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By: Devvy

December 30, 2005

Caution: This column contains adult themes

"To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world over population problem." --Dr. LaMont Cole, Yale University environmentalist

"Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person. Sometimes it is not wrong at all. Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person." Peter Singer, bioethicist, Princeton U. Sanger has suggested that parents should have the right to kill infants up to 28 days old who have severe disabilities because at that age "children don't understand what it means to be alive. Those with serious health and physical concerns may ultimately be burdens on society."

"The men who flew the missions against the WTC and Pentagon were not "cowards....Whatever else can be said of them, the men who struck on September 11 manifested the courage of their convictions, willingly expending their own lives in attaining their objectives." Ward Churchill, professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder. Churchill also has described the victims who died in the World Trade Center buildings as "little Eichmanns." If that weren't bad enough, he gave thanks to the "gallant sacrifices" of "combat teams" that pulled off their mass murder as "successful."

Is it any wonder so many of America's young adults are like zombies once the school systems are finished with them?

It's no secret that America's education system became a tool of the Marxist agenda more than seventy years ago. Most parents in this country have no clue about the underpinnings of how their children are being inculcated with the communist morality. Most parents have no clue what Bush's "no child left behind" means. Most parents in this country have no clue about the mechanisms beings used to brainwash their children into the perverted, filthy homosexual and lesbian lifestyle. Most parents in this country probably think GLSEN is just another after school group. America's parents better wake up to their evil agenda:

GLSEN, which stands for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, is stepping up its efforts to establish homosexual clubs on all school campuses. Their goals don't stop at clubs according to their publications, they "extend to incorporating homosexual concepts into all curriculum, holding diversity seminars for teachers and students and ensuring that only positive discussions about homosexuality are allowed into elementary school classrooms, including kindergarten."

GLSEN also pushes for all schools to hold bisexual awareness days, strategy instruction for homosexual teachers to promote a pro-homosexual atmosphere and instill the message to children that the definition of family includes parents of the same sex.

According to GLSEN, their mission is "about changing schools and school culture around LGBT issues and people. GLSEN believes that what children learn in our schools is essential to fulfilling this vision for our future. We know that life-shaping lessons are best learned when we are young. Therefore, we are dedicated to bringing positive change to every school in every community."

Too many parents in this country think their children are getting an education because the school has computers, yet their child cannot spell without spell check or add 2 + 2 without a calculator. Too many parents in this country are crack heads, drunks, meth freaks or so addicted to sports, they see little else around them. Because of the heavy, progressive, communist income tax, too many mothers are forced to work full time, further removing that important bond and time with their children. Their precious little ones are sent straight into the jaws of the lion at tender ages.

Yet, they continue to vote for "more money for education" to fund a continuing cycle of failure. Political prostitutes who promise "more money for education" are reelected while illiterate children continue through the system. America's parents seem to enjoy getting fleeced to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars to indoctrinate their children into the "global community" mentality because I don't see them surrounding their state capitols by the thousands. There are many excellent books on this subject, click here to see selections. All of these books are available through NWVs and with any book or video purchase you can also receive the outstanding teaching tool, A More Perfect Union movie (DVD), a $39.95 retail value, for only $4.95 plus S/H. For full disclosure purposes, I receive no compensation for these recommendations but, I have read all these books. A More Perfect Union should be watched by parents and loaned to other parents. While they may not be able to pull their children out of the government's indoctrination centers, they can educate them at home in an effort to counter the communist morality being taught at all levels of schooling.

A substantial number of America's colleges and universities across this country are nothing more than communist incubators destroying what's left of the minds of America's youth - graduated out of high schools with the ability to read nothing more complicated than a CD or DVD cover. Parents call this an education? Colleges today are staffed by fleets of Marxist professors (liberals) at all levels. The curriculum on these campuses isn't just garbage, much of it promotes the filth and promiscuity so pervasive in today's society.

Here's something to think about: Today's politicians and college profs are all roughly in the age group of my generation; I'm 56. This is the old drug generation of the late '60s and '70s when millions of Americans were frying their brains on LSD, pot and other mind altering drugs and participating in rampant "free sex." Does anyone remember Clinton's Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders and her "for the children" rhetoric that grammar school age children should be taught masturbation? Number nine. Over the years I have had discussions with college professors that astounded me. I watch them on cable talk shows. To listen to their inane comments and lack of anything rational coming out of their mouths leaves one speechless.

