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By: Devvy Kidd

May 1, 2006

On April 19, 2006, I was at the Minutemen HQ in Arizona. I cannot give you the exact location as all media are required to sign an agreement which prohibits revealing the location of their base operations and non disclosure of the names of ranchers who are donating use of their property for the Minutemen. Not a problem for me because I fully understand there is a war going on along those four border states. The safety and security of these operations requires this type of secrecy and also to keep the enemy off balance. It's called guerilla warfare. I can tell you the location is far from a 7-11, Blockbuster or McDonald's and right down in the thick of things near the border. Before reaching my final destination, I drove around for several hours observing and interviewing locals.

Upon my arrival and after my credentials were verified along with my pre-approval to visit, I was assigned an escort (Will) who explained the rules to me. This base of operations is well run like a military outpost. Will escorted me first to the communications room where I observed him and another volunteer communicating with the day teams who were out at their designated locations. It is against the rules to photograph the maps on the walls in a way that allows them to be read because they reveal the exact locations of the various teams, Bravo, Alpha, etc., but I can tell you, they are impressive in their depth, scope and topography of this rough area.

My next and delightful experience was meeting 'cook.' This fellow American is a big teddy bear who was bellowing in the massive kitchen (more like a bunkhouse you'd see in an old John Wayne movie) that the night crew had used up all his gravy....grumble, grumble. While turncoat members of Congress continue to spew every excuse in the world to do nothing about this massive invasion in their thousand dollar suits preening in front of TV cameras, Americans like 'cook' are making enormous sacrifices to stop it. These night crews come in hungry and while I didn't have a lot of groceries on me at the time, I did donate the eight cans of organic soups and six cans of albacore tuna I brought along to eat on the road; I also dropped some cash into the kitty. One other note about the night teams which was pointed out to me by a volunteer who was just getting up from sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag: It is freezing in the desert at night. Three pairs of socks and layers and layers of shirts, sweat shirts, coats, gloves and hats. Volunteer duty is no walk in the park.

To give you an idea and without revealing too much regarding the location, this is a photo looking out from the back door of the kitchen area. As you can see in the background, many volunteers bring their trailers and quite a few, large motor homes. Conditions at this base camp are primitive by most standards in that these are no luxury digs, believe me. However, our fellow Americans who were there aren't there for fancy bathrooms, showers or formal dining. They are there because they fully understand the threat to our national security, our sovereignty and stopping this massive wave of human and drug smuggling. If you don't have a motor home, you sleep on the floor or an available couch.

Most of the volunteers are armed. Oh, gasp! Why, the useful fools at Handgun Control, Inc., and feather heads like rabid anti-gun Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, would have swooned upon arrival. To me it was simply a natural, normal thing to see men and women wearing a gun. Make no mistake: they have to be armed because this is no kid's game, it's very, very serious business. The coyotes and drug smugglers will shoot and you had darned well be able to defend yourself out in the field. There's no dial 911, 'help, help' to your local sheriff's office. This is no place for the timid or gutless which is why communists like Teddy Chappaquidick Kennedy and Marxist Hillary Clinton stay safety ensconced in their fancy Washington, DC offices rather than go where real men and women go, putting themselves in harms way. Why, even that silly ninny Alan Colmes, refuses to visit their HQ; his time is better spent "reading" his treasured Playboy magazines.

I was fortunate in that Chris Simcox was at HQ on the day I visited and he was kind enough to invite me out with him and Will to do a 'line check' and so off we went in his SUV. As Chris cranked up the engine, I said, wait! listen to the radio. It was a news broadcast that the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) had just lost another round in court to prevent the Minutemen from using private property with the owner's permission on federal land. In case anyone missed the memo: the ACLU supports those who violate the law. They fully support illegals smuggling themselves across our borders. They harass the Minutemen and are down in their area everyday trying to stick it to them. How any American - especially any lawyer who professes to be a Christian - can belong to this communist front operation that supports pedophiles and every other destructive sick behavior in this society is beyond me. If their membership dried up, they would shut down and today would be too soon.

In this photo you see Chris studying the ground, and no, he's not looking for scorpions. Again, I cannot write about the system the Minutemen use out in the desert for their operations, but Chris explained what he was looking for and showed me a regular route (a wash) where they know large numbers of illegals are coming through. In fact, at this time he was looking for signs of 40 illegals he knew had been spotted earlier. Chris also explained that they work very closely with the U.S. Border Patrol in coordinating the round up of these criminals once they are located.

As the day wore on, the morning teams returned and the evening teams prepared for departure. As I said earlier, this operation is run efficiently and tight. Most of the volunteers are former military and know their business. I sat and listened to the briefing given to the evening teams getting ready to go out which included a couple I know from the San Ramon, California area and had not seen since 1998 when Dee arranged for me to speak about vote fraud to the Republican Women's Caucus at the local country club. Imagine my surprise when Dee and her husband arrived to get checked in! Small world, indeed. Most Americans really have no idea how much of a financial hardship it is for our fellow Americans to travel from as far away as Maryland and California to this HQ and stay for a week, two or even the full month. Will, my escort, lives many states to the North, works for a company that manufacturers pace makers and his time given willingly is costing him a substantial amount of lost income.

At the conclusion of the briefing for the evening teams, I had an opportunity to talk with and thank several of the men getting ready to go out on the 4:00 pm until midnight shift doing the job Bush and Congress refuse to do while they sit on their backsides out in DC exchanging spit instead of acting. The ages of these defenders of the law range from early 20s to 60s; all of them are dedicated and determined. Because folks have made small donations, I was able to hand out a dozen of the Dr. Edwin Vieira CDs on reconstituting the organized militias of the Several States as our first line of defense against invasion. All these guys were extremely interested in this movement and were very excited to get one of the CDs. For more information, click here and scroll to the bottom.

