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By: Devvy
April 13, 2012

“Is there anything more shameful than the man who lacks the courage to be a coward?” Peter Blaunder

On April 10, 2012, another Obama/Soetoro ballot access hearing took place in New Jersey. Objectors were represented by superior legal counsel, Mario Apuzzo. Barry Soetoro's attorney' argument can only be described as delusional:

"Obama’s attorney made a motion to dismiss the Objection in its entirety. She argued that it was not relevant to being placed on the ballot whether Mr. Obama is a “natural born Citizen,” where he was born, and whether he was born to U.S. citizen parents. She said that no law in New Jersey obligated him to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot."

What Ms. Hill is saying is that anyone can be a presidential candidate on their state ballot. Doesn't matter where the individual was born or whether he was even born to U.S. citizen parents. The hell with the U.S. Constitution and why the framers grand fathered in the clause about 'natural born citizen'.

The implications behind such lunacy, never mind stomping on the U.S. Constitution, are horrendous. But, of course, the useful fools who serve their master don't give a damn. They care only for their paychecks and protecting the empty suit camped out in our White House.

Mario argued the meat of ballot qualification regarding candidates for U.S. president:

"We argued that Mr. Obama under the Constitution has to be a “natural born Citizen.” We argued that under New Jersey law (the state constitution, statutes, and case law), Mr. Obama must show that he is qualified for the office he wishes to occupy and that includes showing that he is a “natural born Citizen,” which includes presenting evidence of who he is, where he was born, and that he was born to two U.S. citizen parents. We argued that the Secretary of State has a constitutional obligation not to place any ineligible candidates on the election ballot. Judge Masin denied Obama’s motion to dismiss and the case proceeded to trial."

The "trial" was another farce:

"After calling to the witness stand Mr. Moran and Mr. Purpura, who gave testimony as to why they brought the ballot challenge, and introducing documents showing there is a question as to Mr. Obama’s identity, I called Brian Wilcox to testify as an internet image expert. Mr. Wilcox was going to testify on how the Obama April 27, 2011, long-form birth certificate has been altered and manipulated either by computer software or by a human or both, producing a forged documents, and that since the image is not reliable, we need to see the original paper version. Obama’s lawyer objected to my proffered testimony. I then offered that I would not need to have Mr. Wilcox testify, provided that Obama stipulated that the internet image of his birth certificate could not be used as evidence by either Judge Masin or the New Jersey Secretary of States and that he presented to the court or the Secretary of State no other evidence of his identity or place of birth.

"Judge Masin also asked Obama’s attorney whether she would so stipulate. She did so stipulate, agreeing that both the court and the Secretary of State cannot rely on the internet birth certificate as evidence of Obama’s place of birth and that Obama has produced no other evidence to the court regarding his place of birth. She also argued that Obama has no legal obligation to produce any such evidence to get on the primary ballot. Judge Masin then took the issue under advisement. Having produced absolutely no evidence of his eligibility for the Office of President, Judge Masin will decide whether as a matter of law Obama has a legal duty to produce such evidence before he may be placed on the New Jersey ballot in light of the pending objection filed against him. If he decides that he does, then the Objection will be successful. If he decides that Obama has no such legal obligation, the Objection would fail on the first issue.

"The second issue that Judge Masin addressed was whether the definition of an Article II “natural born Citizen” includes the requirement that the child be born to two U.S. citizen parents. Judge Masin relied heavily upon the fact that no court in the nation has yet ruled that Mr. Obama had to have two U.S. citizen parents at the time of his birth. I explained that most cases regarding Mr. Obama have been ruled in his favor on procedural grounds rather than on the merits of the definition of a “natural born Citizen.” He relied heavily upon U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (1898) and its use of the English common law to define U.S. citizenship. We also discussed the Indiana Ankeny decision and the Georgia ballot access cases. I explained how Wong did not hold that Wong was a “natural born Citizen,” but only a “citizen of the United States” under the Fourteenth Amendment which does not define an Article II “natural born Citizen.” I explained that Wong distinguished between a “citizen” and a “natural born Citizen,” explaining how Justice Gray used Horace Binney’s distinction between both classes of citizens. I argued that it is error to rely upon Wong as though it held Wong to be a “natural born Citizen.”

