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By: Devvy
January 28, 2008

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Due to the obvious fraud which occurred during the New Hampshire primary earlier this month, the fabulous Granny Warriors mobilized and not only found a GOP candidate who cares about the actual vote count, but raised an enormous amount of money in record time to get a recount underway in the state. It would take several columns to go over step by step what a phenomenal job the Granny Warriors, Eric and Mr. Albert Howard have done to get the recount officially sanctioned. We all owe them a huge thank you and we also need to do our part NOW because what's happened since the recount was set to begin, has not only been reprehensible, those responsible in the Secretary of State's office need to be held accountable.

I was on the road from January 15-25th and fully expected the recount to be completed by the time I returned to Texas. On January 25, 2008, I spoke with a true American patriot named Eric, who has been on the ground since the beginning and has sacrificed a great deal for all of us. During our conversation, Eric informed me that the recount had been repeatedly delayed and there was a problem with the chain of custody with the ballots among other possible violations of the law. While listening to Eric as I was driving, had my rental vehicle been steam driven, I could have powered it the rest of the way home I was so incensed.

Mr. Albert Howard, the GOP candidate whose challenge made this recount possible, has sent a letter to the SOS informing them of what many of us already knew: the continued delay of the recount destroys we the people's ability to stop and challenge primary outcomes in other states for obvious reasons. There's no doubt in my mind these delays have been deliberate on top of the other shenanigans, i.e., while the Kucinich people only had to pay the $2,000 fee for the recount to begin right away, Mr. Howard's request for the recount was met with a demand by the Secretary of State (SOS) that $55,000 be raised within 48 hours or the recount was kaput.

As I said in my January 14, 2008, column, there's no question the office of the Secretary of State does not want the light shined on their ability to conduct fair and impartial elections. However, what they've done is patently un-American and they should be ashamed of themselves. Of course, they aren't because this is the moral rot that has been creeping into the American landscape for decades. Paychecks are more important than honesty and integrity. Party loyalty now takes precedence over truth. If the actions of Secretary Gardner of any of his personnel have violated election laws, they need to be prosecuted because no one is above the law.

Where do things stand as of today? According to what Eric was told on January 25, 2008, the process will move forward with no delays. This from personnel who have done nothing but play games for one day shy of three weeks from the pretend primary while the clock is ticking. There can be NO more delays. The horse and pony production called "Super Tuesday," February 5, 2008, where 22 states will be participating is closing in on those of us who want Ron Paul to win the GOP nomination this summer. We cannot take the SOS's (Secretary of State) word for anything at this point, we must act now.

What's next? I cannot go into details at this time, but there will be legal consequences to the actions of the Secretary of State's office and this is being worked. I will do an update when I have the details. These public servants have NO right to cheat the people of New Hampshire on this recount, but that's exactly what all this stalling and jumping through hoops has been about. As I said above, this delay has crippled the people's right to challenge the vote in other states and if this isn't resolved this week, the fraud will continue and Ron Paul's run will have been for nothing, cheated by electronic voting/counting machines and career bureau-rats. While organizations like have done remarkable work over the years in fully documenting the fraud of the presidential elections in 2000 and 2004, the vote still stood even though massive fraud took place. We cannot let this happen with Ron Paul's run for the White House. Every primary means delegates for that convention this summer.

Dr. Paul's campaign has now officially filed a caucus challenge with the Louisiana GOP; see here. About time his campaign decided to question and challenge what we know has been going on since Iowa. For more details on the botching of the Louisiana caucus, see here.

These links will give you the latest on the recount. Also, the links at the bottom will direct you to more regarding this fiasco in New Hampshire.

Letter from Albert Howard to the SOS regarding delaying of the recount

New Hampshire video evidence from

What can you do? The same as I am doing this morning: Call and fax the Governor of the State of New Hampshire, John Lynch, and politely tell him:

The Secretary of State's office has been delaying and stalling the recount requested and paid for by Mr. Albert Howard. This recount is from the January 8, 2008, primary - a whopping 20 days ago. The obvious fraud prompted Mr. Howard to request this recount, but he has been stymied at every turn and time is of the essence on this recount which should have been finished ten days ago.

