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By: Devvy
January 1, 2010
� 2009 -

Terrorism is serious. No question we're all deeply concerned about terrorists coming across our borders while Congress and the last five presidents have sat on their backsides, making half-baked efforts to seal up the borders, hunt down the illegals and get them out of our country. America has paid a terrible price from the slaughter of our citizens by illegal aliens. All we have seen is Band Aids since Ronald Reagan opened the flood gates and our brave U.S. Border Patrol agents treated as nothing but political pawns.

Much has been written about Northwest Flight 253 originating in Amsterdam. It became immediately obvious to many there was something wrong with the story. William Norman Grigg, one of my favorite columnists, wrote an excellent piece, The Old 'False Flag Trick'[1] In that column, William reminds Americans that the FBI was running a dangerous operation in NYC which resulted in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Oh, yes, they did and six people died. Not a single FBI personnel was ever held accountable for murder:

"The New York Times later reports on Emad Salem, an undercover agent who will be the key government witness in the trial against Yousef. Salem testifies that the FBI knew about the attack beforehand and told him they would thwart it by substituting a harmless powder for the explosives. However, an FBI supervisor called off this plan, and the bombing was not stopped. [New York Times, 10/28/1993]

"Other suspects were ineptly investigated before the bombing as early as 1990. Several of the bombers were trained by the CIA to fight in the Afghan war, and the CIA later concludes, in internal documents, that it was “partly culpable” for this bombing (see January 24, 1994). [Independent, 11/1/1998] 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is an uncle of Yousef and also has a role in the WTC bombing (see March 20, 1993). [Independent, 6/6/2002; Los Angeles Times, 9/1/2002] One of the attackers even leaves a message which will later be found by investigators, stating, “Next time, it will be very precise.” [Associated Press, 9/30/2001]"

"This factual accounting of Salem and the sting operation came out during trial and cannot be disputed. What shocked me is that for once, the truth actually appeared in the NY Times, which, unfortunately, has become nothing more than a propaganda rag over the years. At the time, millions of Americans should have demanded not only criminal indictments against the FBI personnel involved, but the removal of the Director of the FBI and the Attorney General for allowing this act of terrorism to happen. It didn't happen, either because Americans didn't know or didn't care."[2]

At that time, the Butcher of Waco, Janet Reno, conducted the investigation into her own people. Now, another equally inept political animal, Janet Napolitano, is vowing to "fix it."

One of the things that struck me most odd was the photo ABC News put out regarding the would be bomber's under wear. Here's this guy sitting on what is alleged to be a bomb that would blow his backside to the 72 Virgins in the sky playground. He's hidden the bomb in his under wear with a built in panty pouch, but that pouch where the bomb caught fire, is still quite visible and clean looking.[3] Additionally, as I wrote in a short note for my email alert list:

"But, this latest incident reads eerily similar to an episode of Law & Order where a young man had problems with girls. The character was also in emotional turmoil over seeking God and peace for himself. Ripe for the picking. In that episode, the script is quite similar to the one on Christmas Day. Both young men. Both socially inept. Both seeking God. Both embrace Islam. Both turn to terrorism."

In mid-December 2009, the outlaws in the U.S. House of Representatives voted a 60-day extension on three provisions of the anti-Bill of Rights "Patriot" Act. A new act of terrorism on an incoming flight to an American airport should seal the deal when it comes up for a vote soon.

Grigg points out in his column: "Owing to what must have been an anguished report from his father, Umar Abdulmutallab was known to the CIA and the State Department as a potential terrorist. Umar Abdulmutallab the elder, a banking official from Nigeria, met personally with CIA officials to express concerns that his son – who had gone to Yemen for the supposed purpose of studying Arabic – was falling into the company of suspected terrorists."

Certainly, the question begs to be answered: Why wasn't this guy's name and face plastered all over airport security offices? Why didn't the CIA put out a world wide bulletin to all airports that Abdulmutallab's own father considered him so dangerous, he took the time to meet with CIA officials and warn them? Reminds me of another "failure." John Ashcroft rejecting warnings in the strongest language of a terrorist attack in the summer of 2001- 'Ashcroft Personally Rejected Specific Warnings of Impending Terrorist Attacks During Summer of 2001'. Patrick Briley, one of the most respected researchers in this country on the OKC bombing wrote that piece and it should be read by everyone. [4]

Who is to be held accountable? The government of The Netherlands as well as the airport officials at the Amsterdam airport. But, wait! Supposedly, allegedly, the U.S. somehow "...prevented Dutch authorities from installing full body scanners before the suspected Christmas Day bomb plotter passed through security at Amsterdam's airport, the Dutch government claimed today." [5] How is it that the U.S. government can dictate to another foreign government what they can and cannot install at their own airports?