Both the judge and Barry's attorney agreed the Internet birth certificate released by the impostor in the White House cannot be used as evidence to prove his place of birth. A huge admission that made absolutely no difference to the gutless coward wearing a black robe.

Several hours after the fake trial, Deputy Director and Administrative Law Judge, Jeff S. Masin, emailed Mario to inform him he believes the malignant narcissist in the White House was born in Hawaii and is therefore eligible, ignoring completely the 'natural born citizen' requirement.

Soetoro's attorney made a very important admission:

"Then Masin turned to Hill and asked her directly:

"Is it your legal position that the document on the Internet is irrelevant to this case?

"Hill replied, "Yes." Masin then asked:

"And indeed you concede that Mr. Obama has not produced an alleged birth certificate to the Secretary of State.

"Hill at first said, "It has been released nationally," but then admitted that she did not know personally that Obama had given any such document to the Secretary of State, nor did she intend giving such a document to the court today. But she also argued, after Judge Masin asked her repeatedly, that Obama need not produce any evidence at all.

"Apuzzo told CNAV during a recess in the hearing that this was the most stunning thing that any lawyer for Obama had ever admitted, in an Obama eligibility case or in any other case. When the hearing finally adjourned at 12:30 p.m., Apuzzo was confident of prevailing on this point.

"He observed that Hill, after objecting to everything that Apuzzo tried to introduce into evidence, offered no evidence on her own behalf and even admitted that the infamous PDF document was legally worthless."

Without a single piece of verifiable evidence and completely ignoring the U.S. Constitution as to eligibility requirements for a presidential candidate, Judge Masin checked his manhood at the door and will forever be a coward.

The same thing happened recently with the hearings in Georgia recently:

"It's official: the corruption goes all the way to the top of the Georgia judicial branch. This week the Georgia Supreme Court denied our motion for an emergency injunction to delay the certification of the Georgia Democratic Presidential primary election results. Yesterday the Georgia Secretary of State certified Obama as the winner of that election.

"There's an old saying in law: reasonable minds can differ on almost any argument. Our motion for injunction was an exception to the rule. No reasonable, unbiased person would have denied this motion. We were asking for something that wouldn't have harmed the defendant in any way. Delaying certification of the primary election results for a few weeks would not have changed the outcome of the election and would not have cost a dime. When granting an injunction will harm no one, and denying the motion will arguably destroy the Constitution, what possible reason could be given for denying the motion? Apparently the answer for the Georgia Supreme Court is: None.


"The order denying our motion was one sentence: "Upon consideration of Applicant's ‘Emergency Motion for Preliminary Injunction,’ the motion is hereby DENIED."

"You can see the order on our web site. Such one-sentence orders are not unheard of. However, in this case issuing a one-sentence denial reflects an unbelievable level of disregard for the importance of this motion. Add to that the fact that a denial is completely unsupportable considering the relief requested, and you can see why this ruling is so appalling. Essentially the Georgia Supreme Court said: We deny your request for relief that would have harmed no one, and we have so much contempt for your request that we're not going to bother explaining our shocking ruling.

"The Court also waited to rule until an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was impossible. Liberty Legal Foundation filed our emergency motion seven days before the Georgia Court ruled. As you can see from our filings on our web site we gave the Georgia Court all the information it needed, including the lack of harm that would result from granting our motion. Both LLF and Georgia Representative Mark Hatfield pointed out to the Court the date on which the Secretary of State planned to certify the election. Yet the Court sat on our filings for seven days, then ruled on the day certification had been planned.

"If we had been given one or two days we could have filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Supreme Court. Currently the Justice assigned to review such motions from Georgia is the most Constitutional originalist, Justice Clarence Thomas. I'm sure that the Georgia Supreme Court is aware that Justice Thomas would have been our next step, had we had time to file another motion. The Georgia Court ensured that such review was not possible by waiting until the last day to rule before our motion became moot. It is possible that this timing was nothing more than a busy court not being able to rule faster, but after what we have seen in Georgia, do you believe that? Even if that is true, what does it say about this Court's level of respect for the importance of this case? The Court didn't even bother to spell our client's name correctly!"

In my lifetime I have never seen such cowardice by public servants, elected or appointed, including the Outlaw Congress.

