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By: Devvy

January 16, 2006

The information below represents the content of e-mails sent by a gentleman who has done a lot of research on Enron and possible connections to 9/11 to a member of Congress. I have received permission to share this information without disclosing his identity; please feel free to forward.

January 5, 2006

Today it was reported on that former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling tried to sell 200,000 shares of Enron stock on Sept. 6, 2001.

Sept. 6 is but a few days prior to 9/11.

More importantly, Sept. 6 is only 1 day prior to Friday, Sept. 7 (2001).

Sept. 7 is very important in context and substance, because on this day, the October Fed Funds Futures (which is a hedge mechanism for interest rates) as mentioned before, exploded upward, and made new seasonal/contract highs.

This portended that such would continue, and interest rates would go sharply down (there is an inverse correlation; i.e. if fed funds futures go up, interest rates go down and vice-versa). This is exactly what happened, and is strongly indicative that someone(s) in the Federal Reserve knew the attacks against America were in the offing.

Jeff Skilling was also on the Houston branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve Board. All of this simply further substantiates the fact that the "smoking cannon" of 9/11 is Enron. As a corollary of this, the purported off sheet "debts" of Enron, as also stated previously, were in fact income, generated in large part through "Federal" Reserve bank trading programs, which 9/11, I believe was orchestrated to try to cover-up and keep Enron from imploding by evil doers.

Please share with them too, if you will, the other backdrop communiqu�s to you to enlighten them about the cold reality of this, particularly one Thomas E. (Enron) White.

White, if you recall, came from the top hierarchy of the Pentagon, went to work for many years at Enron, in charge of their trading department where all the financial games were largely played, in the first half of 2001 left Enron to become Army Secretary. (Isn't it most interesting that he headed the most corrupt component of Enron but was not charged with anything?)

One week after 9/11 letters were sent to dominant media entities about Anthrax. White then wore another hat as head of Homeland Security. Do you remember the great fear about Anthrax then? Not knowing all of this, I faxed to the NY Times, the Pentagon, and Ted Koppell of ABC News in Washington a scientific narrative as to how Anthrax could quickly be negated by low cost Ozone (O3) machines.

What really surprised me then, was how quickly thereafter the news and threat of Anthrax dissipated. In context, and in retrospect, I believe that Anthrax was a cause celebre' to establish Marshal Law, with White, being Army Secretary and head of Homeland Security, what is tantamount to ruling America? Why? To cover his/their tale(s) with the Enron games when it started to implode. How could any of them be prosecuted with marshal law in effect? Think about it.

There is more to this which if you review what was sent to you heretofore, as evil and sick as it was, it really makes sense, and ties everything all together.

Exactly one week after 9/11, again, several letters concerning Anthrax were mailed to the mass media. Senator Phil Gramm, announced his plans to leave the Senate exactly one week prior to 9/11, on Sept. 4, 2001. This was a very surprising announcement, as it came out of the blue, after 24 years in Congress. The balance of power, most importantly, in the Senate that time was 50/49 Democrats v. Republicans and one Independent. Senator Helms, a Republican, about one month prior in August, 2001, disclosed he was leaving the Senate, which means Gramm's announcement, in party power context, was all the more significant.

What is most significant about Gramm's announcement to leave the Senate was where he went to work afterwards. Phil Gramm is now vice-Chairman of UBS (Switzerland). I contend that the Enron offset debts were not debts largely, but profits generated from bank trading programs, which are principally conducted offshore. Gramm was married to Wendy Gramm. She was former head of the Commodity Futures Committee, which allowed Enron to do its energy dealings unregulated (by government authority). When she resigned from the CFTC, she became a highly paid with perks, member of the Board of Directors of none other than Enron. {Note from Devvy: Wendy Gramm was issued a congressional subpeona re Enron.]

Lord Acton stated it succinctly: "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

The "Federal" Reserve system, which the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in "Lewis v. United States" 1982 held/adjudicated, is that the Fed is a private banking organization, composed of commercial banks. This decision has likewise been cited and held by other federal Circuits subsequently. Its epicenter is the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the Mother of all Central Banks.

The bottom-line of all of this, is that I believe by cold reasoning, examining all the facts, and connecting all of the dots, if you will, is that it is all too obvious, that there was collusion between certain parties of the Fed, the Pentagon, and corrupt, downright treasonous politicians to perpetrate 9/11. The big picture is to "homogenize" America with the rest of the planet. As a perfect illustration of this Greedspan commented recently that the standard of living for most of the people around the globe has gone up. A "minor" point he did not add is that the American way of life for our people has gone down.

