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By: Devvy
May 21, 2007

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In my April 2, 2007, column on our sinking economy, I wrote: "Unless Ron Paul gets the nomination, you won't be able to vote for him in 2008 and believe me, those who will work the hardest to kill his run will be the Republican power brokers who dance to the tune of the banking cartel. In other words, the Republican Party leadership will do everything in their power to see that Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination......."

I told you so. The two Republican debates (MSNBC and FOX [Faux] News) and the fallout proves my point exactly. It is truly remarkable to see the vicious attacks against Congressman Ron Paul by his own party. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, an apparent relative of Elmer Fudd, stated the day after the FOX {Faux} debate that Ron Paul not only shouldn't be allowed to participate in future debates, but he shouldn't be allowed in the GOP! This from a flunky who offered up the usual treat the symptoms regarding taxation during the debate instead of the truth about the income tax and the central bank. High profile GOP religious leaders like James Dobson don't even mention Ron Paul in their commentaries; most likely Dobson has a problem with Ron Paul's support of civil unions for sexual deviants.

There have been so many excellent columns written about what happened during the FOX [Faux] debate, it's difficult to find just the right one to recommend for those who didn't see it and the phony outrage by a morally bankrupt liar like Giuliani. Rudy, like Hillary the Hun and Mitt Romney are what I call flip floppers; they resemble fish flopping around on the beach. This huckster can say anything he wants to any audience to get their vote, but Giuliani has been consistent as a serial adulterer, a cross dresser, he marches every year in the sodomite parade in NY, he would love to see the Second Amendment nullified and there is no limit in his book for killing unborn babies. These are facts long and well documented and that's just the tip of his Waterloo; for his criminal career, see here. How any real conservative could vote for Giuliani is beyond comprehension.

Lew Rockwell's column on Giuliani's attack on Ron Paul is superb. Ron Paul simply stated the truth about America's foreign policy and what tens of millions of Americans have been saying for years: It is not the role of these united States of America to bully other nations, invade them (Bush Gulf War I, Clinton Bosnia, Bush II the Middle East), crush their governments and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. We've all heard the old saying that if you keep poking a rattle snake with a stick, sooner or later it will strike back. The attacks against Ron Paul have been savage with the instigators being factually challenged mental midgets like Shawn Hannity. The rest of the attack dogs have lied with such panache, Bill Clinton must be green with envy. This from Lew Rockewell's column:

"That's really an extraordinary statement," said Rudy Giuliani. "That's an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq. I don't think I've heard that before, and I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th."

"Now, this is interesting because it is obvious that Ron never said that we invited the attacks. This was a lie. He said the US foreign policy was a "contributing factor" in why they attacked us, a fact which only a fool or a liar could deny. Giuliani then went on to say that he has never "heard that before" - a statement that testifies to the extent of the blackout on this question."

Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas, has a huge support base which is growing all the time. As someone who belongs to no political party, I watch this attempted barbecue of a good, decent man and wonder what the GOP faithful are going to do about it? There's no question that the Republican Party has abandoned most of its original ideals and America in favor of just about anything goes and globalism. If you read the 2004 National Platform (see link at bottom of this column), it is nauseating. Oh, no doubt it's a gem of well crafted, slick worth smithing, but in reality it means nothing. The smaller government, less spending, tax cuts is all hooey if you've done the research I have over the past 17 years and watched both the Democrat and Republican parties march us into financial annihilation and moral bankruptcy. When a true constitutional candidate exercises his right to run for the presidency and tell the American people the truth, here comes the well oiled, corrupt machine - the Republican National party leadership. Their intent is to slay this truth teller. It would appear to me, at least, that there are two Republican Parties: one is the new world order party being ruled over by George Bush and then there's the morally and fiscally conservative constituency who flat out don't like what's going on and have had their fill of all these liars.

Perhaps Ron Paul's run for the presidency will be a major wake up call for all those snoozing party faithful out there who just might begin asking themselves some hard questions about their party and why is it their party leadership, aided and abetted by liars for hire in the dominant media, want to shove an immoral sewer rat like Rudy Julie-Annie down their throats as the only choice? And, before you send me e-mail, yes, I do have a problem with Ron Paul as a free trader and for his support of "civil unions" for sexual deviants. But, we must remember the limitations and restrictions placed upon a president by the Constitution. Ron Paul will never assume the role of a dictator and he knows any trade agreements must be ratified by a lawfully seated senate, which we do not have. I am pleased that Americans are taking up that critical issue (Seventeenth Amendment) with their state houses; here's one example:

GA Senators embrace amnesty -- betray citizens

"Dear Senators Rogers and Schaefer,

"This betrayal of the citizens of GA, with their support of S.1348, merits the recall of Isakson and Chambliss. As I stated in the past, the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution was fraudulently ratified. Under the U.S. Constitution, Senators are to be selected by the GA General Assembly to represent the State of GA in Washington, DC. These two senators, Isakson and Chambliss, have, for too long, been interested in serving the agenda of Big Business rather than the citizens of the great State of GA.

"Please, do what it takes to have Isakson and Chambliss recalled and two others selected by the GA General Assembly appointed to fill their position. In any resultant court case, the fraud of the 17th amendment will be exposed. [Please, see the attachment - Devvy Kidd's article on the 17th Amendment.] Thank you for your attention to this important matter (important, not only to GA, but also to our Republic). Sincerely, Joe {last name withheld for privacy), Marietta, GA/Vietnam-Era Veteran and overtaxed citizen now at home in the Constitution Party."