Never. Not in any of the worst political scandals in my lifetime.

All to protect someone who, through fraud, lying and cheating, has usurped the highest office in our land. The actions of Judge Masin, Judge Malihi and the entire Georgia Judiciary shame all the blood spilled on the battlefield to birth this republic. If Patrick Henry were alive today, he would spit in their face and call them out for being the yellow bellied cowards they are.

We know why. To deny Soetoro a place on any ballot in the 50 states is an admission he was not eligible in 2008 and he's not eligible in 2012. Such an admission would create a constitutional crisis never seen before in our land. Every bill the usurper has signed into "law" is null and void as is every treaty and action Soetoro has taken masquerading as our legitimate president.

There are many critical major issues we are fighting: Agenda 21, Monsanto poisoning us, massive spending an unpayable debt; an endless list to be sure.

However, when enough people lose faith in our court system, anarchy is sure to follow.

If judges refuse to uphold laws passed by their state legislatures, and federal judges continue to ignore the U.S. Constitution, why should anyone obey any laws?

Judicial cowardice must become a major issue in this country. Depending on the level of judge, many can be removed by recall. Removal from the bench varies by state. Usually state supreme court justices are appointed by governors. In November 2010, determined citizens in Iowa threw three of their Supreme Court Justices off the bench for their decision to allow a legal fiction called 'same sex marriage'. There was a lot of sniveling, but the only thing that counts is the will of the people and the determined people in Iowa had their way.

It can happen in every state, it just takes boots on the ground. In New Jersey, here is the law:

New Jersey Statutes 52:14F-4 - Administrative law judges; appointment, terms; compensation; recall
New Jersey Statutes- Title 52- Chapter 14F - § 52:14F-4 - Administrative law judges; appointment, terms; compensation; recall

4. Permanent administrative law judges shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate to initial terms of one year. During this initial term, each judge shall be subject to a program of evaluation as delineated in section 5 of P.L.1978, c.67 (C.52:14F-5). First reappointment of a judge after this initial term shall be by the Governor for a term of four years and until the appointment and qualification of the judge's successor.

That makes it more difficult, but if large groups like 9/12 or tea party chapters got together and hounded their governor to remove Masin, they can succeed. While Gov. Chris Christie has been made some sort of 'conservative' hero by dullard's like Sean Hannity, beware of the wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. But, if you want something bad enough, like the good people in Iowa, you go after it.

Make Judge Masin a household name for being a coward by getting on talk radio, writing letters to the editor. Make that judge (or a judge in your state that needs to be removed from the bench) such a pariah in the public's eye, they resign. It can be done. I know it was done in California. Citizens attempted to recall a state senator. They didn't succeed with signatures, but his reputation was so justifiably ruined, he never ran for office again.

If I lived in New Jersey I would get my volunteers together, get my permit and stand outside the building where Masin hears cases (Office of Administrative Law, 9 Quakerbridge Plaza, Mercerville, New Jersey 08619) with a huge banner which reads: 'Judge Masin is a coward who does not believe in the law'. Have a one page flyer to hand out which gives an overview of the trial and explain his gutless decision. Make your flyer about the law, not politics: Regardless of your political affiliation, or even if you have none, no one is above the law, not even Obama/Soetoro. And, stay with it until you succeed. Hound Masin right out of a job he doesn't deserve to keep.

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My volunteers and I did it for nine months outside the "Federal" Reserve building in Denver, CO., in 1993. In freezing cold temperatures to blistering sun, holding our huge banner to abolish the "Fed" - 80 years is enough! People flocked to us for a copy of my Why A Bankrupt America booklet, which I gave out for free. Even local police on their horses wanted know why we were there and took a copy of my booklet. People hopped off the bus, grabbed my booklet and hopped back on. We educated thousands. Not ten or twenty people, but thousands.

Every time some judge renders yet another decision to completely ignore the crimes of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, it is another step towards a totalitarian system that will crush us. We must stop the stench. That will only happen by unifying and acting no matter the sacrifice.

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

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Without a single piece of verifiable evidence and completely ignoring the U.S. Constitution as to eligibility requirements for a presidential candidate, Judge Masin checked his manhood at the door and will forever be a coward.