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By: Devvy Kidd
December 14, 2006

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The recent raids on meat packing giant, Swift & Company, is a positive step in the war against the invasion by illegal aliens flooding across our border daily. And, for the factually challenged lackeys in the MSM (Mainstream media, including cable), these are NOT immigrants. Their LEGAL status is illegal aliens. On December 12, 2006, Lou Dobbs had another segment on this national security issue which produced an interview that once again clearly shows that illegals have no respect for our laws or American citizens. This crisis nothing to do with country of origin, it's about the law. Like millions of Americans, I want to puke every time I hear these bleeding hearts out there spew their rhetoric about how illegals will do work Americans won't (another big, fat lie) and are just "hard working folks looking for the American dream."

During this segment on illegals stealing YOUR social security number to gain access to jobs that belong to Americans, this is what one man said during a live interview:

"Hector Angel, Relative of Swift Employee: Everybody has to do what they have to do to make a living. I agree with that, that it's wrong. But at the same time, it's not, because, you know, we are human beings."

So, even though it's wrong to steal the identity of an American, it's not really because "we're all human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border, steal someone else's identity and credit history because, after all, "we're just human beings." It's okay to smuggle yourself across the border and take a job that lawfully belongs to an American because, golly, warm, fuzzy - "we're just human beings." This is how these criminals think: they know they're breaking the law, but any politically correct excuse will be used to justify their actions.

Too many Americans who appear to be completely unfazed by this massive invasion, should sit up and consider this, also from the segment cited above:

"Stolen Social Security numbers and stolen identities are critical for illegal aliens who seek to be employed in this country unlawfully. And those documents are easy to obtain. Many Americans don't even know that their identities have been stolen.

"Christine Romans, CNN Correspondent (voice-over): The number on this card is the ticket for someone looking to work illegally in the United States.

"Jay Foley, Identity Theft Resource Center: It's gold, it's the key, because in this country you can't work unless you have a Social Security number.

"Romans: For a few hundred dollars, your vital information, your valid Social Security number, is for sale. The government last year alerted employers that some 7.7 million W-2 forms had names and Social Security numbers that did not match. Some simply clerical mistakes, the rest fraud.

"ID theft experts say the fastest growing group of victims, legal permanent residents and children whose name and Social Security number together allow someone to work unchallenged for years and may not raise any red flags at all. Using a Stolen Social security number is a felony, but selling one is not a crime.

"Congressman Clay Shaw wants Congress to change that. Rep. Clay Shaw (R), FL: Now the estimates are between 12 and 13 million illegals working in this country. And probably my guess would be that well over half of them are working on somebody else's Social Security number. And it can be actually your newborn daughter or son that could be the victim.

"Romans: In these meat-packing raids, the government says the identities of hundred of legal residents and American citizens were stolen. Some workers even had genuine birth certificates."

Selling a SSN is not a crime? Hello! to the fools in Washington, DC. I have written about theft identity many times over the years trying to warn people that you had better take the time to protect that insidious social security number (SSN) until we can get these poltroons in Congress to pass a very simple law that forbids the use or sale of that number by any person, legal or illegal, any company, medical or utility provider. Commerce in this country worked just fine before the massive abuse of using SSNs as identifiers began two decades ago. The finger of blame goes straight to Congress for allowing this sickening mess to escalate over the years. Tens of millions of Americans have already been victims of theft identity and the numbers grow every day. The odds are you will be a victim and it can ruin your life. (If you have elderly parents, don't forget to help them protect their SSNs because they're prime targets.)

Let us also not forget how many Americans are being murdered, raped and robbed by illegals every day. One recent story was almost too much to bear, and make no mistake about it: this could be you or your loved ones. It's deadly Russian Roulette. The blood of these two young people below drip from the hands of the four border governors (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rick Perry, Bill Richardson and Janet Napolitano) and their state legislatures for sitting on their hands waiting for mother government to stop this invasion. They have always had the tool to repel an invasion, but are too cowardly to implement it. The blood of these two young people below drip from the hands of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the Republicans who controlled Congress for the past 12 years and did virtually nothing. If the Democrats fail to find the courage to stop this invasion, so, too, will their hands drip with the blood of innocents like these:

Less than a month ago on Thanksgiving evening, Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, was killed by a drunk illegal alien. This young man on leave from serving eight months in Iraq and having completed a tour of duty in the Pacific, was out on his second date with young Jennifer Bower, age 24. These two innocent Americans were murdered by a drunk who knew before he got behind the wheel that his actions were criminal, but then again, he was already a criminal because he violated federal immigration law by smuggling himself across our border. Like a deadly snake just waiting to strike, he did and now two families and all their friends will suffer the loss of these two young kids for the rest of their lives and every "Thanks" giving will be filled with pain. Two more young people with everything to live for, killed for cheap labor and politically correct caving by cowardly politicians too afraid to offend voters of a certain ethnic category.

