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By: Devvy
September 15, 2009
� 2009 -

On September 12, 2009, Americans descended on Washington, DC., in one of the largest displays of citizen disgust towards government in the history of this republic. While this patriotic day of fed up Americans was happening, the usurper (Obama/Soetoro) made sure he was out of town. As usual. Obama aka Soetoro has taken a real fondness to flying around on Air Force One with his inventory of teleprompters and stable of fawning sycophants.

Let's back up one day to September 11, 2009. The flim flam man was at the Pentagon with his militant, Marxist wife and bag lady of fashion, Michelle. The annual ceremony for those murdered on 9/11. At the same time in a court room in Georgia, Obama's lackeys were playing more games in an important case. Americans keeping up on current events know there have been dozens of lawsuits challenging the citizenship eligibility of this guy in the White House who has used five different names (Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham) and concealed every single record of his life except what he wants you to see.

The ignorant, biased media continues to ridicule those of us who believe the Constitution matters. Know what? I could care less. They don't pay my mortgage and I understand how the game is played. I say those who will not stand up for the truth are cowards. These useful fools who call any American vile labels for challenging the eligibility of Obama/Soetoro are either intellectually lazy and refuse to do the real research, their paychecks mean more to them than the truth, or they believe in Obama/Soetoro's Marxist agenda. This usurper must be removed from office. Not because Obama/Soetoro is a communist and is destroying this country (true), but because he never had the legal right to run for the presidency or take the oath of office on January 20, 2009.

Let's get caught up on recent events which seem to be causing 'The One' some stress. If you'll notice, the usurper doesn't seem to be walking to our helicopter with his usual jaunty stride. There is a tension there that is palpable. Stress from trying to sell his unconstitutional health care "reform" mess? I don't think so. On September 8, 2009, there was another hearing in the Barnett v Obama case in a federal court house in Santa Ana, California. I was most disturbed about what I have learned went by Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation. As this can get a little confusing, I'll try to summarize here as clearly as I can.

That hearing (Barnett v Obama) was scheduled for weeks. The attorney's for the defendants, that would be the usurper and his minions, filed an eleventh hour motion on Friday, September 4, 2009. Monday the 7th was a holiday. The hearing was Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. How coincidental that Obama/Soetoro decided to pump some more of his propaganda to America's school children at the same time a hearing was underway that could eventually remove his lying backside from office.

There are a number of plaintiffs, but from what I can determine, things got nasty during the hearing. Here are two posts from actual plaintiffs in the case for you to read:

Plaintiff MSgt USMC Jeff Schwilk
Plaintiff Pamela Barnett

Orly has filed a notice of motion to disqualify Gary Kreep as a co-counsel due to conflict of interest.

This uphill battle should not be a damn bully contest, but that's exactly what it appears to me by Kreep. Now, all that aside, Judge Carter has set October 5, 2009, as the next hearing to consider the motion by the Defendants; they want this to go away. A trial date, should this matter move forward, is set for January. Too far away because everyday the usurper remains office, the more complicated this constitutional crisis gets because of bills Obama/Soetoro is signing into law. Not to mention deploying soldiers as Commander-in-Chief. Although I've been told Judge Carter has further issued an expedited hearing, I am not certain as I write this. However, you can read this explanation of the judge's order here:

Judge Carter orders Motion for Rogatory Discovery to be heard

September 11, 2009 by John Charlton
Referral Order gives rise to speculation that expedited discovery is to commence

(Sept. 11, 2009) — "Yesterday U.S. Federal District Judge David Carter (Central District of California, Souther Division) ordered the Amended Motion for expedited Rogatory Discovery, filed by Attorney Taitz in the action Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Obama et al. referred to Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato. This order followed Carter's denial of Taitz’ request to remove Judge Nakazato from his role overseeing admission of evidence to the case, which duty he has according to Federal Court rules of procedure. Judge Nakazato is now to review the first Kenyan Birth Certificate.

