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By: Devvy
June 8, 2009
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[I am traveling right now and can't do new columns while on the road. I pulled this one from my CD because it recently came up when I had Dr. Dennis Cuddy on my radio show; see his column here; parts 3, 4 & 5 here. I've edited a bit because of length. This article was written in October 1996.]

Like the New Age issue, freemasonry has been a controversial one with a long history. As with the New Age issue, I researched freemasonry from both sides of the subject before I formed an opinion. I know many men who are Masons. I know for a fact that the greatest majority of the millions of men worldwide who are Masons are good, decent people. They do good things, i.e. Shriner's Hospital, charitable community activities and are of strong faith and belief in God.

Not long ago I received a small booklet called the Scottish Rite Journal of Freemasonry of Southern Jurisdiction USA. This is a special issue devoted to the American Flag. I read every article in this booklet and I was most impressed; a more patriotic publication would be hard to find and I am going to keep this little booklet of stories to review once in awhile. However, there's an old saying: "The big print giveth, the small print taketh away".

I was distressed when I read the inside cover which read: The views expressed in the Scottish Rite Journal (formerly titled THE NEW AGE, 1903-1990)... This was immediately a red flag. I was also disappointed to see that one of the editorial board members is Senator Alan Simpson, another New World Order lapdog. You'll recall from last month's issue, I listed just a fraction of the research materials available on the New Age danger and its Lucerferian doctrine.

As I said, millions of decent, God-fearing men belong to various freemasonry organizations. But is there something else which goes on behind the scenes that the average man in a freemasonry organization is unaware of? Three years ago I read the Bible of freemasonry, Morals and Dogma by Albert C. Pike. I have never met a Mason yet who has read this work. For the most part it is dry and languishing in style, but the subtle nuances of Lucifer and devotion to the underworld are there for anyone to read. Personally, I would never belong to or commit myself to any organization or religion whose printed doctrine I have never read or studied.

One thing that bothers a lot of people about freemasonry is the secrecy and the symbolism. After reading more than a dozen books by individuals who rose to the 33rd-degree level or higher, I strongly recommend that those involved should be running to the bookstore to get these first-hand stories and then re-evaluate whether they should stay in this world-wide organization, and again, this must be purely personal decision by each man. It does appear to me, however, that anyone below the 33-degree level has absolutely no idea what is going on at the highest levels.

Freemasonry was banned in the Catholic Church for over a thousand years until the current Pope, John Paul II, came to power. His first act as Pope was to lift this ban for the first time in over a 1,000 years. You see, the Church strongly believes freemasonry is steeped in Lucerferian doctrine and Eastern occultism and idol worship. In March, 1996, and I can't remember his name, but a Cardinal in Nebraska gave all Catholics who are masons, until April 15th to quit freemasonry or they would be excommunicated from the Church. After the one article in the Denver [Comp]Post, I never saw a follow-up. This was a very drastic thing for an American Cardinal to do - in direct opposition to the dictates of the current Pope.

When an individual belongs to any group or organization, they generally are subject to the rules, by-laws, procedures, etc., of that organization. When people belong to various groups and organizations, it is not uncommon for the philosophy behind these organizations to shape values and opinions of members, i.e. CFR & Tri-Lateral Commission. Look at the "green" movement! Members usually take some oath to commit to following these rules and procedures. Should you be a Mason and you decide after researching this matter thoroughly, that what I and many others have determined to be fact, what should you do? We must all follow our conscience so I can't advise anyone what to do.

What would I do? First I would do my homework. Then I would begin educating my fellow Masons. I would begin asking them why all the secrecy, all the symbolism and what does it really stand for and represent?

As with the New Age issue, I have a small fortune in research material on freemasonry. I have little from the freemasons themselves, with the exception of the aforementioned booklet, mostly due to their iron-fisted policy of secrecy. I am going to list the most outstanding of the books I have read on this issue; all these books can be ordered from: Emissary Publications, 503-824-2050. Ask yourself this: Why would so many people investigate and research freemasonry? Why would former high level "degree" masons feel strongly enough to quit this organization and write such well documented books if there wasn't something more here than meets the eye?


"Mr. Shaw was a 33rd Degree, Knight Commander of the Court of Honor, Past Worshipful Master, Blue Lodge, Past Master of all Scottish Rites Bodies. Most of us see only the exterior of the building, usually an unattractive, forbidding exterior with a locked door and no windows. It is a grim fortress of mystery, saying to the rest of the world, "Stay away...your profane eyes and ears may not see or hear what we do in here." Behind that door are men you know and see regularly, many of them good men, some of them Christians, and all of them victims...victims of a deadly deception.

