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By: Devvy
January 5, 2009

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Americans all across this country are expressing their doubt as to whether or not Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever his real, legal name might be) is constitutionally (legally) eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Last month, America Online (AOL) conducted a poll that must have shocked Obots and his attorneys. The question was: Do you think there is any merit to the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's citizenship? A whopping 52% said yes; 42% said no and 6% said not sure. Looks like O'Reilly's flogging of the 'tin foil' kook aid drinkers isn't selling so well out there. Not that the big O would dream of giving any credible coverage to the issue; he's fair and balanced didn't ya know?

Big Bill isn't alone out there. David Horowitz says, "Don't write me about the constitution." That darling of conservatives apparently believes mob rule is the order of the day. Obama's constitutional eligibility means nothing. When are Americans going to stop supporting the so-called conservative "leadership" in this country when these individuals have no regard for the supreme law of the land?

Before Obama even became 'president-elect,' there was a drive to impeach him while he was an unlawfully seated U.S. Senator. You can read the particulars and petition here. Some very interesting stuff. One has to wonder just what might be percolating behind the walls at the Federal Department of Justice....

Before impostor Obama is even sworn in (God forbid), there's a growing movement to impeach him right out of the Oval Office. As Scarlett O'Hara said in the fabulous epic, Gone With the Wind: "Well, fiddle-dee-dee"! I suppose this is the only way a lot of people have to vent over the sham last year called primaries and the presidential election. However, the thought of Biden as president with the witch from the San Francisco Gay Bay Area as VP (Pelosi) is enough to frighten anyone to death. But, if Obama was not eligible to run in the first place, I don't believe impeachment would be the legal avenue since he had no right to hold that office in the first place. Biden is just the attached baggage and he would go, too.

It appears that all the electoral college votes are cast and presumably under seal in Washington, DC. From all I can find out at this point - unless no one is talking - is that not one U.S. Rep or Senator will make an objection to the counting of the votes on January 8, 2009. Despite a massive grass roots campaign, it does appear the horse and pony show will continue this Thursday. However, wouldn't we all be pleasantly surprised if there is an objection made?

The lawsuits continue to weave their way through the system. Dr. Orly Taitz has submitted a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts on behalf of her plaintiffs; read here. Orly is also seeking plaintiffs who are military (active or reserve, former or retired, any age); see here. The first of Phil Berg's conference hearings is this Friday; see here. The second one is scheduled for January 16, 2009. The Broe v Reed case is in the wrangling stage, but I do see real hope for that one. I do encourage you to take a few minutes and read this statement by the attorney, Stephen Pidgeon. An attorney has written an opinion piece titled, 'Two reasons why Obama will neither publicly speak about where he was born nor produce his original birth certificate.' I believe he's right on target; read here.

All this time, Obama has remained "cool," although yesterday must have caused him at least some discomfort when the loser he picked for a cabinet post turns out to be the target of a yet another grand jury: "New Mexico governor withdraws nomination in wake of federal grand jury investigation into whether he exchanged government contracts for campaign contributions - Bill Richardson Drops Bid For Commerce Secretary." Like Blago, Richardson will remain as governor, for now. Ah, those birds of a feather.....

My new radio show-

For many years folks have asked me when will I get my own radio show? While it requires an enormous amount of preparation time, not to mention air time, I feel the time is right to go ahead and do a show. We must continue trying to educate our fellow Americans on the under pinnings of the agenda for world government, how government systems actually work and how to effectively fight state legislatures and Congress to win. I have been so very fortunate over the past 19 years to have teachers and mentors who made sure I got factual, accurate information and who taught me about things like Title 42, aka "social security," why government health care would be a disaster and real solutions.

