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By: Devvy
January 8, 2009

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"Tell them (the South Carolinians who wanted to nullify the Tariff Act of 1832) that I will hang the first man of them I can get my hands on to the first tree I can find." --President Andy Jackson

Did you know protecting American jobs is a bad thing for the banking cartels? So says one anti-American globalist:

"The $17bn bail-out of General Motors and Chrysler last month was already a step across the Rubicon towards a protectionist industrial policy, even if that was not the motive. The EU is exploring a World Trade Organisation complaint over "illegal state aid." But the latest Buy American move is much more explicit.

"This is quite dangerous," said Peter Sutherland, chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former director-general of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). "The US is the key to keeping a one-world trading system, but there is always the tendency to go for protectionism in a recession, and this is the worst one I've ever seen."

So, Americans must continue pushing paper for foreign companies and commie countries and buying their junk while our key industries that made this country the richest, most self-reliant and independent in the world, continue to go under - to protect a one world trading system? Agriculture, manufacturing and industrial -- all crippled and dying a slow death because of destructive trade treaties signed by Billy Clinton (NAFTA & GATT) and George Bush, Jr. (CAFTA) to keep a "one world trading system" operating. George Bush, Sr., spearheaded the NAFTA treaty with Canada and Mexico; Billy was selected to continue the destruction. Obama is to cement the final stakes through the heart of this republic.

Goldman Sachs and Hank Paulson - In bed with your money: "Goldman Sachs cashed in under Paulson, with earnings in 2005 of $5.6 billion; Paulson made more than $38 million that year." These vile people are getting away with it because Americans continue voting the same crooks back to Congress who give people like Paulson unlimited power to rob you of all you've worked for and your children's future.

Let me remind Americans of some prophetic words:

In a December 6, 1993, Washington Times interview with the late billionaire financier Sir James Goldsmith, he warned that "GATT will mean social upheaval and political instability bringing far worse global consequences than the Bolshevik Revolution...If the masses understood the truth about GATT, there would be blood in the streets of many capitals."

Thomas Jefferson weighed in back in 1815 with, "He, therefore, who is now against domestic manufacture, must be for reducing us either to dependence on that foreign nation, or be clothed in skins, and to live like beasts in dens and caverns. I am not one of those."

The day is coming when Americans will be reduced to rags and then the rage will spill over. Since these toxic "free trade" treaties went into effect, the trade deficit has skyrocketed, but most Americans have no idea what that means. They just continue voting back in the same unlawfully seated U.S. Senators who keep selling US out to foreign interests via trade treaties.

This map appeared in the Denver Post, August 30, 1992, a mere four months before NAFTA was unconstitutionally signed into law that has destroyed millions and millions of good paying jobs for Americans. "Free trade" destroys boundaries and sovereignty. That is the agenda in reducing America to third world status to enrich those who care about nothing but money and power. Americans have become beasts of burden, wearing their yokes with resignation.

Congressional Record, Appendix, May 4, 1955, Page A3016 - A3018, Congressman Lawrence Smith comments that there are people in our country today who would surrender our national sovereignty to a fictitious form of world government. He then goes on to outline with uncanny accuracy back then, the disaster just over our horizon as the infrastructure for this totalitarian one world government is now in place. Implementation only requires one more "act of terrorism."

Goals of the Communist Party, Congressional Record, January 10, 1963: Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

Full page ad, NY Times, April 15, 1994:

1944. Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank. 1945. San Francisco: The United Nations. 1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization. History knows where its going. The final act of the Uruguay the WTO, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the UN and the IMF."

Henry Kissinger, a tried and true traitor and Soviet agent recently said when asked the most important role Marxist Obama can play regarding the middle East: Obama can give a new impetus to American foreign policy....his task is to step forward to create a new world. You can watch this human excrement on video here.

The global elitists will continue unabated because virtually the same U.S. Senate left over from the last disastrous session of Congress, and who sit in office under a law that does not exist, have no intention of going up against their money masters. However, as I have written for more than a decade: they cannot force you to spend your money on foreign products. The more Made in America products we buy and services we use, the more competitive the industries become and we keep our people employed. We keep the money in this country and we rebuild our constitutional republic.

Building print and electronic media for we the people

Anyone not in a self imposed coma fully understands that there is no "freedom of the press" because the dominant media in this country (print, radio and the boob tube) are corporate owned and those corporations no longer represent these united States of America. They are "multi-national" corporations who care nothing for our people except as peasants who work to pay them huge profits.

That is changing for print and electronic media as the people's determination to stop this tyrannical government grows. We can forget TV; it's too expensive and is 100% controlled by draconian government regulations, corporate sponsorship and owned by a handful of conglomerates. The same corporations that have sold out the American worker and middle class in this country. Why continue rewarding your enemy?


