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By: Devvy
October 1, 2007

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There could be a temporary, seasonal guest worker program set up with very tight controls for entry into this country, which includes what my grandparents had to present BEFORE they got on the boat out of Italy for Ellis Island: Proof of a TB test, an English proficiency test and proof they had someplace to live and work. However, the reality is that from all documented evidence, they don't work and temporary always turns into permanent. Our republic cannot handle any more legal immigration, never mind illegals. We must have a moratorium for at least ten years and then resume a reasonable number at 100,000 per year. I can already hear the screeching about America is a land of immigrants, blah, blah, blah. The melting pot is broken and only a moratorium will allow the states to cope with the mess Congress and past presidents have dumped in their laps.

In my research I have found the following articles that present the facts in the real world. Here's just a small sample:

There Is Nothing More Permanent Than Temporary Foreign Workers: "One of the most important lessons of the Bracero program occurred at its end, and showed that those closest to agriculture were most wrong about what would happen without Braceros. As Congress debated whether to end the Bracero program in the early 1960s, farmers argued that Americans would not do farm work and that, without Braceros, crops would rot in the fields and food prices would rise. The California Farmer, on July 6, 1963, said that growers and canners "agree the state will never reach the 100,000 to 175,000 acres planted when there was a guaranteed supplemental labor force in the form of the bracero." (Don Razee, "Without Braceros, Tomato Growers will Slash Acreage in '64," California Farmer, July 6, 1963, p. 5). These predictions were wrong."

Globalists Destroying America

"In fact, when mechanization was attempted in tomato fields, California labor groups and activists such as Cesar Chavez fought it. For the most part those who came stayed, and they did not return to Mexico until the big roundup during the Eisenhower administration forced them to return. Journalist Howard Sutherland, who keeps up on these pesky details that irk the cheap-labor lobby and the ruling establishment, writes: "Mechanical lettuce harvesters were under development in the 1960s. That work was stopped. Today, lettuce is still harvested by hand in the field."

"The bracero program also skewed the "free" market. It did nothing to allow business interests to adjust to paying higher wages or becoming more productive through mechanization. Instead it encouraged unrestricted, massive, illegal immigration, which flooded the market with more people at the expense of American workers, productivity gains through innovation, and the advancement of the nation and economy in general.

"The BIG argument and myth, of course, is that the illegals take jobs Americans don't want. The current argument is that if 8 million to 14 million illegals are forced to go back to Mexico, the country will fall apart. Horse hockey. The country will adjust, and so will Mexico. We will have to and so will they and so will our elites. We might even see a resurgence of job creation and higher wages for blue collar and lower class minorities because unrestricted cheap labor will not be available. We might see productivity gains if some industries are forced to mechanize and adapt."

Tom DeWeese had a superb column last week which gives Americans and these foolish politicians the staggering numbers regarding this invasion and here is but one sample of the current insanity which is paid for by the government stealing the fruits of your labor:

"Health Care: The annual cost for uncompensated emergency care to Mexican Border States (California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas) is $200 million. California taxpayers paid $79 million for illegal alien health care. Four major Los Angeles hospitals were bankrupted and shut down in 2004. Texas paid $74 million. Georgia ran a $63 million deficit for 64,000 unpaid doctor visits in 2002. Cochise County, Arizona spent 30% of its annual budget on uncompensated care to illegal aliens. University Medical Care in Tucson, Arizona spent $10 million on uncompensated care to illegal aliens. 77 hospitals in the four Border States now face financial emergencies. Legal citizens are forced to fly emergency patients to other cities for treatment. Taxes are going up to compensate. Meanwhile, as a result of the Federal Emergency Medical Act, Mexican ambulance drivers are transporting hospital patients unable to pay for medical care in Mexico to facilities in the United States. The ambulances are driving through unguarded potions of the border with "little resistance" at the instruction of Mexican officials."

Look that those numbers if you go to Tom's column. We the people are being bankrupted to support those who steal into our country, steal our jobs, murder our citizens and drain massive resources from our cities and towns.

