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By: Devvy
February 23, 2010
� 2010 -

By now, most of the country is aware of the suicide plane crash on February 18, 2010, in Austin, Texas. As it so happened, I was on the road to Tyler, Texas that morning to see Dr. Edwin Vieira speak the next day. Upon my return, I sent out an email with my opinion because I could not believe how many emails were there praising Joe Stack. He was a real patriot hero! In my quick note, I said:

Old Joe also killed an innocent person in that building. Allegedly, that fatality was an IRS employee. Hooray. Old Joe did the "mission accomplished" his way, but it won't change one single IRS regulation.

He also badly injured 13 people - two are in critical condition because of massive burns. You know, from the fuel burning their flesh to a crisp. People who suffer those kinds of massive burns experience pain that is almost impossible to describe; then sometimes years of surgery.

Although it's reported that none of those people work for the IRS, I'm not 100% certain at this time. But, those injured don't make IRS laws or regulations. That is the domain of Congress. Pukin' senators like Charles Grassley. Hell, many of the injured might even feel the same way as old Joe: Plucked clean in taxes.

Joe burned his house to the ground leaving his wife and 12 year old daughter homeless and to fend for themselves.

Think his wife will be able to get their insurance company to pay off? Fat chance.

While Joe is sorting things out with God, he left his family with a horrible situation.

His legacy to his daughter is that he killed an innocent person, injured 13 other people; two in critical condition. Gee, that was my dad! You saw him on the news, perhaps you even saw the funeral of the person he killed or the two people who had their flesh burned so badly!

We're all frustrated and angry. ALL of us want the IRS abolished and a return to constitutional revenues for a limited form of republican government.

Killing innocent people is not the answer, but I suppose Joe simply couldn't take it anymore and instead of quietly taking some sleeping pills and posting his manifesto, better to kill innocent people along the way and leave his family to take the heat and shame.

Some on Facebook are heralding Stack as a hero:

"And some people on Facebook couldn't agree more. "Finally an American man took a stand against our tyrannical government that no longer follows the Constitution," wrote Emily Walters of Louisville, Ky."

Yes. As expected the lame stream media and cable are painting Stack as a domestic terrorist and a "troubled individual." That is to be expected and Joe gave them a juicy hunk to promote and attack all of us working so hard to get the solutions implemented. Those statements on Facebook give gas bags like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews even more fodder.

But, I ask you: Do you declare war on those who have no role in policy or law making?

Is this not what those suicide bombers in the Middle East do? Blow up dozens of people at a restaurant or people just riding a bus, to make their statement?

Tourists at an outdoor restaurant or even locals stopping for some coffee and conversation. Riding the bus to church or work and they get blown to bits or burnt to a crisp and live, because some group wants to make a statement.

We condemn that, but because it's an American who hated the IRS, Stack is a hero?

We can see the police state tightening the noose. Stack gives the evil doers in DC more "justification" for more draconian laws and attacks on our freedom.

I despise the IRS, but I would never destroy innocent people like that just to make a statement. I read Stack's last words (manifesto) and he is right on so many counts. Too bad he couldn't hold it together and get involved -- we are gathering strength in numbers.

But, think of the impact on all 13 injured plus their families.

Did they make a single IRS regulation or law?

Did any of them sit on a single committee in Congress and write IRS regulations?

Mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, maybe even a grandpa -- just another day at work and then their lives changed in a ball of fire.

What if it was you in that building or your husband, wife, son, daughter?

You, your wife, husband, son, daughter don't work for the IRS, they just have an office in a building that employs IRS workers, but your lives are expendable because of a frustrated, angry man? Tens of millions of us are, believe me.

Is it okay with you to be a victim of the next Joe down the road?

Is it okay with you for the next Joe to kill your son, daughter, husband, wife or grand daughter working in a building that happens to have offices for a govmint agency he hates?

Will people call the next Joe a hero when it's their loved one who has NO role in making laws or regulations?

Aw, tough luck. Wrong place, wrong time.

The solution is right there, but not enough pressure has been put on the state legislatures to pass honest money bills and revitalize the constitutional militia. The power of the purse and the power of the sword.

THAT is the answer. Not flying a plane into a building and playing God with people's lives.

You might feel differently. I don't know. I just know no one is a winner in this tragedy.


