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By: Devvy
August 16, 2011

Each time I do a column against the actions of military brass (or criticize the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan), my email box loads up with cranky comments like "you're a commie pinko" or "people like you who hate the military....". My husband is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who served 27 years of honorable service including a tour in Viet Nam. He was also stationed at the Pentagon. There, that takes care of that.

Those who depend on the old, useless media like ABC, CBS, NBC and wholly biased "news" networks like MSNBC and CNN, likely know nothing about the railroading of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.[1]

FOX anchors did nothing to help get the truth out about Lakin because it was "all about the birther nonsense". It's easy for many to betray when you're paycheck is in the double digit millions per year. In 2008, Hannity signed a new contract with the king of pornography, Rupert Murdoch, for $20 million a year. Glenn Beck's contract with FOX was $50 million for five years. The constantly fact challenged, Bill O'Reilly, signed a new contract with FOX in 2008 for $12 million a year. All three of them have mocked the issue of what natural born citizen means regarding the legitimacy of the putative president's eligibility.

Every single officer up the chain of command should hang their head in shame for being part of the lynching of such an honorable man because that's the equivalent of what happened to Lakin. I interviewed him a few months ago on radio while hosting for a friend. It was difficult because he was kicked under the bus by his own to protect one of the worst liars and frauds ever foisted upon this country: Barry Dunham aka Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Obama aka Barack Dunham.

The colonels and generals above him care only for their next promotion or how many stars they can retire with because it means big bucks. Every one of them had to realize at some point in Lakin's case there was a real problem with their commander in chief regarding his legitimacy as president. Instead of standing for the truth and nothing but the truth, they threw Lt. Col. Lakin aside like garbage.

The female judge, Col. Denise Lind, committed one of the most cowardly acts imaginable by denying Lakin discovery - Obama/Soetoro's records - because it "might cause him (Obama) embarrassment". In other words, she denied Lakin any kind of defense and tied the hands of his defense attorneys.

Judge Lind shamed her uniform and allowed an honorable, decent man to be court martialed and railroaded into Leavenworth prison. She sat on her perfumed backside and sacrificed the career and freedom of Lakin to protect one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against the American people out of pure cowardice and concern for her next promotion.

Almost eight months after Lakin's court martial, the usurper in the White House finally released his "real" long form birth certificate, an obvious and bad forgery.[2]

Obama/Soetoro sacrificed a highly decorated officer, a father and husband to continue covering up one of the greatest frauds in the history of this country perpetrated by him.

There is another solider, another young man who is a casualty of military politics for a political agenda, because make no mistake about it: the illegal invasions and continuing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with fighting Al Qaeda, the Taliban or any other tribal spats. It's about oil, geo-political games and building a one world order. Lt. Michael Behenna sits in prison rotting to cover a mountain of lies and corruption.

"On March 20th, 2009, Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Ali Mansur, a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq." That's where the story begins with the stench of corruption and cowardice by military officers up the line and military prosecutors.

I interviewed Michael's mother on radio in 2010. Vicki Behenna is a Assistant U.S. Attorney with a lot of years in the legal arena. His father is a retired Special Agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Mrs. & Mrs. Behenna know the law and they know their son was railroaded for political reasons. One can only imagine their agony as their young son sits in a federal prison.


Doing research for the radio show about Michael's case, the one thing that built a major head of steam was the fact the prosecution's own star witness, Dr. Herbert MacDonnell, told the prosecution that Michael's version of events was the truth. Those gutless cowards then denied knowing any such thing from Dr. MacDonnell. Remember: this is a court martial made up of military officers. SHAME on you Captain Erwin Roberts (prosecutor). You have soiled your uniform just as surely as a baby does his diaper. I'm sure you will be rewarded with a promotion for your betrayal of one of your own. Actually, Lt. Behenna isn't "one of your own". He is good and decent and honorable. You are not.

Earlier this month, a Army Court of Appeals denied Michael Behenna a new trial and upheld his bogus and politically driven conviction.[3]

After the sickening decision by the Army Court of Appeals, Michael's mother wrote:

"From our experience in the civilian appellate process we felt confident that a review of what had occurred during the trial would uncover the egregious errors committed by the Prosecution and the Trial Judge, including the Brady law violation involving non-disclosure of the PROSECUTION expert witness’s opinion that the forensic evidence supported Michael’s testimony of self-defense as the ‘only logical explanation’ of what occurred in that Iraqi culvert.

"However, the twisted logic of the Appeals Court not only agreed with the trial judge, but even introduced language in their ruling that was never even part of the original trial. The substance of this appellate opinion was void of any indication that the facts and issues were really evaluated to a logical legal conclusion. The following quotes used in the appellate opinion are indicative of what the appellate court used as a basis for their decision and should strike fear in every soldier and Marine serving in a combat zone."

Mrs. Behenna writes the absolute truth. Every soldier since WWII has been expendable for politics. How contemptible when military brass eat their own and betray the very ideals of honor, integrity and all the good this nation was built upon with rivers of blood. Those two cases validate that loud and clear. How shameful for our republic and all done with our tax dollars.

When I got the news Michael was denied a new trial, I wanted to scream. Then the old anger surfaced over the putrid and never ending "wars" and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan - all for political games. Shame on the American people for not demanding the Outlaw Congress bring our troops home from the Middle East.

Stop the sickening destruction of those countries all in the name of the "war on terror" or "wars of liberation" or whatever flavor of the week is paraded in front of your nose by dullard's like Sean Hannity. I continue to hammer on my congress critter to bring our troops home now. Not a year from now or five or ten more years. We have NO moral or legal reason to remain in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

Instead, the vast majority of the American people, by their silence and the 'out of sight, out of mind' continue along every day without a thought to cases like Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Lt. Michael Behenna. Without the obligation of being shipped to those invasions (not wars), both of those honorable men would not have been persecuted. Yes, I know it's an all voluntary military, but do not flush men like Lakin and Behenna down the toilet because they volunteered for military service. Wrong is wrong whether they volunteered for military service or had a draft been in effect and they were forced into deployment like Viet Nam.

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I tell you, I just want to cry writing this column. After I interviewed Mrs. Behenna, I sent Michael a short letter and a small donation to his defense fund.

What can you do to help that fine young man get out of prison? Please, please write a letter to the Clemency Board. His sentence has been reduced once already. With enough letters from all of us, God willing, Michael can be released at least a decade or more earlier. I have written mine and it's in the mail. Here is a sample of a letter you can use with the Clemency Board's address.

While we are all busy with our lives and fighting one fire after another, one young man (he's 28) needs our help. A letter and a stamp. It can make the difference.


1. Terry Lakin is Obama's Willie Horton
2. I Created Obama's Certification of Birth
3. Army Court of Appeals decision


Bush, Rumsfeld and other traitors lied to we the people.
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The colonels and generals above him care only for their next promotion or how many stars they can retire with because it means big bucks.