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By: Devvy
January 3, 2009

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"What's the difference between Communism and Capitalism? Answer: The Communists nationalised all the companies first -- and then ruined them." German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Record numbers of Americans are finally coming to the conclusion that this country is in big trouble. I've been writing for well over a decade that it was just a matter of time until all the programs were implemented and the economy crashes that the shadow government will finally make their move. The house of fiat currency would finally burn itself out and you and I would be left holding the smoking ruins while the banker barons end up with the fruits of our labor. Barack Hussein Obama is the chosen one to head up the final phase to reduce all but the richest into abject poverty, nationalize industries and use the iron fist of totalitarian government to keep the rest of us in line.

Legions of Americans have given up with the typical "can't fight city hall" excuse because they're too lazy, too busy or too cowardly to stand up to the power structures in this country. Everyday I get mail from people who say, "Nice column, Devvy, but it's too late." Too many have taken the "I'll pray on it" and do nothing path. They expect someone else to step up to the plate and assume their duty and responsibility for freedom and liberty - even to the point of sacrificing their own children. I'm not interested in the defeatist attitude, I'm interested in warriors and I'll tell you what -- a whole lot of them are women.

Others send me email asking what can I do? Well, every two years I write the same column as the pretend elections roll around: Change is not possible with the same players. Every election with the help of electronic voting machines and ballot counters, the masses go to the polls and elect the same incompetent party favorites and nothing changes. It only gets worse. The cycle continues election after election after election. Now, we're faced with an impostor selected for the White House, endless lawsuits if he is sworn into office and a U.S. Congress that has no intention of changing anything for the better. With the exception of 27 seats out of 435 in the House, it's the same Congress that has done nothing but loot and steal from we the people since they took power in January 2007. The other part of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate has 100 individuals who serve in office under a law that doesn't exist.

So, here we are. Think tanks are pumping out worthless band aids as solutions. The Republican Party is trying to "rebuild itself" and its image with the same individuals who have been taking us to Hell since January, 1995. New world order (one world government) advocates like Newt Gingrich remain a favorite with the controlled cable news networks like FAUX, while true Americans patriots like Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jeffrey Dickstein and so many others are ignored as guests. The Internet remains our number one tool for educating our fellow Americans, but it is also full of lies, disinformation and love of party above the truth. It's also become a haven for cottage industries like the tax movement who solve nothing and for the most part, get desperate Americans into serious trouble with the government sanctioned Gestapo, the IRS.

You can't solve a problem by ignoring the solution. If you don't know the solution, you just keep grabbing at what sounds good, but never solves the problem. The truth is painful. I know. In 1991, I started my journey and it's been both rewarding and crushing. Betrayal is an ugly thing. So, what do we do? First thing you must do is make the commitment to be a true American patriot. Yes, I know you have a family and most likely two or three jobs just to make ends meet. Or, you're in college trying to get your education and like all of us, time is in short supply.

However, time is the sacrifice that has to be made. I know because I've been doing it for 19 years. Seven long years since I've put my fishing pole in the water and oh, how I miss it. But, there's always one more radio show to do to reach out and touch one more American with the truth, not the party line. Think: good times are over. Hunker down and become part of the millions across this country who are doing everything humanly possibly to stop the complete destruction of this republic and drag us into global government.

As time is a most precious commodity, I respectfully recommend that you tune out the distractions. As with any war, you have to know your objective, assess your enemy and don't waste your bullets. Go for the kill (metaphorically). As Bill O'Reilly, Hannity, Olbermann, Wolf Blitzer and the other mouth pieces of cable news networks never touch the real solutions, why distract yourself and eat up your time just to "watch them?" I used to monitor their shows, but as time has passed, I can't stomach them or their guests: the same worn out zombies like Kruthhammer, Beckel, Gingrich, the complete idiot Dennis Miller and the stable of "progressives" who appear on MSNBC and CNN. Now, I just hit their show transcripts for a few minutes to get an idea of what propaganda they pumped out the night before. I also don't listen to "conservative" talk radio like Rush Limbaugh or any of the others. As long as they ignore the soltuions and keep selling you band aids, why support them? If I want entertainment, I'll watch a movie.