"Attorney Taitz had submitted in July a Kenyan Birth Certificate (hereafter the Lavendar Document) to be authenticated by means of a mandamus to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to move her to formally request the Kenyan Government to authenticate the document. This motion was denied by Judge Nakazato, whereupon Taitz filed a motion refusing to proceed before him, and a subsequent amendment to the initial Rogatory motion, on Aug. 20th.

"Attorney's for Barack Hussein Obama, led by Mr. George S. Cardona, acting U.S. Attorney, almost immediately replied to Carter's order, with an ex-parte Application (accompanied by a proposed order), requesting immediate halt to any discovery which might be granted by the Magistrate Judge."

One other comment here about the Defendant's motion to dismiss and I cover this in my letter to Judge Carter: Their entire argument is based after the barn door was left open. There was zero vetting at the state level to ensure Obama aka and so forth, was constitutionally eligible. That glaring error (or cover up) caused everything to snow ball from there into the mess underway.

Meanwhile, Orly was in Georgia (September 11, 2009) on another eligibility case, Rhodes v McDonald, et al. Orly was notified by the clerk that an expedited hearing had been granted, so she caught a red eye flight to Georgia for a hearing last Friday. Here is the antics of our government that should make everyone sick; posted by Orly:

"We had a hearing on 11th. Defendants were represented by 3 attorneys: US attorney, Pentagon attorney and Fort Benning attorney. they claimed that my client, flight surgeon Cpt Rhodes MD didn't show up for no reason, she just didn't feel like coming.


"I presented to the judge a notarized statement, showing that Col Jeffrey Johnson, her commander from Fort Riley, KS has forbidden Connie from leaving Fort Riley a day early and she was threatened that if she does, she will be court martialed and can be thrown into military prison. In this fashion the gov. prevented Connie from being at her own hearing and 5 minutes before the hearing they served me with the motion to dismiss.

"Judge Land did not appreciate this strong hand tactic of the government and he ordered the government to make sure Connie is able to leave the base to be at her hearing, which was scheduled for Monday at 12 noon. This time it is their responsibility to do whatever is necessary for Connie to be in court. It is a tough week for me as in 5 days I am making 5 red eye flights and long trips between OC, LA, Atlanta, Columbus and WA DC."

Here is the Notarized statement from Plaintiff, Cpt Connie rhodes MD, attesting to the fact that she was forbidden to leave the base and appear in court. Because of the shenanigans by these lawyers, a US attorney, Pentagon attorney and Fort Benning attorney, another hearing was scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2009, at noon. I spoke with Orly by phone at about 5:45 pm EST (Sept. 14, 2009). She sounded exhausted, but said the hearing was concluded; she was able to speak for about two hours. Judge Land will issue a decision tomorrow.

While all this is going on, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN have remained silent. Not a single minute of coverage. Yo! That includes the 'fair and balanced' FOX News Network.

On September 10, 2009, an exposure of documents hit the Internet courtesy of JB Williams. Two different Official Certification of Nomination letters submitted by Nancy Pelosi and a woman named Alice Travis Germond. Read the posting and copy of the documents here.

This now brings me to my work over the weekend because time is of the essence.

This is a letter I sent to Judge David O. Carter in the Barnett case. It is permissible for citizens to send polite correspondence to judges regarding a case he/she is presiding over. If you will notice, no where in my letter do I refer to the usurper's party, politics or policies. Judge Carter is ruling on the law and that must be the only point you bring out if you decide to send him a letter. I hope everyone can take a few minutes (especially vets and active duty military) to pen a polite letter to Judge Carter asap.

Next, this is a request to my Secretary of State for a copy of the Official Certification of Nomination sent for Obama/Biden by Pelosi. I want to see what was submitted as a result of the revelations mentioned above by JB Williams.

Next, another letter to two U.S. Attorneys requesting a full investigation into those documents.

