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By: Devvy
February 25, 2008

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Before I get into vote fraud, my mail box has been drowning in e-mail from Americans who are very alarmed about Barack Obama. Not all, of course. One man said in his e-mail that he didn't believe what I wrote in my last column. He said, Obama is a "good person." Obama gave him "hope" and "inspiration." It didn't seem to bother this man that Obama's past history includes a cozy relationship with a known communist or that he knows nothing about constitutional solutions.

Will it bother Obama faithful that he supports a "world order"? Watch this short video clip of Obama and listen to what he says: That "we" must invest (that's the sweat off your back he's talking about) in other countries to create a "world order we'd all like to see." Pure communist propaganda and that's why he's getting the support of every flavor of communist in the world.

Go to this web site and spend a few minutes. It should horrify you. Obama is "Bigger than Kennedy...This is the New Testament!" "An agent of transformation...." "What if God is trying to make a statement? In the last generation, a motivated, organized "religious right" has flexed its considerable muscle in both electing candidates and shaping American public policy. But what if God is trying to make a statement in 2008 through the meteoric rise of a new symbol -- a charismatic, eloquent senator from Illinois who is turning conventional American politics on its head? That food for thought will form the basis of Sunday's sermon by Pastor John Van Sloten at New Hope Church."

God has made many statements. He has told us forcefully that sodomy is an abomination as well as lesbian sex. Obama supports and condones that which God has told us is an abomination. God has commanded us, not asked us, but commanded: Thou shalt not kill. Obama supports and condones the murder of an unborn baby waiting in it's mother's womb to reach the stage of growth where he/she can live outside the mother. Pastor Van Sloten's words, "...meteoric rise of a new symbol" smacks of worshipping false idols. Many brutal dictators throughout history had this same kind of "meteoric rise of a new symbol." The Third Reich comes to mind.

This circus between Obama and Marxist Hillary Clinton will soon play itself out. The lame stream media, particularly the cable networks, will fill endless hours with useless chatter about them and in the end, it will mean nothing. The shadow government will make sure they get the candidate they want and herd voters in the right direction. As Madame Clinton is facing a fraud trial, it's not likely the machine will allow her to be the "winner," but you never know.

John McCain is an evil, dangerous man. He took a few hits last week, but as everyone considers him the locked in nomination for the Republicans, it is here we must concentrate our efforts. I hope you will make every effort to get the word out about McCain. First: McCain sold out our POW/MIAs. There can be no forgiveness for what he has done to our precious military personnel left behind. For solid source material, please see the links in my column here. We must get this material to as many veterans and active military as possible. I also recommend you get the DVD, Missing: Presumed Dead. If money is a problem, go in with two or three friends. Get this DVD to your local VFW Hall and other veterans organizations.

Second: Our national security and McCain's tireless efforts to support this invasion underway by illegal aliens. McCain's boast that he the prince of ethical standards would bring tears to the eyes of an Angel! This is such a blatant lie, it puts him on a par with the Clinton's. Patrick Briley's last column should be given mass distribution on the Internet because it is factual and contains very serious information on McCain, i.e., "Former CIA officer Phillip Giraldi has linked John McCain with corrupt senior U.S. officials who criminally helped proliferate U.S. nuclear technology to Islamic nations according to this February 4, 2008 article, "Why Sibel Edmonds Must be heard:" And," John McCain armed Kosovo Islamic terrorists. February 13, 2008. "[McCain] He did everything that we asked of him, including arming the KLA", said Albanian lobbyist Joe DioGuardi. The Albanians collected one million dollars for the presidential campaign of this senator."

The corrupt, rancid "mainstream" media in this country has drummed into everyone's head that McCain has the GOP nomination locked up. I submit to you that if vote fraud is what committed delegates to McCain for the 2008 Republican nomination, then those commitments must be null and void.

The New Hampshire recount is still underway. Due to the generosity of an American who believes we must have fair and impartial voting, the money has been made available for seeing this recount through and providing top notch legal counsel on the ground there in Concord. Bev Harris has an update on her site here. I also filed a 'Right to Know" request; this is the State of New Hampshire's version of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the federal level. Last week I received a letter from Secretary Gardner's office informing me there were a slew of 'Right to Know' requests and they would handle them in order. As soon as I get the full and complete response, I'll scan it for a column.

