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By: Devvy Kidd
August 28, 2006

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I'm beginning to think not. Back on March 13, 2006 in a column I said, No more Angel Shamaya's. At the conclusion of that column, I wrote:

"After Waco, we said: No more Waco's. I say no more Angel Shamaya's. Enough is enough. The NRA is aware of Edwin's project, yet they have not come out nationally to support forcing the states to comply with the Second Amendment. Why not? Isn't the Second Amendment and what it stands for the main purpose behind these national gun organizations? More lobbying might be good for donations, but it will not fix the problem as we have seen over the past forty plus years. To continue "lobbying" for the right to own and bear arms is an exercise in futility. It's nothing more than a constant merry go round depending on which sellout is "elected" to office. Get this new CD and get in the face of your elected public servants."

On May 15, 2006, I wrote a column regarding Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio taking steps that should have been implemented two decades ago - essentially activating a form of the organized militia under the Second Amendment to repel the illegals invasion. I received a half dozen e-mails from people complaining about Arpaio's job performance. While some of the things Arpaio may have done hasn't pleased everyone, citizens should be pleased he is the first law enforcement in this country to my knowledge to take the step of activating at least the beginnings of an organized militia. And, how many of these folks who complained might I ask, have done their constitutional duty and signed up for Arpaio's militia? Towards the end of that column, I asked the same question I have been asking for years:

"And, again, I ask: Where is the NRA and all the other big Second Amendment organizations? Why are they ignoring this important issue of the organized militias? It is critical the organized militias as mandated by the Second Amendment get implemented in every state of the Union. As Edwin has so eloquently pointed out in his columns: the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms; see here. This is why I no longer belong to the NRA. All they want to do is "lobby" Congress, hold fancy dinners and make pretty speeches instead of cut to the chase. They know about Edwin's proposal to reconstitute the state militias and have done nothing. If they really want to stop the anti-gun laws, stand for border security and the law, they would have informed their nearly four million members about Edwin's proposal and gotten those millions activated. Instead, the silence is deafening."

I ask again today, 5 1/2 months after Angel's raid: Where is the NRA with its millions of members? Why are they ignoring this important and critical effort? Because it's not politically correct? Neither was Patrick Henry, James Madison or George Mason.

On July 14, 2006, I did a column on the Richard Celata raid conducted by the FBI, Canadian BATF and the U.S. BATFE; see here. At the end of that column, I once again urged all gun owners to get the Dr. Edwin Vieira CD and begin the process of educating their state legislators as to the true meaning of the Second Amendment and the absolute necessity of reconstituting the organized militias of the Several States. If this critical mission were successful, there would be no more Angel Shamaya's or Richard Celata's.

The raid against Richard Celata was nothing more than a fishing expedition and to stop his activism. The FBI questioned him about Dr. Edwin Vieira, Cleon Skousen (pretty amazing since this wonderful man passed away in January 2006 six months before this raid!) and yours truly. These paid mercenaries in the BATFE raided a businessman who was selling 100% legal products in an attempt to scare him into "talking," and to shut down his activities on behalf of Edwin Vieira's proposal on the organized militias and the efforts of Gun Owners of America and JFPO to abolish them.

Here's the latest on Richard's situation and I wonder if gun owners who only want someone else to fight for their Second Amendment rights even give a damn:

Due to the stress of the raid and all the legal burdens, this past week Richard's wife miscarried and their baby died. They named her Grace Evangeline. There are no words to describe how I felt when I read Richard's mail letting me know how heart broken they were. After the feeling of utter sorrow, then came the rage. This increasingly draconian government is running amok because the feminized men of this country protect it with their fear, laziness or territorial imperatives for fund raising or membership drives. Think these individuals who work for the FBI and BATFE care about Richard, his wife, their children and now a dead baby? Hell, no. They're all guilty of violating their oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of these united States of America. Ignoring the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments as if they don't exist is a violation of their oath. They don't care care about the human side of their thuggery, just their pay checks and advancement.

Richard has given an update in writing, so I shall use it here:

"August 24, 2006. As you know I had been raided by the ATF, FBI, and Canadian ATF back on June 7, 2006.

"The Asset Forfeiture & Seized Property Branch of the BATFE has now contacted me. I have to date not been charged or arrested for anything. They sent this letter out on August 4 2006; I received it on August 22 2006. They gave me 20 day from date on the letter, not the date I received it to file grievance (sent by certified, return receipt).

"I also have to put up a 10% bond for the assets value (They valued the items at $11,350.00) just for the privilege of attempting to get the items back. They claim in the forfeiture letter that these items where "used or acquired in violation of federal law", yet no charges of violating any law.

"Notice the "Disposal" afforded BATFE with no conviction or arrest.