As I got ready to depart headquarters (and it was boiling hot by then), I asked Chris Simcox what can I tell my readers you need? Response: The Minutemen desperately need night vision goggles, gas cards, and of course, good old fashioned cash. It takes money to run these operations in several states (food, radios, etc). The drug mules, smugglers and coyotes are heavily armed and travel at night as well as during the day. If you can spare a little cash, please make a donation, or donate night vision goggles or mail pre-paid gas cards. Our volunteers use their own vehicles. There is no help here from anti-American operations like the wealthy Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations who are giving money to sedition organizations like La Raza.

On the way in to the HQ location and on the way out, you can't help but notice the U.S. Border Patrol has a heavy presence. Hummers and literally dozens of SUVs going both ways. They do have a HQ's building that I stopped in on my way out to the main road. I explained to the border patrol agent that I had been down at the Minutemen HQ and was very impressed with their operations. His response (and I am withholding his name per his request) was the Minutemen were doing a superb job in the most professional manner and were greatly appreciated. His opinion of Bush and Congress (except Tom Tancredo), ranked somewhere between pond scum and traitors. I asked if his fellow border patrols officers were of the same opinion. His reply: Absolutely.

I did catch on the tube in one of my hotel rooms along the way that Chris is also pushing for ranchers to build fences/walls along their private property that straddle the border. I also highlighted the efforts of an organization called Border Fence Project in one of my columns earlier this month. This is an idea long overdue that I hope will continue to grow. Bush wants open borders. This has been well documented by many columnists including yours truly. The cowards who serve in Congress don't have the guts to get the job done, so don't look for the military down on the border anytime soon - which is why the state militias project mentioned above is of paramount importance. The only way to get this accomplished is for hundreds of thousands of Americans become aware that the Second Amendment mandates an armed population in defense of the Several States; see here.

Despite the massive propaganda being spewed by "mainstream media," including cable, electronic and print, naturalized Americans of Mexican or Latin American ancestry do NOT support what illegal aliens are doing - either by breaking the law and smuggling themselves into our country or with their massive, in-your-face marches throughout the country. Not a single person I interviewed in Tucson, El Paso and all places in between. They resent these criminals who have no intention of assimilating into the Western culture, who break the law to get across the border and those here to support "reconquista." Only by taking a multi state road trip, which cost me several pretty pennies, can one appreciate the mood of average citizens out there that have no voice on Hannity & Colmes, O'Reilly or the ABC Nightly News.

I know that millions of Americans appreciate the sacrifices being made by so many of our fellow Americans, but I can tell you after visiting the Minutemen HQ, the point is pressed home in real time. I am grateful for the chance to have been given access to the Minutemen HQ and for all the folks who allowed me to interview them along the way and who weren't afraid to speak out and say NO amnesty. Shut down the borders NOW. Deport all illegals regardless of country of origin or how long they have been in this country and no fines for employers - mandatory jail time is the only message they will understand. I could write the legislation in an hour. Congress has been "debating" this issue for years. Get on the phone and tell these gutless wonders we demand the aforementioned conditions and get it done NOW.

US Congressional Switchboard Toll-free Numbers:

Forget e-mail, call your counterfeit U.S. Senator today and everyday until they get the message. To locate your counterfeit U.S. Senator, go to

America's cities are filled today with criminals marching demanding "rights" when they have none. They have no fear of enforcement of existing immigration laws because, same last month during the protest marches, there will be no immigration enforcement during this May 1st communist holiday "brown out." Our "lawmakers" will simply sit back while these criminals rub our noses in it. We must make our voices be heard because we are the government. A government of, by and for the people. One thing that is sending shock waves through the elitist establishment is the fact that we the people ARE taking back our government and we are NOT going to back down.

These public servants work for us and we the people must tell them in no uncertain terms what we demand they do and while you're at it: if you live in California, New Mexico, Texas or Arizona, get on the phone to your governor's office and demand they put the National Guard on the border NOW. All four of these border governors should be booted out of office in the next election. They have sat around on their worthless backsides doing nothing for years while the problem has grown into a full blown crisis. That includes Gov. Napolitano of Arizona. She recently flinched which shows me she doesn't have the stomach for the fight.

These border governors could put the National Guard on the border and get that wall built in no time at all. Since the National Guard already draw pay, the states would only need come up with the money from their reserves (which they're hiding) for materials. If I were the governor of one of those four border states, the process would already be underway and the Hell with worrying about potential votes from a certain race of voters both legal and illegal.

Contact your state rep and state senator and DEMAND they immediately implement the legislation to reconstitute the state militias under the control of the state to repel this invasion because our national security is at grave risk. Do as I and so many have already done: send them the Dr. Edwin Vieira CD and let them know that if they don't get off the dime, you will work to see they're booted out of office in November. Build numbers among friends, colleagues and especially gun organizations, i.e., NRA. GOAA, etc. There is NO reason for these gun organizations not to support this true meaning of the Second Amendment. So far they have all remained silent. One has to ask themselves why?

Let me close with a quote from one of my favorite movies:

"Dan Scott. Barely a week ago I heard you rail for two hours about independence. Mr. Hardwick, how many times have I heard you speak of freedom at my father's table? Half the men in this church, including you father, and you, Reverend, are as ardent patriots as I.

"Will you now, when you are needed most, stop at only words? Is that the sort of men you are? I ask only that you act upon the beliefs of which you have so strongly spoken and in which you so strongly believe." -- 17 year old Ann, from the movie, The Patriot

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As Chris cranked up the engine, I said, wait! listen to the radio. It was a news broadcast that the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) had just lost another round in court...