As I outlined in my last column, I will have a one hour nightly radio show soon and thank you for all the emails expressing your support and spreading the word. Talk radio is listener driven. It is also profit driven and if advertisers see a continuing decline in ratings for any talk show host, those advertising dollars dry up. The American consumer can not only make sure their dollars go to Made in America, we can also direct our spending to advertisers who carry pro-America talk show hosts. Slowly, but surely, we will make our way to AM and FM stations via new technology for automobiles and continue to grow with your help. My show debuts January 12, 2009, and can be heard Mon - Friday, 6:00 pm PST, 8:00 PM CST and 9:00 PM EST. Click here to listen.

At the risk of repeating myself, we also have to have a real newspaper in every state of the Union that reaches a large portion of a state. There are many very fine newspapers out there which serve local areas helping to spread the truth. The big newspapers in this country who want global government are taking a beating because they have betrayed the trust of the American people. It's not the economy, it's the product. The US~Observer continues to plow ground with a 17-year track record. To find out about the US~Observer joint-venture program, and get your newspaper going today, call The US~Observer at: 1-928-777-8851 or 1-541-474-7885.

Update on the Obama cover up. Congress is to count the electoral college votes today. The follow day (January 9, 2009) is the first conference for Phil Berg's lawsuits by the U.S. Supreme Court; the second date for the supremes is January 16, 2009. After a frustrating wait, Dr. Orly Taitz has news:

January 7, 2009
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts agreed to hear my case
Press Release from Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ.

"Good news. Chief Justice John Roberts agreed to hear my case Lightfoot v Bowen, challenging eligibility for presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. He distributed the case to the full conference of the Supreme Court. The timing of this decision by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, is absolutely remarkable. On January 7, one day before the January 8 vote by Congress and Senate, whether to approve or object to the electoral vote of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, as president of the United States, Chief Justice Roberts is sending a message to them:

"Hold on, not so fast, there is value in this case, read it. Hawaiian statue 338 allows Foreign Born children of Hawaiian Residents to obtain Hawaiian Birth Certificates, it allows one to get Hawaiian Certification of Life birth based on a statement of one relative only, without any corroborating evidence. You need to investigate, you need corroborating evidence.

"If only one Congressman or one Senator presents a written objection, then there has to be a formal investigation by the joint session of Congress and Senate. During this investigation original birth certificate from Hawaii will be subpoenaed. All other pertinent documents will be subpoenaed: Obama's immigration records, any and all passports from Indonesia, Kenya and Great Britain; University enrollment records, showing if he was enrolled in US schools and universities and received financial aid as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia or Kenya. All of it can be subpoenaed and obtained within a day or two.

"Each and every member of US Congress and Senate owes it to 320 million American citizens to do his due diligence and demand all necessary records. When American servicemen are told to risk their lives defending Constitution of this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, each and every Congressman and each and every Senator can spend a day or two of their time defending this Constitution, reviewing necessary documents, in order to see if Barack Hussein Obama is a Natural Born Citizen, if he is a citizen at all." This is the message that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is sending to them, and if they are not listening, there has to be a massive petition drive to recall them. Truth will come out, no matter how many millions Obama is spending to hide it."

Lightfoot v Bowen is Distributed for Conference, January 23, 2009.

How many more "conferences" will the nine justices hold in private before they order oral arguments? How many more cases before they decide it's time to judge these cases on merit? We have Donofrio (Denied), Wrotnoski (Denied), Berg on January 9, 2009, Berg on January 16, 2009, and now Orly's case scheduled for January 23, 2009.

Both Phil and Orly have gone to extraordinary lengths, as well as so many others in their lawsuits and they can use some financial support. These lawyers have had to give up other clients and case work that pays the bills to stay on these lawsuits. I'm sure they would appreciate a donation in what ever amount is comfortable for your situation. Phil's web site is here. Dr. Orly Taitz is here.

We the people DO have the destiny of America in our hands and we can put serious road blocks in the way of the destroyers by directing our consumer dollars to Made in America products and services. Don't talk to foreigners in India or the Philipines and give them your credit card information. Call the company direct here in the U.S. Force the issue by the millions and those companies will bring those jobs back home where they belong. We have the absolute right to protect our job bases. Free trade is not fair trade. America first. Millions have died so we could have our tomorrows as a free people. Honor them and fight for our republic.


1 - Made in America - Support American jobs so those pinks slips going out don't affect your business down the pecking order (local economy)

If retailers don't carry American made products, tell them, fine, you'll order on line.

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5 - McClatchy puts Miami Herald up for sale
6 - Chicago Tribune Prepares for Bankruptcy Filing
7 - Time Warner expects $25B charge, loss for year

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The day is coming when Americans will be reduced to rags and then the rage will spill over. Since these toxic "free trade" treaties went into effect, the trade deficit has skyrocketed, but most Americans have no idea what that means. They just continue voting back in the same unlawfully seated U.S. Senators who keep selling US out to foreign interests via trade treaties.