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By Devvy Kidd

July 21, 2003

In July 1999, Bob Schulz, Chairman of the We the People Foundation based in up state New York, began a series of seminars and conferences at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. This writer has attended all but one of these functions over the years.

The purpose of these fact finding events was to invite authorized representatives of our servant government to attend and answer legitimate and important questions about the fraudulent income tax and related systems. Each and every time, despite respectful invitations sent registered mail to the IRS, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and the White House, not once did the government ever send anyone to attend.

Such arrogance is a loud slap in the face to we the people. This is our government, they work for us. This government is by, of and for the people, not the corrupted individuals who dominate our elected work force. This national [federal] government was formed by the people of the colonies to serve the states in areas that required uniformity, matters of war, trade and crimes on the high seas.

The Bill of Rights, incorporated into the U.S. Constitution, does not in any fashion mandate these rights were given to we the people by this national government, but rather told government that we are born with these rights and that they may never abridge, take away or modify them for political expediency or to enslave Americans on our own land.

One of those iron-clad rights is the right to petition for redress of grievance found in the First Amendment. Since 1999, hundreds of thousands of Americans have now become aware of the efforts of Bob Schulz and all those who have supported WTP Foundation's activities and this massive effort to get the federal government to honor this First Amendment right. This effort will soon take an even bigger, absolutely cutting edge move towards bringing the government to the table.

Operation Stop Withholding

Evolving from WTP Foundation, the educational entity, We the People Congress, Inc., geared up last summer for a major petition event in Washington, DC. Once again, the unbridled arrogance of this servant government was demonstrated by the thundering silence the people met on November 14, 2002. Once again, the people were slapped in the face by the power structure in Washington. This is no longer acceptable to a free people.

During April and May 2003, Bob Schulz embarked upon a tour of 37 cities to bring the message of truth regarding the withholding process from paychecks. Another monumental case of trickery, deceit and lies by this government that has kept the American people in bondage for more than a half century.

As Bob traveled to each of these cities, the United States Attorney and the Director of the IRS for that particular region, were notified via certified mail of these meetings. Each time, this notification included a respectful request that the IRS and the U.S. Attorney either attend these meetings or send one of their representatives. This request was made with the intention being that if Bob Schulz was giving out inaccurate information regarding the law and withholding, then please, attend the meeting and set the record straight.

What could be more reasonable? You hold a seminar to explain to the American worker and employers how the fraud has been perpetrated upon them, what the law says and then ask the enforcement agencies for this process to please attend and if anything being presented is legally wrong, tell us.

Out of these 37 nationwide stops, how many times did the U.S. Attorney's or the District Director of the IRS acknowledge receipt of this invitation? Not once, nor did they ever send one single representative to attend the meetings to dispute any legal point being presented. What does that tell you?

Withholding is an agreed upon process by the employer and employee. It is not mandatory. Your employer is not a tax collector nor is it the job of an employer to keep track of any possible tax burden you might have. This temporary tax was shoved down the American people's throats by using lies and deception. When someone else owns the fruits of your labor, you are not free. A woman by the name of Vivien Kellems [] knew this only too well and she was fighting the battle for us beginning way back in 1948.

Raw Tyranny

I left my office today for a quick run to the commissary at the United States Naval Academy Annex here in Annapolis, MD. The day is spectacular. Annapolis is one of the most historically charming places [like Williamsburg and Monticello] in the Union. Driving past the Naval Academy, listening to God Bless America, Battle Hymm of the Republic, Shenandoah and When Johnny Comes Marching Home on a CD, I watched our young men standing guard next to large, concrete barriers to protect our own at the academy.

Crossing the Naval Academy Bridge over the spectacular Chesapeake Bay, I saw all the sail boats skimming across the water like flocks of graceful birds. I thought how very lucky I am to be an American. I thought about how lucky I am to have the freedom given to me by those who sacrificed everything with the hope that future generations would not throw away those sacrifices. Unfortunately, so many are spending their free time sailing instead of standing up for freedom.

