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By: Devvy
August 10, 2009
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In almost twenty years of full time activism, rarely have I seen such an uproar as we're seeing over Comrade Obama and Congress' attempt to take over another private industry. My email box has been deluged with hundreds of messages every day for weeks about this so called health care reform. Americans have read the fine print and gone ballistic, as well they should. The wrath of the American people is long over due.

These craven jackals in Congress have become fearful of the American people exercising their right to demand their elected representatives in Congress do what they want, not what special interests pay these prostitutes to do for them. As a result, the usual propaganda has been unleashed on the "mobs" attending town hall meetings. Americans who understand what is at stake are being attacked with the precision of what was done in Stalinist Russia.

Cable networks are filling the airwaves with enough gas from "experts" to fuel every car in America for the next ten years. Keith Olbermann, master of manipulating the truth, is one of the ring leaders attempting to take the focus away from the real issue regarding health care "reform" to the worn out America doesn't want a black president. Here's a clue for the factually challenged Olbermann: Comrade Obama is half Caucasian and half Negro. The issue isn't skin color, it is the fact that Obama/Soetoro is an usurper; a devout Marxist who has his agenda and he's rolling forward at hyper speed.

Bill Press, who suffers from a common condition throughout America affecting millions of men, absence of testicles, said, "Town hall 'bullies' are 'taking a page right out of a Nazi playbook." He's so ignorant he doesn't even know our legal form of government. Sorry, Bill, America is not a democracy. Press isn't alone with his medical condition. Congressman Perlmutter [D-CO] sat at a desk hidden behind a wall at his recent town hall meeting so he wouldn't have to face his constituents!

Lost in all the hysteria being pumped out by these wretched outlaws in Congress and the liars for hire in the MSM is the real question: Does Congress have any legal authority under Art. 1, Sec. 8, in the U.S. Constitution to legislate health care or treatment within the states of the Union? No.

Health care is not a "human right." It is not a constitutional right.

Go read Art. 1, Sec. 8 of the Constitution. No where is Congress authorized to set up, run or legislate in the area of medical care, health care or whatever you want to call it. None. I've been watching the videos of the town hall meetings. In a couple of them, Americans have stood up at the microphone and said the government has no right to legislate health care in this country. Get government out of our health care system! Excellent.

Tens of millions of Americans will tell you they support the Constitution, but if it interferes with what they want or need, toss it. Instead of booting the outlaws in Congress who have destroyed the finest health care in the world over the past 50 years, throw out the law of the land instead. And, people wonder why Americans are fighting their fellow Americans over this phony "health care reform"? The Constitution matters.

Many of the provisions in the bill are outright control of medical treatment and telling doctors and health care workers what they can or can't do and what they will be forced to do despite the rhetoric oozing from supporters of this grotesque legislation. What have the courts ruled in the past?

In Linder v. United States, 268 U.S. 5, 18, 45 S. Ct. 446 (1925), The court ruled: "Obviously, direct control of medical practice in the of states is beyond the power the federal government."

In U.S. v. Anthony, 15 Supp. 553, 555, (S.D. Ca., 1936) and U.S. v. Evers, 453 F. Supp. 1141, 1150 (M.D. Ala., 1978), the court ruled: "...The direct control of medical practice has been left to the states."

There is no question this legislation contains hundreds of provisions that the court has ruled unconstitutional; click here. The courts have ruled that Congress overstepped their legislative authority and that is how we attack this monstrous piece of legislation.

I'm certain there are more cases on the books. It is these rulings, coupled with a massive outcry back when Comrade Hillary Clinton tried to shove "universal health care" down our throats that we defeated it. Comrade Clinton's legal minions reminded her that what she was trying to do would NOT withstand a constitutional challenge:

"Memorandum for Walter Zellman from Sallyanne Payton, clearly marked: Preliminary Draft for Official Use Only. Do Not Quote or Release For Any Purpose, page 4, Health Care Task Reform under Hillary Clinton:. Please note these sections:

"(b) may the federal government use other actors in the governmental system and the private sector as its agents and give them orders as though they were parts of a prefectorial system? The short answer is "no." State governments are independent, although subordinated, sovereignties, not subdivisions of the federal government.

