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By: Devvy
May 4, 2009
� 2008 -

Why do I call the cover up of Obama aka Soetoro aka and all his other aliases a crisis? Because the longer federal judges play fast and loose with the law and other law enforcement (DOJ) continue to ignore a true constitutional legal challenge, the more extensive the damage to this country will be. As I have said in recent columns, production of a long form vault birth certificate will "not put to rest this issue once and for all." If the document were genuine and showed Obama aka Soetoro and so forth, were born in Kenya, it would only prove what so many of us already know: Obama aka Soetoro is a classic narcissist and pathological liar. However, if a genuine long form birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii, it still does not get around constitutional restrictions even though his mother was a U.S. citizen.

The issue of his citizenship status is a legal one, not a political one. This is what Obama's supporters willfully continue to ignore. They gleefully display their industrial strength stupidity by attacking Americans who are asking the law be upheld because no one, not even a president (or usurper president) is above the law. Here are a few examples of individuals who care nothing for our constitution. I can tell you by reading their carefully crafted lies and distortions that they've never spent five minutes reading any legal analysis or historical writings about the issue of 'natural born at birth.'

Editorial: Facts can't stop Obama rumors
The MetroWest Daily News
April 27, 2009

"But a crowd becoming known as "birthers" continues to pump up the story, and some people are eager to believe.

"This non-controversy was cleared up long ago, for those capable of using the Internet to discover facts as opposed to spreading lies. We recommend, which for years has been investigating and reporting on Internet rumors, both true and false. Obama was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961, according to the birth certificate posted on Obama's campaign Web site last summer."

The unnamed author of this bilge is not only factually challenged, but attempts to present facts clearly not in evidence. I can tell you he/she knows nothing about Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution or why the framers grand fathered in this clause. If you take the time to read this complete posting, you will see the alleged birth certificate is a forgery and a poor one at that.

Culture of conspiracy: the Birthers

"Out of the gaze of the mainstream and even the conservative media is a flourishing culture of advocates, theorists and lawyers, all devoted to proving that Barack Obama isn't eligible to be president of the United States...

"A quick reality check, before we dive in: The challenges to Obama's eligibility have no grounding in evidence. Courts across the country have summarily rejected the movement's theory — that Obama can't be a citizen because his father wasn't —as a misreading of U.S. law; and Hawaii officials, along with contemporary birth announcements, affirm that Obama was in fact born in Honolulu in 1961.

"But belief in obscure, discredited theories is a constant in a country with a history of partisan division — a country in which, a recent survey showed, 34 percent of the public believes in UFOs and 24 percent believes in witches..."

No court in the land has heard one single case based on merit. That is a fact, not a conspiracy theory. The statement about Obama's father and "misreading of U.S. law" is laughable and pathetic. Tying in UFO's and witches is deliberate and transparent.

David Horowitz, much admired by conservatives, makes an astonishing and completely anti American statement on the issue of the law:

Obama Derangement Syndrome

"The continuing efforts of a fringe group of conservatives to deny Obama his victory and to lay the basis for the claim that he is not a legitimate president are embarrassing and destructive...What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on U.S. soil?

"Advocates of this destructive campaign will argue that the constitutional principle regarding the qualifications for president trumps all others. But how viable will our Constitution be if five Supreme Court justices should decide to void 64 million ballots?"

What difference does it make whether Obama was "born on U.S. soil?" That's not the issue and it's a shame someone like Horowitz shoots off the pie hole in his face without even knowing the correct legal argument. How viable would it be if the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the supreme law of the land? Shame on you, Mr. Horowitz, for your cavalier attitude about the law.


It is Obama aka Soetoro who has defrauded an alleged 64 million voters. Who is this "fringe group" Horowitz speaks of demanding the supreme law of the land be enforced? Why, some of the very people who protect Horowitz' backside:

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired
Lifetime subject to recall for active duty
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF)

"We the People of the United States of America" are entitled to know the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief. For the better good and National Security of "We the People of the United States" and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

Lt. Scott Easterling, in his capacity as a US army officer, Resident of Tennessee, currently stationed in Iraq; Active Duty Alan C. James, resident of North Carolina, currently stationed in Iraq; Active Duty Specialist Jason James Freese, resident of Alaska; Active National Guardsman Matthew Michael Edwards, resident of Wyoming; Active duty SPC Charles Crusemire, Resident of Pennsylvania, resident of Pennsylvania, currently in Iraq; Active duty Captain Robin D. Biron, resident of Arizona, bronze star recipient in Iraq; Drilling Reservist scheduled for deployment Lita M. Lott, resident of California; Active military James N. Glunt, resident of Pennsylvania; Citadel staff sergeant Timothy W. Kenney, US Marine Corp veteran, Virginia Army National Guard; Major General Carrol Dean Childers, Ret. Lifetime subject to recall, resident of Virginia

