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By: Devvy Kidd
First published
June 2, 2002


Devvy is on hiatus a few weeks while she and her husband move from Sacramento, California to their new home in West Texas. We are running one of her most popular columns again for your reading. During this transition, Devvy requests you hold any E-Mail for a couple of weeks.

My comments here exclude those men who have stepped forward with incredible courage since 1913 to face this tyrannical government, and like our Founding Fathers, have paid an enormous price both personally and financially. People like Bill Benson, our fine gentlemen down in the great State of Tennessee and too many others to list.

Americans forget that the Founding Fathers were the "moneyed class" back then. They were farmers, merchants and men of means. They had a lot to lose, both in land and gold. Yet, they didn't hesitate to step forward against the most incredible odds to build a free nation, not just for themselves, but for their women and children.

My comments are directed at the men of this country, who over the past decades:

Sit back in their easy chair reading Newsweek or spend their time bare chested at a football game, well filled with suds to maintain those obscene beer bellies, while they have put their wives and children at risk. This nation is being invaded wholesale with illegal aliens who come into this country and kidnap, rape and murder our women and children. Some are caught, most are not. Why do the men turn a blind eye in pursuit of good times?

These same men will go vote for the same politicians, state or federal, over and over, who refuse to stop this massive invasion of our country putting their women and children at risk. These same men continue to idolize their party "leadership," while that same leadership refuses to stop this invasion of global riffraff, turning America into a third world dumping ground. These same men would rather spend time, not banding together and having a serious discussion with these politicians, but rather put on their expensive gear and go ride their bike up a mountain, see the latest Broadway show or take a day off work to stand in line to buy tickets to the new Star Wars flick. Why is this?

Today the men in this country sit around watching mindless trash like Survivor or Friends on the boob tube, instead of shouting down the roof against state and federal systems that are utterly and completely rotten beyond redemption. Systems and agencies that are putting their women and children into a state of involuntary servitude for all their lives. Instead they sit back with nary a whisper while state and federal judges to uphold this carnage against the people. Why is this?

Black robed judges continue to hand out welfare and benefits to illegal aliens who are legally entitled to nothing but deportation. Instead of holding their elected public servants accountable for this insanity, men just get up in the morning, go to work at the company store, then return home in the evening to their false sense of security. Why is this? Back in 1776, this breed of men would be called cowards.

Today men will spend endless hours with their stamp collection or at the bowling alley while Congress after Congress continues to pass unconstitutional legislation that deprives their women of their God-given rights - all because their "party" says it's good for our "democracy." Why is that?

Today men will ignore the documented truth that the state and federal governments are all in collusion to bring America into a one-world government, but they will believe any lie that comes out of the mouth of their favorite radio talk show host or TV anchorman. Today men are desperately clinging to their comfort zones while their women and children are at risk from a police state being erected around them. Why is this?

Today men will stand for hours on end feeding one-armed bandits in gambling casinos, while the Bush Administration's henchmen (Ashcroft and Mueller) continue to strip their women of their God-given rights, all in the name of "the war on terrorism." They are putting their children at risk by not demaning this government take the necessary measures to clean out the terrorists in this country, both Chinese and middle-Eastern. Why is this?

For decades, America's men think nothing of spending spend lots of money on music CDs or plunking down big bucks to attend concerts or jazz festivals instead of protecting their own families from state predators calling themselves "child protective services." Everyone with children is now a target. Why won't they band together and surround the state capitols and demand that this evil cease? Back in 1787, the men protected their women and children to the death.

For the older men, their grand children are targets of the state. But, these men have already served their country in the military and now it's time to spend their golden years in the Winnebago, they've done their part. After all, at Christmas they can show the grand children how much they love them by buying them "things" made in foreign countries. Why is this?

Today the men of this country will allow a sleezy, morally bankrupt individual like Bill Clinton get away with treason (selling our most sensitive national defense secrets to the Communist Chinese) because Clinton supports their women's "right" to kill their unborn babies. Back in 1854, this was unthinkable. Today, their blind loyalty is to their political party now instead of what's right. Why is this?

Today men think nothing of sitting down at the local bar every night during happy hour while their women and children are put at risk by agencies like the ATF and FBI making no knock, bust down the door on the wrong house raids, killing innocents inside. It's happened and it will continue to happen. A hundred years ago, this would not have been tolerated in a constitutional Republic because the men would not have stood for it, not for a minute.

While their women and children continue to live in a state of bondage to a tyrannical government, the men simply write checks to the RNC or the DNC, thus encouraging those scoundrels to stay on the same path of the planned destruction of this Republic. By writing a check instead of storming the gates, this gives those men more time for the golf course, doing recreational cocaine or surfing the Internet for countless hours enjoying that great "adult" American pastime called pornography. Their harmless pastime does put their women and children at risk out in society, but they no longer care. Why is this?

While the IRS bleeds a family dry, forcing the woman into the workplace and leaving the children to be raised by strangers, many of whom are pedophiles, the man of the house spends his free time doing the "guy thing" at a NASCAR speedway. Why is this? Why won't these men stand up to this rogue agency called the IRS?

Over the past 40 years, the men of this country have sat back and allowed themselves to be brow beaten into submission and castrated by so-called "feminists" like Rosie O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton (although I defy anyone to show me one single feminine attribute of those females) instead of stand up and saying, "Hell No!"

Hard core feminists aren't out there for equal pay, they're out there to destroy the male and the family unit. How it must gall them that the only way lesbians can "impregnate" their female lovers is artificial insemination by a male sperm.

Over the past 40 years the men of this country have put their material objects and addictions before the well being of the women and children by kowtowing to every special interest group in this country in the name of "political correctness" or for government hand outs. Our nation was built by men who were self-reliant, independent and strong. Today they are tolerant, sensitive and genuflect at the feet of perverts called "gays." Why is this?

The men of this country have laid down their arms in favor of political correctness, declaring open season for two-legged predators on their women and children. Instead of surrounding their state capitols armed to the teeth in defiance of such unconstitutional machinations on the part of cowardly and mentally impaired politicians, instead they grovel on their knees to the likes of Diane Feinstein. This sad state of affairs was unheard of in 1905. Why this inability to resist tyranny now?

PC is a cancer on this nation that has turned a Godly nation into a moral sewer. These men have put their children in harms way via mandatory social indoctrination in the anti-God public school system. Why is this?

The men of this country will go to extraordinary lengths to find the right fishing hole, but they refuse to lift a finger to ensure that their women and children will not be forced into global citizenship under the UN. Why is this?

The men of this country will sit in front of the computer playing games while women and children in different parts of this country are being driven off their land by Nazi-style federal agencies. So what if their fellow countryman will lose his land, his wife and children thrown out into the street? After all, those families in Klamath Falls and too many other places have nothing to do with these other men's lives, so why should they give up any of their free time to stand up to the government to help them? Why is this?

Women in this country spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on "romance books" whose pages are filled with knights in shining armor and genuine heroes coming to rescue the damsel in distress. Why do you suppose that is?

Why do you suppose the men are allowing their women and children to be put at risk in all the ways described above?

Why are the women the ones out there on the front lines battling this government tooth and nail for our children - ready and willing to die if necessary to protect our own?

Because America has lost it's manhood.

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The men of this country will go to extraordinary lengths to find the right fishing hole, but they refuse to lift a finger to ensure that their women and children will not be forced into global citizenship under the UN. Why is this?