"Although the federal government may regulate many of their functions directly [as well, for example, it subjects state water districts to the Clean Water Act], it may not require them to exercise their own governmental powers in a manner dictated by federal law. The states may be encouraged, bribed or threatened into entering into joint federal state programs of various sorts, from unemployment insurance to Medicaid; but they may not be commanded directly to use their own governmental apparatus in the service of federal policy. There is a modest jurisprudence of the Tenth Amendment that seems to have settled on this proposition. See the DOJ [Dept. of Justice] memorandum for a fuller elaboration."

As for AARP's role in this nightmare, I have never belonged to AARP. That organization supports the privately owned Federal Reserve and is nothing more than a shill for big government. AARP is not a friend to senior citizens and I hope every single American who belongs to AARP does what a man did the other morning on FOX news: cuts up his AARP card and drops his membership.

Many years ago I read a book titled, Trust Betrayed: Inside the AARP by Dale Van Atta.

Van Atta, an investigative journalist, proves why AARP always favors tax increases. Proves that when AARP chooses between the interests of seniors and big government, big government wins every time. Proves that AARP discriminates against the elderly and gives you the truth about AARPs Pharmacy Service. "For seniors and for anyone who cares about corruption, hypocrisy and government spending that might bankrupt the nation, Trust Betrayed is a must read."

What about Medicare? It should never have passed and LBJ should have vetoed it, but did not. Why? Because the agenda is complete government take over of all private industry and Sovietize these united States of America. Something I have written about for so many years. Medicare must be funded out, but let that mathematically flawed system die a natural death. Congress must stop forcing Americans into that bankrupt Ponzi scheme against their will. I will never go under Medicare because it is not your responsibility to pay for my medical expenses nor my responsibility to pay yours.


Do people understand that Medicare could never stay solvent from day one? Do people understand that Medicare is more indentured servitude? I am forced to pay taxes to support a medical treatment program that I will never become a part of and you have no problem with that? Do people understand that we are NOT a free people if the federal government can force any of us into these taxing schemes that will collapse under the weight of their debt?

Let me give you a number that should scare you speechless:


In a column, Betsy McCaughey, said this:

"Nevertheless, Medicare is running out of money. The problem is the number of seniors compared with the smaller number of workers supporting the system with payroll taxes. To remedy the problem, the Congressional Budget Office has suggested inching up the eligibility age one month per year until it reaches age 70 in 2043, or asking wealthy seniors to pay more. These are reasonable solutions—reducing access to treatments and counseling seniors about cutting life short are not. Medicare has made living to a ripe old age a good value. ObamaCare will undo that."

A good value? With all due respect to Mrs. McCaughey who has a good heart, running up a deficit of $34 TRILLION DOLLARS that doesn't exist is not a good value. Every dollar spent on Medicare has to be borrowed because there is no money in the U.S. Treasury to pay the bills. Geithner is now asking these outlaws in Congress driving us all into poverty to raise the debt ceiling limit to $12 TRILLION dollars so these insane lawbreakers in Congress can continue spending money that doesn't even exist.

Let us not forget the Medicare program is simply a complete and utter failure, rife with fraud year after year after year: "According to Steven Malanga of the Manhattan Institute, experts estimate that "abuses of Medicaid (alone) eat up at least 10 percent of the program's total cost nationwide -- a waste of $30 billion a year." Congress has NEVER been able to stop the mess Medicare is and always has been. Americans need to look at the high cost of Medicare and why it must be a program that dies out by attrition. Now, you want to turn over the ENTIRE health care system in this country to a government that barely functions day to day?

Keep raising the eligibility age limit or asking wealthy seniors to be penalized by hiking their rates is not the answer to this mess. Continuing to add recipients is not the answer. Getting government out of health care altogether is the only answer. Allow the free market to bring costs into line. Get rid of the heavy, progressive and unnecessary federal income tax so that Americans will be able to pay for their own health care. (Do not fall for these alternative taxing schemes that will only fund the same problem by using a different method.)

The lies about how many Americans are uninsured flows like lava from a newly erupting volcano:

The '47 Million Uninsured' Myth - August 29, 2007

Don't Be Fooled by Obama's '45 Million' Uninsured - July 31, 2009. "When the numbers are crunched, it turns out that only 11 million legal American citizens who would like health insurance don't have it, and even that figure is likely high. If we take it at 11 million, that's less than 4% of the country."

[POLL: Will ObamaCare lead to Euthanasia for the elderly and those with disabilities?]

I have several family members who have lost their jobs and now have no health insurance. It is part of life because no where in the U.S. Constitution are you guaranteed health care insurance. Congress ruined the finest health care system in the world and now people expect their grand plan to take over 1/7th of our economy is going to "fix" the mess they (both parties) have made over decades?

