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By: Devvy
May 10, 2007

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"The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse." James Madison, speech in the Virginia constitutional convention, Dec 2, 1829

My last column covered the income tax and the complete and total integration of these united States of America into a "North American Union," which would mean the end of our sovereignty and republic; I dare call it treason. No one had a problem with the facts regarding the NAU/SPP, but many had a problem with my observation about the income tax and the fight to expose the truth: the federal income tax does NOT apply to domestic Americans. The thugs at the IRS have been misapplying the Internal Revenue Code for almost 100 years. The federal courts, in collusion with U.S. Attorneys who have no conscience and care nothing for truth or the law, continue to jail Americans who have broken no law. The court's pat response to any challenge is "frivolous arguments." Hundreds of thousands of Americans make their paycheck off the big lie, i.e., H & R Block, tax preparers, planners and lawyers who betray their clients in favor of serving mother government as an "officer of the court." Their bread and butter is dependent upon the big lie remaining intact.

Here are just two e-mails in response to that column: "Devvy, don't be negative. The People are waking up. I've admired your efforts for years and the movement is taking off. The time is now! The Ron Paul Revolution." And, "I never thought I'd see you tuck tail and run, Devvy." First, as I have already written: Ron Paul is the only constitutional candidate running for president, hands down. However, unless he wins the GOP nomination next summer at their convention, it's over. You won't be able to vote for him, the party faithful will get who ever gets the nod at that convention. If Americans who support Ron Paul don't beat these buggers at their own game, they will get sewage like Rudy Guiliani and it's "hold your nose and vote" time, again, again, again. Either enough Republicans become delegates to get him nominated or it's over. That's the game rules; see my column here.

There's no question the American people are on the warpath over the thousands cuts being inflicted upon us every day, the flushing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the treason underway: the NAU. There's no question millions of Americans know the truth about key issues like the income tax and the privately owned "Federal" Reserve Banking System. However, one simply cannot over look reality because it makes you feel ineffective and hopeless. We are having victories and we do have more to do. We beat the so called mandatory HPV vaccine here in Texas. Gov. Perry has announced he will not veto the legislature's bill to over turn his stupidity. Congressman Ron Paul, has articulated in a new column something I've been pounding on for weeks: H.R. 1592 is unconstitutitonal; Congress has no authority to legislate in this area and Bush has indicated he will veto it; see Dr. Paul's analysis here about federal crimes under the Constitution. He lists three types of conduct, I have listed four in my columns.

Action alert: We are beating the insidious National ID - get on the phone today and call your state rep and senator, your Congress person and your counterfeit U.S. Senator and tell them you will refuse this ID: "Opposition may delay or repeal Real ID program by Margaret Talev, McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON - A nationalized system for driver's licenses that was to take effect next year already had been postponed because of a backlash from Congress and several states, and the Senate began hearings Tuesday to consider repealing it altogether." Make those calls today!

Seventeen years ago I began my journey for the truth. Once I discovered the truth about the central bank, a quest for one world government under communist domination and the fraudulent application of the federal income tax against Americans, I thought all we have to do is educate enough people and Congress will respond. How many hours, days, months, I poured over court cases where the federal courts can't even agree on this issue, read books and did the hard research. Of course I was quite naive back then, I still believed in an illusion. Over the years, I have learned what naked evil really means. This has been no easy road to travel, I can assure you.

As more and more Americans learn the truth thanks to the Internet, superb books like 'Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?' by Idaho State Rep. Phil Hart and excellent documentary films like Aaron Russo's 'America: Freedom to Fascism,' they join this movement to take down the beast. However, we have a two-fold problem. Many people who e-mailed pointed out victories like the acquittal of Vernice Kuglin, a former UPS pilot. I know the lovely and vivacious, Vernie, and her attorney, Larry Becraft. Yes, she was acquitted because she got a jury, just like Joseph Banister, who believed these defendants. But, for each of these victories, you have another 1,000 good, decent Americans like Dick Simkanin, Irwin Schiff and Dr. Tom Clayton rotting in federal prisons because their juries didn't have the stones to stand up to the federal government. It's also about the process. Have you ever been in a federal court room and watched one of these trials? I have and if you want to talk about raw, stark reality, attend one of these trials. You will see total collusion between federal judges and U.S. Prosecutors; same at the state level. Watch as defense attorneys try to get expert witnesses on the stand or even the law! only to be shot down by U.S. Attorneys who tell the judge, "Oh, we can't have that!" The juries are thrown BS, kept in the dark and come back with a guilty verdict.

