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By: Devvy
January 16, 2010
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While a bit unusual, this column is going to be audio. Events are happening at hyper speed and I want to talk to you as we go through these items one by one so we can all see the bigger picture.

The Internet has literally been melting down the past week over the second, dangerous Executive Order issued by Marxist Barack Obama. Below are links to the documents I wish to bring to your attention. Not only are these Executive Orders an in your face blueprint for tyranny, the timing is what should concern everyone.

You can click on the audio here to listen.

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Please feel free to click on the links below as I cover them or just listen if you prefer and visit the links afterwards.

North Made Plans to Call Martial Law.

'Our civilian-military face-off' (Sacramento Bee, November 30, 1997).

A Primer on Martial Law by Dr. Edwin Vieira
August 31, 2009

H.R. 2655 - The Separation of Powers Restoration Act

Executive Order --- Amending Executive Order 12425 - click here to read

Whitehead's excellent analysis can be read here.

Executive Order Comrade Obama signed January 11, 2010

Establishment of the Council of Governors

Battle Plan for the 50 States - Sept. 22, 2008

John Warner National Defense Authorization Act: Section 1076

Use of the Armed Forces in major public emergencies

Law and Freedom - William J. Olson writings

Executive Orders and National Emergencies:
How Presidents Have Come to "Run the Country" by Usurping Legislative Power

Full Text of Policy Analysis No. 358 (PDF, 29 pgs, 162 Kb)

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. on the Failure of the Public Sector, the Coming Military Crackdown and What Can Be Done to Stop It

Audio - Constitutional Militias

Tea Parties Need Teeth

I'll leave you with a few more items. One is this pdf file. This ad was run the same time I was collecting petition signatures to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve and IRS; 1993. On September 29, 1993, a grass roots effort under my project delivered one million seven hundred sixty-three thousand signatures plus another 24,000 collected that day at the nation's capitol in Washington, DC.

Congress didn't listen then and they aren't listening now. Business as usual while they are plunder the people's purse as Americans stand in unemployment lines. Those outlaws are rubbing their corruption in our faces.

William Norman Grigg, one of my favorite writers, continues to write hard hitting columns on the growing paramilitarization of law enforcement. Look this picture:

"Either fight it now, or get used to this kind of thing: Pennsylvania State Troopers -- one with a drawn assault rifle, his trigger-finger ready -- bracket a terrified driver during a roadblock set up near Pittsburgh following the death of a "comrade" in a domestic shooting. Don't assume for a pico-second that the friendly people in official costumes would resist any opportunity to treat the rest of us like this." Click here to read the column.

Dr. Vieira tried to warn people about the banking collapse back in March, 2005:

Are Monetary & Banking Crises Inevitable in the Near Future?

He's written many more columns as have so many others who understand the end result of fiat currency.

Financial Meltdown will continue

This is underway and no way to stop it no matter how much confetti the Outlaw Congress and Comrade Obama print up and drop from Bernanke's helicopter:

A must watch video (6:20) - This will continue to kill the states because of what is rightly called trickle down economics. It is also why the states must adopt and put into place a sound money system apart from the FED and it's worthless paper (the dollar). "In the United States, a fiscal crisis is hitting states like Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, California and Virginia. California has a whopping 56% deficit as a percent of its General Fund Budget."

The Second Massive Wave Of Mortgage Defaults

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1 - Foreclosures jumped 14% in December over the previous month
2 - More states on budget brink
3 - 25 states forced to borrow $24 billion to continue issuing checks
4 - The Recession Is Over - The Depression Just Beginning
5 - More than seven million households are either behind in their payments or in foreclosure
6 - How nation's true jobless rate is closer to 22%
7 - Detroit destroyed by liberal, "progressive" politicians (short video you should watch; our America in ruins)
8 - Why the Fed Likes Independence
9 - Soaring rate of bankruptcies expected to continue in 2010
10 - Late credit-card payments rise to record
11 - UAW president: rob the people's bank! No, Christmas wasn't good for retailers (as so many of us predicted was going to happen)
12 - December Retail Sales Drop .3 Percent, 2009 Sales See Biggest Drop In 27 Years

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The Internet has literally been melting down the past week over the second, dangerous Executive Order issued by Marxist Barack Obama.