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By: Devvy
June 11, 2008

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I was not asked by to write this short piece nor am I being compensated. Like millions of Americans, I am fed up with media manipulation. There are some questions here that need answering. NWVs as well as other constitutionally oriented web sites are constant targets of hackers as well as ISP providers blocking NWVs email alerts to their account holders or flagging NWVs email alerts as spam. We know this has been going on with AOL and others. After strong complaints it gets corrected. Strangely, it keeps happening and I don't believe for a second it's accidental.

I can tell you it also goes on for You Tube and Google videos that are posted - especially 911 and Ron Paul videos. As an experiment, I have watched the number of views go up or down within minutes tracking the numbers for a specific video; many of us have seen the numbers not change for days at a time when dozens of people deliberately clicked on that video. There's no question the numbers are being fudged to give the appearance of "lack of interest" by the American people.

As for NWVs, they track internally as I do my web site, the number of unique visitors, etc. NWVs does this to verify traffic numbers for advertising. Like all the top news sites, NWVs has to operate like a business or they can't stay on line. These monster servers alone cost a bundle every month. There appears to be a problem with Alexa, the premier Internet rating organization and NWVs doesn't know why. They have done the comparisons using Alexa and Quantcast. The latter shows much higher numbers during the same targeted dates, while Alexa drops NWVs in huge numbers over night.

One computer expert indicated it might be because NWVs does not post the Alexa tool bar on their site to show the number of hits. This would amount to involuntary free advertising. I find this very disturbing if true. If that's not the case, I would like Alexa to explain these huge discrepancies in the numbers.

As a result of these helter-skelter numbers, NWVs has suffered in getting those critical advertising dollars. If NWVs were to go off line, I would be able to find another site to write for as would all the superb columnists who willingly and for no compensation bring you the best analysis and writing every day of the week, 52 weeks a year. That's not what I want to see happen and I hope you don't either.

The principles at NWVs do not get a day off nor do they get a vacation. I know this for a fact. This news site has to be maintained and new columns posted 365 days a year. These are highly dedicated Americans who deserve your support. We cannot allow our right to speak out and expose the truth to be manipulated if that's what's happening with these Internet rating organizations.

I hope if you have a nationwide product/service, or even a regional one like the State of Oregon where NWVs is operational, that you will contact Paul Walter about advertising. Please keep in mind that it's not just the unique hits to NWVs that brings the reader to your ad and let me give you an example. NWVs columns get linked and/or reprinted with permission on other web sites. This increases the number of individuals who see your ad.

When my 'Enron - The Smokin' Cannon of 911?' was posted, it hit the stratosphere because of the subject matter. Go to and type in Enron -- the smokin' cannon of 9/11? This is what will appear: 1 - 10 of about 1,570 for Enron- The Smokin' Cannon Of 9/ 11? That's just one search engine. This means that your ad is also seen by readers from a large number of other web sites if it appeared on my column page. Americans read lots of sites and they forward columns from them and, well, you get the picture. NWVs writers are very popular and well respected.

NWVs also depends on reader sponsorship - 12 months a year. Donations are down, but they are needed. If you appreciate NewsWithViews, I ask you to please open your wallet and make a donation. If everyone reading this made a $10.00 donation, it would fund their operation for a year. I know that won't happen and NWVs appreciates that times are getting more difficult. However, if we all make a small donation each month, the job gets done. NWVs can set you up with automatic monthly donations that makes it easy. NWVs now has a shopping cart.

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NWVs also depends on reader sponsorship - 12 months a year. Donations are down, but they are needed. If you appreciate NewsWithViews, I ask you to please open your wallet and make a donation. If everyone reading this made a $10.00 donation, it would fund their operation for a year.