Here is an example provided by Young American's Foundation from their new press release of just what courses are being offered on college campuses:

- Princeton University's The Cultural Production of Early Modern Women examines "prostitutes," "cross-dressing," and "same-sex eroticism" in 16th - and 17th - century England, France, Italy and Spain

- The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie: Race and Popular Culture in the United States at Occidental College in California explores ways "which scientific racism has been put to use in the making of Barbie [and] to an interpretation of the film The Matrix as a Marxist critique of capitalism."

- At The Johns Hopkins University, students in the Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll in Ancient Egypt class view slideshows of women in ancient Egypt "vomiting on each other," "having intercourse," and "fixing their hair."

- Like something out of a Hugh Hefner film, Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania offers the class Lesbian Novels Since World War II.

- Alfred University's Nip, Tuck, Perm, Pierce, and Tattoo: Adventures with Embodied Culture, mostly made up of women, encourages students to think about the meaning behind "teeth whitening, tanning, shaving, and hair dyeing." Special projects include visiting a tattoo-and-piercing studio and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding film, Pumping Iron.

- Harvard University's Marxist Concepts of Racism examines "the role of capitalist development and expansion in creating racial inequality" Although Karl Marx didn't say much on race, leftist professors in this course extrapolate information on "racial oppression" and "racial antagonism."

- Occidental College-making the Dirty Dozen list twice-offers a course in Stupidity, which compares the American presidency to Beavis and Butthead.

- Students at the University of California, Los Angeles need not wonder what it means to be a lesbian. The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience reviews "various aspects of lesbian experience" including the "impact of heterosexism/stigma, gender role socialization, minority status of women and lesbians, identity development within a multicultural society, changes in psychological theories about lesbians in sociohistorical context."

- Duke University's American Dreams/American Realities course supposedly unearths "such myths as 'rags to riches,' 'beacon to the world,' and the 'frontier,' in defining the American character" (emphasis added).

- Amherst College in Massachusetts offers the class Taking Marx Seriously: "Should Marx be given another chance?" Students in this course are asked to question if Marxism still has any "credibility" remaining, while also inquiring if societies can gain new insights by "returning to [Marx's] texts." Coming to Marx's rescue, this course also states that Lenin, Stalin, and Pol Pot misapplied the concepts of Marxism.

- Brown University's Black Lavender: A Study of Black Gay & Lesbian Plays "address[es] the identities and issues of Black gay men and lesbians, and offer[s] various points of view from within and without the Black gay and lesbian artistic communities."

- Students enrolled in the University of Michigan's Topics in Literary Studies: Ancient Greek/Modern Gay Sexuality have the pleasure of reading a "wide selection of ancient Greek (and a few Roman) texts that deal with same-sex love, desire, gender dissidence, and sexual behavior."

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Social engineering, i.e. "multiculturalism" is mandatory in a huge percentage of colleges and universities. Parents struggle to help their sons and daughters pay tuition for a higher education, not to mention books, housing, insurance and other expenses incurred by a student. How about sex surveys given to your children without your permission - surveys that ask the most intimate, adult questions of children?

Is this the type of sleazy trash and communist indoctrination you work so hard to pay for? Is this the type of institution you want to support with your consumer dollars and the old double whammy - state income tax dollars which fund state colleges and universities? Maybe it is. Every Sunday night an average of 21.7 million viewers watch "Desperate Housewives," a show that promotes and condones adultery and sleazy, casual sex in the age of AIDS and the massive spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. The majority of viewers are women who want to lookie-loo the young studs on the show without their shirts:

"After the dishes are done, the kids are in bed, and the house is quiet, I know that women all over the country collapse on the couch for a fix of gloriously entertaining chick-TV. And who cares if it's shallow, retro, and anti-feminist? All the women on Desperate Housewives are, after all, "just housewives." And that's a major part of its charm. Last week the show had 22.32 million viewers, its highest rating yet. I would guess roughly 21 million of those tuned in were female, and that the rest were guys whose favorite character is the hunky teenage gardener who is up to no good with Gabrielle....." Myrna Spirit, commentary, National Review Online, November 2004

Think their daughters don't know what mom is watching on the stupid tube? And these "just housewives" wonder why their 12 and 14-year olds dress like tramps, are having sex and contracting venereal diseases? Young girls on college campuses wear tee shirts which read: I love my vagina. Does anyone wonder by men treat women like bitches in heat and little more than play things?

What can you do?

State colleges and universities are funded by your tax dollars whether it's a direct state income tax, sales taxes or taxes on new homes. My husband and I are fleeced in taxes for schools in California, yet we have no children in the system. I resent our hard earned money funding the trash in grades K-1 and our state colleges and universities.