Now, let me be very specific here because immediately following Vernie and Joe's acquittal, the e-mails flew fast and furious: the income tax is dead! This is wishful thinking. Neither of those trials decided the legality of the income tax and it's misapplication. In Vernie's case, the jury concluded that Vernie's belief in her position was sincere and acquitted her. They determined in her case and several others that their reliance defense was sincere; see Cheek v U.S below in the reference section. There was absolutely no adjudication as to the legality of the income tax.

Whitey Harrell is another victory for the truth. Whitey was charged at the state level for failure to file and was acquitted by a jury. In Whitey's case, he was fortunate enough to get a jury that asked real questions and didn't like the answers they were getting from the judge. Marcella Brooks was the jury fore person. I have had the honor of meeting and knowing this remarkable woman. She came to the National Press Club in Washington, DC, and shared the stage with yours truly and several other speakers. Marcella's recounting of Whitey's trial was emotional; her words (and deeds) came from the heart of a true American. But, jurors like Marcella are rare. So few Americans have any knowledge of our legal system, just the distorted nonsense they see on Law & Order, which is why I have been a champion of Fully Informed Jury for a long time.

I am aware of Pete Hendrickson's situation and the fight now being mounted by Tommy Cryer, a lawyer in Shreveport, Louisiana, who spent two years researching the entire history of the income tax and it's illegal application against domestic Americans. He has been charged with a felony: Attempt to evade or defeat tax. Cryer, who I do not know, has decided that he must step forward and fight for the truth, for what is right, no matter the cost. He is no fool, he's an experienced attorney and he's in the fight for his freedom, his livelihood, his life. I want him to prevail because I don't want to see one more American jailed and bankrupted to feed a machine that needs victims to stay in business and to protect the big lie. Everything will depend on his jury. Why? Because it doesn't matter if the defendant is wealthy enough to pay for the best legal defense ($50,000 or more), it's uninformed juries who are brain washed by state and federal prosecutors right out of the chute with rhetoric like, "He doesn't want to pay his fair share of taxes! Mr. Cryer wants you to pay his portion, too!!!" Straight out of a Charles Dickens novel, Scrooge (federal prosecutor) jabbing his bony finger into the noses of the jury. And, if you've sat and watched these jurors, you can see what they're thinking before one shred of evidence is presented.

Dr. Edwin Vieria told me a few years ago and I've never forgotten it: The only hope defendants have now is for their defense attorney to convince the jury their client was too stupid to understand the law. Edwin quit practicing more than a year ago and when he told me, I was shocked and asked, why? Edwin told me he could no longer participate in this farce called our judicial system that is so corrupt, one runs out of words. I was saddened. This man has a brilliant legal mind, a true champion of what this nation was founded upon; the rot and corruption has deprived the American people of his gifts. Other crack lawyers like Donald McPherson, warriors for many years in the fight to keep their clients out of prison on income tax charges, simply walked away from tax cases for similar reasons and because the movement itself was constantly shooting themselves in the foot peddling poison and refusing to do what was really needed to win. Instead the desperate continue buying into bogus legal arguments, poison like the strawman/redemption nonsense and others.

Yes, I am aware of these cases:

"The Constitution prohibits any direct tax, unless in proportion to numbers as ascertained by the census..... [and] ... prohibits Congress from laying a direct tax on the revenue from property of the citizen without regard to state lines...- United States Supreme Court in Pollack v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company (1895) "... [the 16th Amendment] conferred no new power of taxation... [and]... prohibited the ... power of income taxation possessed by Congress from the be ginning from being taken out of the category of indirect taxation to which it inherently belonged...".-United States Supreme Court in Stanton v. Baltic Mining (1916)

If the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation, how then does the IRS get away with using it as the "income tax amendment" to crucify and destroy Americans - especially in light of the incontrovertible fact that it was NEVER legally ratified by the required number of states?

