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By: Devvy
October 14, 2009
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Way back in 1991, I began to learn the truth about the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system. My research led me to connect the dots between the disaster that struck America in 1913: The fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments and the Federal Reserve Act. In order to syphon off the wealth of America, it was necessary to create two entities to get the job done: The so-called income tax amendment and the unconstitutional central bank. Lest the states should decide to rear up their heads over all this, the Seventeenth Amendment was fraudulently declared ratified and the states lost their right of representation in Congress.

Contrary to popular belief and propaganda by the ignorant in the controlled media and special interest groups, the federal income tax does not apply to domestic Americans. However, that fact of the law as its written doesn't seem to matter to judges, U.S. Attorneys and companies out there who thrive on "tax season." Pay up or go to jail.

Tommy Cryer is an attorney in Shreveport, Louisiana. He defied the system. Not because he doesn't want to "pay his fair share," but because he knows what the IR Code says and decided to take a stand for the truth. Even at great expense to himself -- like so many others over the decades. Tommy was indicted and went to trial. He was acquitted in July of 2007 and went on a mission. Truth Attack was born and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

While Tommy was acquitted, other fine Americans like Sherry Jackson, are rotting in federal prisons. Not because this dear lady broke the law, but because the federal government has become lawless. Ignorant and/or cowardly juries continue to convict. Enough is enough. We cannot end the income tax one prison sentence at a time.

I don't want to see one more American go to prison because thugs are running our courts and the U.S. Department of Justice's tax division prosecutors. I don't want to see one more American sucked into these scams run by cock roaches out there who claim to "keep the IRS out of your life." All well and fine until you're the one indicted. Then the cock roach who sold you the silver bullet is no where to be found. The latest rage being the dangerous and bogus OID-1099 scam.

Prohibition was ended because the country finally got fed up with the violence, corruption and graft and said no more. Take four minutes to watch this video of Sen. Harry Reid explain that the income tax is purely voluntary...uh, well, kinda, sorta. This pathetic pantywaist is the quintessential example of a professional liar.


Education is the key to getting the American people away from the taxing scams being sold out there ("lower taxes", Fair Tax, Flat Tax, VAT) and get them to understand the law as it's written. When enough Americans find out the truth, then we will see the real solution: No more federal income tax to feed the FED, unconstitutional, immoral invasions of foreign countries, foreign welfare, transfer payments - the sweat of YOUR labor - to the communist UN, the IMF, BIS and the list goes on. The absolute fleecing of the American people to enrich a cabal of evil people at the highest levels of governments and banking concerns world wide.

What do people think is going to happen next April 15th when all this debt that's been created since Bush, Jr., signed off on the first round of illegal bank bail outs? Pile on the TRILLIONS of non existent debt money the Democrats and usurper in the Red House have shoved down our throats this year and the recipe is going to be disaster. How about that so called 'stimulus money' people received from the thieves in Congress?

April 26, 2009. What stimulus giveth, IRS may taketh: The Internal Revenue Service has fessed up about problems with the withholding tables but hasn't done squat to warn "taxpayers" what's coming. Ah, the great withholding taxing scheme. Congressman Ron Paul has twice tried to get bills through Congress to eliminate this massive rip off; those bills died under Republican controlled Congresses.

Tommy's organization is about to embark on a massive educational effort in the State of Florida. I hope you can be part of it and attend the seminars. Like my state (Texas), Florida has no state income tax so there is no conflict of interest. If you're wondering what I'm talking about here, please watch the video in the links section below, item 3. It is constitutional attorney, Larry Becraft. This video was shot live at an event I put on in 1998. On that video, Larry explains about the federal income tax and the states who have a state income tax.

First, go to Truth Attack's web site and find out how this nationwide effort has been getting the truth to the American people.

Second, here is a list of cities for the truth train:

Oct. 31, Staff arrivals, staging and briefings Miami (Hollywood Holiday Inn)
Nov. 1, Lost Art Seminar Hollywood Holiday Inn 10 a.m.-3 p.m.; depart for Naples/Ft. Myers
Nov. 2, Lost Art Seminar at Three Oaks Banquet and CC, Estero
Nov. 3, Lost Art Seminar at The Westshore Hotel, Tampa
Nov. 4, Lost Art Seminar at ___________________, Ocala
Nov. 5, Lost Art Seminar at (tentatively) The Peabody Hotel, Orlando
Nov. 6, Lost Art Seminar at (tentatively) Jacksonville Marriott, Jacksonville
Nov. 7, Brief News Conference/Rally at Capitol steps and Lost Art Seminar at either the Tallahassee Civic Center or the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum
Nov. 8, Staff departures

Seating is limited in all of these venues. None of them will be able to seat more than 500. Early registration is strongly recommended. While Tommy, volunteers and speakers iron out the last minute details, make your plans now to attend these events.

Full information on each of these locations is here.

This is a document Tommy put together called The Memorandum. It is a bit of a read, but if you really want to understand tax law as it applies to mandatory filing of income tax returns, study it. Don't let fear and lies keep you from the truth.

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Learning links:

1 - Income tax causes crime
2 - The Right Argument on Taxation
3 - Larry Becraft video

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Contrary to popular belief and propaganda by the ignorant in the controlled media and special interest groups, the federal income tax does not apply to domestic Americans.