The destroyers formulated their game plan centuries ago and they've been implementing it steadily ever since. To solve a problem you go back to the genesis of the problem and then you go about fixing it, not treating the symptoms. Our task is formidable because of corrupt politicians at all levels of government. We also have to fight the lies and bias pumped out 24/7 by the dominant media in this country, although, the big newspapers are dying because they have betrayed the public trust. We have to continue to with hold our support and only support media that serves the good of this country. For those who are interested in a serious opportunity to become part of building a newspaper syndicate across this country that carries the same truth as the columns on NWVs, click here.

This nation has become one of self-help gurus and cottage industries for every issue and then some. Instead of a self-reliant, productive and independent people, we the people have been forced to spend our time fighting off a tyrannical government and millions of laws and statutes strangling our freedoms and looting the people's treasury. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is being denied us because we have to spend our time fighting Congress, state legislatures and the pure propaganda being spewn by talk radio and the controlled, corporate media.

The time is now. We must direct our energies towards organizations and efforts that actually will produce the desired result instead of wasting more time and financial resources. There are literally thousands and thousands of citizens groups working like crazy to force elected officials to uphold their oath of office and restore constitutional restrictions upon state government and the federal behemouth. I can't list them all here. I've given exposure to many over the years in my columns and will continue to do so. Forgive me if I don't list yours today, but I'm working on a new links section for my web site.

I have been in this 'freedom movement' for 19 years full time. This is what I do and I know all the cons, the hucksters and neutralizers out there either getting people in trouble or keeping the American people pointed in the wrong direction as to how these government systems actually work. People like Gingrich and Hannity keep people distracted because they never go into how the problem started. Like Rachael Maddow, Keith Olbermann and other "progressives," they want you to chase political solutions instead of legal ones.

Tommy Cyrer's organization, Truth Attack, is one I've already covered in a previous column. Congress does not and will not end the oppressive, heavy taxation via the IRS. They must continue unlawfully stealing from us to borrow from the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System to fund a trillion dollars worth of social spending. As the economy continues to head towards total collapse, the American people are finally going to come to grips with reality. By April 15, 2009, the picture isn't going to be pretty. TA is an active organization with a plan they are implementing. YOU can get involved. When you get involved, you will network with other dedicated Americans who are on the same page. The solution, not more band aids or red herrings like a "fair" or flat tax, or selling toxic "get out of the income tax system" scams. Truth Attack's web site is here.


'Taking Liberty' is a DVD that all Americans should watch regardless of where they live. 'Taking Liberty' is a comprehensive look at the lower 48 states, region by region, showing how the environmental movement is causing private property to be abolished in America. I realize $$ are tight these days, so get 3-4 people to pitch in, buy the DVD and share it in your circle of friends, business associates and family. Understanding the big picture is how you fight effectively. This is the web site.

Remember: The first plank of the communist manifesto: Abolition of property in land and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

Agenda 21: The master plan. Sustainable Development. The master plan. These policies being shoved down our throats are fatal to freedom and liberty. You can get involved here with the American Policy Center. Elected public officials from the state houses to Congress: Go to this pdf file and you will get a complete and comprehensive guide about the toxic "sustainable development" and Agenda 21. Fellow citizens: Take the time to read this guide for elected officials so you can demand they take all legal action available to reject these dangerous policies. Your state and your nation needs YOU to get involved. I also highly recommend this DVD: Liberty or Sustainable Development. Have a showing at your local library and have everyone you know invite a couple of friends or have a showing at the local VFW hall. Knowledge is power but only if we use it. You can obtain Liberty or Sustainable Development here. If you're an elected official, purchase it from your budget and start passing it around the city council, the state capitol and any meetings you might attend. Let's get this front and center.

A More Perfect Union - Education Version. This DVD needs to be viewed by ALL school children in America. Ask your child's school to have a showing. Pass it around to your friends who have minor children. Talk to friends at church and make a copy available. Help Americans learn about the founding of this constitutional republic so that future generations will know our history and the sacrifices made to give us freedom; order here.

Committees of Safety. This is a top priority. COS is an established operation with a comprehensive plan to:

1. Security of our money
2. Security from natural and man-made disasters
3. Security of our vote count
4. Security of our food and water

Dr. Edwn Vieira has been working tirelessly with this group. Walter Reddy has asked that I become an advisory board member. Until now, I have refrained from belonging to any groups or organizations. However, I have accepted as I believe their work is absolutely critical. YOU need to become a member in your county. This is YOUR survival and your family is depending on YOU. Yes, everyone (hopefully) is working, but millions of Americans work staggered hours or schedules that does allow them to become part of the solution. Tune out the boob tune and cable "news" networks and become part of the solution. As I said above, once you become involved, you will network with others in your local area and around the country. Despite the misery of being a freedom fighter going on two decades, this has been the most rewarding experience you can imagine. I have met the best America has to offer; wonderful men and women who deeply love our country. Just like you. Don't be afraid to step into the fray.