Additionally, certain individuals in the office of the Secretary of State have likely committed violations of New Hampshire's election laws and you are requesting the Governor do two things: (1) Step in and direct the Secretary of State William M. Gardner, to get the recount done this week, and (2) direct the Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire to open an investigation into likely violations of New Hampshire's elections laws, i.e., chain of custody of the ballots, slits in the ballot boxes and unlawful transport and security of the ballots:

NH Election laws including RSA chapters 39 & 40: 660:5: Conduct of recount. If directed by the SOS, the State Police shall collect all ballots requested from the town or city clerks having custody of them and shall deliver them to the public facility designated by the SOS.


Instead of the ballots being transported by the State Police, they were transported by Butch & Hoppy. Butch & Hoppy? As far as I can find out at this time, B & H are not personnel of the SOS, but something akin to independent contractors. BIG red flag for chain of custody and we have to get to the bottom of this travesty.

If you are a citizen of the sovereign state of New Hampshire, be sure to make that known when you contact the governor and AG's offices. I've been in this arena going on twenty years and I can tell you flat out that elected officials hate getting heat from outside their state, but they pay extra attention if the heat comes from a citizen because the governor and attorney general are statewide elected offices.

Call and fax the Attorney General's office. Tell State Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, you insist her office open a criminal inquiry into the actions of the Office of the Secretary of State regarding the recount requested and paid for by GOP candidate, Albert Howard. Irregularities include chain of custody of ballots, tampering with the ballot boxes, transporting the ballots, irregular security of the ballots, stalling and preferential treatment for the Kucinich people in allowing them to pay only the initial fee to begin a recount while requiring Mr. Howard to come up with $55,000 within 48 hours.

One note about Kucinich's recount: it has been stopped allegedly due to lack of funds. According to the SOS, Kucinich's people are "happy" with the recount that did take place. It is my understanding that the Kucinich people are not happy with the outcome of the limited recount. If Rep. Kucinich, even though he's dropped out of the race, is unsatisfied, then he will have to fight his own battle with the SOS. See: New Hampshire Sec. of State Appears to Lie to Media About Kucinich Hand Count."

You can send email, but these offices get so much, most likely all you'll get back is a form response. A fax is something their office staff will physically receive and we need to bury the Governor's office and the Attorney General in faxes.

The phone call is equally important because their staffs will be overwhelmed and I say so be it. We CANNOT allow this type of malfeasance govern our political process.

Governor John Lynch's contact information:

Office of the Governor
State House
25 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2121
(603) 271-7680 (fax)

E-mail is direct from their site here. "Your comments and suggestions are always welcome." See? The Governor wants to hear from you!

Attorney General Kelly A. Ayotte contact information:

New Hampshire Department of Justice
33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
Telephone (603) 271-3658
Fax (603) 271-2110

Only tens of thousands of faxes and phone calls will motivate Governor Lynch and Attorney General Ayotte to move on this, so I would ask you to please take a few minutes out of your schedule today and tomorrow to flood the state house with phone calls (please be polite) and faxes. Eric, the Granny Warriors and Mr. Howard have given up so much for this recount; misery and headaches they should not have to endure. The least we the people can do is back them up with our action to make sure that recount is finished in a few days because the upcoming primaries will produce more fraud. Make no mistake about it and all our efforts and financial sacrifices to get Ron Paul the GOP nomination will be stolen from us.

Also, the Granny Warriors are in the hole as far as expenses. Here is a recap of the monies spent on the recount effort; I have the full breakdown. Because of the mucking round by the SOS's office, Mr. Howard's expenses have increased. Another by-product of the under handed tricks by Secretary Gardner and his people.

Total amount collected: $65,030.00
Minus unconfirmed donations: $3,535.00 (i.e., credit card rejections because of over limit authorization)
Minus paypal fees: $1,800.00
True total of income: $60,695.00

Money Spent:

$2000.00 - Filing Fees
$2,500.00 - Expenses for Albert Howard
$344.00 - Air plane Fare
$176.00 - Hotel for Mr. Howard
$176.00 - Hotel ditto
$176.00 - Hotel ditto
$55,600.00 - Recount Fee to the Secretary of State

Amount spent: $61,972.00
Amount collected: $60,695.00

$1,387.00 in the Red. I hope you will join me in making a donation to the Granny Warriors to help them recover these expenses which are now out of pocket. What they've done benefits all of us; you can make a donation here.

Please disseminate this column to all Ron Paul supporters you know because it's numbers that count - phone calls and faxes.

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During our conversation, Eric informed me that the recount had been repeatedly delayed and there was a problem with the chain of custody with the ballots among other possible violations of the law.