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By: Devvy
January 14, 2008

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Presidential hopeful, Congressman Ron Paul, issued a statement on January 12, 2008 stating the reasons he will not pursue a recount of the votes cast in the New Hampshire primary. His statement is here. My email box is full of angry responses from Ron Paul supporters. There is going to be a recount which begins January 16, 2008. This is a grass roots recount effort started by the 'Granny Warriors,' and funded by Americans who do not believe we have accurate elections counts. Only the candidate can request the recount. Dr. Paul's top advisers have assured him the count was accurate, therefore he should not challenge it. The Granny Warriors, approached another GOP candidate, Albert Howard, who has filed and paid the initial fees for the recount. Democratic hopeful, Dennis Kucinich, has also indicated he is requesting a recount.

As someone who has been on the vote fraud issue since 1993, I fully support this recount and have made a donation to the fund. I hope you will also support it with a donation that's comfortable for your budget. Let me say a couple of things here:

1. Someone is out to hurt this effort by spreading around via the Internet, that this recount by the Granny Warriors is a scam because "they know the costs up front." They do? Even the Secretary of State's office isn't sure: "The Secretary of State's office could not immediately provide an estimate of how much the recounts would cost or how long they would take, though it could possibly be weeks." The Granny Warriors are up front about everything they do and are real American patriots.

2. There are pitfalls regarding a recount, i.e., chain of custody of the ballots for one thing. Bev Harris (Black Box Voting) outlines a number of them here, i.e., "Ballot Chain of Custody War Stories: "Patriot Richard Hayes Phillips, while writing his brilliant upcoming book "Witness to a Crime," uncovered evidence that an Ohio County took delivery on 10,000 off-the-books ballots in 2004."

3. The integrity of the Office of Secretary of State for New Hampshire is now in the spotlight, one I'm certain they wish would go away. Their goal will be to come out with a vote count that matches last week's. It will be up to Mr. Howard and trust worthy people involved with the recount to see there are no shenanigans.

I believe the Granny Warriors will do everything in their power to follow good advice from people like Ms. Harris who have been in the trenches. This is a serious effort that means the difference between having fair and impartial elections or the fraud continues. You can find out more about these dedicated Americans at their web site here. Without question, they are going to need help on the ground in New Hampshire, but they also have to be very careful about trust issues and sabotage.

As for Ron Paul's statement, it is a very carefully worded production. I'm not making excuses, but having run for Congress, I know what it's like and what a candidate goes through, never mind at the presidential level. There isn't a minute in your 16-hour days that isn't filled. The candidate relies on his/her senior staff to handle major problems and then brief him/her. No doubt in Dr. Paul's case, his upper level people had their polling and election people look at numbers every which way from Sunday and decided the vote was accurate. They pass this along to Dr. Paul who has now gone from primary night (Tuesday) down to South Carolina in time for the GOP debate on Thursday night without skipping a beat.

Congressman Paul states, "My campaign staff and I have analyzed the numbers in New Hampshire and I have reached the conclusion that it was the high turnout -- not vote fraud or counting errors -- that left us with eight percent of the vote." So, he believes his staff has done due diligence, even though the 31 vote "error" for Sutton, New Hampshire, is not mentioned in this polished piece of word smithing. The text about vote tallying and "watching," is all well and fine, but millions of us know it's what happens inside the machines. If you haven't seen it yet, please do take 10 minutes to watch this voting counting machine during a test where 6 no votes and 2 yes votes are fed into it. The demonstrator confidently hits the button to get the vote tally. The results: 7 yes and 1 no. Additionally, one might want to click here and look at this hand recount because it clearly shows there is a serious problem with the vote count and that's why I support the efforts of the Granny Warriors.

I believe that Ron Paul believes his advisers. You can agree or disagree. Many of you have written to express your disappointment. You're not alone. Tomorrow is Michigan and more machines; I'll be watching from my hotel room. I have no doubt there will be lots of precinct "watchers" and exit polling going on, but the only thing that counts in the end is a true count of the votes which is determined internally with machines. That will not happen with any flavor of machines being used in Michigan despite assurances from the state. Also, please understand that I cannot answer thousands of emails per week; I have no staff. The best way to keep up to date on the recount effort is to check in here as the process goes forward to conclusion. We the people should not have to go through this, but unless we stop the vote fraud it will continue to put the wrong people in office.


Back on December 2, 1999, I wrote a column titled, 'Conspiracy addicts and the little boy who cried wolf.' I hope you'll read it because the problem only continues to escalate, wasting people's precious time and resources on unverified information. The date of that column is important because Y2K was the big scare people to death event thanks to the deliberate hype by a lot of people writing books. Some took it so seriously, it turned into a very bad situation and I'm talking about two guys here, Kevin Ray Patterson and Charles Dennis Kiles. These gents were so convinced Y2K was it, they decided the best way to combat the complete collapse of this country would be to blow up a couple of 12,000 gallon propane tanks located in a residential area about 30 minutes from my former home in Sacramento.

Patriots immediately came to their defense, so I went down to the federal court house, copied the arrest warrants and affidavits and all the paperwork available. These two geniuses got themselves into deep trouble and in the end, their own words on tape from undercover federal agents is what got them convicted. I wrote about their trial and what they were planning was wrong. Had they blown those propane tanks, it's no telling how many innocent people would have been killed or maimed - people who have nothing to do with the UN, the central bank or passing laws.

On January 2, 2008, my mail box filled up with a hundred of this: Henry Paulson has died after being shot in the chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Henry M. Paulson, the Secretary of the United States Treasury, died today from gunshot wounds suffered as described in this report. The State Department have confirmed this to sources in touch with this service. We do not know, and it may never be known, whether Paulson was shot dead 'in the course of duty' given that he had continually committed gross treason in time of war and had repeatedly (we are informed) been warned of the consequences if he did not cease and desist.

