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By: Devvy
January 25, 2007

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Back in June 2003, I wrote a column on the serious problem of growing obesity in America. It immediately brought a pile of e-mail from overweight Americans who told me they're healthy, I'm mean, insensitive and "I've learned to live in my skin and my weight is none of your business." The usual cop out and justification for not taking responsibility for your own actions and expecting everyone else to pay for your medical treatment, because guess who is helping to drive up medical costs that get slapped on the premiums of those who are staying healthy? The fat and obese due to their chronic medical problems. Well, the fat is coming home to roost and with it will come a major financial catastrophe the likes of which most people not only can't understand, they simply don't care. Since I wrote that column 3 1/2 years ago, the problem has continued to grow by tons.

The other night in my hotel room I watched a program on the Learning Channel about obesity in America and its devastating effects not only on the individual, but the economy. Most of those featured on this program were fat or clinically obese and all of them insisted they were happy being fat. One health care giver was an absolute mountain of a fat who had to be tipping the scales at 300 pounds. She basically wanted everyone to "get over it" about her obesity. How can anyone be happy carting around an extra 150 pounds? Many of these people said doctors try to make them feel guilty by telling them about the health problems they will have from being fat or obese. Shame on those doctors! The program then shifted to a discussion about the costs of treating obesity, both from the medical side and the financial drain.

Here are a few things for you to ponder:

1. Being fat or obese isn't healthy. Never mind how you look sporting 50 or 100 pounds of unsightly lard. If you're overweight or obese, you can pretty much count on getting diabetes; the statistics don't lie. You will have dangerously high blood pressure; the statistics don't lie. You are killing your internal organs. Obese people have great difficulty even rolling over in bed because they have breathing problems and all that fat sits on their heart and other organs. High cholesterol will be on your list as well as a prime candidate for strokes and heart attacks. You most likely will have problems with your feet, your eyes and possibly your knees because they can't support so much excess weight. That's just the short list.

Is this really what you want by the time you're 45? If you're more than 20 pounds overweight right now, you're on the road to becoming not only a burden to yourself, but also your family and society. Is this really what YOU want?

2. It is estimated that half of Americans are now fat with the number of adolescents becoming fat by age 10 running at record levels. How very sad and tragic that parents are allowing their children to become walking Pillsbury Dough boys and girls before they're even teens. How can parents continue to ignore their child's serious weight problems, contributing to the misery they will have from massive health problems and being teased by other kids? Since so many of today's parents are fat or obese, how can they set a good example or provide the proper nutrition and exercise for their kids? Besides the astronomical costs, being fat or obese reduces your life span. You die sooner. These are facts that can't be denied. Is this what you want for your children?

3. How about the costs involved with this growing epidemic of fat and obese Americans? Everyone is screaming about the high cost of health care, yet those screaming the loudest are the fat or obese who refuse to lose the weight and get healthy! The very people clogging the health care system are the ones demanding "someone do something about the high costs"! Hello? According to the USDA in one of their publications called Health Insurance, Obesity and Its Economic Costs:

"The lifetime medical costs related to diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, and stroke among the obese are $10,000 higher than among the non-obese. Among the overweight, lifetime medical costs can be reduced by $2,200 to $5,300 following a 10-percent reduction in body weight."

4. Add this to the escalating situation: our aging population and the numbers are in the tens of millions. While most Americans don't give it a second thought, we have a nation that is about to reach a record number of elderly who can't take care of themselves, can't afford medical treatment and who never saved a dime towards alternatives like managed care assisted living. Listen up: This aging population and the massive epidemic of Americans who will develop diabetes from being fat or obese is beyond what most can imagine and the cost will contribute to a financial tsunami that will swamp this country. In fact, most experts say this issue will bankrupt this country and they are right on point. The numbers don't lie.

Health care is NOT a right in this country despite the propaganda fed to this people of this country. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution which gives you the "right" to health care. There is ZERO authority for Congress to legislate in the medical field or industry. Just because Congress has over stepped their authority over the years doesn't make it constitutional. If you expect this, then you want to live under socialism or communism, not under our legal form of government, a constitutional republic. Americans are being forced into slavery (involuntary servitude) by having the fruits of their labor stolen via taxation to fund Medicare when they will never apply for this benefit. I am one of those who will not drain the Medicare system that is bankrupting an already bankrupt treasury. Yes, it will have to be funded out for those who now depend on it, but the system needs to die out a natural death. That will only happen when enough Americans refuse to apply for it and Congress finds the guts to tell the people the truth about these mathematically doomed systems.

America used to have the finest health care system in the world. It has been ruined by Congress and by the American people themselves demanding "free" prescription medicine and treatment because so many Americans think they are "entitled" to health care and want mother government to take care of their every need. FDRs "New Deal" and LBJs "Great Society" began the big push to seduce Americans into total government dependence instead of being independent, self reliant and free. Of course, this mind set has been fed by power mad politicians promising the world for votes. The solutions are there to restore our health care industry, but it won't happen without major changes by Congress (who won't do it because Americans don't really want it if it means they have to pay their own way) and by the American people themselves getting and staying healthy, thereby reducing or eliminating their dependency on the medical industry. This isn't happening as we can see with more and more Americans getting fatter and fatter.

