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By: Devvy
December 12, 2008

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Before I get into the meat of this column, I know Americans are hungry for information on the Obama citizenship crisis. This is my last update which contains the web sites for the various lawsuits so you can stay updated.

Since that update, Phil Berg's injunction to stay the electoral college votes was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. The column is here and part of Phil's argument is contained in Dr. Edwin Vieira's last column here. Today is the day Cort Wrotnowski's case is being heard in private by all nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices.

There are many columnists out there who support Comrade Obama and are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and excoriate anyone who still believes in the U. S. Constitution. I know, as I am named by a media air head in her ridiculous column. Ms. Salter knows nothing about the process of the Supreme Court and twists the truth like a contortionist, i.e., her use of 'rape of the American people' in reference to my column, November 13, 2008. Salter refers to me as a blogger. I've never had a 'blog.' That label was an obvious cut to diminish my writing; see here. Salter and her comrades in the "mainstream media" are useful fools; tools of the global elite who are too stupid to understand how they're being used. It is exactly the type of biased spin in Ms. Salter's column that has people fleeing from the big newspapers nationwide.

There is a court case that you might wish to read regarding citizenship: United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), as it is germane to the Obama controversy. Many have emailed me with a common question: If Obama were to be found ineligible to be president, would Biden then become president by default? Before I answer that, let's go back to a column, December 3, 2008, that caused a big stir:

'Natural-born' requirement called 'stupidest provision' "An associate lawyer in a Chicago-based firm whose partner served on a finance committee for then-Sen. Barack Obama has advocated for the elimination of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a president be a "natural-born" citizen, calling the requirement "stupid" and asserting it discriminates, is outdated and undemocratic. The paper was written in 2006 by Sarah Herlihy, just two years after Obama had won a landslide election in Illinois to the U.S. Senate. Herlihy is listed as an associate at the Chicago firm of Kirkland & Ellis. A partner in the same firm, Bruce I. Ettelson, cites his membership on the finance committees for both Obama and Sen. Richard Durbin on the corporate web site."

Why would an Obama supporter and most likely legal adviser begin advocating for the elimination of the citizenship requirement less than a year before Obama decides to "throw his hat in the ring"? Herlihy is not only a lawyer, but a confidante of Obama. I believe one could make the case that certain people close to Obama were privy to his big lie and were trying to lay the ground work to eliminate the natural born at birth requirement or at the very least garner public support for their crusade.

If Obama is ineligible, which I believe he is and he certainly knew when he ran, then his entire campaign was a fraud. Because it was fraud perpetrated upon the American people, Obama's selection of a VP candidate would be meaningless as it was an element of the fraud. This is all new territory for our nation and has to be taken one step at a time.

As for the arrest of Illinois Gov. Blago as he's so "fondly" called, it's an extraordinary event, although not surprising. Chicago politics, sadly, has been a stinky joke for decades. Perhaps what we're seeing now will be the path to cleaning out the nest of corrupt, rotten individuals who violate the public trust. Do I think Comrade Obama is going to be impacted by Blago's arrest and what's to come? I do.

Everyone should go read pages 62-66 of the Complaint issued by the Federal Department of Justice. On those pages you will read about a ménage à trois, and if anyone thinks Blago was smart enough to come up with this on his own, I don't think so. This guy redefines buffoon. Slick, corrupt to the core, but a buffoon none the less. However, on those pages are some gems.

When this broke yesterday, Alexrod, Obama's main whore to do his bidding, suddenly "misspoke" about any prior discussion or contact between Obama and Blago. Since all this is on tape from those wire taps, this sudden back step of what Alexrod said becomes spin that is going to fizzle. We shall see over the next few weeks what continues to leak out of the investigation. There is much speculation about Rezko singing and now whether or not Blago will turn canary in order to shave off potential years in a federal prison.

I realize that this is the Christmas season and most people would rather not continue hearing nothing but bad news. However, time is so short for this republic and it's important that all Americans understand the "big picture" and that requires time. A man remarked in an email to me that there is so much information in my columns, he can't read all the links and follow up on recommended reading. Time is in short supply for all of us and I have had the advantage over the past 19 years of being able to work at home and do all this research.

In an effort to make it easier to get vital information, I put up an audio section on my web site. There are dozens of columns that you can listen to on your computer, download to a CD and listen in commute traffic, on the train or plane or down load to your IPod.

I just finished another section which deals with the war on the American people; it's broken down into several segments so you can listen to each part instead of just one gigantic file. We have to get Americans factual information so they understand how they're being manipulated into giving up their independence to become subservient to the state.

While you're listening to this information, you will be reminded of Obama's call for a national civilian security force: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.” You will be shocked at the continuation from Clinton to Bush to Obama regarding the redistribution of wealth. History is repeating itself and we don't want to be a part of it.

I hope you will take the time to listen to these new audio segments and share them with friends, family and anyone who is finally realizing we are in deep trouble; click here.


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There are many columnists out there who support Comrade Obama and are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and excoriate anyone who still believes in the U. S. Constitution. I know, as I am named by a media air head in her ridiculous column. Ms. Salter knows nothing about the process of the Supreme Court and twists the truth like a contortionist...