Which brings me around to the illegal alien invasion and this phony immigration reform bill that will be voted on today; the first round. Ron Paul is against it; see his column here. This issue has dominated talk radio and the Internet in an effort to stop this legislation that is no more a reform bill than was Reagan's failed 1986 immigration reform law that opened the flood gates. Those of us who have been on this issue know that this invasion has been allowed to continue because it is directly linked to the integration of the U.S., Canada and Mexico under the so-called North American Union. Here are a few new things brought to my attention by a great lady who is an assistant to a state senator; I am privileged to know both of them.

How many Congress critters have said they never heard of the NAU/SPP to this day? This pdf file is part of this phony reform bill; read this text sent to me by Karen. This frosted my windows when I read it equally as when I read that members from La Raza, a seditious, militant, America hating organization literally sat in on the negotiations for this legislation with veto power! She also sent this along:

"I wanted to give you some more clarification on the bill number. Here's a part of a message I got from Eagle Forum last night. "S. 1348 is not the 'compromise' bill that was announced yesterday. S. 1348 is a copy of the same bill the Senate passed a year ago (May 25, 2006). Then it was S. 2611 in the 109th Congress. Harry Reid reintroduced last year's bill on May 9, 2007 as the vehicle for Senate action. It received a new number, S. 1348 in the 110th Congress. Then on May 14 Reid filed a motion to proceed (cloture) on S. 1348. Reid's plan is to strike the text of S. 1348 and substitute the text of the negotiated compromise that was released yesterday, May 17. I have not seen the full text of the new bill. It is not generally available. In fact I think they are still putting it together and it won't be available until Monday at the earliest."

A reader e-mailed me this one:

"Page 149-150 [ excerpts from Post Captialist Society by Peter F. Drucker, hardback 1993]: The European Community then triggered the attempt to create a North American economic community, built around the United States but integrating both Canada and Mexico into a common market. So far this attempt is purely economic in its goal. But it can hardly remain so in the long run."

"What makes this so important is that the impetus for the North American economic community did not come from the United States; it came from Mexico. Yet for over one hundred fifty years ever since Mexico was unified under the presidency of Benito Ju�rez, the goal of Mexican policy has been to put as much distance as possible between its country and its pushy and totally alien neighbor to the north. No two contiguous countries in the world are as different as Mexico and the United States in language, in religion, but above all in culture, values, and tradition. Yet Mexico had to accept in the end that the one hundred fifty years of isolationist policy had ended in failure; in order to survive as a country and civilization, it has to integrate itself, at least economically, with the huge, dangerous, and alien neighbor to the north. The treaty which the Mexican government has proposed to establish a customs union between Mexico and the other two North American countries, the United States and Canada, may fail to go through. But the economic integration of the three countries into one region is proceeding so fast that it will make little difference whether the marriage is sanctified legally or not."

Comrade Ted Chappaquidick Kennedy has blown through his booze soaked lips that this is as good as it's going to get. This current bill represents bureaucratic nightmares you can't even imagine. From a common sense stand point, do these buzzards really believe that tens of millions of illegals who lied to get and stay in America are going to come clean regarding when they broke our immigration laws and snuck across the border? I can already see one of the 15 million interviews with these illegals who are supposedly going to step forward, including the violent sexual predators, rapists, terrorists, murderers and drug dealers, "Why, yes, Mr. Immigration Man. I entered the U.S. before January 1st.Yes, sir, I did!" If this weren't a matter of life and death for this republic, it would be a hilarious.

All these years and all these bills that coddle and reward criminals who have sacked the taxpayer. In the meantime, dozens of Americans die each day by illegal aliens, not to mention how many more terrorists are going to enter this country; try the New Jersey Six. We the people are not going to allow this insanity to continue. If you live in Arizona, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens are holding a rally today:

24 HOUR STAND DOWN- "Senator Kyl's Opportunity to Reflect on his Erroneous Actions and to Reconcile with his Constituents. Kyl will not compromise with IRAQ, why is he willing to compromise with illegal immigration? Date: May 21, 2007; Time: Monday Morning 5:00 a.m.; Location: Office of Arizona Senator John Kyl (RINO.); 2200 E. Camelback (Northeast Corner of 22nd Street and Camelback) Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the coalition groups that endorse this Press Release and who will be participating are the Mohave County Minutemen, Mothers Against Illegal Aliens, United For a Sovereign America, You Don't Speak for Me, Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., J.T. Reddy, American Freedom Riders - and others." For further information, go to the web site of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens here.

I urge you to please get on the phone today and all this week and tell your counterfeit U.S. Senator: NO amnesty. No rewards for any illegal regardless of country of origin. We demand the process of deporting all illegal aliens be undertaken and the border locked down, period. Eisenhower did it and it can be done again. Everyday there are more and more news stories about illegals and all the death, destruction and misery heaped upon this country by them. The Republicans had 12 years to solve the problem by taking firm, strong and decisive action. They didn't because of $$ and Bush. The Democrats don't want to stop this invasion, they keep coming up with legislation that is so absurd (points towards citizenship, come clean, go home, pay a $5,000 fine and come back and more nonsense), it defies logic when using the word reform.

If these people don't know how to get the job done, we the people sure as Hell do. This issue is directly tied to the real threat of terrorists coming across the border and building their cells. Only we the people can stop it before the blood of your children, my daughter or your grand babies spills in rivers if another 911 is allowed to happen or your child is grabbed by a violent sexual predator here illegally.

If you need assistance in contacting your counterfeit U.S. Senator, please visit these sites:

Numbers USA
Americans for Legal Immigration

You should also go to this site and look at the numbers this invasion has racked up. This so called immigration reform bill will only cause them to increase while putting America at great risk.

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If these people don't know how to get the job done, we the people sure as Hell do. This issue is directly tied to the real threat of terrorists coming across the border and building their cells.