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By: Devvy Kidd
December 11, 2006

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"One man with courage makes a majority." So said President Andy Jackson, a true lion of his time.

One can also be a lonely number when a person feels overwhelmed by events. But, one can also be glorious and let me give you a few examples where one became so many.

Jodi Waters was one when she began blowing the whistle about the dangerous gas by product called MTBE. During the seven year long battle to get MTBE banned, Jodi, as one, became hundreds of thousands. I know because I was a participant in that effort out in California - a huge state for such a grass roots effort on a shoe string budget. Jodi's efforts triumphed over the behemoth oil companies because one became hundreds of thousands of Americans all on the same sheet of facts and effective activism. We won.

When Bill Benson did his exhaustive research which uncovered the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, it started as a lonely mission in dusty basements of old state buildings. Then he was one. But, one became hundreds, then tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands because his research documents obtained at the state archives was spread from one to another one to another one.

In two weeks, Christians around the world will celebrate the birth of Him, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The one who had to die a horrible death so that we could be forgiven our sins in the eyes of God. Jesus was one. As has been said and written millions of times over the past two thousand plus years, this one man did not go to college, He didn't write books, He didn't own a house full of servants. He came into this world to deliver the word of God and to suffer our sins. One man changed the world forever because the ideas he brought to those who listened with their hearts became hundreds, then thousands, then millions and billions.

One is a powerful number.

There is one other person few know of by the name of Sophie Scholl who lived in Germany under Hitler and The Third Reich. She was involved in distributing The White Rose Leaflets. Her story is a powerful memorial to those throughout history who chose their conscience over cowardice. One student became two, two became ten and the numbers multiplied as did the message they sacrificed all to bring to fellow students. Sophie Scholl: The Final Days is a compelling movie that brings the power of one straight to the heart. There are no bare boobs, sex acts or the F word in this spell binding recreation of what life was like under the Nazi regime, but it is a movie that will move you. I hope it will frighten many.

As I watched Sophie's story, I was reminded of the utter foolishness of the Anti-Defamation League's direct instigation and massive push to get Congress and states of the Union to pass "hate crime" laws. Of all people, Abraham Foxman and his colleagues should be the first to condemn such Nazism because that's exactly what "hate crime" laws are; I wouldn't be surprised to see the next push by the ADL being "thought crime" laws. It is exactly this type of suppression laws that allowed Adolph Hitler and his mad henchmen to take power in Germany. National ID under Department of Homeland Security? May as well be Department of Der Fuehrer's Motherland. Everything Hitler did was "according to the laws" of Germany at the time and the people walked right into the trap. First, by giving up their guns for the "good of the community," and second, by going along with silencing the people by bastardizing their existing laws.- for the good of the Fatherland.

I want you to watch Sophie Scholl: The Final Days some evening after the children are in bed and it's quiet. I want you to think about those innocents asleep in the next room and imagine living under an iron fist as the people of Germany did under Hitler: No free speech, forced National ID, no habeus corpus, kangaroo courts and instant execution. This movie will chill you to the bone and I hope will awaken one more American to the dark future facing US. Only those in selective denial are unaware of the eminent death of this republic. The fight by we the people that must be fought has to kick into over drive after the holidays or we will perish in the flames of totalitarian government. This is not a welcome message this time of year, but it is a necessary one.

The voluntary National ID, which most Americans think is mandatory thanks to the lackeys in the media, must be challenged by the states straight to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Patriot Act, the provisions of the Military Commissions Act and John Warner Defense Authorization Act - all must be nullified; that's just the short list. Active military and local law enforcement need to get the truth about the true agenda of the shadow government's "war on terrorism." Local law enforcement has been gradually morphing into para military organizations with an unhealthy attitude towards the common man. The invasion by Mexico must be stopped, NO amnesty, round up the illegals and get them deported or America is doomed as a nation and if you think I'm just blowing smoke on this one, I respectfully direct you to Frosty Wooldridge's continuing series on this issue.

The dominant media (Fourth Estate), both print and electronic (including cable), has become a worthless, pathetic institution. Today this so-called "mainstream" or dominant media apparatus is filled with nothing but sycophants, intellectually lazy robots and opportunists. As a collective body it worsens with time as truth is squashed by politics instead of sounding the alarm. What can one person do to get the truth out to our fellow Americans? As those courageous students did with the White Rose Leaflets and the colonials who birthed this republic so long ago, we can still use the power of the press by becoming the press. Certainly we have become that thanks to the Internet and personal computers, but it's not enough because tens of millions of Americans don't have PCs, they don't know where to look for credible information on line or because of work and family obligations, don't have time. These same Americans will catch some manufactured "news" in the evening on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or FOX. Some will read a few stories from the local newspaper which is just the same regurgitated baloney pumped out by AP or Reuter's. No, what we need is an efficient, simple and inexpensive method for one to become thousands and tens of thousands and millions.

I have a new section on my web site titled Flyers. The first couple are up with more to come. We the people can become like a local newspaper by printing a master of any of the flyers, making ten, twenty or a hundred copies and getting them out. So many Americans feel disenfranchised and beyond frustrated because they don't know what they can do to help; work, commute and family eating so many hours. Money is in short supply and getting shorter. Flyers are cheap and it doesn't take much effort. While my mom is 80 years old and can't do a lot in the way of activism, she will get 100 of each from me to drop off at the senior center. Mother wants to do this for the cause. She is one, but will reach 100.

Newspapers throughout this country refuse to sound the alarm, but we the people can do it through flyers. Paper the country with the truth instead of communist propaganda on the editorial pages of America's "news" papers. Americans will read a well done flyer and begin to wonder why their local newspaper isn't exposing the truth. The colonials did it and they only had the most basic of printing presses. But, one pamphlet became two and multiplied so fast, the British couldn't stop them. Should we do less?

There's no charge for this service. I am happy to make these flyers available to everyone so that each one can become ten, a hundred, a thousand. Forget e-mails to Congress; they are buried in hundreds of thousands of them every month. Same thing with state legislators on a slightly smaller scale; remember many state legislatures are only in session the first few months of the year. Mail them a flyer; snail mail gets opened and read for distribution. I remember the scene towards the end of the movie, Braveheart, where the Princess of Wales visits William Wallace in the dungeon. She cries and tells him he will die unless he swears allegiance to Longshanks. Wallace replies that all men die, but not all men really live. Will we live on our knees or really live for the noble cause of freedom? Are we not a warrior class?

[Go rent the movie "Erin Brockovich" to see what one person can do.]

Never forget the power of one - YOU.

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Jodi Waters was one when she began blowing the whistle about the dangerous gas by product called MTBE. During the seven year long battle to get MTBE banned, Jodi, as one, became hundreds of thousands.