"We have received separate confirmations from military sources that the figure of 127 stated below for the number of 'targets' in the United States (excluding Europe) is ACCURATE. We have also just learned that the fire at the Bush Family property in Odessa, Texas, was associated with a further Special Forces operation to retrieve Bush Family documents hidden there...Informed sources state authoritatively that the official intention is to claim that Paulson died of a heart attack. The way that he died has been verified by intelligence, official, diplomatic, military and personal sources. A separate source close to the Paulson family has also confirmed that Paulson died on 2nd January and that the cause was precisely as stated in this report and Updates..."


Odessa is 50 miles from where I live. The fire damaged this junker, but no signs of special forces on location! I have taken the trouble to "look up" Mockingbird, just as I have taken the trouble to read hundreds of books and millions of words on the grand planning of the Masters of the Game and their diabolical schemes over the past 18 years. This garbage email refers me to this web site where I can get the truth!!!! Does anyone really believe that the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury would be shot and killed and not a single media source covers it? Let's check Paulson's official schedule available at the time of his death:

Treasury Secretary Paulson to Deliver Speech on Capital Markets and Economy

Washington, DC -- Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. will deliver a speech on Monday in New York City at an event hosted by the New York Society of Security Analysts. He will discuss the recent developments in the capital markets and their impact on the economy.

* What: Speech on Capital Markets and the Economy
* When: 2:00 p.m. (EST) Monday, January 7
* Where: New York City - Location TBA
* Note: Media interested in attending should RSVP to

I waited until January 7th and called his office. I was told he was out of town for a speech and would I like to speak with the media folks for the location? I followed up; click here to read about this dead man's speech on January 7, five days after his "confirmed" death. People actually believed this trash. Sending out this type of nonsense ruins your credibility. Investigative journalists get lots of requests and tips for a story, but sending out this kind of baloney will get a valid inquiry deleted because of past junk filling our mail boxes....sort of like the little boy who cried wolf.

Real conspiracies

Anyone who doesn't live in la-la land knows there are real conspiracies and one of them is the silencing of courageous Americans like Sybil Edmonds, an FBI whistle blower who has been threatened unless she remains silent about what she knows regarding 911.. Her web site is here. Ms. Edmonds isn't the only one who wants the American people to know the truth, but they under threat of losing their freedom if they talk. We the people have the right to know what she does, yet not one single "mainstream" media outlet including cable networks will touch her story. This woman is willing to risk what most people wouldn't even dream of because she believes the truth has not been told about 911. Earlier this month, she approached the Sunday Times (London) because of being gagged by the Bush Administration here in America. You should read the comprehensive coverage here.

What about Osama Bid Laden - dead or alive? This short video clip (3:16 seconds) is an interview of the late Benazir Bhutto by Sir David Frost. Notice how casually 2:58 seconds into the clip she names the man "who murdered Bin Laden." Mrs. Bhutto spoke this sentence as if it's something everyone already knows. Keeping Bin Laden alive has always been worth more politically for Bush to continue selling his endless wars based on mountains of lies, but I believe Bin Laden is dead and has been for years. Those involved in keeping this from the American people and the world are involved in a conspiracy. Oh, those tapes of Bin Laden? Not even good propaganda work with such high tech resources available. I especially like the one where he's chubby with the boxer's nose. Clever.

Higher ups in the Bush Administration (FBI and others) have conspired to keep the truth from the American people asking reasonable questions about 911 and the pathetic racket operating as the "mainstream media" in this country are co-conspirators for not pursuing valid areas where the government's version of events do not match credible research. The gagging of individuals like Sybil Edmonds who has the truth is criminal and reprehensible.

A new set of DVDs has come out from that I highly recommend because I have watched them: "Chapter Two of the Pandora's Black Box Series produced and supported by Professional Pilots. This feature film follows the flight as it happens in real time throughout the Air Traffic Control System on September 11, 2001. Analysis includes The Flight Data Recorder, The money and cover-up, Air Traffic Control and Radar, NORAD response and the shocking conflicts/possibilities based on information provided by the US Government."

These DVDs cover data received under Freedom of Information Act requests. Based on the flight recorders and other solid documentation, computer simulations prove Flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon and so much more. The individuals you will see and hear on these DVDs aren't a bunch of armchair conspiracy theorists, they are professional pilots, aviation experts and others in their field who know the Bush Administration has lied and continues to lie about what really happened that day. The material and analysis on these DVDs is critical, so I hope you'll get them and share with others. It is our duty, our obligation to fight for the truth about what really happened that day and yes, it is a conspiracy.

I'll be on the road beginning tomorrow for about two weeks and with such a tight schedule, I'm not certain I will be doing any columns. HOWEVER: what should we all be doing this week and for however long it takes? I called Rep. Virgil Goode's office last week. Both of his bills are still active to stop the NAU and the get us out of the destructive NAFTA treaty; see this web site. We must continue hammering on Congress to get these bills out of committee and brought to a vote. It is critical. Our survival depends on it. Please keep calling your congress critter and demand a yes vote on these two bills. This is a highest priority. Check the aforementioned site. If your state has not passed legislation to refuse to participate in this NAU - get on the phone to your state rep and senator. Many of the states are only in session 120 days. Time is of the essence to stop the NAU and the NAFTA Super Highway to Hell.

Tonight I'm speaking about the NAU/SPP at Howard College, Big Spring, Texas; doors open at 6:30 pm. Flyer is here with details.

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I believe that Ron Paul believes his advisers. You can agree or disagree. Many of you have written to express your disappointment. You're not alone.