The killer is Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano, an illegal whose blood alcohol level was measured at .32. This criminal had been involved in a prior parking lot accident where he was given a field sobriety test, four citations and let loose to continue illegally working in this country and to kill. This absolutely sickening series of events took place in the State of Maryland where under their law, this criminal should have lost his driver's license, but didn't. Illegals with drivers licenses. This illegal alien now being charged with vehicular manslaughter obtained a Maryland driver's license because he was able to obtain the first one from North Carolina, a state known by illegals invading this country as the place to go to get that first license. Congratulations to the fools who made this possible in the North Carolina State Legislature.

And, get this from the inmates running the asylum: prosecutors dropped charges against this illegal which allowed Morales-Soriano to get back his seized license without incurring any fine and points added on to his license! Release him? How about deporting him immediately? We all know those points are what raise your car insurance rates. Did Morales-Soriano have insurance? Please. My daughter was hit by two illegals in two separate accidents, neither one her fault. Both got away with it, neither had insurance. The second accident was caused a 250 pound Mexican female who simply skipped back across the border into Tijuana. She was using phony Michigan plates and a phony Michigan driver's license. In the end, my daughter got nothing, it costs us $90,000 in cold, hard cash for specialized treatment USAA refused to cover under her uninsured motorist coverage and helping to pay her living expenses for almost two years until she could finally work again. Kiss off any retirement nest egg, but I thank God every day, every day, that my beautiful baby is still alive. Think this can't happen to your family? Think again and here's the warped rationalization being used to justify this carnage:

"But Kim Propeack, a spokeswoman for CASA of Maryland, an aid group for Hispanic immigrants, argued that the country is better off knowing who is on its roads and where they live, that they've passed a driving-skills test and that they have insurance. Murray Simon, president of Conexiones, a Hispanic educational group in Howard County, said that Morales-Soriano's immigration status is irrelevant."

This killer's immigration status isn't irrelevant? Morales-Soriano should never have been allowed to stay in this country to begin with, never mind giving him a driver's license - a license to kill.

How about Eighteen-year-old Tricia Taylor of Detroit who lost both of her legs above the knees? Jose Carcamo, an illegal alien, driving under the influence (.08 percent blood alcohol level) while speeding, drove over a curb and smashed Taylor into a wall. It is believed that Carcamo had 17 violations since 1995. Will your son, daughter, mom, brother, sister or dad be the next victim(s) of these illegals driving the streets of America?

Several months ago the certifiably insane, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, said we need illegals because "they take care of our golf courses." Morales-Soriano was here illegally working as a landscaper. Cheap labor. I wrote about this (here) and now I'll ask Mayor Bloomberg: Are you going to send your condolences to the Mathews and Bower families? And, Mayor Bloomberg, don't forget to let these grieving families know you're sorry their children were murdered by a drunk illegal with a drivers license that he never had the right to obtain, but you need cheap labor like Morales-Soriano to work your golf courses.

Come January 2007, as soon as the "new" Congress headed up by Comrade Pelosi is sworn in as well as all the state legislatures and governors, it's time to take this issue to a new level of activism. If people think it's bad now, if Bush's North American Union succeeds, what you've read above will multiply by thousands. There will be new flyers on this invasion on my web site soon and I encourage you to download them and follow my suggestions for distribution. I know it's less than two weeks until Christmas, but how many more loved ones will be slaughtered, raped or beaten and robbed between now and January? Too many: "Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-IA. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001." Illegals are killing innocent Americans, stealing our jobs, identity and credit history. Starting in January, the politicians in Washington, DC and the state houses need to feel the wrath of the American people.

Whose loved ones will be the 12 Americans murdered today by illegals?

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"Stolen Social Security numbers and stolen identities are critical for illegal aliens who seek to be employed in this country unlawfully. And those documents are easy to obtain. Many Americans don't even know that their identities have been stolen...