Reducing the costs of health care in this country will not come from this dangerous idea called "universal health care" being proposed by buffoons like Arnold Schwarzenegger. If any national "universal health care" becomes reality, you may as well get used to the idea of handing over your entire paycheck to the government because it will bankrupt this country. Reducing costs in the medical industry will come from free enterprise and competition, getting rid of this scam called withholding (which will promptly reduce costs by roughly 30%) and by Americans taking personal responsibility for their health; first priority is weight control. Yes, it's true that many fat or obese people pay their own medical premiums, but unless they stop being the constant patient, the costs will never go down, only through the roof. Add the cost of raping us to pay for medical treatment for illegals and their children here illegally and you're looking at disaster words can't describe.

Those who know me know I don't write any of this to be "mean." I'm not, but I am disgusted that people who whine and moan about the cost of health insurance are the same ones I see every time I eat in a restaurant while on the road who are very overweight or obese with dinner plates piled high with all the wrong food. They sit and stuff themselves with exactly the wrong foods and simply don't care. These fat or obese people sitting there stuffing themselves know they shouldn't be eating a mountain of mashed potatoes or pie and ice cream, but they do it anyway because they have no self control. Then, when they develop all these health problems, they expect me, my daughter and you to pay for their medical treatment via more and more taxation. That's called slavery. Those who cherish real freedom and liberty understand that we as individuals must be responsible for our lives and that includes our health and treatment. I refuse to force you, via more and more taxation, to pay for any medical treatment I might need because it's not your responsibility, it's mine.

Before McDonald's came on the scene and spurred this toxic phenom called "fast food," Americans ate food cooked by mom. Now, too many moms don't know how to cook; they're in the work force and dead tired by 5:00 pm. Result: dinner out 3-4 nights a week, processed filler food thrown on the dinner table which contains no nutritional value or junk food from some "fast food" outlet. Add the lack of exercise, consuming "diet" soft drinks which actually make you fat and poison your body with aspartame, and you have the perfect recipe for a fast track to obesity. Americans used to grow the food they ate, worked in factories, industrial and agriculture which meant physical labor and staying in good health. Now, it's just a matter of picking up the phone and ordering a feast of fat while vegetating in front of the stupid tube. Today, Americans are addicted to electronic gadgets, their sedentary jobs provide no exercise except to the coffee machine and they won't take the time to exercise or understand good eating habits for a longer, healthier life.

Most certainly there are legitimate medical reasons why some folks have severe weight problems, but most Americans are simply overweight because of sloth and gluttony and they simply don't give a darn. They've adjusted their thinking to everyone else is fat, so what? I saw an interview not too long ago on the tube with a lady in the media industry who was about 50 pounds overweight and wrote a book about it. I don't recall her name, but she made a very profound statement which prompted her to change her life: she said she was in denial because she didn't see herself as fat even though she was. She never really looked at herself as fat in the mirror until one day when she really looked and said, "I am fat." She learned how to eat properly, began a moderate exercise program and over time, the weight peeled off. Isn't that great?

As an individual you can help reduce the escalating costs of medical treatment by getting and staying healthy. Starve the medical industry and costs will become more competitive. One of the hardest things to do in life, unless you're fortunate enough to have a fast metabolism, is lose weight. That leaves me out! However, I would like to be a good example if possible and let you know you can do it. At 57, I weigh only 7-8 pounds more than when I graduated from high school. Pregnancy can't be an excuse because that's just what it is: an excuse. I'm a mom. Long ago and far away, I used to make very good money modeling. While I was never overweight, I did need to make sure I maintained good eating habits along with exercise. Over the decades I have maintained my weight by eating right and burning the calories I consume. It is a life choice, not a fad or a diet. Back in 1992, I really learned about organic, natural remedies and supplements. The result is that I don't get sick. I thank the good Lord every day for my good health, but I also work hard at it. Sure, I would love to eat anything I want, but I don't. It's called self control and the desire not be a burden to my family or society. Cancer is killing thousands in this country. We know there are cures for most cancers and ways to keep from getting it, but most don't know about these things because the big pharma houses own Congress and the "mainstream" media seem inclined to feed the American people pap and crap, but never the truth. Remember: there's no money in the cure, only the treatment.

I know this column will mostly fall on deaf ears, but if it helps one more person to really step back, take a look and think about their future and whether or not they want to be one of those with diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart and respiratory problems take that important step and say NO! that half dozen pieces of pizza or four beers isn't worth it, then it's worth my time. If it reaches one more person who says I don't want to spend my life in doctor's offices, I don't want to be part of the masses clogging the medical system because of my sloth and gluttony - then it's worth my time. If I reach one more person who says I don't want to buy bigger clothes, feel self conscious about being fat or embarrass my children by being the fat mom and setting a bad example for my children - then it's worth my time.

You don't gain 100 pounds overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight. It takes time, but you can do it. I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice, but I can say this: you are what you put in your mouth. You have to burn off what you consume or you will get fat. You cannot be healthy eating ANY processed or fast food, period. I respectfully recommend you consume as much organic food as possible and all beef, poultry, pork and especially dairy, should be "free range" and free of any steroids, hormones or other dangerous "additives." I walk my pooches every day weather permits.

You don't need an expensive membership at a gym, just get out and walk (women should NEVER walk alone unless you're armed). You don't have to walk ten miles a day. Don't drink any "diet" drink or designer drinks that contain aspartame. It goes without saying that drugs and booze will age you and destroy your organs over a long period of time. You can turn your health around, you just have to want it bad enough. It isn't easy, but priorities v importance. It's called choice. What will be yours?

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Is this really what you want by the time you're 45? If you're more than 20 pounds overweight right now, you're on the road to becoming not only a burden to yourself, but also your family and society. Is this really what YOU want?