Next, no not fun in the sun. One of Orly's plaintiffs is New Hampshire State Representative Laurence M. Rappaport. According to his post (here), Mr. Rappaport had a meeting with his Secretary of State (SOS), William Gardner, on September 11, 2009. I am quite familiar with Gardner from the recount last year over the vote fraud in NH during the primaries. I am not impressed with Gardner or his staff. However, since Rappaport is a member of the New Hampshire General Court, an elected official, he does have some clout.

I have sent a letter and the following documents in a nice, neat folder to Rep. Rappaport:

Letters to Janet Brown, Committees on Presidential Debates
Dr. Edwin Vieira on Standing
(Due to length, I put on a CD)
Letters to the Secretary of State and Elections Board - State of Illinois
Letter to my SOS and the JB Williams article

Due to the length of these, I put them on the CD: Leo Donofrio's legal and historical research on the issue of natural born citizen at birth; another legal analysis on McCain's ineligibility; a document on how certain members of Congress tried to legislate Obama/Soetoro's citizenship by trying to sneak in McCain's and my letter to two U.S. Attorneys.

I think that about covers things for now on Orly's cases. Let me go over to Leo Donofrio's web site. For those who have been following this the past almost one year, Leo's was the first case to the U.S. Supreme Court and kicked without a hearing. Leo has been posting more of his research; hopefully you can book mark and read when you can because it's important. Be sure to visit Leo's site and scroll down for this: FACTCHECK.ORG CAPITULATES – Admits Error In Obama Kenyan Citizenship Analysis. Why is this important? Because that web site has been the water carrier for the usurper from day one.

Next, is another very important case, Kerchner v Obama. I have interviewed both Charles Kerchner and his attorney, Mario Apuzzo. The issue of these certifications filed with the SOS and the one Pelosi signed from the convention is already part of that lawsuit. Please see this link; scroll down to Item 89 - 91. The docket for Charles' case is here; you can follow the progress of that case.

For almost a year, those who care absolutely nothing for the U.S. Constitution, Obama/Soetoro's supporters, newspaper pundits and popular cable news network anchors, have been screeching, calling people like you and me "wing nuts," Kool Aid drinkers, racists and conspiracy wackos. Ignore them. Don't let them sap your strength and energy. Stay focused. Below is a list of state legislators (there may be more at this time, but I don't have the full list) who are Orly's plaintiffs. Ask them to do the same as Rep. Rappaport. Now, that he has taken this first step with his Secretary of State, I believe these other stand up Americans will follow.

Mr. Eric Swafford, in his capacity of the State representative from the State of Tennessee; Mr. Timothy Jones, ESQ, in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Missouri; Mr. Timothy Comerford, in his capacity of a State Representative from the State of New Hampshire; Mr. Frank Niceley in his capacity of the state representative from the state of Tennessee; Ms. Cynthia Davis, in her capacity of a State representative from the State of Missouri; Mr. Larry Rappaport in his capacity of a State Representative from the State of New Hampshire; Mr. Stacey Campfield in his capacity of a State representative from the state of Tennessee; Mr. Casey Guernsey in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Missouri; Mr. Glen Casada, in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Tennessee

Please feel free to send this column or any of the material in it to your state rep or senator with a polite snail mail letter asking for them to come forward as has Rep. Rappaport. If one of the above is your rep, be sure to thank them in a polite letter for already being plaintiffs in Orly's legal challenges and ask them to join Rep. Rappaport by petitioning your SOS. They need to know you will stand with them.

Let us keep the momentum going and show both Washington, DC and our state legislatures that we the people will no longer be ignored and we will not stop until the whole truth about the usurper is exposed and he is removed from office. Yes, Obama, we can and we will.

"But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations...This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution." -- John Adams, letter to H. Niles, February 13, 1818


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Let's get caught up on recent events which seem to be causing 'The One' some stress. If you'll notice, the usurper doesn't seem to be walking to our helicopter with his usual jaunty stride. There is a tension there that is palpable.