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By: Devvy
December 3, 1999

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[Note from Devvy: Over couple of weeks I'll be traveling and while I will have my laptop with me, it's difficult sometimes to write new material. I've asked NWVs to run half dozen of my columns that were written prior to my coming on board, along with a couple after I became a regular contributor. These columns are critical in educating those Americans who are sincerely concerned about the direction America is headed, but don't have a lot of time for research. While these columns are dated a few years, the information contained in them is relevant today in understanding who and what is behind the curtain of deception.]

I have gotten into hot water with some readers because I am against legalizing drugs; my reasons are listed in several pieces on this web site. A lot of us have been saying for a long time that unless and until you get the U.S. government rogue agencies out of the drug smuggling business, you'll never stop the flow of drugs into this country. Additionally, there are too many important people who do "recreational drugs" who don't want the "war on drugs" to succeed. No? Remember Gary Aldrich's book, Unlimited Access? Remember the piece Drug Use Probed in the White House and Cocaine and the White House Connection? There's a stench that has been coming out of Washington, DC for a long time.

At the same time I read about the book War Scare, I also was given a glimpse into another work titled Red Cocaine by Dr. Joseph D. Douglass. Being the curious type and avid reader that I am, I ordered this book. Since I do a lot of reading and research, very few things surprise me anymore but this book was a real eye opener. Each and every time I see one of these clowns from the Congress, the White House or the newest "drug czar" flap on about "winning the war on drugs," I just want to gag.

As long as the bulk of the American people stay glued to mindless entertainment on the boob box (TV) and "read" nothing but girlie magazines or Home & Garden, the drug dealers in Washington will continue to not only support and participate in the peddling and sales of drugs, but America's youth will continue falling into the drug trap. Unless the people of this country decide to get off the drugs, one family and one neighborhood at a time, don't expect the government's multi-billion dollar "war on drugs" to accomplish a darn thing. Education is the key and it will take Americans who know people on drugs to shove this book under their nose and ask them if they want to be part and parcel to the destruction of our Republic or do they want to grow up and get help?

Make no mistake about it America: you are funding these operations via the money paid to the private "FED" via the IRS. This in turn creates billions for Boris via the IMF, paid for by you. Then there's the excise taxes from everything from tires to booze, all paid to the federal boys and sent overseas in the form of foreign welfare. Billions. Not only is this nation being destroyed by drugs, we're forced to fund this phony war on drugs and we're spending billions and billions within the states to help people get off the drugs. Billions and billions spent to help our young sons and daughters get off the streets and out of prostitution - the last of limited choices to pay for their drug habits.

We're spending billions and billions within the states trying to hold down to some degree the murderous rampage by gangs vieing for drug sales. Does anyone see a problem with this picture? I do because I know how the drugs come into this country and the big push started back in the '60s, that wonderful, carefree time of flower power. Yeah, sure. Now the leftovers from that gay, unfettered time are professors in our colleges and universities, governors of states, members of state legislatures, the U.S. Congress and the Dirty House on Pennsylvania Avenue. What I wouldn't give to pull a surprise urine test tomorrow on every one of these people.

I offer you a synopsis from the publisher:

Drugs Are Being Deployed To Demoralize and Subvert Our Western Civilization

The familiar, complacent view of the contemporary drugs scourge, which is ravaging the minds, bodies and souls of Western youth, is that it "just happened." The financial rewards, according to that argument, are so enormous that there will always be evil forces willing to distribute narcotics for money. Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West, explodes this ill-informed opinion, showing conclusively that the continuing Russian and Chinese Leninist revolutionaries have been using drugs for three decades as a decisive weapon in the ongoing offensive they are waging to corrupt Western societies and civilisation.

The book explains that the global drugs scourge is a long-term operation of Soviet and Chinese intelligence, designed to weaken the west, while providing the resources for the permanent prosecution of the World Communist Revolution.

Their use of drugs as an offensive 'softening-up' instrument presupposes the lack of any discontinuity of Leninist intent and practice since 1917, and (crucially) since the orchestrated 'changes' of 1989-91 - which were devised to mesmerise and mislead the world into believing that the world Revolution had collapsed. The narco-war is based upon a demonic strategy envisaged by Lenin and elaborated under Stalin by his police chief, Lavrentiy Beria.

After the Communist Chinese, having deployed drugs against their own people prior to seizing power in 1949, had extended their drug operations internationally, the Soviets embarked in earnest, on Khrushchev's orders, upon their own drugs offensive - reinforcing a revolutionary campaign to demoralise the West by degrading society's morals and institutions, as recommended by the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci.

Dr. Joseph D. Douglass, the world's leading expert on the political use of drugs, explains how a Czech defector, the later General Jan Sejna, alerted the West to this diabolical offensive - and how corrupt and irresolute Western officials and banks have chosen to ignore the ugly reality. One reason for this 'blindness' is that the Soviets corrupted certain Western banks by enticing them to provide long-term money-laundering services.

Western analysts and policy makers remain baffled by events in the 'former' Soviet Bloc. They know there is something wrong, but lack any understanding of the nature of the problem. The source of all their confusion is the West's reckless and ill-considered acceptance of the false 'changes' in the region as genuine. Yet in 1963, Khrushchev pronounced that 'deception and drugs are our first two strategic echelons in the war with capitalism.' Red Cocaine shows that the Soviet dictator meant what he said - and that the Russians' lucrative drugs war continues unabated.

Dr. Douglass writes with authority on the use of drugs by the continuing Leninist revolutionaries in order to turn the West into a compliant 'convergence' partner in pursuit of their mad objective of global hegemony. His long experience of service to the U.S. Government, and of specialist work on terrorism, advanced chemical and biological warfare applications and agents, heightened his interest in global narcotics trafficking - in which he has specialised, in the context of cultural warfare, since the mid-1980s. Dr. Douglass is internationally known as the acknowledged expert on this subject. To ignore his findings for another decade will certainly have catastrophic consequences for all of us in the West.

"Source has provided reliable information to the U.S. intelligence community for many years" Lt. General Clapper, Director, US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), on the reliability of the late General Jan Sejna, 27 April 1992.

Red Cocaine by Dr. Joseph D. Douglass and is published in NY and London by Edward Harle Limited, 1-800-661-4809

Know someone in law enforcement? Get this book and give it as a gift or loan it to someone in any level of law enforcement after you read it. Do you think Dr. Douglass is the only one to make this kind of accusation? The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic was written by Michael Levine, a former DEA agent and best-selling author of Deep Cover. The ISBN number on this book is: 1-56025-064-X

I know everyone is burnt out and people don't have the time to read as much as I do but then again, I don't have a real job. I always like to say I'm the busiest unemployed person I know! One of these days I'm hoping that all these authors will have someone read their books on cassette so that the double-digit millions upon millions of commuters can listen to the books. Same thing for farmers who sit and listen to the radio in their tractors or even joggers. It sure would be a way to reach a lot more people - hint, hint. Just make sure the reader has a good, firm voice and not something soothing that will put people to sleep!

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I have gotten into hot water with some readers because I am against legalizing drugs; my reasons are listed in several pieces on this web site. A lot of us have been saying for a long time that unless and until you get the U.S. government rogue agencies out of the drug smuggling business, you'll never stop the flow of drugs into this country.