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By: Devvy

October 10, 2005

Thucydides pointed out that hope is a very expensive commodity; therefore, it makes more sense to be prepared.

While financial disaster looms over the heads of Americans, bird brains in Congress waste their time diddling and playing their usual partisan games with conservatives busy fighting amongst themselves over Bush's latest Supreme Court nominee. Here's a hint as to why he picked Miss Harriett: Bush is stacking the court with no care of the long term consequences. There is more than enough solid documentation and verifiable evidence to prove prior knowledge of 9/11, the Karl Rove/White House scandals are percolating with everyone wondering what the grand jury will come back with and that Bush lied about the threat of Saddam and WMDs. While Bush cheerleaders willfully choose to remain in a state of denial, millions of others demand the truth. Miss Harriett knows where all of Bush's skeletons are buried and John Roberts knows the tricks of the trade. In my humble opinion, that's why Roberts was fast tracked and a "token" female with no bench experience, but lots of loyalty to Bush was chosen over more qualified candidates.

The Democratic - Communist Party will go all out in an attempt to recapture Congress in the '06 elections. The Republican Party which has also adopted the communist manifesto will engage in their usual tactics to stay in power. With vote fraud controlling the agenda, we the people will have very little to say about the outcome unless there is a massive voter revolt over electronic ballot machines between now and November 2006. While popular political pundits and talk show hosts who get paid a king's ransom to keep the real issues away from the people, reality is coming at unsuspecting Americans like a guided missile. Betrayal is a difficult pill to swallow, but I would rather know the truth than get blind sided.

There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. The debt is now $7,978,002,527,274.56 and accumulating interest every second of the day.

The engineered, unconstitutional invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq are costing a whopping $7 billion dollars a month. Bush wants to further drive us into poverty with a ten year commitment of $570 billion dollars. Never in my life have I seen such insanity - not even under Clinton.

How do you spend $7 billion dollars a month when there is no money in your bank account?

Congress borrows it from their private bankers and slaps this unpayable, massive debt on your back. They have doomed our children and grand babies to little more than serfs of modern times. There is absolutely no authorization in the U.S. Constitution for this type of rape of the American people's pockets. Think these crooks in Congress care? Think again. Congress has become little more than a cabal of crooks operating under their own rules. War is profit driven and business is booming - for the international banking cartels. All they need are more soldiers to sacrifice in deliberately engineered wars to feed their lust for power and enrich them beyond imagination.

In a column September 27, 2005, David Uren wrote: Reserve Bank of Australia: RBA warning of 'meltdown.' "Further rises in oil prices, the collapse of a major bank or an unexpected jump in inflation could be all it takes to send the increasingly fragile global financial system into meltdown. The Reserve Bank of Australia warned yesterday that the current calm in financial markets could be the prelude to a storm that could wreak havoc in the world economy. The RBA believes the boom in markets for shares, bonds and housing in many countries is unsustainable. The warning came as share prices in Australia reached a new high point, while a rush to invest in Australian bonds is pushing down long-term interest rates. "The preconditions are in place for quite abrupt swings in sentiment and a disruptive snap-back in pricing," the central bank says in its latest review of the health of the financial system."

Since NAFTA was unconstitutionally ratified back in '94, many of us have been trying to warn the American people about the lunacy of a "global economy." We have warned about the domino effect and that the U.S. will go right down the road to poverty right along with all the other countries whose corrupt governments (G-8) have dragged their economies into "global interdependence." Well, the fruits of their labors are now ripening. The banking cartel won't lose anything, but the American people will lose everything.

