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By: Devvy
March 19, 2007

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All of us at one time or another have looked up into the sky and seen those beautiful, fluffy clouds floating by or some that just seem to hang there for our enjoyment. Some of them look as soft as a pillow. But, over the decade, we the people have seen those natural creations take on a more sinister apparition in the form of man made contrails. On December 19, 2004, I wrote a news column for NWVs on this very issue; see here. Immediately, my mail box filled up with assertions that the issue of contrails is just more conspiracy malarkey and it's just "steam" coming out of commercial airliners. This prompted me to write a follow up column; see here.

Over time, I met Rosalind Peterson, who has been doing the hard research on this issue; her credentials here. Rosalind's research has gone far and above what most people can imagine. One of the most important presentations she made during our meeting at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California (details here) were the water tables showing the spikes in aluminum and barium, and the FAA fly over sheets for the Mendocino area. Even the nit wit at Rep. Neillo's office was surprised when Rosalind presented these documents which clearly showed military and civilian plane patterns; color ink is used to designate which is military and which are civilian planes, private or commercial. Neillo's aide could clearly see was one set of fly overs were unidentified. These fly over patterns are silly when you look at them. They go crisscross and in circles and then simply fly off into the sunset. No one can tell you why this crazy fly over pattern on a specific day or who these planes belong to and unfortunately, Neillo's aide simply refused to look into the matter. He arrogantly told me the contrails in Sacramento that I observed from my house only three miles from the airport were from commercial jets. Of course, it makes perfect sense that 2-4 commercial jet liners like Delta or United, would take off from the Sacramento airport at the same time, fly north and south and then east and west for 3-4 hours and then head for Philly or Boston. Now, why didn't I think of that!

The one thing Rosalind can tell you: When those planes leave her area (Mendocino County), the sky is no longer a brilliant, clear blue, but a gray, drab color, the same as Sacramento and now where I live. My husband and I moved out of California last June for several reasons; some I covered in a recent column. One of the reasons is also the contrails spraying and the massive doses Sacramento has been getting for years; a couple hours drive from Rosalind's area. There is no question in my mind that the failure of our tomato plants three years running was due to the spraying and all the documentation and photos that Rosalind gave me to study clearly show the condition of our plants exactly the same as those up in Mendocino County where heavy spraying has been going on for years. Agriculture in her area as well as destruction to trees and plants is already well advanced and I shutter to think what will happen if this isn't stopped.

To my knowledge, prior to my arrival in Big Spring, Texas (between Midland and Lubbock) last June, there had been no spraying. Three weeks after I arrived, I saw the first day of it and I simply wanted to scream. This is a heavy agriculture area (cotton) with many organic growers. While the frequency of the contrails have been moderate compared to Sacramento, starting the first of this year, it has been stepped up. With the exception of Excedrin, I do not take over the counter products, never have. I do not have allergies, I don't get colds, the flu or anything else. I don't get infections, I don't get sick, I maintain a high school level weight and walk my doggies every day weather allows. It has been my goal for decades to work towards staying healthy so I won't be a burden to myself or my family. What does all this have to do with contrails?

On certain days, just like in Sacramento, the big headache hits and I don't even have to look up to know why. My husband has suffered like a dog from allergies as long as I've known him. On the spraying days in Sacramento, his sinuses went into over drive. Mine didn't bother me, but I would get a bad headache. Here in Big Spring, the spraying is not only picking up, but whatever it is, I am telling you that it is attacking our bodies. On February 16, 2007, I went out to run errands. The planes were already flying over. Within three hours the entire brilliant blue sky became drab, gray and I was sneezing every few minutes; I never sneeze. By dinner time, my head felt like a Goodyear tire and my nose was simply beat to death. I then went to Arizona and over to Austin; no more attacks because I saw no spraying during both road trips. On March 5, 2007, I walked out into my back yard with the dogs and within a few minutes, the sneezing started. I looked up and two planes were over head leaving their contrails. Within a few hours, our entire sky was gray gunk again. These two photos are from Rosalind; they're identical to our sky after spraying.