"(b) Disposal - In the case of the forfeiture of any firearm by reason of a violation of this chapter, no notice of public sale shall be required; no such firearm shall be sold at a public sale; if such firearm is forfeited for a violation of this chapter and there is no remission or mitigation of forfeiture thereof, it shall be delivered by the Secretary to the Administrator of General Services, General Services Administration, who may order such firearm destroyed or may sell it to any State, or possession, or political subdivision thereof, or at the request of the Secretary, may authorize its retention for official use of the Treasury Department, or may transfer it without charge to any executive department or independent establishment of the Government for use by it.

"It seems they want to keep them for there own use, as some are desirable. I cannot help but think that these will end up in some Politicians private collection. You may view the items in question here: the two items are the two 1911, 45 Cal pistols in the first three pictures (Abigail & Elizabeth). And there are others not pictured. All this with no charges filed, no arrest, and no conviction. I call this theft.

"They can come in, steal you property, show no I.D., a warrant that is so secret that the Sheriff could not see it, charge you with no crime, and then tell you we are keeping your property, and we will give/sell it to who ever we want. If they do charge me (up to 5 years from now), and I win, will I get back my property that they sold/gave away to someone 5 years earlier? What do you think?

"With the vague description of the items seized, it seems that they added items that are not mine, but who knows, with a description of "rifle" no serial number(s) (they did list the s/n's for the two 1911's), no caliber, or any other descriptive markings. How do I know that they even are mine? Yet I must pay them 10% of the value just to find out. And they decide the value.

"Can you say, "racketeering" boys and girls? This is a rouge agency, and must be stopped. I also feel that there may be a connection between the fact that I support JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) and GOA (Gun Owner of America), who are both actively trying to disband the BATFE. (see: "The Gang" documentary)" Signed, Richard Celata

As of August 26, 2006, there were still no charges, no indictment. Neither Richard or his attorney have been able to see the sealed search warrant, nor has the local sheriff. There was no signed affidavit. Can anyone say Waffen SS (Schutzstaffel), the FBI and BATFE all at once and get the picture?

On August 26, 2006, Richard called to let me know the newly elected sheriff was photographing his house the previous day from several angles and believes they are preparing to bust down his door and arrest him. The feds have 120 days to do so or lose the "right" to arrest another innocent American and bankrupt him while persecuting him for commiting no crime.

It goes without saying that Richard's livelihood has been taken away from him for no legitimate reason. He may not be able to come up with the bond money (which he desperately needs NOW) and will end up losing everything. If only I were a millionaire, I could write him a check today, but I am not. For those financially blessed who wish to help out, the address is: 382 Adams Lane, Dillon, Montana 59725 and I personally thank you.

Do gun owners of this country really want to stop these raids ruining the lives of innocent Americans or keep treating the symptoms? There are too many brush fires (this bill, that bill) in the state legislatures and Congress to attack one at a time. Either kill the cancer or prepare to see more Americans picked off one by one as the agenda of totalitarian government continues at hyper speed. Why aren't gun owners by the millions getting on the front lines in this battle? I hear no cry of warriors, just noise from "busy people."

The issue of the constitutionally mandated organized militia isn't just for natural disasters like Katrina and the illegals invasion, but also another kind of real danger. Congressman Ron Paul regarding his concerns about foreign troops on U.S. soil:

"It's a horrible precedent and it's all part of the NAFTA scheme and globalization and world government," Paul told the Alex Jones Show.

"Obviously they shouldn't be permitted. What I'd like to see is that we don't have our troops in foreign countries and if we needed a national guard that they were back here at home, that's the bigger problem. Then if there were foreign troops on our soil maybe our state officials could deal with that with their own national guard."

"Paul elaborated on his fear that after the next crisis the government, in line with their own public statements, will use military assets to police Americans on a regular basis.

"They're putting their back up against the wall and saying, if need be we're going to have martial law."

"We've heard all these statements by the President, by the administration, why they need more militarism at the federal government to keep people in check so nobody knows how this will turn out but I do know that the only thing we can do about it is try to alert the American people to what's going on so they can be prepared."

Wait until enough Americans find out about the North American Union (NAU) and how close we are to losing our sovereignty completely and inheriting 200 MILLION poor in Mexico as part of a single "region." Wait until enough Americans find out what really happened on 9/11 and that the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq had nothing to do with that horrible day. If you think Congressman Paul is simply blowing smoke or having delusions, remember the newspaper essay I've highlighted in past columns:

"Our civilian-military face-off - The next real war we fight is likely to be on American soil." The Bill of Rights No Obstacle for the [Marine] Corps. Sacramento Bee, November 30, 1997; scanned here. Dr. Vieira has gone to such extraordinary lengths to document the history of the militias and is currently trying to finish his proposal for the states. In the meantime, get the CD of his writings (see here, scroll to the bottom). Get educated and get in the face of your state rep and senator. Whose next? Not you? Think again. Don't call me because I won't be able to help you, you, you or you.

"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

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"I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788