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By: Devvy
August 12, 2008

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By now, most Americans have seen another professional politician admit he's a liar and a very polished one at that. John Edwards has acknowledged, after vehement denials, that accusations of adultery are true. He denies being the father of Ms. Hunter's baby. Edwards has proclaimed for almost a year that these allegations came from "supermarket tabloid trash," the National Enquirer. Last Friday - conveniently timed with the opening of the Olympic games - Edwards came clean: he did her. One has to wonder who wrote Edwards admission statement: "I have been stripped bare...." Well, better late than never with the truth.

Edwards interview with the miraculously recovered, Bob Woodruff, has to be ranked as, well, rank. First off, Edwards wears the classic Bill Clinton smirk that shows he feels no remorse, only irritation at being caught. Second, this exchange is telling:

WOODRUFF: "Why did you continue to deny it [publicly] and not tell the truth?" EDWARDS: "Because I did not want the public to know what I had done. Fair and simple. And there's also a lot of these you know supermarket tabloid allegations are just lies, they're complete lies. But this, this mistake, is the truth."

Dear John: You knew it was the truth from the git-go, but you chose to lie to the American people, your loyal followers and your family. Regardless of what stories The National Enquirer published in the past, you KNEW what they were alleging was the truth. Another very telling comment by this "open, honest" kinda guy when Woodruff asked if Edwards did Rielle Hunter:

"....I am responsible for it. I alone am responsible for it. And it led to this most recent incident at the Beverly Hilton. I was at the Beverly Hilton. I was there for a very simple reason, because I was trying to keep this mistake that I had made from becoming public.

BOB WOODRUFF: Is this affair completely over?

JOHN EDWARDS: Oh yes, it's been over for a long time.

WOODRUFF:… How long did it last and when exactly did it end?

JOHN EDWARDS: Well, here's the way I feel about this Bob. I think that my family is entitled to every detail. They've been told every detail. Elizabeth knows absolutely everything. I think beyond the basics, the fact that I made this mistake and I'm responsible for it and no one else. I think that's where it stops in terms of the public because I think everything else is within my family and those privacy boundaries ought to be respected.

How long did it last and when did it end? Edwards has remained consistent: "It" lasted a short time. He's never been specific; the exact months during 2006. Why? Calendars and cover up checks. If it was so short a period of time, a smart lawyer like Edwards should be able to recall with accuracy. Edwards contends that he was at the Beverly Hilton to make sure his philandering didn't become public. This last trip to the Beverly Hilton was apparently the fourth in 2008. If this "liaison" as he calls it ended after a "short period of time" in 2006, what did he do in Hunter's hotel rom the night of July 21, 2008, with the lights off for five hours?

There are many questions about the alleged $15,000 per month Ms. Hunter has been receiving for her high maintenance "upkeep" while living in a $3 million dollar mansion in upscale Montecito, California, with - get this: the man who has taken the fall for Edwards alleged sex child (Edwards claims it was just sex), his wife and children! What a soap opera. Andrew Young, a former campaign aide for Edwards, claims he fathered Ms. Hunter's illegitimate baby. Young is still happily married and the crew all bunked together in a mansion owned by who? The whole sordid story is here and so far, the National Enquirer has been able to prove all but one of their allegations - the last one being the biological father of Ms. Hunter's baby.

There is a great deal of speculation that Edwards has been funneling campaign and/or non-profit money for his squeeze on the side. Edwards denies any knowledge of funds paid for at least a year. One of his high power friends with lots of cash, Fred Baron, out of the goodness of his heart has been paying Ms. Hunter and Andrew Young. Yet, Edwards claims to know nothing about these incredibly generous monthly stipends?

Did Edwards violate any campaign finance laws? Did Young and Hunter pay taxes on these "not" hush funds? The National Inquirer is smoking out the financial details while political pundits all weigh in on Edwards and his lying ways. How could Edwards have run for the presidency with this hanging over his head? Is he that naive to think it wouldn't come out? What if he had been the presumptive nominee for the Democrats at their convention in two weeks?

Edwards told his wife of 31 years that he got so puffed up with his own self-importance, he couldn't help himself and had sex with another woman. I believe no matter how we feel about Edwards and his worn out political ideas, most of us do feel compassion for Elizabeth Edwards who has incurable, inoperable cancer. She has children and she is sadly, living on borrowed time. Johnny boy owned up to his wandering Johnson in 2006 and continued to tour the country touting family values. Edwards was awarded the Father of the Year award in June 2007 - eight months before his alleged sex child was born. One can understand that Elizabeth Edwards would not want the world to know her husband was bedding another woman (who knows if they slept). But, did she also think that by keeping John's big lie a secret it wouldn't come out? She stood at his side all those months campaigning, smiling and waving at the crowds while knowing the whole time her husband was a liar, a cheat and deceiving the people in the audience or at rallies. Like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards has stood by her lying, cheating husband.