Colonel Harry Riley, Ret. Lifetime subject to recall, Silver star recipient, resident of Florida; Colonel John D. Blair, US Army, Ret, lifetime subject to recall, resident of Florida; LCDR Jeff Graham Winthrope, US Navy, Ret. Lifetime subject to recall, resident of Texas; Lt. Col Dr. David Earl Graef, Active Reserves, resident of Virginia; Commander Charles Maxwell, US Navy, recipient of 4 gold stars, Ret., lifetime subject to recall, resident of New York; Lieutenant Colonel Donald Sullivan, resident of North Carolina; Lieutenant Colonel John David Klein, US Air Force, subject to recall, resident of Kentucky; Commander David Fullmer LaRocque, US Navy reserves, Ret, subject to recall, resident of California; Lieutenant Colonel Charles L. Miller, Ret US Air Force, lifetime subject to recall, resident of Ohio

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Norton Bauerbach, US Air Force, Inactive Reserve, silver star recipient, resident of Arizona; LTC Chetwin M. Hurd, Ret, resident of Texas; Lieutenant Commander John Bruce Steidel, US Navy reserves, resident of Washington; Lieutenant Colonel John P. Petersen, Active Reserves, Resident of Colorado; Chief Major Tony W. A. Donnelly Army National Guard, resident of Virginia; Major Stephan F. Cook, EN US Army; Major Paulette M. Klein, Ret. US Air Force, subject to recall, resident of Kentucky; Major Bradley Charles Franklin, Ret, life time subject to recall USAF, resident of Illinois; Major Robert W. Fry, Ret. Lifetime subject to recall US Army veteran, resident of Washington; Major James Cannon, US Marine Corps, ret., resident of New Mexico; Judge Advocate for the charter of American Legion, Jack Cannon, Ret., resident of New Mexico


Major David Grant Mosby, Ret US Air Force, resident of Washington; Major Art Scheffer, US Air Force, Ret., subject to recall resident of Louisiana; Captain Edward Adams Ret, GA National Guard, resident of Georgia; Captain Pamela Barnett, Commander, training officer on temporary medical disability; Captain Neil B. Turner US Army Aviation, Ret. Subject to recall, resident of California; Captain Harry G. Butler, US Navy Seal; Captain Larry A Shewmaker, US Air Force Ret., resident of South Carolina; Captain Ralph H. Jenkins, Ret US Marine Corps, resident of Texas; Airline Captain and Naval Officer D. Andrew Johnson, Ret. Lifetime subject to recall resident of California; Officer Clint Grimes, Long Beach California Police Department and Navy active Reserve; Lieutenant Will Harper, US Navy reserve, resident of Virginia

First Lieutenant Renee A. Kania, resident of Ohio; Pilot Dana Eugene Latta, ret., resident of North Carolina; SMsgt Gary M. Morris, bronze star recipient, Ret., resident of Florida; Sergeant Jeffrey Wayne Rosner, Hon Dis., resident of Texas; SFC Susan K Irwin, US Army reserve, resident of Indiana; Aircraft Pneudraulics Specialist Thomas J Taylor, US Air force resident of California; Specialist Jennifer Leah Clark US Army Reserve, resident of Illinois; SFC E7 Robert Lee Perry, US Army, Ret, resident of Iowa; Mr. Frank Adelman, Ret military; SFC Lowell K Doherty, US army, resident of Florida; Sergeant First class Morgan Samuel Ward, US army recruiter, resident of Texas; PFC Jean S. Charles, resident of Vermont; Corporal Gary Stuart Cox, US Marine Cop, Virginia National Guard, Ret., Retired State Trooper, resident of Virginia; First Sergeant William Shires , Ret US Army

Chief Warrant Officer Thomas S. Davidson, Ret., lifetime subject to recall, resident of Arizona; E8 Senior Chief Journalist, Richard E. Venable, US Navy, resident of California; E7 Paralegal, MSGT USAF Steven Kay Neuenschwander, ret., resident of Washington; E6 James Randolph Reid Lapp, US Navy Cryptologist, Inactive Reserve, resident of Virginia; E6 Ronald Whaley, US Navy Veteran, residing in Georgia; E6 Mark Francis Rayome, US Navy Seabees, resident of Colorado; E6 Ronald Durward Howell, Air Traffic controller, resident of Tennessee; CW4 David Robert, Black Hawk Helicopter pilot, Ret.., resident of Mississippi; Sp4-E4 Richard M. Keefner, honorably discharged US Army, resident of Illinois; E4 Thomas R. Knight US Navy Reserves; Sp4 US Army Artur J. Olscszewski, retired, resident of Pennsylvania; E4 Larry W. Highlen, resident of Indiana; E3 Jim Szakmary, US Marine Corp, Federal Employee, resident of New York

E2 Wayne Eugene Keller, Ret., resident of Pennsylvania; Mr. Robert David Riley, US military Ret., resident of Georgia; Mr. Jeffrey Schwilk, US military ret., resident of California; SGT USAF E4. Danney L. Lawler US Air Force veteran, currently international law student in Manila, Philippines; Mr. David L. Bosley US Air Force veteran, resident of California; Ms. Loretta G. Bosley US Air Force veteran, resident of California; Mr. Kurt C. Fuqua, resident of Illinois, father of an active military serviceman and blood relative of Mr. Obama. Mr. Fuqua’s petition for Mr. Obama’s records was denied in the State of Hawaii and Mr. Fuqua was told to wait for a year for the records.

