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By: Devvy
August 24, 2009
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"This doesn't appear to be an especially deadly strain," said Deborah Lehman, Director of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. "At this point it looks like the seasonal flu will be responsible for more deaths than swine flu."

The Internet has been burning up for months with this question: Will there be forced vaccinations for the H1N1 'swine flu'? The WHO (World Health Organization) has been making splashy headlines about a "coming pandemic" that will dwarf anything seen in the history of the world! Who gives a tinker's damn what the WHO says? The big shots in the WHO with a banana republic mentality, actually think they have the authority to dissolve sovereign governments over a pandemic! These little Napoleons also label anyone who refuses a vaccine as criminals; see here.

There are three questions that everyone must consider:

1. Is a vaccine necessary for this so called swine flu?

2. Is a vaccine that is already being used for this H1N1 flu safe?

3. Does the federal or your state government have a legal right under the U.S. Constitution to sic their dragoons on any American who refuses a flu vaccine?

Question one: This is a personal decision for every American and one they should make with the greatest concern and consideration. Back in 1993, while traveling from California to Colorado, I picked up a 'flu bug.' Prior to that, I had not had the flu in a decade or more. By the time I got to the Denver area, I was very sick. My husband took me to Swedish Medical Center. The doc said I had the 'Beijing flu' and immediately needed a shot and pills. I said no and went home. It took eight days of liquids, Vitamin D and bed rest, but I was fine. I haven't had the flu since - 16 years this December. I've heard too many stories to list, but those who have taken a flu shot, not only get the flu every year, it is severe.

Why did I refuse the shot? Being suspicious by nature and one to question government's interference in my life, I determined it was not necessary. I had no idea what was in that syringe. I also knew that since I was a healthy woman who takes no over the counter medicines (except aspirin free Excedrin) no medications of any kind (except when I had surgery), no diseases and doesn't do "recreational" drugs, it would be best to let my natural immune system fight the 'flu bug.' I still take nothing except an occasional Excedrin, my vitamins and other natural products. The pharmaceutical companies don't make $10 a year off me.

Question two: Federal agencies and lackeys on cable networks continue to saturate the airwaves with the "coming pandemic." How do they know there is going to be a "pandemic" within the next few weeks? Americans get the flu every winter. Why, I don't know. I just know that sadly, Americans die every winter from the flu. According to all the credible research I've been doing, it is usually because their bodies have been compromised by poor immune systems due to other health conditions, not from the flu itself.

Additionally, there is great concern about the timing of this "coming pandemic." It appears from this patent application that the H1N1 was on the list, August 28, 2007. The actual filing was, August 28, 2008; see page seven for list of viruses. The first cases of H1N1 were only reported a few months ago here in the US. Mexico, April 2009; Iraq in June, 2009; Tunesia in June 2009; Australia, June 19, 2009; Manilla shows May 2009; Turkey, May 2009 and so on. It is my understanding from my research that the 'swine flu' is a "new" Influenza A strain that only appeared earlier this year. If it's so new, how come that patent for the H1N1 is dated back to August 2007?

But, is this H1N1 vaccine safe? The CDC and other government officials are insisting it is safe. I believe nothing could be further from the truth.

The tragedy is this dangerous and deadly cocktail is already being pumped into little babies, young children and pregnant women. Schools are being set up as 'staging areas' (supported by National Guard) to forceyou and your child to take this deadly vaccine. See the links below to legally stop it.

How can you determine whether or not these vaccines - any of them - are safe for you and your children? It requires research. Below in the links section, I have tried to give you credible and accurate information after an enormous amount of time researching. Believe me, there's no shortage of material out there. But, one has to set aside the hysteria and rely on qualified experts who have nothing to gain: government contracts, FDA hacks, pharmaceutical companies who will reap billions of dollars and members of Congress who own large amounts of stock in these pharma companies. Those sources I list only desire you get the truth.

It is my personal belief all these "newer" vaccines are deadly and unnecessary. I have four brothers and sisters. We all received only the polio, mumps/measles and diphtheria vaccines back in the early 50s. That was all I allowed my daughter when she was kindergarten age in the late 70s. I would never have allowed my daughter to be shot up with almost two dozen vaccines by her teen years as has been done for the past couple of decades. I don't know how parents can allow their precious children to get this massive menu of vaccines before their little bodies can ever begin to grow. I sure as hell would NEVER subject my daughter to the killer HPV vaccine.

These big pharmaceutical companies are already making a killing peddling these dangerous cocktails. That is why they're spending tens of millions of dollars buying the favors of Congress. Buying protection against lawsuits after millions have become sick and now have irreversible damage to their vital organs. The incestuous relationship between the Federal Death Administration (FDA), Congress and the big pharma houses is beyond outrageous. A RICO should be filed against all of them. This interview with a top epidemiologist sums it all up - it's all about money. 'A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic'

Question three: This is the one millions of Americans fear: Does the federal or your state government have the constitutional right to force you to accept the H1N1 vaccine? We know that states of the Union already cruelly force certain health care workers get vaccinated or lose their jobs. I have received a fair amount of email from federal employees who are agonizing over whether to quit their jobs because they have been notified they must take this dangerous H1N1 cocktail.

Just for the sake of argument, some federal agency declares every American must jabbed with this H1N1 vaccine and millions refuse. What do you think is going to happen? Call in the National Guard? Round people up and put them in detention centers? How do you think that will play with those millions -- not 10,000 or a 100,000 Americans, but millions who will stand firm? Do these gutless cowards in Congress really want to take on the American people? Just take a look at what has been going on at these town hall meetings.


