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By: Devvy Kidd
October 16, 2006

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Americans who have taken the time to understand the big picture and what is happening to our republic repeatedly ask, "What is it going to take to get Americans out of a state of denial and wake up?" Many reply it won't happen until the grocery store shelves are empty. This is certainly true as nothing makes for an angry mob like empty bellies. However, before that phase in the planned destruction of America is reached, control of America's food supply must be harnessed into the hands of a few and horrifying as it is, this process is just about a done deal.

For more than a decade I have warned, begged and pleaded with Americans to stop buying foreign goods and food. Don't buy fruits or vegetables from Mexico. Their corrupt, rotten government is our enemy conducting a massive invasion facilitated by Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and every Congress under those administrations. This invasion is real and any country that invades ours is our enemy, period. Take a vacation or hold a business conference in Mexico? No way. Why do Americans continue giving money to our enemies? When you buy Made in Mexico, COMMUNIST China or any other foreign country, you are enriching big corporations who have dumped on long time, faithful employees here in America. Big corporations who have shut down factories where America's families worked for generations and have made ghost towns out of formerly thriving communities. Mexico's health standards are NOT healthy for you. Go without and demand your local grocer buy from American farmers. Go to those weekend Farmers Market events and support local growers. I went organic a long time ago and while it costs a few cents more per item, it's the long term health effects of eating foreign grown fruits and vegetables that dictates my spending habits. I've written for years about the deliberate destruction of the family farmer and how they are being driven off the land on purpose.

Four years ago I began promoting an excellent web site, The, because only a blind person can't see America has become a nation of sick and dying humans. From fluoride to aspartame to diseased food and now government approved spraying of viruses on America's food supply, Americans are literally killing themselves by what they're putting in their bodies. Add dangerous vaccines, shots, pills and conventional medical treatment that kills and what you have is a population of not only terribly overweight individuals, including children and teens, but tens of millions of humans who continue to get sick more frequently and develop multiple health issues at the same time that last for years, if not decades.

The Food and Drug Administration continues to recommend drugs that prove deadly a year or two after release to the public and they are NEVER held accountable because they are federal civil service employees. Instead, the FDA hides behind government protection while Americans suffer stokes, heart attacks or death from drugs they approved as "safe" for public use. One corrupt Congress after another has allowed this agency of liars and incompetents to continue killing and crippling Americans because of bribes from big pharmaceutical houses. Then, when these drugs prove deadly, the lawyers step in to reap billions on all these cases stemming from drugs approved by the FDA as safe. The FDA continues it's never ending assault on doctors and researchers who provide alternative, proven remedies for all kinds of medical problems because there will be no tolerance of any cures not sanctioned by the big pharma companies who peddle death and depend on repeat customers.

Few know that this criminal syndicate (FDA) derives its jurisdiction from international treaty and that is where any court challenge should be directed. Remember, under the supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution, Congress has the power to make criminal only four types of conduct: treason, piracies and felonies on the high seas, counterfeiting, and offenses against the laws of nations. Where is the alleged crime under those four categories for doctors who promote safe, inexpensive, natural cures that undercut big pharma profits? There is no crime, but they continue to be threatened and charged by the corrupt DOJ anyway. It's also why these poltroons in Congress keep outsourcing agencies like the FDA to international treaties. It makes it much more difficult to fight and most Americans know nothing about treaties. Where is the crime under any international treaty if Dr. Smith promotes Vitamin 17 as a prevention for cancer here in our country? There is none, but he will be charged by this rotten carcass called the U.S. Government to protect the TRILLION dollar cancer "industry" which owns Congress.

It gives me no pleasure to be so blunt, but perhaps the time has come to do the "in your face" to break through that wall people have put up to stave off having to face unpleasant facts. One of the most unpleasant facts is that America's food supply is being transferred into the hands of a few multinational corporations who care nothing for America or the health of those they claim benefit from their food products. This is a thorny issue because companies like Monsanto employ thousands of Americans. I want every American to have a good job so they can provide for their family, but I can tell you right now: I would NOT work for Monstanto, Con-Agra, Archer-Daniels Midland (ADM) or Dow if my life depended on it and you can money to the bank on that. Own stock in any of those companies? When pigs fly. No stock dividend is worth selling out my fellow countrymen right along with my soul. I'm sorry, but if the vast majority of Americans knew anything about what these companies are doing, they would go ballistic.