America is blessed with intelligent people who do care about our country. Who do want to make a difference. Who are fed up with politics as usual. Our surival, our indpendence, our ability to engage in open and free commerce will not happen unless we make it happen. To those who continue to send me email that it's too late or pick up your muskets: Stop talking and get involved no matter your work schedule or get out of the way. I don't pay attention to the noise out there and I have no respect for those who will not stand and fight. Sybil Luddington, known as the female Paul Revere, was a 16 year old girl who rode through the night to alert the local militia about the British. Now, tell me the men in this country can do no less to save our Union than a 16 year old girl.

As I have said in many columns: There are a lot of good state legislators. They want your help. The state houses are filled with ignorant public servants, crooks and cowards. Those who are on the side of liberty and freedom are out numbered and that is why we must all coordinate our efforts and stay focused on the key issues. These state reps and senators will introduce legislation to beat back a tyrannical central government, but they need your open and vocal support. Not by calling Rush or Hannity, but by standing up and giving your time and energy and with the help from talk show hosts around the country. Remember: To be a real patriot, you must make the commitment. There is no fun time until we drive these destroyers from power and get rid of all these agencies and laws choking us to death. Join the Committees of Safety in your area; click here.

Electoral college delegates. Something strange here: "I checked the Official U.S. Electoral College website today to get an idea of the votes that have come in to date. I was prompted to do this after entertaining the following questions on my blog wall from Lisa Karres...Here are a few questions for you:.Currently, Obama only has received 170 electoral votes. The deadline for submitting the votes was last week. Congress will meet on January 8th. Can Congress over-ride the Delegates if they did not give Obama his minimum required of 270? I am told this is the first time in history that many Delegates did NOT report in or submit their votes by the deadline. I have been told that Indiana ALL voted "Present" and cast zero votes. Can SCOTUS over-ride the delegates and just make Obama POTUS?"

Following up on the information above, I clicked on the link to the Electoral College here. It shows only 24 states listed as having cast their votes for the 2008 presidential election. Arizona cast 10 for McCain; W.VA five for McCain and so on. I then clicked here to try and get further information:

Deadline for Receipt of Electoral Votes at NARA: The President of the Senate and the Archivist should have the electoral votes in hand by December 24, 2008. (States face no legal penalty for failure to comply). If votes are lost or delayed, the Archivist may take extraordinary measures to retrieve duplicate originals.

On or Before January 3, 2009: Transmission of Certificates of Ascertainment to Congress

If all votes are due to Congress by today, why does NARA show only 24 states recorded? Could it be they are just behind in posting the other states? I could see that might be true, but the drop dead date was December 24, 2008, for submittal. Are they that far behind in posting on something so important?

Due to a change in the law, Congress is due to count those votes January 8th; see here. Why is the new date the 8th instead of January 6th? It's not like January 6, 2009, is a Sunday; it's a Tuesday. Why change it to January 8th which is a Thursday? Why is this new public law applicable only to the 2008 presidential election? This is the text of Public Law 100-430 introduced by Michael A. Arcuri [D-NY]. This bill became law on October 15, 2008. Strange: the bill had no cosponsors, no amendments and no committees. What's going on here?

Obama's Big Gamble - Odds Shifting; this is my latest update. It also contains new documents. In that article is information about the Broe v Reed case; for comprehensive information on that one, please click here. I have a question (the same one millions of others do): What is Obama's real name? Barack Hussein Obama? Barry Soetoro? Barry Obama? Barack Dunham? Barry Dunham? Where is proof he ever changed his name legally to, ah, which one? If he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro as I believe can be proven, and Obama went by Barry Soetoro legally, when did he change it to which ever one came next? I believe the people of this country have a right to know the real, legal name of a president.


1 - Battle Plan for the 50 states
2 - MADE IN AMERICA - If YOU don't support American jobs, when you lose yours, will anyone care? Before you buy Made in Communist China:
3 - I can still hear their screams
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