While it's impossible for me to read thousands of emails which come in each week, one theme is common: There is so much in my columns. "I work and just don't have time to read all this stuff. I wish I could listen to you on radio." Talk radio is one of our major vehicles to reach out to tens of thousands at a time. It is my desire to bring what I have learned to the air waves in the hope that people can see the problems we have are American issues, not political ones. Americans are constantly, via the boob tube and corporate talk radio, being driven to political solutions instead of legal ones. Instead of constitutional solutions that are already there, Americans are bombarded with propaganda to believe that only more laws and "reforms" will "fix" the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. How many more laws are going to be shoved down our throats instead of adhering to our state's and U.S. Constitution?


We must continue reaching out to Americans with critical information using all vehicles available to us. How many of the popular "left" or "right" talk show hosts will talk about the vile, evil company called Monsanto? A wonderful, dear talk show host, Derry Brownfield, lost his radio job for exposing the truth about that corporation because Monsanto is a big, corporate sponsor. What an outrage.

If you haven't seen the DVD, The World According to Monsanto -- get it. Watch it. Share it and help warn Americans what is going on with our food supply. That DVD is absolutely stunning. It is professionally filmed and will scare the hell out of you, believe me. I've been fortunate in that I found out so much of this documented information back in the early 1990s, but the majority of our fellow Americans have not. They must. America is a sick and dying nation. People need to find out why. You can order this outstanding video here or call 1-800-955-0116; if $$ are kind of tight, share the cost with a few friends or family members.

Why micro broadcasting for my show? For one thing, complete independence to bring you hard hitting facts and the truth without fear of losing corporate sponsorship. Companies and entrepreneurs who advertise on "alternative" radio air waves believe in free speech for everyone. You can read about micro broadcasting and the law here. And, speaking of advertisers: Any radio enterprise must be run like a business and those "pesky" ads are necessary or there wouldn't be talk radio. Besides, that's how you find out about great products. I know because I've purchased some of them when I was only a guest! Those revenues are what pay for the enormous costs of bandwidth, equipment and so on. Since the "cat jumped out of the bag" about my show, several individuals have contacted me about being sponsors during my broadcasts. Please contact Joe McNeil for information on advertising rates.

Right now, Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly own the airwaves tying up more than a thousand stations a day. However, independent radio broadcasters are on the move in capturing audiences with hosts who present more than just yapping the party line. This is what I hope to accomplish and I am pleased that Joe McNeil of Micro Effect Radio Broadcast Network is giving me the air time. My show will debut, January 12, 2009. It will be Monday - Friday, one hour per night. Time: 6:00 pm PST; 8:00 pm CST and 9:00 pm EST.

My show will not be the traditional live, call in for a while. There is a lot of information that needs to get into the public domain, i.e., the truth about social security, non ratified amendments, major issues regarding the FDA, treaties and jurisdiction. Why don't the systems work? Why are they bankrupt? I believe Americans do want the truth. They do want to understand what Congress and the controlled, dominant media in this country won't tell you. Once I get through all that, then we can go live with guests and you can call in and vent or ask questions. I do enjoy talking with people and will make every effort to have guests that can answer your questions with facts and not the blame game of conservatives v liberals/progressives.

Hopefully we can get my show on local am or fm stations around the country. That won't happen unless enough people call station managers and ask them to pick up my show. Those who can't listen via satellite or the Internet would then be able to listen while driving or even out working in the garage. The more people we reach, the more people will demand real solutions instead of more political posturing and looting of our treasury that won't fix a darn thing. Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress are throwing a TRILLION dollars out there as the "new" stimulus package to jump start the economy. What folly. There is no money in the treasury and the last two "stimulus" packages did nothing. People used the money to pay off bills or put it in their savings account. This is just more lunacy.

I hope you will tune in beginning January 12, 2009; click here to find out how to listen. Also, constitutional attorneys Larry Becraft and Tommy Cryer have a show on this network you need to hear. Their two hour show airs at noon on Saturdays; all show times at PST.


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Why micro broadcasting for my show? For one thing, complete independence to bring you hard hitting facts and the truth without fear of losing corporate sponsorship. Companies and entrepreneurs who advertise on "alternative" radio air waves believe in free speech for everyone.