The controlled dominant media and that includes the "fair and balanced" FOX network owned by globalist, Ruppert Murdoch, currently politically romancing Marxist Hillary Clinton, haven't breathed a word about one of the most outrageous patents ever issued to any company: a patent on the seeds that grow our food. Guess who owns this patent? Monsanto. How did I find this out? From one of the most important DVDs you will ever watch: The Future of Food. Do you know what a "terminator seed" is? Guess who owns half the patent rights? The U.S. Government. Do you know that Monsanto has been conducting an all out legal assault against privately owned family farms both here and in Canada over this patent to control the seeds that grow our food? Monstrous. Evil. Fifteen minutes into this professionally produced DVD, I was so enraged there were no words left in my vocabulary to scream in my living room and it only got worse as the story unfolded.

I've known about Monsanto for a long, long time, but this is the crowning outrage. How could such a thing happen? How could this type of patent ever get approved? Monsanto now has a monopoly on seeds that MUST be reversed. I don't give a fig how much it costs to get this patent reversed, once you watch this video you'll understand why I say this and why it cannot be allowed to stand. Our family farmers and ranchers don't have the financial resources to take this to the U.S. Supreme Court, so it's going to have to be funded by Americans who are financially blessed and will donate to law firms who do undertake this fight for all of us. The ranchers and farmers need to get together in one place for a summit on this monopoly. Put out an invitation to retired judges who still believe in the God given right to farm the land with their own seeds and attorneys from firms who want to represent our farmers and get the legal fight underway. If a movement gets started on this, contact me and I'll give you as much exposure as I can through my columns to help raise money for the legal defense fund.

It's immoral to allow one company to have a monopoly on the creation of food. Do Americans even fully understand what kind of power this one corporation now has over food and their ability to crush our farmers? Well, you better learn real quick. Do you know that besides dropping tons and tons of depleted uranium on Iraq, destroying the environment for food production for centuries to come and killing the indigenous population, companies like Monsanto have crushed the right of Iraq's to use their own seeds? Liberate Iraq? My, God. The U.S. Government with the blessing of Bush and a corrupt Congress, more concerned with months of vacation time, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that Iraqi farmers, these folks who have worked their soil for years, can now only operate under the iron fist of Monsanto and other "transnational" corporations who have bribed these scoundrels in Congress to look the other way.

What right does the U.S. Government have to force an indigenous population to get down on their knees and have foreign corporations dictate their way of life and how they grow their own food? Well, the deed is done and it MUST get undone. This sickening state of affairs was inserted into the Iraqi Constitution and only someone in denial can't figure out who made sure it was a done deal. Do you honestly think this "new government" in Iraq was formed freely and without the heavy hand of Bush and his totalitarian henchmen? Please, America, wake up from your self imposed coma. See this column and this one for all the historical background on this travesty. Is it any wonder such a large percentage of the Iraqi people hate America? Is it any wonder that a credible poll done recently in Iraq shows that 6 of every 10 Iraqi's approve of attacks on our military? That's a fact that sham "experts" like Bill O'Reilly, Melanie Morgan and Shawn Hannity conveniently over look. They make their big paychecks from selling Al Qaeda and the toxic "democracy" and "liberating the Iraqi people" hype for the Bush Administration.

I can't urge strongly enough for everyone reading this column to order this DVD, The Future of Food, and share it with everyone you know. As I said, this patent and others held by Monsanto and explained on the DVD must be reversed. If it isn't, we will see every family farmer in this country systematically destroyed and a monopoly on all life giving seeds to grow food held by a handful of companies. Our family farmers and ranchers are already being destroyed with one government agency after another imposing more and more unnecessary regulations thanks to Congress. It will be a fatal mistake to ignore this problem both from the standpoint of being able to obtain healthy food, but also allowing our fellow Americans who toil so hard to keep their farms and ranches to be destroyed by corporations like Monsanto. Next it will be patents on human genes - it's coming and it should scare the hell out of every American.

Get The Future of Food by calling 1-800-955-0116 and vote out your incumbent in Congress. As a collective body they are not just incompetent, they are allowing the destruction of what's left of our agricultural industry to justify the bribes they take from companies like Monsanto and ADM. Campaign "donations" require a quid pro quo and don't you forget it.

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Go to those weekend Farmers Market events and support local growers. I went organic a long time ago and while it costs a few cents more per item, it's the long term health effects of eating foreign grown fruits and vegetables that dictates my spending habits....