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By: Devvy
July 27, 2009
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"At the establishment of our Constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the public at large; that these decisions nevertheless become law by precedent, sapping by little and little the foundations of the Constitution and working its change by construction before any one has perceived that that invisible and helpless worm has been busily employed in consuming its substance. In truth, man is not made to be trusted for life if secured against all liability to account." --Thomas Jefferson to A. Coray, 1823. ME 15:486

Quoting Dr. Cordero:

"To begin with, the chamber that begins impeachment proceedings is the House, where the article(s) of impeachment must be voted. Only if one or more such articles are voted by the House, does the Senate come into play by holding a trial on them. U.S. Const. Art. II §4. In the 220 years since the establishment of the Federal Judiciary by the Judiciary Act of 1789 under U.S. Const. Art. III, only seven judges have been impeached and removed from office; see Judges of the U.S. Courts Impeachments of Federal Judges.

"Consequently, it is not realistic to believe that the House is going to initiate impeachment proceedings against all the judges of a court. Far from it, even when a judge has been convicted on charges of aggravated sexual assault and sent to prison for 33 months, as was U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent of Galveston, Texas, the House may move reluctantly or very slowly to impeach: May 11, 2009: Federal judge in sex case gets nearly 3 years

"The chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and its ranking Republican demanded that Kent resign immediately from the bench Monday. His lawyer has said he retired rather than resigned, which would allow him to continue drawing a federal judge's salary. "Unless Judge Samuel Kent immediately resigns, we intend to introduce a resolution jointly tomorrow to commence an inquiry into whether grounds exist to impeach him and remove him from office," Reps. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said in a statement Monday."

"In fact, it has yet to vote on the article of impeachment drawn up against Judge Kent, despite Representatives expression of outrage over the Judge's drawing his full salary while in prison, never mind that the appointment of a judge under Art. III §1 is only “during good Behaviour.”

Does anyone believe members of Congress were unaware of this case up until the last minute when Judge Kent was convicted? The holier-than-thou, Rep. John Conyers, whose wife recently pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to commit bribery for accepting envelopes loaded with cash, suddenly woke up to what was under everyone's nose! Some might call that progress. I call it the good old boys club. It must stop and these judges must be removed from the bench.

Americans have been pounding on the seventeen members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop the vote tomorrow on Sotomayor until a full investigation is undertaken into her activities -- including this new charge of fraud relating to the Homestead Exemption in Florida. The Benson and Hirmer cases scream out for justice, but that will not happen until the American people come together in a concerted effort.

Millions of letters and phone calls should be sent to the federal house and senate committees on the judiciary demanding the immediate trial of the judges who have conspired to deprive Bill Benson of his right to present, and have considered, evidence of his innocence. These letters should also be sent to the Attorney General, the President, the bar associations across the country, and every newspaper, TV and radio station in the country.

I cannot even begin to impress upon Americans the suffering endured by Bill Benson because of his unwavering stand against judicial tyranny. Besides being jailed and cruelly denied medication during his incarceration, this decades long journey has exacerbated his serious medical problems. Both Bill and Lorraine are getting "up there in years," but instead of whining and quitting, they have stayed the course. So, too, have all the constitutional attorneys involved in his case --90% of the time without being paid.

Dr. Richard Cordero has brought evidence of criminal wrong doing on the part of Sonia Sotomayor at great expense and anguish to his personal code and belief in the fairness of our judicial system. Now he knows some are above the law. The question is what will we the people do about it? We the people are under serious attack by these federal judges and it's just a matter of time until the government decides you are next, and you are tried, convicted, and incarcerated for your thoughts. Refusing one the right to present arguments and facts in their defense is the same as having no trial at all. It happened before in the world, and it is now happening here.

What we need is a few volunteers to put together a web site which will be a clearing house for this effort. The web site will have sample letters to send to these judges, members of Congress, bar associations and the media. It would also need to have the ability to shoot thousands of faxes at the click of a button. There are many demanding and critical issues we the people are focusing on, but this is one that cannot simply be brushed aside.

