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By: Devvy Kidd
December 7, 2006

� 2006 -

"Tell them (the South Carolinians who wanted to nullify the Tariff Act of 1832) that I will hang the first man of them I can get my hands on to the first tree I can find." --President Andy Jackson

Tens of millions of Americans are in the process of purchasing Christmas presents. It's not for me to dictate how anyone feels about December 25th and the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I'm one of those folks who doesn't believe Jesus was born on December 25th, but rather in the spring. However, December 25th is the date Christians around the world have chosen to celebrate His birth. The adults in my family no longer participate in the commercial trappings of December 25th, but we still do presents for the little ones. Having said that, I hope Americans will take to heart the importance of not buying foreign products.

Our trade deficit grows like a cancer. I urge folks to learn what "trade deficit" means because the very survival of our country depends on understanding the destruction and how we got here. It is a national tragedy that Americans are basically doing nothing but pushing paper for foreign governments or working in service oriented jobs. A nation that produces nothing cannot survive nor will we be able to gear up for a war on our own soil to protect ourselves if necessary because our factories are rusted out old buildings, the skilled workers gone. Congressman Henry Clay said it best back in 1824: "The measure of the wealth of a nation is indicated by the measure of its protection of its industry; the measure of the poverty of a nation is marked by the degree in which it neglects and abandons the care of its own industry, leaving it exposed to the action of foreign powers."

Thinking of buying a sweater, parka or doll clothes made in Communist China? Most likely the hairs woven into the parka, sweater or doll clothes are from dogs and cats that were skinned alive; see here. That electronic gadget made in commie China has cost millions of jobs, which forced American workers into minimum wage jobs to replace their former good paying ones, was probably made by slave labor or a poor human being forced into a "re-indoctrination camp" after their heads are shaved. The profits go to the butchers of Beijing and companies like Microsoft and Dell and those who hold stock in those companies. Not me, thank you. If not made by communists, chances are the product is made from the sweat shops with the worst working conditions imaginable that multiplied like rabbits in third world countries the minute the grossly unconstitutional NAFTA (No American Factories Taking Applications) was signed into law. America has seen her most important job sectors completely destroyed since NAFTA, GATT and outsourcing became vogue. The newly signed CAFTA will further destroy those good jobs, forcing more Americans into minimum wage jobs and hastening the death of the middle class - unless we the people use our purchasing power to support American workers.

My parents live in Lake Oroville, California. Before China (Wal) Mart came to town, Oroville was like so many thousands of thriving communities throughtout America. China (Wal) Mart bought off the local city fathers and county commissioners with (1) jobs, (2) jobs and (3) competitive prices that would save people money. Of course, a new, comprehensive study has proven this claim to be completely false; see here. Besides, who wants cheap? I want quality and I want to see my country once again as a prosperous producer of the products and food supply we need to exist as a self-sustaining nation. In a heart beat after China Mart opened their doors, the entire downtown section of town went under. All those family owned businesses that had been there for a hundred years and the new ones along the way providing good paying jobs, out of business. There's still a couple of car dealerships, the Chamber of Commerce and the auditorium, but for the most part, it's gone. A ghost town. Those workers all lost their jobs, the owners went under. So where did those workers and former business owners go? Why, to China Mart for minimum wage; take anything to put food on the table. In June 2006, I moved to Big Spring, Texas, a small town of about 30,000. The entire downtown area with the exception of a few operations like motor vehicles and the courts, and the highway artery feed: nothing but empty buildings. Further up the road is a huge China (Wal) Mart. I rest my case.

In the past 16 years I have traveled all over this country. I've seen the destruction of "free" trade first hand from Sacramento to Washington, DC and back through the southern states like Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. Towns with rusting silos, empty buildings, dead towns, no opportunity for the young. Where did they all go? Crammed into these huge crime, drug infested inner cities, scratching for a buck, sitting in commute traffic for hours on end. Between companies like China Mart who peddle garbage made in foreign countries to the destruction of our agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors, the American consumer is commiting national suicide and driving our debt to foreign countries clear to the moon. Abraham Lincoln also said it so well: "If we buy a steel rail from England, we have the rail and they have the money. But, if we buy it from ourselves, we have both the rail and the money."

This can be reversed. We the people can put ourselves and fellow Americans back to work in meangful, good paying jobs just by buying Made in the USA. We can begin helping save the middle class while we demand abolishing the withholding and income tax schemes. Does this mean you shouldn't ever engage in trade with other countries? Of course not. Last year at the Scottish Festival and Games, I bought my husband and I sweaters made in Scottland. Fabulous workmanship and my dollars did not go to a communist regime (that includes Hong Kong), not made by slave labor or in some sweat shop. There is a world of difference between fair trade and free trade.