"Through that door unsuspecting men step, blindfolded, into a vast and powerful system which will control their lives to varying degrees, from that moment on. The vast majority will never proceed beyond the local lodge. A small minority will "go higher" into the degrees of the York Rite and Scottish Rite. And, within this small minority, only a committed few will take it all very seriously, studying and learning, make the endless search for "light" the center of their lives. Jim Shaw was such a man.

"Totally committed to Freemasonry and its lessons in morality and religion, Jim went quickly to the top, not only winning Masonry's highest honors, but in record time. There, at the top of the masonic mountain and thinking he already had everything he needed, he found the Light of the World and was set free.

"Now you can come, with Jim as your guide, behind that locked door. See for yourself this deadly deception which is victimizing multitudes of sincere men even as you read these words. Come inside the secret place, see for yourself what really happens in there, and learn what the participants never learn...its true meaning."

By Ed Decker

This may well yet be the best, most informative single book ever written on the subject of freemasonry. A variety of experts combine their vast knowledge and understanding of this dark and secret movement and pack it into ten excellent chapters.

By David L. Carrico

An up-close look at the person, writings and religious teachings of the late Manley Hall, the honored Masonic author. An obituary compared Hall with Albert Pike, the Lucerferian leader of the Illuminati in America in the last century. In his writings, Hall revealed that "the seething energies of Lucifer" are in the hands of top Masons (The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, pg. 48).

By David Carrico (with Rick Doninger)

This wide-ranging publication traces the Mystery Religions from their source and shows how they are all tied together with diabolical ingenuity in a major push to create a New World Order - or totalitarian one world government.

As a result of debauching American society by occult forces, ritualistic child sexual abuse and other occult practices are spreading fast. The Masonic/Egyptian/Satanic connection will open your eyes to why these things are happening. It will also provide you with answers to other questions that may be lurking in the back of your mind.

By William Schnoebelen

"Should a Christian be a Mason? Many think so. But William Schnobelen after years as a Mason, learned what Masonry is really like. In this book, he proves that it is very much a religion. Read the ceremonies that Masons observe, and their oath that is really a denial of Jesus Christ. Here are the facts from someone who was there. You'll see why no Christian should ever be a Mason."

By the Cardinal of Chile, Jose Maria Cardenal Caro y Rodriguez

"Now back in print in a new, totally re-typeset edition. First published in the 1920's, Unveiled documents Masonic infiltration of the Catholic Church over a period of many years as part of the Illuminati plot to establish a one world government. Written from a strictly Catholic perspective, this book provides many valuable insights into the inner workings of the secret societies in their quest for world power."

By David L. Carrico

"This is the factual story of the Great seal that appears on the back of every "$1.00" bill. Reveals its connection with Masonry and the great Conspiracy to create a totalitarian New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

"According to Henry A. Wallace, his Secretary of Agriculture, "President Roosevelt was struck by the representation of the 'All Seeing Eye', a Masonic representation of the Great Architect of the Universe...Roosevelt like myself was a 32nd degree Mason. He suggested that the seal be put on the dollar bill..."(p. 62).

By Ed Decker

"Outwardly, Masonry appears as a friendly, helpful fraternity - eager to help the community or anyone in need. Is that a true picture? The author reveals that once you get past the good-old-boy fraternal act, the funny red hats of the Shriners, and the sheltered reputation of the local Blue Lodge Masonic groups, there is an aura of mystery, power and intrigue, complete with undertones of false gods, blood oaths and backroom politics. If Freemasonry is what it professes publicly, then "Bravo!" If it is being deceptive, then it should be exposed. It is that simple."

By Ed Decker, et al

This may well be the best, most informative single book ever written on the subject of freemasonry.

By David Carrico

A brief but fascinating study of Freemasonry and its relationship to the occult and Luciferianism. Excellent documentation.

I have also read the following books on the order called the Illuminati. There can be no doubt after researching this in great depth that freemasonry and its roots are directly tied in with the Iluminati and this "New Age", which I covered last month.

By Gerald B. Winrod

An in-depth look at the founder of the Illuminati. A good short work.

Two Cassettes by Myron Fagan

This famous recording by Myron Fagan, the Hollywood producer, tells the story of the Illuminati in fascinating detail. This is a must for serious students of history.

Note: If you have trouble finding these books on sites like Amazon, try

Update June 8, 2009. I highly recommend the book, In God's Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I. You might also wish to read Masons Control the Vatican And The Roman Catholic Church compiled by Rev. F.J.G. Ragelis (1976). Please don't send email accusing me of hating the Catholic Church as I am Roman Catholic. While I stopped attending their churches after Vatican II, I fully understand the problems within the church. Thank you.

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As with the New Age issue, I have a small fortune in research material on freemasonry. I have little from the freemasons themselves, with the exception of the aforementioned booklet, mostly due to their iron-fisted policy of secrecy.