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By: Devvy
February 15, 2010
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"He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or to be clothed in skins, and to live like wild beasts in dens and caverns. I am not one of these; experience has taught me that manufactures are now as necessary to our independence as to our comfort; and if those who quote me as of a different opinion, will keep pace with me in purchasing nothing foreign where an equivalent of domestic fabric can be obtained, without regard to difference of price, it will not be our fault if we do not soon have a supply at home equal to our demand, and wrest that weapon of distress from the hand which has wielded it." The Letters of Thomas Jefferson: 1743-1826. To Benjamin Austin Monticello, January 9, 1816

I was in Denver recently. As I refuse to fly commercial, I drive. From Big Spring, Texas, where I live, to Denver and back, the number one subject of discussion is jobs. People are very afraid; you can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice as they say, "I thought we were in a recovery."

It is not the job of the federal government to create jobs, yet the thieves in the Outlaw Congress right now are bickering over another con job called a "jobs bill". This is just more of the same: increasing the debt, weaning more Americans into government jobs and possibly another extension of unemployment benefits:

"Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) worked for weeks with Reid's blessing and frequent involvement to craft an $85 billion jobs bill, a measure that seemed destined to break the partisan logjam that has ground the Senate to a halt.

"[Reid's] trying to keep it simple," Harkin said emerging from the meeting, "but what I think ought to be in the package is unemployment insurance for one year."

The Marxist usurper in the White House just (without any legal authority) signed another law raising the public debt limit from $12.4 TRILLION "dollars" to $14.3 TRILLION "dollars".

Heck, what's another $85 BILLION tacked on for you, me, our children and grand children to labor like oxen under the yoke to do nothing more than pay the interest on that debt for our entire lifetimes? The people's purse is overdrawn, well, go look at the debt clock; it runs faster than I can type. But, the Outlaw Congress wants to spend another $85 BILLION "dollars" that will have to be borrowed? Create jobs out of borrowed debt? Does anyone see the insanity of this? Remember: you are going to work today to help pay $800 MILLION dollars a week just on the interest to commie China for "our" debt.

It is impossible to pay off this Congressionally created debt, signed off by every president for the past 100 years:

"A lot of people are very upset about the rapidly increasing U.S. national debt these days and they are demanding a solution. What they don't realize is that there simply is not a solution under the current U.S. financial system. It is now mathematically impossible for the U.S. government to pay off the U.S. national debt. You see, the truth is that the U.S. government now owes more dollars than actually exist. If the U.S. government went out today and took every single penny from every single American bank, business and taxpayer, they still would not be able to pay off the national debt. And if they did that, obviously American society would stop functioning because nobody would have any money to buy or sell anything.

"And the U.S. government would still be massively in debt."

Unemployment checks are replacing paychecks. This has done nothing to restore our most important and good paying job sectors. This has done nothing and will do nothing towards putting Americans back to work. More Band Aids to cover the massive bleeding. Employers will not hire unless there is an increase in their business and 17 MILLION unemployed Americans are only buying diapers, food, gas and other essentials. Too many are living in tents or their cars. Then, there are consumers like me who will NOT buy Made in commie China or India. I go without if I can't find what I want, so retailers are not getting our money. Employers also cannot hire when being hit by massive unemployment taxes.


Folks have been sending me their candidate of choice for Congress in the coming November elections. The only problem is -- why are none of the candidates (that I've seen so far) addressing real solutions instead of just more pap and warmed over political rhetoric? John Dennis is running against Marxist Nancy Pelosi. He is a great constitutional candidate, except I don't see him stepping forward with the taking the first step in bringing home MILLIONS of good paying jobs: "As a country we should welcome trade with all countries, resolve our outstanding disputes with countries considered unfriendly and have diplomatic relations with all."

Well said, but, like so many of the other candidates for Congress, where is your pledge to introduce and fight to get passed, bills that will get America out of three unconstitutional treaties: NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT?

Full page ad, NY Times, April 15, 1994:1944. Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank. 1945. San Francisco: The United Nations. 1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization. History knows where its going. The final act of the Uruguay the WTO, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the UN and the IMF." Henry Kissinger, a tried and true traitor and Soviet agent recently said when asked the most important role Marxist Obama can play regarding the middle East: "Obama can give a new impetus to American foreign policy....his task is to step forward to create a new world."

People like me fought tooth and nail against all of those treaties. Job killers. The destruction of our most important job sectors, agriculture, manufacturing and industrial have been destroyed by those treaties. The Republicans had 12 years to get us out of those treaties and out of the communist controlled UN. Instead, they did NOTHING while this nation hemorrhaged jobs by the millions.

Voters, tired, hungry and jobless or having lost their good factory job now working for minimum wage, continue to vote back into the office the same turncoats who voted for these job killing treaties: John Boehner, Dana Rohrabacher, Newt globalist Gingrich, Tom Delay, Dennis Hastert, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and so many more; the list is here. On the senate side: Grassley sold us out as well as McCain, Lott, Shelby, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and more; the list is here. Some of the crooks are gone (Hastert, Gingrich, Lott), but I can tell you that the aforementioned (with possibly the exception of Pelosi and Hutchinson who is running for Governor in Texas) will all be rewarded with reelection for their treachery in handing over our jobs to communist countries. Pro-communism is anti-American.

The Pelosi/Reid team has had control of Congress since January 2007. They have done NOTHING to get us out of those destructive trade treaties. Instead, they continue to spend more debt, not money, and creating more government jobs from borrowed, worthless paper that produce nothing but higher taxes to pay for those jobs. What they have done is simply light a bigger bonfire for what's coming very soon and it can't be stopped. The same policies pursued by FDR are being replayed today and the results will be the same - financial Armageddon - just on a grander scale. As Bob Chapman so correctly states in his recent International Forecaster:

Revising The Economic Problems Wont Make Them Go Away. "The inflationary depression still dominates and probably will continue to do so. In time the stimulus will fail to work and the world will slip into total insolvency and deflationary depression. The old M3 is about 3%, but we still have $23.7 trillion floating around. Not only is the US bankrupt, but also so is the rest of the world. It is now only a question of when the dominos will fall.

It looks like the first wave in the collapse of the bear market rally is underway. Bonds will follow with higher interest rates and eventually commodities will be hit. Only gold and silver will survive, as the bankers and Wall Street complete their destruction of the world economy." For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 2,

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It looks like the first wave in the collapse of the bear market rally is underway. Bonds will follow with higher interest rates and eventually commodities will be hit. Only gold and silver will survive...