We all have too little time, but think of the time spent by attorneys like Dr. Cordero and Jeffrey Dickstein and so many, many others who go to court to fight our battles only to run into judicial corruption on such a massive scale. Not to mention the defendants who have been denied due process and their freedom stolen:

Man wrongly jailed for 16 years blames Sotomayor/Appeals twice went to her desk, rejected without look at evidence

It CAN happen to you. As Dr. Cordero so astutely pointed out in the aforementioned letter to me:

"This means that the public must be convinced that the situation in question can affect them, their families, their friends, by having a decisive detrimental impact on their employment and livelihood, their property, their liberty, or even their lives. The mere fact that something is unfair and unjust is not enough to provoke outrage and cause the public to commit itself to changing it.

"The reason why her [Sotomayor] confirmation commands such attention is, in addition to her gender and ethnicity, that she is being considered for a justiceship for life, a position from which she can make decisions that affect vital interests of the public, such as gun rights, racial discrimination, abortion and the financial accountability of the rich and the well-connected. This is the reason why the DeLano case can be described as keenly relevant to the interests of the public. DeLano
deals with bankruptcy, a subject that literally affects millions of people directly and weighs heavily on the mind of practically everybody due to the current economic crisis and the still increasing number of the unemployed. Bankruptcy affects everybody because the losses of debtors and creditors are passed on to the public at large either as higher prices or as diminished economic activity, greater likelihood of business failure, and consequent layoffs.

"Think of the many car dealerships that went out of business in the wake of GM and Chrysler's bankruptcies. Moreover, DeLano deals with bankruptcy fraud. This means that the losses suffered by debtors and creditors were not only avoidable; they were also intentional. Worse yet, that fraud was committed in the organized way of a bankruptcy fraud scheme. This makes it all the more effective, widespread, and menacing, for it is set up to strike repeatedly.

"But what makes it outrageous is that the scheme is run precisely by officers who are supposed to ensure the fairness and justice of bankruptcy proceedings: not just the trustees, who owe a fiduciary duty to debtors and creditors alike, but the judges too, who are supposed to safeguard the very foundation of our system of government, the rule of law, as a means of ensuring that all people receive what they are entitled to and the judges are duty bound to administer to them: Equal Justice Under Law. Delano has all the elements necessary so to outrage the public as to compel it to take action."

What can be more detrimental to the lives of the American people than the enforcement of the federal income tax under a law that doesn't exist? And corrupt judges on the bench running a bankruptcy fraud scheme?

I can't do everything, but I can ask for a couple of volunteers to get a web site up and running so we can saturate the country with this factual information and ask that they take the time to participate (which requires very little time) in a national, concerted effort. Attorneys through out this country should also become involved in this coordinated effort. Yes, they have to deal with these judges, but we can use their help in other ways. We must make it as easy as possible for time strapped Americans to pound on these judges, Congress and the media until we get the desired results.

This web site would cross reference with Dr. Cordero's site which contains primarily evidence on the bankruptcy fraud issue. He does have a plan of action so the sites would compliment each other. What this new site would do is act as a clearing house of sorts: (1) public awareness of Dr. Cordero's web site; (2) judicial corruption involving the federal income tax; (3) sample letters you can download and send; (4) hopefully fax blaster software. These letters would be directed towards judges, Congress, U.S. Attorneys and all media. Not complicated, just convenient.

Will we continue to spin our wheels and do nothing but crab about these judges or do something about it? If you have experience in setting up a web site, please contact me. While my plate is overflowing like everyone else, I will help with the content and feed updates as they happen. I'll also make sure it gets maximum exposure through my columns and my radio show. Oh, and there's no pay for volunteers, although I will pay for the host domain if required. We do this because we have no choice. Just as those weary, bloodied colonials who traipsed around in the snow at Valley Forge without adequate clothing and shoes consisting of some leather and strings. Are we any less warriors than those men?

Please donate to defray the gargantuan legal costs for Bill Benson's case. Little numbers do add up, i.e., 5,000 people each donate $10 and you give Dickstein the funds needed to take this to the Supreme Court. I can tell you he has virtually worked for years without getting paid. Do not think for a moment that all we do isn't bringing success, because it is, one small step at a time. If we do nothing, we lose by default. This applies to the Sotomayor situation and bringing her and the other judges to justice. Something denied countless Americans who came before them. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,


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Will we continue to spin our wheels and do nothing but crab about these judges or do something about it? If you have experience in setting up a web site, please contact me. While my plate is overflowing like everyone else, I will help with the content and feed updates as they happen.