Indeed, "Operation Homogenization," if you will. Congressman Ron Paul, is very much a critic of all this, and contact him if you would like further substantiation of the evil reality of all this. All of this was previously conveyed in communiqu�s to you. The real issue is how do we purge America of all of this evil? Mark my words that all of this will come out, as the sum and substance of the real cause of 9/11, which components like PNAC (Project for New American Century) as only corollary motives. So many, many times I honestly tried to quit thinking and researching about all of this. However, I simply could not 'shake it.'

January 6, 2006:

Previously I shared with you, as well as another congressman, the significance of the movement of the Fed Funds Futures on Friday, Sept. 7, 2001, just before 9/11. After years previously of very successful market trading based on technical analysis, I stated to you explicitly that this movement was indicative of higher movement in the offing. The market did exactly that, due after 9/11 by Greedspan, who in truth was nothing more than a glorified financial pimp for principally large global and domestic financial interests who are trying to with great zeal to homogenize our nation with the rest of the planet, by in part driving it into the ground, which is happening now 24/7. Just look at what your money will buy, day by day, in every way, the true purchasing power of our money is getting less and less - by malicious design. For example, it seems not that long ago, a Coke cost a dime - it is now a dollar - a 1000% increase! Did wages go up - percentage wise as high? Americans, by and large, do not have a clue what the heck is going on - "A Rape Without A Kiss!"

The Constitution mandates that in terms of our currency Congress "regulates the value thereof." Question: how can you regulate the value thereof of something which has no value? This is the unconstitutional currency of the "Federal" Reserve - fiat - without substantive backing. More and more dollars, unrestrictedly are being produced, largely offshore mainly in bank trading programs and simply diluting the purchasing power of our money. Americans are working more and more, and net buying less and less. Such in part causes families to break up and innocent, neglected children to suffer. There is more to add, of course, but I want to zone in on 9/11 and Jeff Skilling (former CEO of Enron) attempted sale of 200,000 shares of Enron on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2001 - one day before the dramatic move of the Fed Funds Futures.

Previously I cited to back up my statements as to the reality of the significance of the Sept. 7, 2001 move, a good article by the New York Times on May 30 last year (2005) - "An Indicator That's Almost As Good As A Time Machine." This was about the Fed Funds Futures, and how they are an accurate gauge as to what the fiscal policy of the Fed will be in the near future.

Greedspan, if you recall, after 9/11, almost daily kept lowering interest rates (and the Fed Funds Futures kept rocketing higher, as anticipated by the spike seasonal high on Friday, Sept. 7, 2001). This then did not make sense to me, as the government was trying to calm everyone down.Why would Greedspan keep lowering interest rates, which is suggestive of panic, when the ripple effect of such would not have immediate impact pramatically in the financial markets? There was obviously a contradiction here - it simply lacked logic.

Also to buttress my premise that someone(s) in the Fed had to know 9/11 was in the offing; see on the Internet an article written by the Division of Monetary Affairs, of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve in Washington, on Sept. 17, 2002. It is titled: "Extracting The Expected Path of Monetary Policy from Futures Rates." Let me quote its first sentence, and ask yourself when you read this whether or not it confirms that fact that someone(s) in the Federal Reserve Board had to know that 9/11, on Tuesday, by the action of the Fed Funds Futures on Friday, Sept. 7, 2001, was in the offing, fair enough?

It states: "Federal Funds [and eurodollar] futures contracts are among the most useful instruments for deriving expectations of the future path of monetary policy."

To those which whom you may share all of this with who may continue to have their head frankly where the sun does not shine, let me cite another article, which was co-authored by a V.P. economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. His name is Daniel L. Thornton and the other author of this treatise is John C. Robertson. The title of it is: "Using Federal Funds Futures To Predict Federal Reserve Actions."

Ergo, to quote Sherlock Holmes, "Its Elementary," basis these three different writings - two of which came from the "Federal" Reserve itself, and my market analysis, that someone(s) in the Fed knew the attacks on America on 9/11 was in the offing. Skilling, again, was on the Board of Directors of the Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve, and he tried to sell 200,000 shares of Enron on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2001. It does not take a rocket scientist to connect all of these dots, does it?

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What really surprised me then, was how quickly thereafter the news and threat of Anthrax dissipated. In context, and in retrospect, I believe that Anthrax was a cause celebre' to establish Marshal Law, with White, being Army Secretary and head of Homeland Security, what is tantamount to ruling America?