On March 7, 2007, I again went outside with the dogs and within minutes, the sneezing started and within an hour, my head felt like I was zonked out. It got worse as the day went on; by dinner my nose was dead from Kleenex swabbing. Four planes spent five full hours drenching our sky. These were not commercial air liners. I am 45 miles from Midland Airport. Here and there you will see commercial planes overhead as they leave the area, but they do not leave any contrails. These planes flying over our area are flying low enough to see they are completely white and appear to be cargo planes of some kind. March 7th was so bad, I almost couldn't function, but I stood outside and watched those four planes go north to south and then east to west, behind them were long, white streaks which turned into various patterns. There has been no spraying since the 7th and I haven't sneezed once. My best friends who live two miles away are also experiencing the same symptoms and misery.

I don't care what anyone says: what we're seeing here and all across this country is not chemtrails from commercial aircraft or military planes simply flying over. One has to ask themselves what do these pilots think their mission is? They suddenly appear over an area where the sky is absolutely, crystal blue and flying back and forth for hours leaving these long contrails behind them and leave the entire area blanketed with gray haze. Don't these pilots - whoever they are because no one from state to federal officials will tell us - what the Hell are you doing up there? If you are a pilot flying these missions or if you know someone who is and it has to be military, please contact me. I will never reveal a source, but we need someone to come forward.

Rosalind has a web site that has been documenting this whole issue. Click here to see the pictures and they are pretty much the same across the country. Mail continues to pour into my e-mail box on this issue from people who are experiencing serious medical problems; their skies are being decorated by planes flying over, departing and leaving behind gray, gunky sky. As Rosalind attempted to explain during our meeting at Rep. Neillo's office: this is an environmental disaster of monumental proportions underway. Three years ago I interviewed a man who worked for more than 30 years for the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; he knows Rosalind well. Allan told me the same thing about the destruction to trees and crops. This is serious and we must get to the bottom of this contrail mystery. You would think these dunderheads in the state and federal agencies would want to know themselves since they and their families are also breathing this poison which is killing the food supply and critical eco structures like trees.

I am taking a couple of steps here which I will write about later. To say I am PO'd is putting it mildly. I am a healthy adult and what I have gone through during these spraying periods has been horrendous. The symptoms only last the one day, but who knows the long term effects to our bodies? Are we to be used as guinea pigs and told just to go away? In the meantime, we need scientists and doctors to take some pro-aggressive action. First: We need samples taken within an hour after the spraying starts. Samples from leaves, trees, sickly crops that used to be healthy and humans - specifically, swab the inside of the person's mouth and nose and get it analyzed by a lab to see what's in the saliva and mucus. There is a section on health effects on Rosalind's site (click here). Rosalind and probably others have proof positive of deadly chemical spikes in the water tables. The problem is that not a single member of a state legislature or federal representative in Congress will address this issue. All constituents receive is a form letter full of bull. These same legislators laughed when Jodi Waters brought forth her allegations about the gas additive, MTBE. She was right and the environmental disaster is still being cleaned up; the human part and tragedy of people dying is still underway. The contrail issue is going to be a million times worse if it isn't stopped.

There are many, many web sites on this issue. One e-mailer send me the photo below of a C-130 and maintains the spraying is something called Operation Clover Leaf. The web site I found with this name has one section on climate change and geoengineering which you can view here. Rosalind has also been gracious enough to provide me with her flyers. They are available on my web site, link below. Print them and give them out at every meeting, work, church and to friends and neighbors.

Picture not the C-130

There is a petition on line to Congress. I urge you to sign it; see here. We need to get these political animals in Congress to pay attention to these serious issues and quit wasting time and money on non issues like the firing of a handful of U.S. Attorneys. Scientists, doctors: Let's get those samples from plants, trees and humans and get them to credible laboratories for evaluation. I know America is dying from a thousand cuts and millions of us are fighting as hard as we can to stop this massive invasion by illegals, the NAU, stop the rape of we the people to fund unconstitutional, illegal invasions of other countries, 911 and the list goes on and on.

However, if we're all sick and dying from man made disasters like contrails and our food supply poisoned, we won't be able to fight back. Regular readers of my work know that I am not some flighty, conspiracy type. The contrails issue is real, it's deadly serious and we must find out who these planes belong to, who has authorized the spraying and exactly what chemicals they are spraying because our very lives depend on it.

Note: I will be speaking in April for the Paragon Foundation along with Jerome Corsi, Derry Brownfield and James P. Owen in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Details are here. I hope to see you there.

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I am taking a couple of steps here which I will write about later. To say I am PO'd is putting it mildly. I am a healthy adult and what I have gone through during these spraying periods has been horrendous.