As someone who has been on the vote fraud issue since 1993, I knew what was going to happen on "Super Tuesday." There's no question "Super Tuesday" was a super mess with the voting process in a dozen states, probably more. Without being on the ground with access to the Secretary of State's office other than via the Internet, it can be difficult to catch the fraud. I asked for help in getting documentation from several states and thank you again to everyone who offered to help and came through. If you click on this pdf file, you will see the results for California; I'm getting to a few other states. You will see four sets of totals. The first being the numbers used on February 5th to announce the winners and losers and commitment of delegates. Those numbers are quite different from the ones posted February 22, 2008.

The other interesting numbers are the number of votes cast for the state ballot measures. In California, the voters had two considerations: (1) vote for a presidential candidate, and (2) vote on seven ballot measures. A strange thing happened. The total number of voters who allegedly cast a vote for president is lower than the number of voters who cast votes for the ballot measures.

Example: The total votes cast that day for the presidential primary is 7,539,690. Yet, for Measure 94, 8,004,187 votes were allegedly cast. These measures were on the same ballot as the presidential candidates. You have 7,539,690 votes cast for president for all parties, but those same 7,539,690 voters using the same ballots cast 8,004,187 votes. A difference of 464,497 votes.

If you've got 7,539,690 ballots used which contain two categories for voters (president and ballot measures), wouldn't you have a total of 7,539,690 total votes to match the total number of ballots used? How about measure 97 on the same ballot? Votes cast for that measure (yes or no) were 7,972,419, but the total ballots used is 7,539,690, a difference of 432,729 votes. This means 432,729 votes were cast for that measure over the number of ballots actually used.

But, wait! There is yet another factor in play here. Los Angeles County had/has a heck of a mess on their hands with something that happened election day: the "double bubble" jackpot. "If voters didn't fill in a certain bubble on the ballot, specifying they wanted it to be counted in the Dem Primary, their vote for President, according to LA County's Registrar of Voters, will not be counted." This potentially affected hundreds of thousands of voters. According to the LA Times, six days after the primary: "About 100,000 nonpartisan voters cast ballots without marking a party bubble. The registrar plans to estimate uncounted votes. But the outcome isn't expected to change." Even taking into account an estimated 100,000, the difference is still in the hundreds of thousands. How fair is it to estimate those votes that are critical to the delegate count? How fair is it to voters?

California Progress Report, February 10, 2008, An estimated 1.5 million ballots remained uncounted. "Estimates from the Secretary of State's office are that 9.1 million Californians voted, but the totals so far that we can see are 7.7 million...

"There also are what appears to be a cluster of "double bubble" voters-nonpartisans who voted in Los Angeles with its unique ballot that requires these voters to fill in an extra bubble indicating they are voting in the Democratic primary, despite the fact that they were entitled to do so under California law and inked the bubble next to a Democratic candidate thus clearly indicating their intention.

"If reports in the San Francisco Chronicle are accurate, about 190,000 ballots were cast by these decline-to-state voters in Los Angeles County and about only half of those voters correctly filled in the extra bubble. This would mean approximately 85,000 additional votes that should be counted and do not appear on any of the above figures and may have an impact in delegate races in that county."

Digital Journal reports, February 6, 2008: "Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Dean Logan received a letter from an attorney with Courage Campaign, Steve Reyes, Associate Attorney, Kaufman Downing LLP, citing election code laws and sections that would be their grounds for legal action if votes were not counted due to the initial top bubble not being filled in, which prompted him to contact Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation, explaining the steps the county has taken to educate voters to fill in that top bubble.

"Mr. Logan stated before the election that he did not think most voters would skip the required ballot entry. Primary elections in 2004 and 2006 had the same requirement. He went on to say "It would almost be counterintuitive for someone to miss. "We have put this information in voter education materials, and we've provided real clear instructions."

Setting aside the double bubble mess, there was already concern about California's systems and security prior to the primary covered in a PBS broadcast, February 16, 2008:

"STEVE WEIR (president of the California Association of County Elections Officials): "We're paying for the sins of Florida 2000. And the tragedy is it's eight years later, and people's confidence in the voting system still aren't secure. And I want to tell folks in that eight years there have been tremendous gains, not only nationwide, but specifically in California."

