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By: Devvy
April 3, 2008

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The economy. Obama has a lot to say about the economy and none of it is worth a tinker's damn. Have you ever heard Obama (or Clinton or McCain) talk about abolishing the privately owned Federal Reserve? No, and you won't. GOP presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, talks about it all the time because he knows it is the head of the beast destroying this country. Have you heard Obama, Clinton or McCain talk about the $53 Trillion 'financial asteroid'? See here and then ask yourself why these three candidates are ignoring this tragedy while they wave and smile at adoring crowds who are little better than sheep going to the sheering?

Obama and his Marxist colleague, Hillary Clinton, talk up the same old tax cuts for the rich propaganda, but they never tell you the truth about the Federal Reserve and it's feeding artery, the federal income tax. Neither does McCain. His worn out useless chatter is keeping tax cuts because they work!

There can be no economic freedom in this country as long as the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System continues. Ron Paul introduced a bill last July 15, 2007, to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and still it sits while these nitwits in Congress spend their time passing resolutions to honor National Squirrel Day or traveling around the world on fact finding missions when they can't even find their brain. These people in Congress are destroying everything you have ever worked for and are setting your children and grand babies up for a life of poverty. Is anyone listening?

Without the "FED," there is no need for any direct taxation or any of these other traps, i.e, the fair tax or flat tax. These are just more of the same, feeding the private FED to give Congress a blank check to continue borrowing and bankrupting we the people. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and as inept a buffoon as they come, has admitted there was no depression until the FED was created: "Despite the varied theories espoused by many establishment economists, it was none other than the Federal Reserve that caused the Great Depression and the horrific suffering, deprivation and dislocation America and the world experienced in its wake. At least, that's the clearly stated view of current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke." Barack Obama isn't brilliant except at being a slick salesman. I would love to see Ron Paul debate Obama on our monetary system and taxation. Ron Paul would eat Obama (and Clinton and McCain) alive within minutes.

Congressman Ron Paul is one of the few people in Congress whose knowledge of central banking and fiat currency is so superior to his colleagues, it's pathetic. Ron Paul has educated millions the past few months and even though during the debates every effort was made to keep Ron Paul's time to a minimum, he has reached the American people.

Hundreds of economists and probably thousands of journalists have been warning for years about what's happening right now with this financial melt down. It will get worse and no amount of bombastic gas and promises from Obama, McCain or Clinton can stop it. The scrambling going on in Washington right now over banking reforms cannot stop what is happening and it will get much, much worse.

Proposals from Obama and Clinton to bail out homeowners is the worst possible thing that can happen. First of all, Congress does not have the authority to bail out home owners. Forcing banks to put a freeze on loan defaults is more Fascism and will solve nothing down the road. Lord, none of us want to see our fellow Americans suffer any more than they are, but to allow Congress to step in and further create more nightmares will be fatal. While it's a bitter pill to swallow, we have to let market forces correct this melt down. See: Let the housing chips fall. It is a very positive thing that crooked mortgage companies and banks are being investigated and prosecuted. But, panic will not bring the needed long term reforms and neither will Obama's love of raising taxes on everyone and corporations. A sure recipe to keep Americans broke and working themselves into poverty.

The road ahead is going to be tragic for millions of Americans. This melt down has been building for a long time. So few listened to the warnings and now they expect mother government to come in and save their bacon. Nothing will change until the same players are removed from Congress who have not gotten the job done in all the years they've been in office. Nothing will change if Obama, Clinton or McCain win the presidency with the help of electronic ballot machines and scanners.

Below in the research links are columns I believe are well written with facts, not rhetoric. Okay, some are mine, but they are fully researched with source reference material. I know research takes a lot of time, but we have to understand how these problems got started, the solutions that will solve the problem and not more disasters cooked up by Congress. I know Americans want to relax on the weekends, but if one makes decisions based on a couple of paragraphs on some candidates web site or a speech on the stump, they should expect no change because politicians are expert liars.

I have written many columns on the economy. Many are available in audio form for free on my web site. Listen to them from your computer or download to your IPod or a CD and listen while driving, on the commuter train or a plane. Share the columns below with friends, family, your party leadership and business colleagues. Share what you know. Keep buying Made in the USA so we continue to build up our domestic job bases. Stop funding our enemies like Communist China who are actively engaged in stealing our secrets and technology; see here and here. How can you give them your money when their goal is to destroy us? Be sure to vote in the remaining primaries and become a Ron Paul delegate for the convention in September.

Remember: John McCain does NOT have the GOP nomination. The actual nominating process will not happen until the convention. This coward who sold out our POW/MIAs, this criminal who should have gone to jail over the savings and loan scandal and who has proven ties with terrorists, must not get the GOP nomination. I hope you will help get out my Stop McCain flyer to every VFW Hall, members of Rolling Thunder, GOP committee meetings, town hall meetings, anywhere McCain appears and to your friends, family and business associates. Get involved. McCain is in trouble with the conservatives of the Republican party. He still can't raise any money and the Evangelical Christians will not vote for this poltroon. I believe that's why Flip Romney did not drop out of the race. He's the GOP's insurance card should we the people be successful in driving McCain out of the race by exposing this man for the corrupt politician he is and always has been.

America is on the cliff and only we the people can save our country. For part one or two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3,

Research links:

1 - Ignore Danger Signs of The Coming Financial
September 28, 2004
2 - Are Monetary & Banking Crises Inevitable
in the Near Future? March 17, 2005
3 - The Shearing is Nearing, February 14, 2007
4 - Congress will do nothing to stop coming financial
disaster October 4, 2007

5 - Obama: Huge Capital Gains Tax Increase Needed
6 - Bernanke's Next Big Bail Out Plan
7 - The Right Argument on Taxes

Mechanics of the Federal Reserve:

1 - Court Rules Federal Reserve is Privately Owned
2 - The Root of Economic Evil
3 - On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, Conspriacy, Fraud, Unlawful conversion, and treason. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee and has yet to be acted on.
4 - Ron Paul grills Helicopter Ben Bernanke - short video
5 - Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, banking and economy- short video
6 - Income tax not necessary to fund federal government


1 - Blue Collar, Bare Cupboards
2 - Michelle Obama's Militant Racism Revealed
3 - Why the Obamas don't advertise their standard of living
4 - CBS Obama Poll Misleading, Flawed and Biased
5 - Obama Feigns Ignorance of CFR, NAU
6 - From $70K to food bank, one family's struggle
7 - "Pay day" loans exacerbate housing crisis
8 - Government benefits in 'enormous' trouble

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And, speaking of the oil companies, execs are being grilled by the do-nothings in Congress. Some are demanding the oil companies be punished with all kinds of taxes or government controls, Fascism in its purest form.