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By: Devvy Kidd
November 6, 2006

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How could this get accomplished? I would start with the 911 Scholars for Truth. These folks most likely know college students with the technical know how to do slide shows/flash presentations. Due to their professions and connections, they also might know individuals who are financially blessed who could fund this project so it would be up and running by the end of January at the latest. Time is of the essence. These scholars could work with some of the prominent folks out there in the 911 truth movement to put all the pieces together for the presentations, one piece of the puzzle per segment. Believe me, if I had the money, I'd already have this project underway. I don't believe there will be any "smoking gun" in the near future, so logically you go forward with a massive educational effort to build momentum, crushing Congress with demands for a new investigation. I understand there is some movement out there to get 911 to grand juries, but because 911 is so vast in scope, we need a single tool to bring the entire picture into focus to benefit all these efforts.

What would this flash presentation/slide show look like? Because 911 is such a complex puzzle, I would focus on very specific things, i.e., follow the money trail and science. No politics, no conclusions. None of the wild conspiracy garbage out there, i.e., no planes nonsense. Just lay out the facts as we know them and then the questions. Don't make the presentations so overwhelming and ponderous the viewer feels buried before they press 'next.' First you lay out the known facts and then questions - those all important questions which the viewer will see have no answers. This will prompt the viewer to want the answers, it's just a natural response. Presentation and delivery is everything. This could be one very powerful tool in reaching many more millions for a relatively small amount of money.

Below are my suggestions for each presentation by issue in no particular order. I'm certain there's more than could be added, but at least it's a start in formulating a plan of action. All of these petitions to Congress are great, but, if we really want to cause a tsunami for a new investigation, we need to reach more Americans with a concise, professional presentation they can grasp without spending 1,000 hours combing the Internet and getting caught up in the morass of silly garbage being peddled out there. Americans could just slip the CD into the computer or the DVD into the player on the weekend (winter is almost upon us and people spend more time indoors) and get as much of the truth and facts as we have available at this time.

Presentation One: Paul Thompson's Time Line. This would give the viewer a very good overall picture of the day.

Two: The World Trade Center Towers bullet points bringing forth the science of fires destroying buildings, the molten steel burning for weeks after the event, brief sentences outlining findings by experts like Dr. Steven Jones, Marvin Bush's role regarding security and the unprecedented shut down of the towers only days before 911. At the end of those bullet points, bring forth the questions which need answers. While Webster Tarpley's work on "red flag" operations is superb, I would not include any of that in a slide presentation targeted at a general audience who have no idea about the "bigger picture," geopolitics and so forth. Keep it straight forward and crisp. Just my humble opinion.

Three: WTC Tower 7: Again, stick to the science, the statement by Larry Silverstein, the fact that the building wasn't close to the towers nor was it hit, the marginal fires easily contained and very important: what was inside that building? There's no question in my mind Building 7 was deliberately destroyed (imploded). Besides government agencies DOD, CIA, SS, IRS and Giuliani's "Command HQ," it also was home to the Security and Exchange Commission. Remember this important fact: By end of summer 2001 was when all Hell was breaking loose at Enron, the bulk of all Enron's documents filed with the SEC likely went up in smoke when that building was deliberately blown. Follow the money and again, at the end of your bullet points, list the questions that need answers that will help connect the dots in people's minds.

Four: I would combine the Pentagon with Flight 93 with the highlights being (1) debris from the plane found at Indian Lake, (2) the county coroner, Wallace Miller (see my personal interview with him) states there are several boxes of remains squirreled away at an unknown location - why? (3) Colonel Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.) claims he has interviewed Major Rick Gibney who told him he was ordered and did shoot down Flight 93. Then list your questions with the point that Major Gibney, his commanding officer at Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota and all other pilots who were in the air that day should all be put under oath and questioned publicly. Include Minetta's testimony - just his key statements with the proper footnote.