My opinion was posted on the net which immediately brought hate mail into my email box. Some of filled with nothing but the F word and what I coward I am for not supporting Joe Stack. Stack struck back and "killed the IRS!"


Joe Stack didn't kill the IRS or one single IRS regulation in the tax code. He murdered a 68-year old man named Vernon Hunter, a Vietnam veteran who served two tours over there. Yes, Hunter worked for the IRS.[1] To my knowledge, he never wrote any section of the IRC. Yes, like Joe Banister, Sherry Jackson and John Turner, who all quit the IRS, Hunter enforced the regulations.

Someone sent email saying Stack's family should be proud of him instead of ashamed. Sheryl Stack gave a written apology to all the families of the victims of her husband's "patriotic act of defiance." Well, she didn't call it patriotic, but so many emails I received have. As I said above, Mrs. Stack and her daughter are left with nothing but her husband's mess.

Stack aimed HIS plane (not a rental) at the lower floors of that building which housed about 190 IRS workers. As I said above, he injured 13 people; two badly burned. Do we know if any of those 13 people were real patriots out there fighting to cure the cancer and jettison every single member of Congress because THEY are the ones who are responsible for the IRS remaining an agency?

I wonder why there was no cry of "Hoorah! back in June, 2003, when a sausage factory owner in Northern California shot and killed two USDA meat inspectors and one from the State of California? That business owner had been harassed to the point where one day, he simply snapped and killed them all.[2] Lots of employees lost their jobs. That 79 year old business closed down. Stewart Alexander was tried for the murder of three and attempted murder of another inspector he chased down. He now sits on death row.

Where were the cries of hero back then? Because it was just USDA employees and one state employee and not the IRS? I can tell you the USDA has destroyed countless farmers and businesses with their endless regulations and fines. The UDSA has been making life miserable for our ranchers and farmers for years with their attempts to create a costly and unnecessary nonsense called a National Animal Identification System.

How about the Federal Death Administration (FDA)? There is a cabal of nothing but outlaws running amok with the blessing of Congress who are directly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and destroying the lives and livelihoods of good doctors who want people to treat their bodies with natural supplements.

Would everyone cheer on victims of those agencies if some Joe Stack decided to gun down a few?

Larken Rose, a victim of the IRS who sadly served time, wrote this: "Now comes the controversial, uncomfortable part. Several people have already asked me whether I approve of what Mr. Stack did. Any good, unthinking obedient serf would immediately blurt out, "Of course not!" In short, though I am saddened that the world had to lose Mr. Stack in the process, and though there are alternatives I would have much preferred, yes, generally I have to praise him for what he did. I'm not about to emulate him, nor would I suggest that anyone else do so, but he had the courage to do something about the injustice he saw, and that puts him ahead of 99.99% of the population."

I ask Larken Rose this: If my daughter had been in that building visiting some office and she was killed, a victim of Joe Stack's rage, would you still be praising him for what he did?

Tell me, LarkenRose: Would my daughter or any of the other innocent victims who worked in a building that housed IRS employees (something all the victims had no control over) be acceptable "collateral damage" in your eyes because Joe Stack had the "courage" to do something about the injustice he saw?

I must assume those who think Joe Stack is a hero won't mind being a victim of the next Joe Stack because he/she kills IRS employees or USDA employees. I must assume those who think Joe Stack is a hero won't mind if their wife, son, daughter, husband or grandpa just happens to be collateral damage the next time a Joe Stack decides to kill employees of the SSA (Social Security Administration) because he/she had a grudge against them. Hey, too bad. Wrong time, wrong place. Joe Smokestack couldn't get his extra SS benefits. So what if those employees at some local SS office didn't make the rules under Title 42, they enforce them. Don't blame Congress, blame the lackey. Yes, I know the history of the Berlin wall and "they were just doing their job."

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Now, I ask: What if a Joe Stack had killed Joseph Banister, a friend of mine? For those who don't know Joe, he was an IRS Agent. Specifically, a CID agent (Criminal Investigator). He enforced IRS laws and he wore a gun to enforce those regs. Joe was in a secure job making $80,000 a year with unlimited potential. Until one day when he heard me on the radio talking about the income tax. What I said bothered Joe and he decided to prove me wrong. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 2,

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Joe Stack didn't kill the IRS or one single IRS regulation in the tax code. He murdered a 68-year old man named Vernon Hunter, a Vietnam veteran who served two tours over there.