Gold is on the move and those who understand what this means recognize the danger signs that are being screamed at the American people, who sadly, either don't have access to the truth or don't understand the subject and why it is so important. Below is an excerpt from a recent LeMetropole Cafe posting. I am a subscriber to this outstanding forum of very savvy individuals who know the financial markets, who fully understand the absolute corruption of our government, their incestuous relationship with the banking cartels and pull no punches in telling Americans what IS coming down the pipeline:

"The rationale of Quid Pro Quo and the notion of For Every Action There is An Equal an Opposite Reaction have not suddenly lost their validity. The power /money structure in the US has graduated to a financial market modus operandi which has led Americans to believe that nothing can ever really go wrong with their stock and real estate investments. There is little fear of economic loss out there no matter what happens. Can you blame many Americans for feeling that way? After Katrina their combined real estate/stock market investments made an all-time high and are still going up.

"The problem is these feel good economic times are based on deceptions, which will disappear sure as shootin'. The US economic levees will break, just like the flood ravaged levees in New Orleans did, because of these purposeful illusions. They will probably do so without warning and the results will be catastrophic as The Court of Last Resort (as in the case of Katrina, the US Government) will not only not be there to bail the markets out, but will be a significant part of the problem.

"Now is the time to pay attention and be prepared for the US economic levee to eventually break. The odds of it happening in the not too distant future are far more likely than the forecasts of those who accurately predicted the New Orleans levee to break in case of a hit by a Category 4 hurricane. The simplest way and lowest risk manner for investors to take out economic levee risk protection is to load up on gold and the gold shares (silver too). The historic gold move up is only in its infancy. Gold prices between $1,000 and $3,000 per ounce in the years ahead are both likely and probable. Many of the gold shares are up 300% to 1,000% off their 2001 lows, yet a number of them are 60% to 70% off their late 2003 highs - even though the bullion price is $25 higher than it was in late 2003. Have said my piece to try and be of help. Just make sure you are too early when the US economic levee breaks, not 5 minutes, or a day too late."

Most Americans have no idea how much of our debt is being held by foreign governments. However, they are getting tired of buying up our debt which puts the dollar in even more jeopardy because the only thing behind our "dollar" is more debt. One more comment from LetMetropole Cafe that is important because it is right on point:

"OK, the deal is this the way I see it. Because these fools have done away with free market principles, and the hideously bought US financial press has let them get away with it, US financial markets are staring at the abyss. These Orwellians have used massive amounts of derivatives, lies and intervention to tranquilize the US financial markets. The key to maintaining this order was to keep the price of gold in check. You can read about this ad nauseam in the Caf� library and by reading Reg Howe's "Gibson's Paradox and the Gold Standard" at Unfortunately for the Orwellians, they are running out of viable options. For example, lower interest rates could be disastrous (revealing true economic weakness) and so could higher interest rates (stopping the US economy and real estate market dead in their tracks). So how did we get here?

"You can thank the second most overrated man in US financial market history for that, Robert Rubin, architect of the US Strong Dollar Policy, which, in fact, was nothing more than a scheme to manipulate and suppress the price of gold. Number one dunce is Chairman Greenspan, who betrayed his long held free market principles in order to elicit Wall Street and the Washington Polls butt kisses for so many years.

After Robert Rubin, who sweet talked the English and others in the sycophant establishment banking world to go along with him over the gold selling farce, there is a little known bureaucrat who stoked the fires. His name . Dale Henderson, Federal Reserve economist, who wrote a paper in 2000, "Can Official Gold Be Put to Better Use?"

"Ironically, most of the American public, even knowing this, would say fine on these shenanigans - as long as my real estate goes up in value and my IRA holds its own. Well, I got news for you Joe and Jane America. The US financial system has cancer. Go for the cure now and save what you have, or let it go and die. Of course, since the US financial press will not allow the likes of a GATA even to be heard, the prognosis for the average American investor is market death. It will be the Titanic all over again . no warning. They will lose most everything in the years to come. There will be small riots and SCREAMS of "HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?" (End of excerpt)

To say that gold has been manipulated as well as the American people is an understatement, but the manipulators are losing control.

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The Democratic - Communist Party will go all out in an attempt to recapture Congress in the '06 elections. The Republican Party which has also adopted the communist manifesto will engage in their usual tactics to stay in power.