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By: Devvy

June 11, 2005

A few years ago I shared the podium with Dr. Alan Keyes at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. While speaking about recalcitrant politicians, he said something I've never forgotten that went like this: "When politicians want to make a decision, they put their finger up into the wind. Ladies and gentlemen: We are the wind."

There is a great deal of rage blowing across this country, yet too many people display the beaten dog attitude and come up with all kinds of excuses about why something can't be done. I submit to you that Americans have forgotten that we are the wind and we still have the power to bring government to its knees and it is our right to do so.

Let me remind everyone what our determined fellow country men and women did down in the great State of Tennessee. The hard working folks down there said enough is enough when their state legislature and governor attempted to sneak an income tax by the people. They rolled up their sleeves and they became the wind. Not a gentle breeze, but a wind of such force, they won. They brought their elected public servants to heel. This is truly a magnificent example of standing up and getting the job done.

By now most people are aware of The Minutemen. What they have done is nothing short of remarkable. After decades of hounding their worthless congress critters, state legislators and governors, a core group of Americans got together, formulated a plan and they became the wind. Not a gentle breeze, but a wind that has turned to hurricane level, forcing the invasion by illegals right to the forefront of the American landscape and career politicians.

Our new world order facilitator in the White House called these patriotic Americans "irresponsible vigilantes." The banking cartel's lackey media, aka the "mainstream media," cranked into high gear with the usual smear tactics. The "Godly" have also jumped into the sewer along with the aforementioned. Here's a prime example from a Chuck Currie who bills his offering as "Views on faith and politics from a United Church of Christ Seminarian." This is a statement from Currie's web site:

April 10, 2005 The Minutemen Project: White Supremacists Gather In Arizona

"A group of anti-immigration advocates with ties to white supremacist groups have organized themselves as "Minutemen" to patrol the Arizona border this month looking for illegal immigrants. Many are reportedly armed. Their web site states that they undertake these actions because: "Historians will write about how a lax America let its unique and coveted form of government and society sink into a quagmire of mutual acrimony among the various sub-nations that will comprise the new self-destructing America." The Minutemen Project denies direct ties with white supremacist groups but their language and agenda clearly promote the agenda of racism.

"The Southern Poverty Law Center reports: "Minuteman organizers say they have carefully screened applicants to weed out members of white supremacist organizations. In late February, they boasted they were even "working with the FBI on background checks," but then backed off that claim when the FBI stated it was false. "Whatever the Minuteman project's peaceful assurances may be, this is a volatile situation," says Mark Potok, director of the Center's Intelligence Project. "There have been many documented cases of other vigilante patrols violating human rights on our Southern border, and the prospect of armed extremists searching for migrants in the desert is scary. The potential for violence is real."

Now there's a credible source for you: The Southern Law "Poverty" Center. Poverty my elbow. Morris Dees has no credibility with anyone who has done enough research into the way that guy operates. They don't come much slicker than old Morris. Currie's statement that the Minutemen Project has "ties to white supremacist groups" has no truth to it whatsoever, but truth isn't the agenda. Since Mr. Currie is so in favor of allowing hordes of terrorists, murderers, rapists and other assorted criminals smuggling themselves across the border, perhaps he'd like to extend an invitation to house a few thousand of them - in the name of Christ, of course!

Despite this type of malicious accusation being thrown around, The Minutemen Project is a huge success and growing by leaps and bounds. The organizers and participants didn't let this side track them and they have fended off these types of false accusations with class.

Why did these two examples of Americans taking a stand succeed? I believe Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, said it best: "For what is liberty but the unhampered translation of will into act?" Those Tennesseans and all those who have participated in The Minutemen Project turned their will into action and that's what it will take to turn things around in this country. Not sitting around all day venting on blogs or chat rooms. Not calling talk radio and then hitting the old fishing hole on the weekend. Not vacations to Mexico or sitting around in casinos punching buttons. Action speaks louder than words.

Operation Clean Sweep

In the headlines this past week, Texas Child "Protection" Services dragoons kidnapped the 12 year old daughter of Michele and Edward Wernecke because the state wants to force medical treatment on this young girl against the wishes of her parents. To add injury to outrage, CPS also kidnapped the Wernecke's other four healthy children! A child's medical treatment is the sole domain of the parents and there are alternatives to destroying a person's natural immune system. Of course the pharmaceutical industry and organizations like the American Cancer Society don't want Americans to know about other successful methods of treating cancer because "the fight against cancer" is an industry that generates tens of billions of dollars each year. I highly recommend you read World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin.

On June 9, 2005, by a vote of 338-86, these globalist sell outs in the Republican controlled Congress voted to keep America in bondage by remaining shackled to the World Trade Organization (WTO). This vote is as blatant endorsement of a one world order as you can get and will result in America continuing to abrogate our sovereignty to foreign countries and star chamber judges.

For those who think I'm just blowing smoke, read this column filled with facts that should chill every American worker and then tell me we shouldn't boot every member of Congress right out the front door who voted in favor of remaining in the WTO. Notice in Caruba's column that some companies are actually feeling the heat from people like me who refuse to speak with a service rep in India or any other foreign country. You think I'm going to give my social security number or credit card number to some worker in India? In a pig's ear. The other day I called to order ink for my printer. I could barely understand the man who answered the phone. I asked him: "Where are you physically located?" His response, "I'm in India, may I help you?" I replied, "No, you have taken a job that used to belong to an American." I ended the call, dialed the company's NY office, complained and they took my order.

There are a million brush fires raging across America and we can't put them out fast enough. There are more victims of city, county, state and federal governments and all their laws killing off our freedom and robbing us of our heritage, history and life styles than there are advocates. Americans are having their lives destroyed by agencies at all levels of government. Who has tens of thousands of dollars to fight these machines in a court of law? We're all a potential victim of millions of laws now on the books. How many more damn laws do we need? The situation will only continue to get worse as more and more draconian laws are passed by career politicians at all levels. They ignore serious threats to this country by allowing wholesale invasion, but will spend their time nit picking about a bird house in someone's front yard violating some stupid city ordinance.

Either the people of this country are going to turn will into action or we aren't going to make it. What has been done can be undone, i.e. get rid of the farce called Homeland Security. One of the single most important projects in this country right now is Dr. Edwin Vieira's 'Militia Project.' If you don't know what this is about, please read his latest post on it because this man is brilliant and he's got this pegged. I just sent Edwin a check for $100 and will continue to send financial support. There are 80 million gun owners in this country and every single one of them should be behind this project 100% regardless of whether the NRA or any other gun organization approves or not. If you're blessed financially and can be a serious investor in this massive effort, please contact me and I will give you Edwin's phone number.

Operation Clean Sweep means getting rid of these mayors that are allowing this EVIL concept known as "sustainable development" (See Video) to spread like the cancer it is. We need to sweep out city councils and county board of supervisors and get people elected who will get rid of electronic ballot machines the number one issue in every county in America. We need to get rid of these socialists and communists serving in our state legislatures. Clean sweep them out in '06. I've laid it all out for you and there is a link giving detailed information on how you or someone you know can run for these offices.

You want to "take back America?" Then do it, not by sitting around and talking about it, but by action. Ain't no one else going to do it for us but we the people. If we don't, then the same crooks, cowards, mush heads and crazies will remain in office and the good ship will go down. Make no mistake about it. Time grows short as the FBI is given even more power and the evil "Patriot Act" gets expanded.

We are the wind. Believe it. Become part of it. Stay the course.

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Those Tennesseans and all those who have participated in The Minutemen Project turned their will into action and that's what it will take to turn things around in this country. Not sitting around all day venting on blogs or chat rooms.