Blame Congress for HMOs. February 27, 2001
Lowering the Cost of Health Care. April 21, 2006
Ron Paul Introduces Free Choice in Health Care Bill
Coercion is Not Health Care Act (HR 2629) May 21, 2009

Congress has made themselves exempt from Comrade Obama's health care nightmare. Anyone else?

Union workers would be exempt from Dem health care tax

Could that be why union thugs (SEIU) attacked conservatives at town hall meeting? Short video.

The 1,018 page bill Congress wants to shove down our throats contains some of the most horrific provisions one could ever imagine to destroy another private industry because that is what health care in this country is: a product and services that Americans buy in the private sector with their consumer dollars.

This so called health care reform is nothing but a naked blue print for rationed care and euthanasia, paid for by the fruits of your labor against your will. How about forcing people like me who firmly believe in the sanctity of life to fund the murder of unborn babies? Waxman Forces Re-Vote to Ensure Coverage for Taxpayer-Subsidized Abortion Remains in Health Care Bill, July 31, 2009.

Learn the facts and tell Congress in no uncertain terms: (1) Get out of America's health care system. That's the legislation we want to see. Only a free market will reform our health care system. (2) Doctors, nurses and other organizations: Tell Congress you will sue if any version of these so-called health care reform bills pass. Small to medium businesses: Combine your efforts and get your lawyers to draft letters and tell Congress they have no legal authority to force private industry to buckle under to their demands. Hammer on them until Congress goes back into session, September 8, 2009.

You must also contact your state representative and state senator even if your legislature is out of session. Tell them you want your state to reject this unlawful take over of another private industry that will force you under more draconian federal laws. Arizona has already passed a measure that will go to the voters. Why they feel this requires a constitutional amendment to their constitution is beyond me. With a corrupted ballot box and a state infested with illegal aliens who are voting, that is a bad move. Their legislature can simply pass a law protected by the Tenth Amendment and their governor signs it into law. Texas looks to be heading in the right direction. All state legislatures have the right to call an emergency session. Stopping this nightmare should be of highest priority for the states of the Union or get trampled.

This is a list of videos and factual articles and statements by physicians as well as a link to all town hall meetings being held in the U.S. during the month of August. Stand up and be heard before it's too late.

This is why every American should reject any government involvement in our health care system:

Short videos you should watch:

1 - Soldier demands apology from McCaskill at Obamacare forum
2 - AARP is lying to their members. This is a pathway to rationed health care and euthanasia
3 - Listen to the propaganda in this video about insurance company profits by an AARP volunteer
4 - The pathological liar is caught again
5 - And again: Obama in '07: 'Eliminate' private health insurance

1 - Here is the nightmare being shoved down our throats

1 - List of all town hall meetings
2 - "That protester right there is holding a Bible," the voiceover on the report said.
3 - Health bill: Billions for parks, paths, farmers' markets

No, government health care isn't better for the patient:

1 - The one word to describe ObamaCare by Dr. Dave Janda
2 - Massachusetts Health Care: A Model Not to Copy
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5 - UK: Patients forced to live in agony after NHS refuses to pay for painkilling injections
6 - As Hillary, Edwards and Obama talk about socialized medicine, Canada is trying to jettison its public health system in order to give its citizens a healthcare system that works.
7 - Dr. McKalip, the President of the Florida Neurosurgical Society, has summed up the liberal Democrats’ plan very clearly

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8 - Obama Health Bill Allows Government Real-time Access to Bank Accounts
9 - Legislation could end up bailing out employers who hire illegal aliens
10 - Right there on Page 16 is a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal.

1 - Romneycare Costs One Hospital $100 Million

1 - More outrage at YOUR front door
2 - Learn what "life years" means because you are expendible
3 - Biden: "We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt."
4 - Drug makers spending big bux for this toxic legislation
5 - Members of Congress Face Conflict of Interest, When it Comes to Drug Companies
6 - In Washington, the drug industry has 1,274 lobbyists
7 - CBO deals new blow to health plan
8 - Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals

Obama/Soetoro IS an usurper

1 - Legal analysis here and here and here

Obama/Soetoro is a Marxist:

1 - Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection
2 - Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection

� 2009 - - All Rights Reserved

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These craven jackals in Congress have become fearful of the American people exercising their right to demand their elected representatives in Congress do what they want, not what special interests pay these prostitutes to do for them.