Say again, Mr. Weir? How about the 192,537 votes cast for GOP candidates who were no longer in the race? That is a whopping number; some of them had dropped out almost five months before the primary. On the Democrat side, voters allegedly cast 251,569 votes for candidates no longer running, many who had dropped out well in advance of the primary.


Why so many votes cast for candidates no longer running? I submit to you that these cards with the chips are being pre-programmed for outcomes that match polls with the most likely drop outs set to receive a low number of votes to look legit. If you look at the percentages, down the board, they just all happen to match the poll numbers. It was like that in all the states except New Hampshire for the Dems. In both of the above cited columns, all kinds of excuses are made and that "new" chips were sent to replace the lost or damaged ones. That's nice, but it means nothing. The manufacturer is the programmer of the software, in this case, Diebold. Just use a search engine to type in 'Diebold vote fraud' and you will find dozens ofnews items and columns about Diebold and their massive failures with voting machines.

We know illegal aliens are voting and you can bet that in the 28 districts for that primary that encompass Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, Imperial County and San Bernadino County, with millions of voters and a high concentration of illegals, the vote totals include illegals.

As far as I'm concerned, California's primary was a farce and it's not just these numbers. Millions of Americans have seen the demonstration from where the ballots were fed into one of those insidious scanners for counting; click here for video. Even though a test was done which provided a 'paper trail' reading zero votes before the ballots were inserted, at the end of the demonstration, the count was topsy-turvey. California finally got rid of these easily rigged machines and went to scanners which contain software cards to count the votes and here's where I say the process was completely tainted:

Election Software Lost in Transit. December 19, 2007. "More than a hundred computer chips containing voting machine software were lost or stolen during transit in California this week. Two cardboard shipping tubes containing 174 EPROMs loaded with voting machine software were sent via Federal Express on December 13th from the secretary of state's office in Sacramento to election officials in San Diego County for use in optical-scan machines made by Diebold Election Systems. But on Monday, the two shipping tubes arrived empty."

Election Software Lost in Transit Found -- But More Chips Go Missing. January 31, 2008 (six days before the primary). "It turns out that 156 of the chips were found in Santa Barbara, but 18 are still missing. Authorities say that a couple of other CA counties have now discovered that they're missing chips as well."

It is an outrage that any state in the Union does business with Diebold. As long as any of the ballots in California were counted by scanning machines the total count is suspect, so how can you give delegates to any candidate - and not just for California? We the people have been cheated again. There are still more primaries coming up and it will be more of the same. Fast food elections. Aren't they great?

This pdf file contains feed back from voters in several states. It's a small sampling of the hundreds of emails full of complaints about what happened when people went to vote. The GOP isn't going to lift a finger to challenge any of this fraud and the Secretary's of State don't want to even hear the words vote fraud. If you'll note the links at the bottom of this column, you'll see what I've covered here is just a tiny fraction of the mess earlier this month. Even with court challenges, the clock is ticking.

These are the California delegates. You can get yours for your state either on-line or by calling your Secretary of State's office. While the poltroons who represent the "mainstream" media continue with their chatter about the nomination being locked up by McCain, I say nothing could be further from the truth. I believe the swift boating of McCain, along with exposing the whole truth will knock him out before the convention in September. Then let the neo-cons scramble for another parasite. Pastor Huckabee wants a deadlocked convention. Dr. Alan Keyes is still in the race.

The bottom line for Ron Paul supporters is that we must concentrate on that convention and those delegates. According to the rules for these caucuses and state primaries, they select delegates who are obligated to vote for the candidate their state chose. There are also unpledged delegates, party leaders and elected officials who are free to vote for any candidate. The delegates must be shown that the primary numbers are a fraud and therefore, they are under no obligation to commit their vote to anyone until the convention. That convention will be the battle ground. Stay tuned for developing events. We have just begun to fight.

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We know illegal aliens are voting and you can bet that in the 28 districts for that primary that encompass Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County, San Diego, Imperial County and San Bernadino County, with millions of voters and a high concentration of illegals, the vote totals include illegals.