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By: Devvy
March 8, 2007

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"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." --Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1

Chuck Baldwin's recent, superb column on the heroes of the Alamo is quite timely because just a few days before it's publication, a whole lot of Texans were at our state capitol in the true spirit of Davy Crockett and the others who died in defense of freedom, liberty and protecting what belongs to us. This rally was organized by courageous Americans who aren't about to sit back and allow a flock of buzzards in the state house and craven crooks like Governor Rick Perry, steal the fruits of our state and her people for a foreign conglomerate or number our animals to enrich the coffers of those who manufacture these chips.

It's a long, but beautiful drive from my home in West Texas (only made possible by your donations) to the State Capitol in Austin. While I have only lived in this state since June 2006, I have always loved Texas and her people; my husband is a native Texan. Many folks send me mail asking why would I leave a major metropolitan city like Sacramento (700,000) and moved to a small town in West Texas with a population of 32,000? Several reasons: (1) While it breaks my heart because I was born and raised in California, it is a dying state. With a state legislature run by commies, socialists and fascists, it is a state running private businesses into bankruptcy with thousands leaving the state every year and taxing the citizens into poverty to support MILLIONS of illegal aliens; (2) there is going to be violence in California between the illegals and militant pro-illegals organizations. Those who are in the path of this grotesque invasion will be simply mowed over unless they're armed, which is difficult in Kali-forn-ia.100% gun control is a constant agenda with that rancid, stinking legislature; (3) I know what's coming; it was my top priority to sell our home and get out of a major population center. It was and is painful because my entire family still live there; they either can't move because of age and health problems or work; (4) Traffic, contrails and the ability to grow organic food. I love Texas, and where I live. The Second Amendment is still King and you won't see communist propaganda like 'Brokeback Mountain' play at any local theater here.

I have been to many state capitols throughout the country, but never to Austin, so it was a real treat for me to arrive, walk around this beautiful state house and hit on my state rep and senator's offices to let them know where I stand on the issues. When I arrived (1:30 pm) there were already about 75 people listening to a wonderful high school band brought in to play patriotic and historical music. About a half hour later, I started to hear what sounded like Alex Jones and sure enough, I turned around and looked down Congress Avenue. About six blocks away I could see the police escorts and a wave of Texans marching up to the capitol.

And, true to form at the helm was talk show host Alex Jones, giving a running "Down with the new world order," "No to the Texas Trans Corridor" (TTC) and the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) with a bull horn. Alex Jones deserves a lot of credit for rallying the people along with the organizers. Over the past 17 years I have been to many demonstrations. Too many have been very disappointing because Americans were too "busy" or wouldn't sacrifice one vacation day to show up, i.e., the contrail rally in LA last March. Even though this event was highly publicized, about 30 people attended; many walked by but paid no attention. Just a few days before that, 500,000 illegals aliens were in the same spot; the spraying was going on right over our heads while I was speaking. It was pathetic and I'm sure Banker Barbie Boxer was laughing her head off in her office across the street. But, that's another column for another day. So different from March 2nd when a huge wave of Americans marched right up to the state capitol and began shouting to the law makers inside the state house just what we think about the TTC and NAIS. One speaker made a great comment regarding the NAIS when she said that her horse never goes anywhere without her, so chipping the horse is really to keep track of her movements. She is absolutely right: this is all about control. The TTC is all about transportation expediency for a combined "North American Union" and BIG money into the coffers of foreigners. It's all about destroying this sovereign nation and further reducing we the people to little more than oxen with a giant yoke around our necks.

As for that day, it was thrilling. It was wonderful. I couldn't take enough pictures. I was excited! I was so very proud of every single Texan who was there; many who drove long distances like I did just to be there and tell Austin: NO, but, HELL NO! Very dedicated individuals who spearheaded this effort gave speeches (one great lady who had just given birth to her seventh child one month before!) that were not only fiery, but fact filled about all the chicanery and back room dealings regarding the TTC. We're all hoping a criminal investigation will be opened regarding millions of taxpayer dollars used in violation of state law to promote this bad project. I also had the real pleasure of meeting and talking with Liz McIntyre (co-author of Spy Chips) and the great Jimmie Vaughn.

Very encouraging were several speeches given by state legislators who are absolutely against this mess and are fighting like warriors to kill the TTC. Kudos to these representatives of the people of Texas who came outside, stepped up to the podium and stood with the people. The day before, March 1st, hearings were held and the turn out was even remarked on by the local media in Austin as being "a heavy turn out." The turn out rivaled those many years ago over the redistricting battle. This is EXACTLY what these lawmakers in the state houses must see: resistance and anger by voters. Texans are tough and they didn't back down in the hearings and at the rally. It made me proud to be part of such an event.

The TTC and NAIS aren't just issues for Texas. These bad for America projects are deliberately interconnected in the bigger picture of a North American Union (NAU). Texas is the staging state and others will fall unless we stop it here. Never mind the coming carnage with eminent domain all along that 1000 mile corridor. The big first step just got shoved down our throats two weeks ago by allowing Mexican truckers free reign on our roads; see here.

Here's what needs to be done: Texans please join this great example of how we the people beat down such treachery. Don't think we can't win because we just had a temporary win on the insidious National ID and we can do it here in Texas, too. If you don't live in my great state, but know someone who does, get this column to them. If you can, make a small donation to one of the groups below to help them fight this. It takes money, not just dedication. Texans get on the phone to your state rep and state senator. Tell them to stop the TTC and pass legislation that says there will be NO implementation of this animal identification program. This is just another example of Congress trying to crush our ranchers, farmers and freedom loving people with more unnecessary regulations that serve absolutely no purpose. The Texas State Legislature must exercise their authority as a sovereign state. That rally last week was a huge wake up call for the state house and 'for sale to the highest bidder' Gov. Rick Perry.

Everyone: Get on the phone (forget e-mails; Congress critters get about 300,000 a month) and call your federal house member and demand they pass HCR 40 to stop this major thrust to destroy a sovereign America. Alert: Montana Just Says NO! to The Security and Prosperity Partnership. In a land slide vote of 94 to 5 a resolution opposing the SPP has passed the House in the State of Montana. The Bill has now been transmitted to the Senate. Bill text here; vote tally here. Rep. Diane Rice is the sponsor and a great big thank you, Rep. Rice! If you live in Montana, get on the phone and hammer on your state senator to get this passed. Everyone: Get involved with one of these fine organizations. Build those numbers. Become part of history instead of being a victim of it.

We have to keep the heat on; I'm doing my part, now I ask you to do yours. As Chuck Baldwin said in his column, the heroes of the Alamo might appear foolish to some who populate this country, but to people like me, I appreciate the sacrifices they made and the courage of these men who refused to accept defeat. That spirit is our spirit and we will fight. This is our land, our state. We are not going to give up the fruits of our labor to some private group of financiers in Spain nor will we cave in and allow the animals to be chipped and tracked because this is just another tool to cement a one world government with America, Mexico and Canada as one of the regions.

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I have been to many state capitols throughout the country, but never to Austin, so it was a real treat for me to arrive, walk around this beautiful state house and hit on my state rep and senator's offices to let them know where I stand on the issues.