As for the Pentagon, I would not include all the technical information on landing gear, etc., because the layman (like me) will not understand it and you'll lose your audience. I would only cover the autopsy discrepancies and the refusal by the Department of Justice to release all the videos - why not? Two sets have been released which are nothing but an insult to the American people; the second one purporting to show a plane on 911 is dated January 1, 1993! There is so much speculation about these two crime scenes, but until you can get key players under oath or hard documents, I would not throw a bunch of unverifiable stuff out there to the public because it only provides fodder for your opponents. Regular readers know I have filed a FOIA lawsuit on Flight 93 and am awaiting the government's response.

Five: the military exercises which took place that day. Include the transcripts of the NORAD tapes at the end of this presentation so people don't get lost at the beginning. List all the military exercises by name, mission and how our front line defense was sent away from the targeted sites and then the questions. We know Dick Cheney was at the helm running the show and there are a hundred questions on just this one, extremely important aspect of the day. I agree with other experts: those military exercises were deliberately scheduled to run that day to confuse and delay our military's response until it was too late.

Six: The hijackers. No Arab names on the passenger list for Flight 77 (Pentagon); see here. There are at least seven individuals who were named as hijackers who allegedly died on the planes, yet those seven individuals have been trying for years to get their names off the FBI list for years because they're alive. Cover their movements and lack of ability to fly a kite with any degree of competence. (The producers of 911 Demolitions are working on their next release and it will be on the hijackers). Include questions from the fine folks at Pilots for 911 Truth.

Seven: Enron, the money trail, all players. Then a list of questions that have no answers.

Eight: Anthrax and Thomas White; combine with White & New Buckets of Money. I would include the points made in this piece by Wayne Madsen because it touches on the murder of Dr. Don C. Wiley. (I have done extensive writing on dead microbiologists because I am convinced they are connected to 911. You can read the entire Memphis Police Department investigation into Dr. Wiley's murder on my CD.) Bullet points and then questions.

Nine: All whistle blowers. List their names, credentials and brief statement about their story. Besides Sibel Edmonds, include people like Richard Grove, twice a National Security Whistle blower; see his story here. Grove's story is also along the same lines as Chapter Three in Crossing the Rubicon: The CIA is Wall Street and Drug Money is King. Follow the money because it's always about money.

Ten - from the 911 Truth Movement: WTC Documents Seized By NYC Mayor -- Will Not Return. "New York City has entered into a contract with the Rudolph W. Giuliani Center For Urban Affairs to transfer custody of public records. World Trade Center files" and "Millennium Project files," together with 6000 files of photographs, 1000 audio tapes, and 15,000 videotapes, are also reported to be a part of the records covered by the contract. The records include those of his chief of staff and every deputy mayor, together with their chiefs of staff.

"World Trade Center-related materials are alleged to be included as part of the records. All of these items were reported to have been delivered from the direct custody and control of the City where they are subject to the Freedom of Information Law to a private warehouse storage facility in Long Island City at the end of December 2001 where they are not subject to the requirements of the law." See: Statement and Questions Regarding the 9/11 Commission Interview of Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Members of his Administration - Note question #10 & 12 then see here. Why the eleventh hour agreement to seal all of Giuliani's records? Another stinky, inconvenient question.

Eleven: Insider trading and put options on airline stock; see this important column. Follow the money because it's always about money.

Twelve: The finale. Bring forth those last few questions: Jeb Bush's EO, the warning to SF Mayor Willie Brown not to fly that day, Ashcroft suddenly switching from commercial flights to charter. Make people wonder why and they will want answers. Recommend if viewers have access to the Internet, watch 911 Demolitions: Mysteries and 911 Press for Truth. Contact your member of Congress. List switchboard phone numbers; forget e-mail, only their staff read some, the rest get an auto response. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1.

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I don't believe there will be any "smoking gun" in the near future, so logically you go forward with a massive educational effort to build momentum, crushing Congress with demands for a new investigation.