Contrary to the constant pack of lies spewed by the dominant media and those who profit from them, NAFTA and GATT have NOT benefited the poor in foreign countries, only the greedy multinational corporations and foreign governments who keep their people uneducated and poor. America is headed in the same dark direction unless we the people stand up for America and stop buying foreign products - that includes fruits and vegetables. Send a clear, booming message to retailers starting with this Christmas that we will no longer participate in the destruction of our job bases and economy; we will go without. We will not participate in enriching the coffers of companies who have dumped on generations of Americans and moved factories to Bangladesh - especially Mexico. Their country has been invading ours for over twenty years. Why would I reward them when 15-20 MILLION illegals from Mexico are sending more than $20 BILLION dollars a year "back home" every year - the second largest income for the Mexican government? When pigs fly.

The more products you buy from companies here in America made by America with American products (i.e., textiles), the more employees they will hire and expand their businesses. If you can't locate Made in the USA, tell the retailer that you will order on line from an American company if necessary, but you will not keep foreign workers employed while our middle class is being deliberately killed off to promote globalism. I've been doing it since 1994. Retailers need to be told, otherwise, they will think it's "just the economy." This backlash by we the people will cause retailers to seek out products made in America by Americans. My web site has a section with links to all kinds of companies that manufacture only Made in America. My husband just purchased two pairs of jeans from Union Jean & Apparel. They look just like the ones you buy at any department store, they fit great, the price was competitive and were made by Americans.

I hope you'll take a look and patronize those companies this Christmas. I do not charge for this advertising on my web site or receive any compensation whatsoever. My goal is to restore America to a thriving, producing nation with good paying, rewarding jobs. (Note: I chose to remove American Apparel from my list. Their ads changed from decent and appropriate to soft porn with what look like under age girls. Their employment section also indicates to me they hire illegals. I hope you will boycott them.)

I know in the short run this hurts the economy, but we are talking about the very survival of a country here. After pounding on this issue since 1994, there are signs that 'Buy American' is making a come back and it warms my heart. I can only tell you what it's been like looking into the eyes of Americans who lost their factory and manufacturing jobs since 1994. Throughout my travels, I have spoken with the old timers in towns who cry over the destruction. Displaced workers who hate living in big cities, forced to leave their places of birth, just to find anything to feed their families because "free" trade destroyed all they have known. Families scattered all over the country because of the gutting of our most important job bases; so many cannot afford travel expenses to see each other for years. How very sad. Fathers who asked me, "What am I going to do? I have two children to feed. My wife wants to stay home with our children to give them the love and nuturing in those important first years. We could do it on my former pay. Now my job has gone to China. What am I going to do?" If only the American consumer could have seen the pain of their fellow Americans when the massive destruction swept this country immediately following NAFTA. I won't be a part of it. I don't need some electronic gadget made by "cheap" labor, thank you. I don't need 65 pairs of shoes, an iPOD, a playstation or 19 purses. If Americans would just buy Made in America, competition would keep the prices reasonable and we will all be supporting America first. We will be investing in America and the future for our children and grand babies.

There are so many creative gifts one can get this Christmas season. Might I suggest some alternatives? Last year I gave my neice's children a family gift: a one year pass to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Cost: less than $50.00. This gift was used many times over the past year and the kids loved it. The money stays in the local economy, does not support communism or sweat house labor run by brutal regimes. This year I'm giving these two wonderful kids passes for the I-MAX Theater in Vegas. They have wonderful shows that are not only entertaining, but kids learn something instead of mindless garbage eletronic toys that promote laziness and atophy of the brain. I believe in my heart that children would rather spent time with their parents and family on an outing than get another cheap piece of plastic that gets thrown aside for another cheap piece of plastic under the Christmas tree that gives nothing meaningful to the child.

How about seeing artisians who hold events all over the country either at craft shows or downtown street fairs? These folks are the ones carrying on the tradition of making items from furniture to toys that have carried down through the decades. Again, the money stays local and we support our fellow Americans. Please invest in America. NWVs carries some of the best documented books and videos/DVDs on the critical issues facing Americans today - including Aaron's Russo's very important film: From Freedom to Fascism. A great gift or stocking stuffer. The gift of truth.

Also, today marks 65 years since Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Let us not forget those who died on FDR's great "Day of Deceit." Let us remember them in our hearts and their families who have lived so many years without husbands, brothers and fathers - especially this time of the year. This web sites contains pictures from that day that you might wish to view. They should be a constant reminder that our military should be here on US soil to protect US, not some flavor of the month foreign country.


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Our trade deficit grows like a cancer. I urge folks to learn what "trade deficit" means because the very survival of our country depends on understanding the destruction and how we got here.