Included in the "fringe group" are elected members of state legislatures who have taken considerable flack because they believe no one is above the law:

Mr. Eric Swafford, in his capacity of the State representative from the State of Tennessee; Mr. Timothy Jones, ESQ, in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Missouri; Mr. Timothy Comerford, in his capacity of a State Representative from the State of New Hampshire; Mr. Frank Niceley in his capacity of the state representative from the state of Tennessee; Ms. Cynthia Davis, in her capacity of a State representative from the State of Missouri; Mr. Larry Rappaport in his capacity of a State Representative from the State of New Hampshire; Mr. Stacey Campfield in his capacity of a State representative from the state of Tennessee; Mr. Casey Guernsey in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Missouri; Mr. Glen Casada, in his capacity of a State Representative from the state of Tennessee

Included in the "fringe group" are those who, in good faith, were either candidates or electors and feel they have been cheated and victims of fraud:

Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, in his capacity of a Presidential candidate on the Ballot in 2008 Presidential Election. Ms. Gail Lightfoot, in her capacity of a vice presidential candidate for Ron Paul on the Ballot in CA in the presidential election. Mr. Robert Cusanelli, in his capacity as an Elector of the 2008 electoral college from the state of Alabama.

None of the previously mentioned complainers mentions some of the cases - which Americans have every right to bring forward -- were tampered with by known persons at the U.S. Supreme Court. None of the above report that every court has refused to hear these cases based on merit and facts. Instead, each and every one of them have been dismissed because of "standing" (which these days can mean anything) or because a judge read on the Internet there was no merit! Dr. Orly Taitz has fully documented all the manipulating that has gone at our highest court. None of them mention the outrageous problems that went on with Leo Donofrio's case. The list is endless and those responsible should be hauled in front of the grand jury because no one is above the law.

It doesn't seem to bother any of of them that Obama aka Soetoro has spent approximately $940,000 to keep his school records and the long form vault birth certificate under seal. It doesn't seem to bother them that politically corrupt federal judges would make rulings based on "twittering." How shameful. Dirty journalism has printed easily proven lies about Dr. Orly Taitz, i.e., she hasn't been admitted to practice in front of the Supreme Court (proof here and here is her certificate), she has false teeth and more malicious slander. Orly has provided all the official documentation (except her real teeth) to refute these lies. Her paypal account has been hacked and donations stolen; Orly has demanded the FBI investigate as well as the hacking of her web sites. This seeker of the truth is a dentist with a thriving practice in Southern California, a licensed attorney and real estate agent; she speaks five languages, is a loving mother and wife.

Many sincere Americans are struggling to understand the issue of 'natural born at birth.' I have taken the time to pull all of the legal analysis and historical writings on this issue published by Leo Donofrio (an attorney who brought forth one of the cases the Supreme Court refused to hear) into one place. In this link is also a few items from Dr. Taitz and Mario Apuzzo, Esq. This way, you can read all the legal arguments in one place in sequence. Research takes time. If you don't have the time, you don't want the truth. I believe you will see this issue is not a "frivolous" one and that Obama aka Soetoro does NOT meet constitutional eligibility. He has known it all along and so have his co conspirators in covering up this massive fraud.

The complete file

Until this legal issue is resolved, Obama aka Soetoro will continue signing laws that will eventually lead to a torrent of lawsuits that will flood the courts and continue to divide this country. I am printing out a copy of this column and sending it to several U.S. Attorney's as well as individuals in the FBI (Not Mueller). We the people will not be silenced on this issue by industrial strength stupidity pumped out by politically motivated individuals in the media or the David Horowitz's who have so little regard for the U.S. Constitution. Every American should continue demanding U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor convene a Quo Warranto. Every American regardless of political party affiliation should continue demanding the various U.S. Attorney's investigate Obama aka Soetoro for fraud regarding the data bases put together by Dr. Taitz. Only millions of letters or faxes will put on enough heat to bring this to a court of law.

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No court in the land has heard one single case based on merit. That is a fact, not a conspiracy theory. The statement about Obama's father and "misreading of U.S. law" is laughable and pathetic. Tying in UFO's and witches is deliberate and transparent.