paychecks and power.

Tommy Cryer was a kind soul. So easy going and oh, my, was he ever funny. While sitting at lunch this past February in Austin (we filed our first petition with the Texas PUC), even discussing his latest rounds with the IRS, Tommy would throw in some zingers. The food severs must have thought we were nuts with all the laughing.

And so, we will miss Tommy, but we will not forget him and all his hard work in bringing the truth to light. Tommy is survived by his dear wife, Dee Dee and one brother.

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

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But, more than anything, Tommy Cryer was genuinely a wonderful human being. He represented individuals without charge when he could, simply because he hated injustice.