Will your governor incur the wrath of a few million people in his/her state with some declaration of forced vaccination? Have any of them considered our Oath Keepers, many who serve in the National Guard who do not want their family shot up with a deadly cocktail for corporate profits? Swine Flu Vaccine Makers to Profit $50 Billion a Year

The American people are being set up and hyped into believing there will be people climbing over each other's bodies to get a flu shot!!! Maine TV Station Airs Report on National Guard and Flu Pandemic Riots. Riots? What riots? Here's the solution: No one show up for their cocktail parties and avoid this silliness: Massachusetts deputizing paramedics, dentists, and pharmacists to help administer vaccines

Time is of the essence on this issue. The American people are enraged over the attempt to Sovietize these united States of America by the usurper in the White House and his Comrades, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Now, we must make them feel our rage against any plans they might have to force these deadly cocktails into our bodies against our will. Congress is out of session until Sept. 8, 2009. While many of the multi-multi millionaires like Comrade Pelosi are giving their constituents the bird, they are still in their districts.

As I did in this pdf file regarding the health care "reform" mess (sent to a few "Blue Dog" Democrats and "conservative" Republicans to their district offices), just send a post card to one of the district offices for your congressman and senator. Tell him/her that you will refuse any forced vaccination. Remember: We the people hold the power and if we bury these district offices with millions of post cards -- not emails -- over the next few weeks, I guarantee you there will be no attempt at forced vaccinating at the federal level. I have already sent one to my state rep and senator even though our legislature is out of session. There appears to be confirmation from the military that the states will make the decision to force vaccinations; see here. Get in the face of your state rep and senator today.

Now, we'll see who is the boss in this country: We the people or a totalitarian force masquerading as public servants. I've been an activist for going on twenty years and I can tell you that when the American people stand up in massive numbers, the lawbreakers back down - state or federal. It is how we killed Marxist Hillary Clinton's attempt to shove socialized medicine down our throats in 1993. Do not fear this puppet government for they are cowards when it comes right down to the wire. Fear these deadly cocktails they call vaccines. Call their bluff and then we can go to court if necessary.

The links blow are just a sampling of the most accurate I could find on vaccines and this current H1N1 manufactured "crisis." While I could provide a hundred links, I know everyone is pressed for time. I sincerely hope you will take time to read them and send that post card to the feds and and your state legislator and politely tell them to 'stick it.' Don't let this happen to you and your family in your state:

Nov. 16, 2007. Doctors oppose Maryland vaccine roundup: Expect dangerous reactions when children are treated like cattle

"In a scenario reminiscent of cattle round-ups, the state's attorney has issued summons to more than 1600 parents of children who have not provided certificates of immunization for their children. But instead of toting a cattle prod, this state’s attorney chooses to wield a syringe to keep the “herd” in line. "Parents have been told to appear in Court on Saturday, and to subject their children to on-the-spot state-mandated vaccines of up 17 vaccine doses, or face imprisonment. Parents who ignore the court’s demands could face a $50 fine for every day their child is out of compliance or up to 10 days in jail....

"Money and politics may be at the center of the round of threats. The school district will lose a substantial amount of state funding if students do not comply with the vaccine mandate. "Apparently the district wants that money, even if it gets it off the backs of children,” said Serkes."

Important Links:

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Preventive medicine

1 - Dr. Mercola’s Top 5 Tips to Fight the Flu
2 - Russell Blaylock, MD - What To Do If Force Vaccinated?
3 - Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
4 - Mini file Diseases

1 - Vaccines: State and Federal laws compiled by constitutional attorney, Lowell Becraft
2 - Now Legal Immunity for Swine flu Vaccine Makers

1 - Saying no to all vaccines
2 - How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
3 - Texas School District: “No Shots, No School” (unless you fill out paper work for exemptions)
4 - Medical Voices Vaccine Information Centre

Using the military or National Guard: Dangerous Precedent:
1 - Militarization of Swine Flu Preparations
2 - Government Prepares for “unwillingness to follow government orders
3 - Military to administer vaccinations

The deadly, crippling HPV vaccine

1 - 1 in four girls have now been shot up with this "safe" cocktail
2 - Gardasil’s grim death toll is on the rise (HPV)
3 - "The FDA adverse event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors."
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1 - The flap over sealing court documents, vaccines and congressional stockholders (2002): 'Justice Department Seeks to Seal Vaccine Papers'
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3 - Letter From Congressman Weldon to Dr. Gerberding October, 2003

Human guinea pigs for corporate profit

1 - The Killer Vaccines
2 - Reconstruction of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus
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4 - MMR Kids Vaccine Linked to Fever-Related Convulsions
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6 - Polio surge in Nigeria after vaccine virus mutates
7 - One in three nurses does not want swine flu vaccine
8 - Australian Experts Warn of Infectious Disease Risk in H1N1 Vaccinations
9 - Vaccine officials knew about MMR risks

Keeping you in the dark:

1 - Government Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism; MSM Fails To Report:
3 - Congress gives immunity to manufacturers of these deadly cocktails
4 - Vaccine Injury Compensation: A Failed Experiment in Tort Reform?
5 - New Laws for Swine Flu May Create a Perfect Storm

Criminal complaint and lawsuit: Nothing but hype

1 - Preliminary Injunction Filed To Stop Forced Flu Vaccinations
2 - Misleading: Prelim Injunction To Halt Mandatory US Flu Vax Issued

� 2009 - - All Rights Reserved

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Time is of the essence on this issue. The American people are enraged over the attempt to Sovietize these united States of America by the usurper in the White House and his Comrades, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.