Center for Individual Freedom: "... 55,322 criminal aliens were arrested a total of at least 459,614 times, averaging over eight arrests per alien. The Department of Justice expressed its surprise at the 'extremely high' rate of re-arrests for criminal aliens when it found that that 73 criminal aliens in a study group were arrested a total of 429 times." That's according to Senator Jon Kyl, quoting a Government Accounting Office (GAO) study in National Review Online. Reflect on those numbers for just a minute. This GAO study is only counting the number of arrests! And that should bring two questions immediately to mind: How many actual crimes did these 55,322 criminal aliens actually commit? How is it even conceivable that each of these illegal aliens could be arrested on average a total of almost nine times?" GAO Report here.

Let's not forget the massive violence in this country by gangs of illegal aliens. Let's not forget the number of children who have been victims of illegals who are violent child predators who rape and ruin America's children. Some are caught, the rest skip back across the border or stay here and continue their crimes until they are caught. We know terrorists are crossing the border from Mexico. Let's not forget the tons of drugs coming across the border targeted at America's children. Let's not forget these illegals driving on our roads and highways who have no right to do so, causing accidents that kill and maim who have no insurance and leave we the people stuck with our children's broken bodies. We are being fleeced in higher car insurance premiums to pay for this insanity, just like my daughter's case. USAA couldn't interview the illegal alien who smashed into her car (this illegal had phony Michigan plates and driver's license) because she skipped across the border at Tijuana, so they raised Brandy's premium! THIS is what these craven cowards in our counterfeit U.S. Senate are shoving down our throats every day of the week while they're at $1,000 a plate lunches or on exotic junkets they call "fact finding" trips. These damnable failures couldn't find a fact if it was tattooed on their arse.

The people of New York has better rise up because the buffoons in power in your state are going to give illegals driver's licenses. In other words, they are going to aid and abet criminals who have violated federal immigration law by rewarding them!. These illegals have no reason to stick around once they have killed or maimed you, your beloved child or husband. If they aren't caught on the scene, they will skip back across the border and there will be no justice for you or your family. With the massive numbers of them on the road, odds are it will happen to you. NY Governor, Eliot Spitzer, the moral COWARD who refused to call a grand jury into 911, is behind this and the people of New York need to rise up and stop it now. Spitzer, like zombies, Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Julie Annie, is openly and deliberately ignoring federal immigration laws by supporting people who break the law and steal our jobs and now he's going to give them a license to kill.

And, as predicted, another attempt was recently in the works for amnesty despite the overwhelming message we the people sent Bush and the lackeys in the U.S. Senate just three months ago:

ALIPAC Activists Helped Defeat the Dream Act Amnesty! September 27, 2007

"When Senator Dick Durbin announced his plan to place the 'Bad' Dream Act Amnesty into the defense spending bill via amendment, ALIPAC sprang into action to mobilize activists, media, and organizations across America to defeat the measure which would encourage illegal immigration. The ALIPAC web site receives over 3 million hits per month and the ALIPAC e-mail network now exceeds 25,000. More importantly, ALIPAC has established a national media profile with hundreds of talk radio stations and allied organizations to which the group helps provide strategies and talking points. "This Dream Act Amnesty was a Nightmare Act or 'Bad' Dream Act" says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "We used those terms from the start to convey the massive public opposition to this new attempt at Amnesty. When are these Senators going to start listening to the majority of Americans, instead of illegal aliens who are not supposed to be in America at all?"

This isn't going to stop because it is crucial for this North American Union to integrate our country with a third world country, Mexico, into one region under global totalitarian government. Canadians are being sucked into this scheme and they are fighting back. That means open borders so why close them? It is Bush's agenda. One major solution towards stopping these repeated efforts to destroy this republic is for one state of the Union to challenge the Seventeenth Amendment fraud - the one regular readers know I have been pounding on for the past 15 long years. So far, not a single state, despite the sell out by counterfeit U.S. Senators like McCain and Kyl in Arizona for example, have taken up this challenge. I pray that in January when all state legislatures are back in session, it will happen. It will only happen if tens of thousands of people in these states like Arizona, Colorado and others who are being over run and bankrupted by illegals turn up the heat on their state legislators.

How many more dead Americans and molested children will be enough for you? For part one click below.

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These workers are in this country illegally. Second: They are not entitled to work in this country. Third: These illegals with children know they are in violation of our immigrations laws because like thieves in the night, they slither across our border without legal entry.