I was also thinking about a fine American by the name of Dick Simkanin, languishing in a jail down in Texas. Not for breaking any law, but for exercising his right to follow the law as written and do the right thing on behalf of his employees. This Christian man owns a company down in Texas which employs 45 of our fellow Americans. He stopped withholding from his employees paychecks because he is not required by law to perform this unpaid task.

Several years ago, Dick ceased the grand theft from his employees paychecks for these federal gangsters known as the IRS. Last month, down came the iron fist of a tyrant government, unchecked and out of control. This accounting is factual from

"Today, June 25, 2003, at approximately 1 PM, non-withholding employer Dick Simkanin was ordered released from the Fort Worth jail where he has been held since last Friday morning after being arrested and charged with 27 counts of violating federal income tax law."

Assistant US Attorney David L. Jarvis and his lone witness, IRS CID agent McGowan, failed to convince Magistrate Erma Ramirez of any factual basis to back their empty and apparently vindictive assertions that business owner Simkanin was both a "danger to the community" and that he was a "flight risk" from prosecution.

Simkanin, owner and principal of Arrow Custom Plastics in Bedford, Texas has been an outspoken critic of the income tax fraud and had ceased all wage withholding on his employees in 2000. He had presented information about US tax law and the fraud at several previous grand jury proceedings over the last two years. Each had refused to indict him. Last week, the DOJ rebuffed Sinkanin's formal request to address the Dallas grand jury that finally indicted him.

After the 90-minute hearing Magistrate Ramirez ordered Simkanin released on his own recognizance without bail or other financial encumbrance. His travels will apparently be limited to Northern Texas. Simkanin is to report to the court room of Judge McBryde in Fort Worth this Friday, June 27, 2003."

Don't celebrate yet. On June 27, 2003, Dick was remanded back to a federal detention facility following a travesty of justice presided over by U.S. District Court Judge John H. McBryde. This judge has a reputation, one that should shame him. Of course, it's apparent that McBryde has no shame, no honor and cares nothing for the Bill of Rights. He is there to serve the master that pats him on the head and pays him the price of his soul, the proverbial thirty pieces of silver.

As William Wallace told the Princess of Wales in Braveheart: "This is how slaves are made."

And, so, on this beautiful day when I am free, another one of my fellow Americans rots in jail while our servant government works to permanently take away his freedom. Why? To silence him, of course and to make a very loud statement to other employers: If you threaten the magical money machine [the Fed] which depends on Americans giving the fruits of their labor to the federal government in bigger and bigger bites, we will crush you. We will destroy you and we will take your freedom.

This scenario is getting all too common and if people think this kind of tyranny, raw and naked, won't come to their life, then they live in a world of wishful thinking and fairy tales. We are beyond the "Wake Up America" slogan.

What Dick Simkanin has done and many more like him, is for none but the brave. There is no turning back once you take that first step to freedom. You're either in it with your heart or you will eventually break, kneel down and accept the chains placed there by a servant government turned monster.

I would encourage every American, employer and employee alike, to study what the law says regarding withholding: 03-15-03.htm

After you have done this, I want you to look at your children and ask yourself if you will stand down or stand up for their future as free Americans? Not just the financial freedom, but the kind of real and true freedom enjoyed by the very individuals who walked where I have walked since moving to Annapolis.

I am humbled each time I look at St. Anne's Parish Church at Church Circle, the gateway to the harbor. I know who has walked here before me. John Paul Jones'crypt is inside the Naval Academy Chapel. I have been there and felt the chills when I think of the courage shown by those colonials so long ago and all of our freedom fighters serving in the armed forces this past century.

Join us. Become part of freedom and stay the course.

� 2003 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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Devvy Kidd is Executive Director of We the People Congress, Inc., based in Annapolis, Maryland. Devvy is a contibuting writer for NewsWithViews.comE-mail:








"The Bill of Rights, incorporated into the U.S. Constitution, does not in any fashion mandate these rights were given to we the people by this national government, but rather told government that we are born with these rights and that they may never abridge, take away or modify them for political expediency or to enslave Americans on our own land."