Grigg reprints an important interview from an eyewitness to Abdulmutallab's boarding on that flight. The one who should be tracked down and questioned is the "well-dressed, official looking fellow from India." He was so obviously Abdulutallab's handler.

Moving the herds in the desired direction

Yesterday on FOX News Network, one of their simple minded hosts, Dave Briggs, blurted out: Get those full body scanners in all airports. If it means getting naked in front of them to make my family safe, then I say do it! Briggs has already given his consent to get down on his knees and fitted with chains of bondage. Not to mention how dangerous those scanners are to your health: Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation. Why do you think the dentist puts a protective cover over your body when they do x-rays of your mouth?


Those scanners are not going stop these zealots. Making sure every pilot is armed, as was routine only two months prior to 9/11 [6], will send a clear signal: Try it and we will shoot your ass dead and sort out the legal details later. Adopt the same procedures as El Al, the Israeli airline system that has not had an attack on their planes in 30 years. [7]

I submit to you that there is a deeper, darker agenda at work here. It will be some time before any journalist will be able to get ahold of the FBI lab reports on the explosive and amount inside Abdulutallab's underwear via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). Perhaps never if the feds don't want us to see it; the old "national security" exemption.

I am truly thankful that no one was injured or killed on that flight. But, after 20 years of watching what has gone on in this country and a zillion hours of research, I firmly believe that very disturbed man was a patsy from the get go.

In order to advance the agenda for complete control, it is necessary to continue using fear and the specter of mass terror to get Americans to give up more and more of their freedoms for the illusion of "being kept safe." If you don't know how the game is played, the game will play you.

Jeri Lynn Ball is a gifted writer and determined researcher. Like so many other dedicated Americans who love this country, she has written about the plans and methods being used to create the "new Soviet man." Her books (Masters of Seduction, The Great Communitarian Hoax and others) are out of print and difficult to find. She has never been given the credit so richly deserves for all her hard work over the years. One has to understand how propaganda is being used and the ultimate goal. Jeri explains it so succinctly here:

The Totalitarian Vision of “Human Reconstruction”

"The same year they wrote “The Program,” Communist architects and social engineers began to implement their plans for the globalist, communistic New World Order, commencing with the transformation of all humans into supporters of totalitarianism. Nikolai Bukharin had previously written “that the revolution's principle task was to ‘alter people's actual psychology.’”

"In 1928 Bukharin stated that “one of the first priorities is the question of the systematic preparation of new men, the builders of [totalitarian] socialism.” In his book, Soviet Civilization, Andrei Sinyavsky states that the “idea of the new man is the cornerstone of Soviet civilization.” The “new man” is in fact the indispensable, fundamental basis of all totalitarian societies. Totalitarianism requires the support, approval, and fearful veneration of the masses; if the “new men and women” had not been created, totalitarianism would not exist today.

"The Communists planned to create not only a new way of life, but new human beings. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Communist totalitarianism has undergone tremendous growth over the past century only because it has “the support of a man of a new social and psychological type”—the “new communitarian (Communist) man.” A communitarian is a member of a communistic community. A communitarian adopts and advocates communistic concepts, such as a spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” The terms “Communist” and “communitarian” are synonyms and are interchangeable, but the word “communitarian” connotes a sense of community and a spirit of collectivism."

Please take the time to read these few pages from Jeri's book, The Clash of Civilizations: The U.S. and Communist Ruling Elites.

Americans must take the time to learn what the communitarian philosophy is so they can understand the agenda. The communist Chinese, the U.S. government and the Soviets are in league together to bring about a horrific, brutal one world government. The communitarian philosophy (communist morality) is taught to vulnerable young Americans in several universities in this country. Please take the time to learn and understand what communitarian means because it is an ideology that is being inculcated into the minds of the American people who are in effect, becoming active players in destroying our republic. See: The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it." Patrick Henry

Don't let "progressives" (socialists and communists) or the blood thirsty, war mongering neo-cons keep you from learning the truth. Marxist Obama/Soetoro has simply picked up where Bush left off. [8] Research takes time, but it's the only way to learn the methods being used to destroy us and defeat them. This weekend, no college or NFL football game, trip to the mall or movie theater is more important than becoming educated on how Americans are being manipulated and unifying against these masters of evil. Open your eyes, America. The painful truth is right there to see.

What has been the reaction of the American people over the Northwest Flight 253 incident? The polls are showing between 72-76% of Americans are ready to line up, allow themselves to be stripped naked in front of a scanner and exposed to ionizing radiation. Operation Abdulmutallab can be considered a success - unless millions refuse to fly. Congress and the airlines will get the message loud and clear.


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� 2010 - - All Rights Reserved

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Terrorism is serious. No question we're all deeply concerned about terrorists coming across our borders while Congress and the last five presidents have sat on their backsides, making half-baked efforts to seal up the borders, hunt down the illegals and get them out of our country.