If you are an alumni for any level of college, community, state or the "Ivy League" schools, attend the Board of Regents meetings and let them know that you are withdrawing all financial support until they clean up the curriculum. There are a lot of financially blessed Americans who give very generously to colleges and universities all across this country. Is the trash above really what should be offered as college courses to prepare young Americans for the future and to provide them with an education that will make them productive, full filled citizens? Is this what you want your generous donations and scholarships in the name of your family or company to pay for? As long as these colleges and universities continue to get funding and no one steps forward, this kind of perversion and useless nonsense will continue in classrooms.

Ronald Reagan promised to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education. He never did. Congress refuses to do it, but it must be done and it can be done by the state legislatures by simply refusing all federal money and clean up the system within the states. Throw out these bums in your state legislature in 2006 if they don't promise to stop this type of garbage wasting tax dollars.

All politics are local and that's where parents should take their war. The way to do it is to go to school board meetings with as many other parents who feel the same as you about the brainwashing going on in your local schools. You tell these elected board members and trustees that if they don't get pervert organizations like GLSEN off school campuses, get rid of any connection with Planned Parenthood, get rid of all curriculum except what used to work, then you are not only going to recall them, you are going to run for their seat. Demand that all illegals are removed from the schools in your district. Your tax dollars fund schools and you should not be forced to pay to educate anyone, regardless of their age, who is in this country illegally. All this does is give further incentive for criminals to smuggle themselves and their off spring across the border. Illegal means just that: against the law.

Demand the school eliminate all multicultural programs and teach the history of this nation and the sacrifices made by those who gave their tomorrows so we could have ours as a free people. If young adults want to learn the different cultures of the world, I say, that is great. Do it on your own time or take elective classes in college. Demand the legislature stop funding all these school books funded by Rockefeller funded companies and foundations. Instead, use fabulous teaching tools such as the courses taught by the Institute on the Constitution.

Teachers. When I ran for Congress I had many teachers ask to speak with me quietly. They told me how the NEA (National Education Association) and the NTA (National Association of Teachers) threaten teachers if they don't go along with their sick curriculum. Many female teachers related to me how embarrassed and humiliated they are by being forced to teach hard core porn passed off as "sex ed" to students as young as seven. No wonder so many talented teachers have left their careers. The NEA and NTA are NOT part of the federal government. They are private commie organizations and no school district in any state of the Union should be afraid to tell them to get lost.

America's parents can take back the schools one district at a time if they will just make the effort. And, hey - you grand parents out there: you love your grand children? Then help your children - their parents - in this effort. Park the Winnebago, skip the casino or a day on the golf course and run for school board, trustee or the state legislature. You, the parent, and grand parents who pay taxes, are the boss. These school board members, superintendents and members of your state legislature work for you. I don't want to hear it can't be done, I want to see what Americans are willing to do to protect their children from the toxic agenda being dispensed in public schools and see that they receive a real education.

Once you get enough people on a local school board, then the real fight begins because it will escalate to the higher levels of bureau-rats. Be sure to tell those higher up the food chain that no longer will America's children be taught trash and filth, encouraged to have a sodomite experience, be taught the higher goal is to become a global citizen or any other malarkey. Tell these public servants you want all children to be given the basics so they can read, write, do math, receive a full history of the founding of this republic and understand science and nature in a healthy and appropriate manner. Tell them you will vote down every single new bond measure for "more money for education," because more money isn't the problem, it's the agenda and the curriculum. The only money that should be voted for is school improvements or new schools if they are needed.

Americans say they want change. Well, change doesn't come with complaining, it comes with action. You can't win a war if you won't be a participant in the fight. Freedom is not a spectator sport and if you really want to make a difference for America's children, then all of us have to go after the edu-rats and force change. You want to take back education and return it to what used to produce the best educated population in the entire world? Then begin making your voices heard and clean out these school boards, throw out the current state superintendent, and if you have the qualifications, run for that office.

It is absolutely tragic that the finest school system in the world has been hijacked by anti-American curriculum and immoral organizations, but it can be turned around. Join forces and raise hell. Today's children are tomorrow's society. Either the people are going to get the job done or we will continue to see a new generation of zombies being graduated and on to college to learn about female Egyptians puking on each other.

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Yet, they continue to vote for "more money for education" to fund a continuing cycle of failure. Political prostitutes who promise "more money for education" are reelected while illiterate children continue through the system.