Is there no hope? Absolutely, but we have to honestly look at what we're faced with: (1) a machine out to get you, employing lackeys who care nothing for the law or the truth just those paychecks; federal judges, U.S. Attorneys, state judges, state prosecutors, Congress and thousands of "elected" public servants in state legislatures who make the tax laws, tying them to the federal lie; (2) an uninformed, brainwashed population. We have to remember that most adults today have grown up with the income tax, social security taxes, withholding taxes and fear of their own government. They know nothing else and they surely know nothing about freedom. Despite our best efforts, millions of us have had to fight this battle with no help from the farce called a "free press" in this country. The bald faced lies spewed by ABC, NBC, CBS, cable "news" networks and the major newspaper conglomerates on issues like the income tax is repulsive. These giant monopolies are nothing more than paid hired guns; their total disregard for the truth is sickening.

It's not just the media monopolies contributing to the on-going fraud, it's also entities like big unions which influence how Americans vote. My brother is 100% disabled from a work related accident, but when he was a teamster, the Teamsters Union used to send him a brochure each election cycle with their "strong recommendations" on which candidates their member should vote for - one of those brochures he sent me recommended voting for Comrade Diane Feinstein, an outright crook; every recommendation was for a Democrat, no matter how corrupt that incumbent proved to be. Huge organizations like AARP endorse the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking System. Too many people blindly follow the lead of these organizations without doing a single minute of research because each of them offers something that a voter wants from their prostitute in Congress or a state legislature. Tens and tens of millions of Americans have no idea how these systems actually work, why they don't work or whether they're constitutional - only what the system can bring to their pocket book or medicine cabinet. It's called dependency, it breeds slavery. Then, there is the fear factor and people should fear the IRS because that organization is a parasite that will do ANYTHING to stay alive because over 99,000 jobs are at stake.

In my 17 years, I have found the most effective way to get brain and body weary Americans to sit up and pay attention is what I brought out in my last column regarding the income tax and where those taxes go. I have painstakingly explained all of this in a post on my web site titled, Why an income tax is not necessary to fund the federal government. I explain the difference between the national debt and the deficit, something not enough Americans really understand. How it's created, who creates it and how it gets paid. I have given my permission to hundreds of individuals over the years to reprint this document for their newsletters and handouts. It also explains why no alternative taxing SCHEME is necessary and why it's just another trap to feed the central bank. I hope you will take the time to read this because, as I said, the one way to get Americans riled up is by showing them how their pocketbook is being robbed and not for the reasons they have been led to believe. The light bulb goes on and then they understand.

As I said in my last column, at some point and we're getting close for all the reasons listed in that column, the IRS becomes worthless to the money lenders because they're walking on a tightrope now. The time is coming when the financial folly will come home to roost and then the people will rise up with empty bellies and pitch forks. In the meantime it is critical the states of the Union adopt an honest money bill and that won't happen without dedicated activists like those out in New Hampshire. We do live in perilous and unsettling times. The money lenders who own Congress are not going to sit back and allow we the people to get in their way and they have the might of a federalized police force an agency under a big umbrella called The Department of Homeland Security (with all those new jobs its created) behind them. Knowledge truly is power and we should continue getting Aaron's film, Freedom to Fascism and the truth about the income tax, the withholding scam, etc., to as many Americans as we can to a reach critical mass that cannot be ignored - just like what happened with prohibition. In the interim, though, we need to be prepared for reality with what's coming as I have covered so many times in my columns on the economy.

As always, I ask you to study the links at the bottom of my columns because they contain critical information, documentation and resources. Also, I will be a keynote speaker June 9, 2007 at the Constitution Party for the State of Texas at Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas. I hope to see you there; for information and registration, please click here.

Important information:

1. Trial Transcripts: Vernie Kuglin
2. Trial Transcripts: Joseph Banister
3. Joseph Banister trial
4. Cheek v. United States/Supreme Court of the United States, 1991

5. Cheek v. United States - Oral Argument
6, Marcella Brooks Speech - Free Internet video
7, The Andrew Jackson Society (Central Bank)
8, Fully Informed Jury Association Tax Fraud & Evasion: The War Stories by Donald MacPherson (Amazon) April Fifteenth: The Most Pernicious Attack Upon English Liberty by Donald W. MacPherson (Amazon)
9, The Founder's Constitution

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There's no question the American people are on the warpath over the thousands cuts being inflicted upon us every day, the flushing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the treason underway: the NAU.