Edwards, sly like a fox, came out of the chute during his "confession" stating he wants to take a paternity test. In the blink of an eye, Ms. Hunter says no, it would violate her privacy. Gee, what a surprise. This female has no income and a rather colorful past. You would think Ms. Hunter would want the father of her baby (unnamed on the birth certificate) to contribute to her daughter's financial well being. Perhaps a non-disclosure agreement was reached long ago. In exchange for Ms. Hunter's refusal to allow a paternity test of little Francis Quinn Hunter, Ms. Hunter will be taken care of until the child reaches her 18th birthday. This let's Edwards off the hook. Johnny Reid (John) Edwards has made millions in the court room as a slick attorney and no doubt believes in his narcissistic world that he's covered his DNA well, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Political pundits and cable anchors have all speculated that this is the end of Johnny's political career. Why? Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer who has lifted skirts other than Hillary's his entire married life and is considered a hero in the Democratic Party and by millions of pseudo Christians who support him. If Bill Clinton can be worshipped by millions for being a liar and an adulterer, why should John Edwards fade into obscurity in the Democratic Party? If Edwards is held to the same standards as Bill Clinton, he should be a rising star.

The MSM ("mainstream" media) has displayed the most unbelievable denial over this story you can imagine. It "caught them by surprise." "We didn't believe it." Great journalism. The National Enquirer was on this story for a year and none of the slackers at the NY Times and other big city rags ever decided that just maybe there was fire attached to the smoke? Of course not. The bias runs so deep in the controlled corporate media, they only pursue individuals on their hit list. If there were any honest reporting being done, Juan McCain would have been toast months ago. Instead, the minute one story broke about allegations he did another woman eight years ago, it was immediately met with cries of foul play. No serious investigative journalism was involved, so the story was easy to discount. Juan McCain is just another Bill Clinton chasing the skirts and who did commit adultery while married to his former wife.

Since sycophants like Shallow Sean Hannity continue to pant after McCain (rather hypocritical considering Hannity's rant against illegals and Juan's strong fight to support illegals), Americans have taken matters into their own hands. Real conservatives and those who believe in constitutional government do not want McCain to get the nomination in three weeks. We the people are sick of having the lesser of two evils shoved down our throats. Dedicated Americans have put together a program called DVDs for Delegates. All of the numbers regarding pledged delegates and the convention are on their web site here. According to their data, McCain has less than half of the delegates needed.

As I have written in the past, I believe Flip Romney didn't drop out, but only suspended his campaign because of the problems with Juan McCain and the Republican base. The information below is also why I have said in the past that Marxist Hillary Clinton only suspended her campaign (allegedly so she could raise money to pay off her campaign debts): Should Obama become a liability, the she-devil is waiting in the gutter to rise up as the savior for Democrats. Clinton is still facing fraud charges; see here.

Next up: Barrack Hussein Obama. Two supermarket tabloids who "print lies" like John Edwards had and is still having an affair have also been on Marxist Barack Hussein Obama. The Globe has published explosive allegations about Obama, a homosexual tryst with a man named Larry Sinclair and their nose candy (cocaine) fests back in 1999. Remember: Obama has admitted to using cocaine: '"Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man...I got high [to] push questions of who I was out of my mind." Would-be black man? Obama is a mulatto, but can't seem to bring himself to be proud of both heritages. Labeling himself as "African-American" gets him more political mileage and makes it harder to attack his Marxist ideology. The Globe has also covered the murder of Donald Young, a sodomite who attended Obama's church and a friend of Obama. The bombshell allegation is that there is a connection between Young's murder and Obama. Dead men tell no tales, but after all, it's just tabloid trash.

The National Enquirer has also published allegations of Obama's "secrets." There hasn't been a peep from the MSM or any cable networks about the allegations made in either The Globe or The National Enquirer about Obama. Anyone following the unfolding events in this country over the past 20 years fully understands why Obama will not be attacked, unless, like Edwards, the MSM can no longer hide behind "we didn't know," "it's tabloid trash" or "we didn't want to believe it." Will that happen? I would venture to say that if enough requests are made to The National Enquirer, the truth will come out. Say what you will about that publication, they have been bull dogs on the Edwards affair. They've also been accurate and right. I believe there's more than enough on Obama to build a bonfire. However, if Obama is innocent of these allegations, then the truth must be published because the truth is what matters. If you believe The National Enquirer should make Obama a priority, you can contact them here.

What's going on with the print media in this country is a disgrace. They pick and choose what they want you to know and lie about the rest. This is exactly why America needs real newspapers nationwide and that process is underway. Be part of it -- see here and here.

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Edwards told his wife of 31 years that he got so puffed up with his own self-importance, he couldn't help himself and had sex with another woman.